Watch Denis Leary's new patriotic video for 'Kiss My Ass'

Denis Leary is still Denis Leary in his new music video for “Kiss My Ass.” In the lounge-style single, Leary sings about being an asshole American and being proud of it while waiting for Armageddon. Check out the video below. You can also download the song here!

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  • Erik

    Even if the point Denis Leary was wanting to make with this song was to show how stupid we have become as a country, the giant stupidity of people in this country forces them to see this in 100% the wrong way.  There are already comments on youtube by geniuses typing, “America F’k yeah- if you don’t like us, F’k you/kiss my ass!”  The stupidity level in the country has sadly shot straight through the roof.  The Jeff Daniels scene from ‘The newsroom’ does a very good job at simply putting it to the point. 
     – I liked Denis Leary until I found out that he made his way to the top by stealing others jokes- mainly the late great Bill Hicks: 04:51

  • Bill Bergmann ◕‿◕

    he’s much better as a serious actor. even O&A cringed after hearing it.