Eddie Izzard will perform all-French show in America for the first time (Exclusive)

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Eddie Izzard doesn’t know how to coast on his success. He’s constantly pushing his art. And when he’s not pushing his art, he’s pushing the physical limits of his body; this is the guy, after all, who, in 2009, completed 43 marathons in 51 days.

The beloved comedian continues his evolution this Sunday in Los Angeles when he performs his show Stripped at Largo. The twist? He’ll do it entirely in French. Having performed the show 71 times in Paris last year and following up with a string of dates during the French portion of the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, the LA show will mark the first time he’s performed the all-French show in the States.

As of now, Sunday’s show is a one-off, but if it goes well and if he could find enough French-speaking audiences in America, Izzard will continue on.

“This is the first gig all in French by an English speaker in America. I’m pretty sure that’s true,” Izzard tells Laughspin. “And if we are ever to have a free and fair world, the melting pot — happening in the great cities all across the globe — must be the way forward. So this Sunday Los Angeles can do its bit when an Englishman does his comedy in French in an American city.”

Tickets for the show are now on sale, and can be purchased here. Seats will be assigned starting at 6 pm; seating will begin at 6:45 pm; showtime is 8 pm.

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  • Greg

    Why in L.A. and not in LA? Louisiana has actual French speakers…

    • Dylan

       good point. maybe that’s where he’ll go next if this goes well tonight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617459752 Josh Homer

    Remember when Dan Naturman did this? 

    • Dylan

       I do, but i don’t remember him performing an entire show in French in the States. He was in France, no?

  • Jason Wayne

    Stand up seems so English based. It’ll be great to see if other country’s can pick up on stand up. Maybe the next George Carlin will be Chinese?

    • Dylan

      it was invented in America and for some reason has been fairly slow to gain popularity in other countries. but like you said, it’s starting to happen!

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