Comedian Gallagher reveals sad truths about his life: ‘I have no place to live’ (Video)

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We mentioned last week that Gallagher would appear as the co-host on a local radio show in Ohio for a week. The week has passed and his duties are over. And, judging from this video from one of the broadcasts, a lot of things are over for the comedian, who has recently gone through a string of health problems and financial woes.

In what may be one the most honest – and depressing – comedian interviews in memory, Gallagher admits to host Scott Spears that he’s just about broke, lives in hotels, isn’t legally allowed to drive, and more. I’ve transcribed some of the interview, which follows the video, directly below. Check it out tell us what you think. Do you feel bad for Gallagher?

Did you handle all your money.
Oh yeah, I lost all of it myself.

People are going to think you’re serious. Is it true?
Yeah, I lost it all—betting on America. Who thought it was gonna go from way up to way down since ’88. I’m telling you, it’s hard for me to short the market. I just can’t hope that American industry doesn’t win, doesn’t dominate. It’s typical; it’s unpatriotic and it’s hard for me, and I lost my retirement doing it.

At your height, what was your worth?
Only about $3 million. After taxes, you earn six and you pay taxes, then I had wives and I lived a high life. If you have money, you’re gonna travel around, so I spent it—rather than give it to the government.

So, what do you have today?
Well, not much. Well, I divested myself of my assets because I knew my health was bad, and I didn’t want my kids to have to go through probate. So I gave them whatever monies I had left in assets, because it’s just better. What do you want to do—leave your kids a big legal problem? I don’t know what’s the matter with my drivers license, but they’ve suspended it. So actually now, not only do I have no place to live – I have a credit card and I can stay in hotels – but I can’t drive, until I figure this out. California suspended my license.

But, you learn. I walk along the street now—I go from the old Super 8 which you just advertised right there, which is really the center of economic activity in this town—is out there, where the Super 8 and the Meijer is. And I walk over to the Buffalo [Wild Wings], and I see things on the side of the road, which, of course, I’d never see if I just drove by. And I pick up these things, because, to me, it tells me about the society, and I find parts of cars and they’re important parts—and I wonder how the car is driving without that part now. It just seems odd to me. We’re known by the things we leave behind. It’s kind of like I’m an archeologist of the society now, instead of digging deep in the dirt. You don’t find shards of pots in America these days, but you do find car parts.

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  • TZO2K15

    I don’t feel bad as he’s learning and dealing with it head-on, taking responsibility for his own failures! No, he’s doing just fine, especially if he still has family.

  • Dān Jurzön

    As a kid I loved Gallagher and he brought joy to my life as well to so many other people, and he deserves respect for his achievement as an entertainer. But bigotry, racism, or paranoia fueled hatred should always be criticized and called out for what it is, regardless of the source. No one is too big or too good or too special to be corrected. Gallagher is an interesting guy, though.

  • Poopdeck

    Gallagher’s brother is the real Gallagher. This article is about the fake Gallagher.

  • blackops23

    he’s a racist homophobe that hates women. so I should care why?

  • lori

    In a way I feel bad for him, but when you are in a business if any sorts you have to make wise choices. He did not with the money. Too many stars go out and buy bigger than they need. That us dumb. Why can’t they live in a 300,000.00 home paid for. Man if they just want to hand out money, I will take some. But it is a hard life when you have medical problems..

  • Angel Shining

    Most NFL players are broke within 3 years of leaving the NFL—He can live with me —-he is so funny —I am sure anyone would take him in —he has millions of fans

  • Silv o

    Lets get blown

  • deepee1955

    I agree with Wray Mountain: We need the caustic, incicive insight of his comedic intellect now more than ever. If I could contact him and if he were interested, I think it would be great to go into business with him building and selling flying machines (like the one at the end of his ’80s video). At least he’d have some income. I’m retired and have a somewhat similar story. Besides, it’d be fun, too. Goofy idea, perhaps; but, what the hell?

  • Joe C

    Its terrible, but what is great is how he comes alive when he started doing his routine.

  • Wray Mountain

    Sorry? No. Hope? Yes. His outlandish antics made us laugh but they also made us think. Gallagher may be a hedonist but he is a humorist of the highest order. I hope he takes the wisdom he’s gained, reaches deep and finds the wherewithal to get back at it. America needs him, now more than ever.

  • Alice

    I feel badly for him as I feel badly for anyone sitting and staring at the wreckage they’ve made of heir lives.  I have yet to hear him accept a modicum of responsibility for it, though.  He hasn’t taken any responsibility for failing to change his act in 30 years, for failing to continue doing the work comics have to do.  He’s never grown, or learned.  he’s simply jumped from one RW-whack-job “This’ll fix everything!” idea to another, along the way blaming gays, minorities, everyone with a different political ideology from his own for all his problems, and for the country’s.

    He’s the classic Libertarian:  Lemme do anything I want!  Then blame everyone else when all the crackpot garbage blows up in his face.

    • mickrussom

      Libertarians are crackpots? Yeah, sure, we founded the country you swine live in.

  • Ty Ricker

    I agree with the comment he should write a book.  I was standing in line in Las Vegas at the Luxor and it was a long line for the new attraction there.  We were about to step up to pay and I was tapped on the shoulder.  I turned around and there was Gallagher.  He said to me, “I’m with a bunch of my a**hole friends and would you mind if I hang out with you?” I was puzzled and said sure.  He then said, “You know they are a**holes but they are my friends.” He then waved them from the back of the line to come on up with him.  It was great.  What made it fun was we ended up after buying the tickets (he bought a bunch of tickets for his friends) we stood in line waiting to get on the ride.  During the wait time he was trying to convince us that he was not Gallagher.  He said it was cool that they thought he was because it was great for getting chicks.  But insisted he was not Gallagher. A few years ago I read about the issues he had with his brother who kept booking himself as Gallagher and doing his famous watermelon smashing bits, etc.   He ended up having to sue him and the family turned their backs on him.  

    If you were one of those “friends” that stood with Gallagher in his prime, help the guy out.  That’s what friends do or was he right, you were just a**holes?!

    Gallagher write the book, get the radio show, and invest in overcoming the root of what really haunts you.  

    Best of luck.  I have Faith that you will strike it big again!

    • DeeDee DaGumby

      All he did was use you to cut in line so he and his buddies could get tickets ahead of others. Sounds like an asshole move to me.

  • Jorge Garrido

    This always makes me feel sorry for Gallagher, and Dave Attell’s reaction is a large part of it. From Reddit:

    ” Allow me to share a story about Gallagher here. I had to search GMail for it, as I remember it from an email thread from six years ago. The following is from a friend of mine in that email dating back to ’05:
    “So I met this kid the other day, he’s now dating my girlfriends best friend, his name is Mike, he’s a film major (lucky) and lives in Haverhill. So he spends his summers working in a Casino Ballroom near I think he said Hampton beach. Well some national type venues play there like Weird Al amongst others and part of his job was to prepare speakers and be security for the acts, but also go shopping to buy all the things the band or whoever requested.
    So this one day Gallagher is performing, but he didn’t ask the Casino to buy any of his stuff. But Mike has to go the store anyway to buy some stuff and he sees Gallagher there, hitting on this high school girl. So of course his shopping cart is filled with watermelons and other stuff, and they go up to him say hello and he turns and yells “If you guys are from the radio station I didn’t show up this morning because I was hungover and didn’t feel like it”. Mike explains hes from the casino and asks if you want anything, he says no, but this woman behind Gallagher says she’d like Dr. Pepper, so they go buy it.
    Later on in the day one of Mike’s friends finds Gallagher outside on a balcony overlooking the beach crying, real bad, just crying. So he tries to console him, asks if he needs anything and Gallagher pitifully tells him to “leave me alone”. A bit later in the day, when Mike’s friend is telling him this, Gallagher walks up to them and says something to the effect of “You wanna know what’s wrong kid, I’m 53 years old, on my second divorce, my 3rd heart attack, I’ve got no family and i think about dying a lot” and walks away.
    Later on in the year Mike recounts this story to Dave Atell, and all Dave Atell could say was “tears of a clown man, tears of a clown”.” “

  • KRG

    Gallagher is the most fan & promoter friendly artist. I’ve promoted a number of Gallagher shows over the last ten years. He needs to write a book about his life and go on every TV/Radio show promoting it. Some kind of decent offer will come along. Would like to see him a full time radio gig.
    Good luck to a Comedy Legend!

  • christopatten

    Kinda reminds me of the WTF interview he walked out on. Seems he’s mellowed out a lot since then.

  • Alex O’Keefe

    I feel bad for the guy, like many people with pisspoor personalities he isn’t evil as much as he is misguided. I think much of his anger towards the comedy business and racism just comes from being at rock bottom and wanting someone to blame. But alas, only he is to blame, he’s alienated many comedy clubs and I’m sure his abrasiveness has alienated many of his friends and family, now he’s left alone to stew in his failure

  • Lucas Gardner

    He might not be the sweetest guy in the world but, yeah, I feel bad for him. What a weird, weird business.

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