Backlash against ‘misogynist’ comedian Colin Kane erupts online

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Today wasn’t the first day comedian Colin Kane tweeted a series of questionable jokes. It was, however, the day comedy watchers got really angry– due, in part, to an open letter, accusing the comedian of degrading just about every marginalized group of humans, but noting that “women are definitely getting most of [his] vitriol.”

“What are you doing? Seriously Colin, do you ever think about what you’re doing?” asks Mark Leggett on the Tumblr post. “Your timeline reads like an all-out assault on women. You also make jokes at the expense of overweight people, blacks, pretty much everyone except white males (your target demographic?), but women are definitely getting most of your vitriol. I don’t really understand why.”

And although Kane is used to getting retaliatory tweets from the constant stream of jokes on his timeline — after all his bio reads, “Some people might call me an insult comic. Those people can go fuck themselves.” — it’s never gotten this bad, where an actual hashtag (#ThingsFunnierThanColinKane) was created and used many, many times. Someone even made a reaction video (and later set it to ‘private), and still, another comedy fan wrote a post on Kane as a follow up to Leggett’s. Well-loved comedian and writer Chelsea Peretti even sounded off: “Colin Kane seems cool,” she sardonically tweeted. And there’s even a Colin Kane parody account on Twitter: @KolinCane, which has amassed a respectable following of 470 — some well known comedians included — as of this writing.

So, why are people upset? What compelled Leggett to tell Kane, “…you’re basically working as support crew for misogynists and sex offenders everywhere. You are the wind beneath their dirty little wings. They read your tweets and it makes them think that the way they think and act is not only acceptable, but that it’s funny and popular opinion.”

A look at some of his jokes might answer the question.

And there’s this video, which is proudly splashed on the front page of his official site. As of this writing, it has received 88 likes and 173 dislikes on YouTube.

I asked Colin what he thought of all the backlash online, and he kindly sent Laughspin this statement “I don’t spend much energy thinking about detractors. Comedy is subjective and everyone has their own idea about what’s funny.  I’d hope that someone would come see one of my shows before forming an opinion either way, but at the end of the day its much more productive for me to focus on the fans that love what I do, rather than waste time worrying about people that don’t.”

Fair enough.

I think the main problem here is that a lot of Kane’s jokes — in Tweets or on video — are clunky and honestly just don’t make much sense. If you kiss a Grey Goose bottle and put a photo of that on your Facebook page, it means you swallow semen? What does this even mean? Kane would spend the last 15 minutes of his life fucking a girl from behind and then drinking a smoothie? Ok, so I guess what you’re saying is those two things are your favorite things? That’s cool. Those are two nice things. Where’s the joke? It’s like Kane’s playing Cringe Comedy Mad Libs– just dropping the most traditionally vile words and concepts into the blank spaces in order to get a reaction out of people.

And it has worked! He’s certainly gotten a rise out of some people. And I can’t imagine he’s upset about the attention he’s gotten. And he’s got even more, now that I’ve spent time writing about it. The attention will likely not hurt his chances of scoring a television gig, which I guarantee will happen, soon– based on his work ethic, marketing prowess and yes, traditional sitcom good looks.

My reasoning for addressing this, however, isn’t to give him more press or to “take him down.” I’m sure he’s a fine person and doesn’t really make women blow rotten bananas. Whether you’re into his humor or not, it certainly can be the start of a good discussion about comedy. I’ve said my peace, and would really like to know what you think about the whole situation. Sound off in the comments section.

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Dylan is the founder and editor in chief of Laughspin. He launched Punchline Magazine in 2005 (which became Laughspin in the summer of 2011) with childhood friend Bill Bergmann. Dylan lives in northern New Jersey with his wife and two sons. He hopes the Shire is real.

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  • Neight

    I’m black and I’ve been to Colin’s show. He said jokes about EVERYONE including white males. He even singled me out and told jokes about me being there with a white girl. I thought he was hilarious, I would go see him again. As far as his twitter comments… Don’t take it so seriously, IT’S COMEDY.

  • Lisa Daniel

    I just saw Colin Kane for the 1st time! I never laughed so hard! I HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! Those who complain about his material in his shows……should really stay home! It’s an act! Aside from his act, he is a kind and generous person. I don’t know how many times during his show, he would apologize and remind everyone he is kidding! If you can’t take his humor, go see a Disney Movie!!

  • Ijustwasted20bucks

    This dude seriously isn’t funny. It’s painful and sad to watch. He thought people weren’t laughing because they weren’t “hip” enough to appreciate his dirty sense of humor. The joke’s on him because the real reason people weren’t laughing was because he’s not good at what he does. Looks will only get you so far. He will not be famous for having talent.

  • angry

    Everything #Thingsthatarefunnierthancolinkane

  • klotheshorse

    I just made the major mistake of seeing his show. WOW. What a disgusting human being. SO GLAD I’m not the only one out there who is in a state so far beyond offended, I don’t even know what to call it.

    • stillangry

      I feel disrespected. It would have been a better use of my money if I had cut it up into tiny pieces. Disgusting is right.

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  • Bento Boxer

    Colin Kane is as sensitive as a caned colon.

  • Caree Slegers

    I posted a comment that was against this witch hunt and it was deleted so much for freedom of speech. Colin Kane is great get over it.

  • Mike Nayna

    I worry sometimes that some of my work could be considered ‘misogynous’. For instance . The intent isn’t there but it’s so easy to take things out of context.

  • K. A.

    I just walked out of this dumb so called comedian’s lame act at the Punchline in Atlanta, his humor is cheap childish and stupid. He called me and my wife Hiedi and Seal as we walked out of his offensive and racist comedy skid. Sexist, and racist jokes are cheap and just not funny. This dumb ASS needs to
    revert back to the hole he crawled out of. He is a horrible, lazy comedian for his material has no substance and he lacks intelligence. Go to hell Collin we have no need for people like you……

  • cj

    ” I’ve said my peace, and would really like to know what you think about the whole situation”  Its hard to take you seriously as a journalist when you make such a remedial error in an effort to be thought provoking and insightful.

    Comedy is comedy.  Twitter is just chatter and if you don’t want to listen, just unfollow someone if you take offense to their humor.  Its not that hard.  There are far more important things in the world to be outraged about than Colin Kane’s sophmoric musings in 140 characters or less.

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  • Drizzy Drake

    i wonder if any of colin kane’s fans know about this article.

    • MelissaY1

       Um, yes, hello….

      • Drizzy Drake

        Sarcasm obviously escapes you. You must be a Colin Kane fan.

        • MelissaY1

          Yes I am and no it doesn’t. Obviously you’re the one who doesn’t get the joke “Drizzy”. Is that what you call the cum out of your ass after you’ve been fucked by another guy?

          • #344323

            And so the debate reaches its logical conclusion.  Well done, MelissaY1.  Your Kinesiology professors at Cal State – Long Beach must be so proud.

          • MelissaY1

            At least I can say I have a college degree which is more than most of you have  I’m sure. (waving sarcastically)

  • Gary

    He probably got 5,000 new followers because of this article.

  • Paola

    Colin makes audacious and offensive JOKES . . . because he is a COMEDIAN.  If his act were more “appropriate,” I’d possibly have a good chuckle, but soon forget his name.       

  • Dqsh

    A goose and a swallow are two types of birds…. How dumb are you mr. Dylan

  • Dani_girl531

    Colin Kane is not only funny, but is the only comedian that really cares about his fans. His job is to make people laugh and forget about their worries…. even if it’s only for a brief moment. If you find his material offensive, then don’t follow him on twitter, facebook, etc… and don’t go to his shows. There are plenty of people that do find him hillarious, myself included. How much of a douchebag do you have to be to follow something just to hate on it? I feel bad for people who have nothing better to do with their time.

  • Keith Zuccarelli

    He’s a comedian. The man spends his life trying to make others laugh. If you’re offended, don’t listen, read or watch. I’ve met Colin countless times at countless shows, and he is the only comedian who takes the time to know his crowd on a personal level and turn his fans to friends. That’s why the fans defend him. People always look for a reason to cut down the success of another. Colin isn’t going anywhere, and his fans are better for it.

  • Alicia_R6

    To each their own, I’ve seen Colin’s shows a few times, and always had a great laugh, he’s down to earth and mingles with his fans after… I have yet to be offended, there are a lot of horrible comedians who have their own shows and they are far far worse and more offensive than Colin.  He interacts with the crowd and it’s always been a fun time. 

    If you don’t like him fine, I might think the comedians you like suck.

  • ChristiFarmer

    Hopefully the people who make the decisions for book or tv deals will realize that he really just sucks. He’s like a kid that keeps repeating a bad word for attention. Funny for 1 second then you never want to hear it again.

  • LisaLisa

    Umm this is America right?? Land of the free? Home of the brave?
    Colin Kane has the right to freedom of speech…and he is brave enough to actually practice this. He is hilarious and fresh…and you are free not to listen to or read his stuff. And if you take the time to bash him online or outloud, you obviously have him on your mind! He’s got you thinking—about him!! And THAT is also genius! Remember peeps: even bad publicity is still publicity:)

    You Go Colin! You are a rising star ……

    • #344323

      I’ll try to say this slowly so you can understand it.  Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism.  You are free to say “He is hilarious and fresh” and “He is a rising star,” whereas I am free to respond “You are so fucking stupid you should be legally prevented from expressing your thoughts publicly.”  See?  We both exercised our “freedom of speech.” 

  • Jack Ganley (@jackganleybrah)

    He totally has every right to make the jokes he wants to make, and kudos to him for not paying much attention to the “haters.” That being said, however, I cannot see any comedy fan that is remotely intelligent liking his type of “jokes.” It’s one thing to be overly offensive towards minorities like women and blacks, but when it’s not even funny, it’s just stupid and hateful. You said it best yourself: it’s like he’s creating jokes like they’re madlibs. (paraphrasing, of course) In the end, it is just a matter of what others think is funny and what isn’t. I personally think I myself make much funnier jokes on my personal account, and I’m only in high school. Obviously, not every person may agree. Same with colin kane. That’s my two cents.


    okay bitches this is the real Kolin Cane here to set some things straight about this horse shit article. first and foremost i am a not a parody of some no-talent hack named Carl McCain or whatever that peon’s name is. i am a famous and respected insult comedian. in fact, i practically invented insult comedy with the unique blend of racial slurs and sex noises that has been my bread and butter for the past twenty years.

    clearly this article was written by some two-bit wordwriter who has no clue what its like to be a WORKING stand-up comedian. do you put your butt on the line every night in front of a crowd of literally dozens of drunken strangers demanding you make them laugh by explainiong which races are not acceptable for a white woman to sleep with or making poop sounds with your mouth and describing the best way to get a woman to shut up? no i didnt think so, dylan FAGdino. what are you,a dinosaur? i bet your dick is a gross dick. now hand in your man card.

    this is what i call “yellow journalism” because i printed out this article and pissed on it, and i command my legions of fans to piss on this article as well. mail me the piss-stained print out of the article for free tix to my upcoming shows at the Giggle Hut in Duluth, MI or the Laugh Area in Duluth, MI.

    • Greg W. Howard

      colin kane is human garbage, but kolin cane has a bright future ahead of him

      • Caree Slegers

        What does that make you? you are insulting him out of hatred and he insults people in attempt to make people laugh. Take a look in the mirror. I don’ know you but my guess is you are no better than him.

    • colinisterribleatcomedy

      so mature…. grow up and learn how to tell some real jokes.

  • The Critic

    For my money, the best part of all these comments are the people who seem to equate criticizing someone with telling him he’s not allowed to say what he wants. Read either criticism and find where either author says Kane is forbidden from making these jokes. Guess what, gang? Your heroes, your entertainers, they aren’t unfuckingtouchable. They can be called unfunny misogynist douchecanoes and guess what? You still don’t have an argument to make.

  • #344323

    I feel like a significant component of the backlash to this guy’s “comedy” is an appropriate level of intellectual disdain similar to that directed at Sarah Palin by members of the thinking class.  To people who crave originality and intelligence in comedy (or literature or movies), his jokes evince a complete lack of talent and imagination.  A bad smelling vagina?  A post-anal sex penis with poopy on it?  Choking sounds during fellatio?  These are “jokes” made by 9th grade boys to entertain their equally angry/hormonal/confused friends.  It’s the “he’s just like me!” brand of shit that sells to a certain segment of the intellectual underclass (i.e., the grown children of people who enjoy Two and a Half Men).  Just as Sarah Palin’s accent, stupidity and vapidity appealed to a rancid strain of American narcissism (“Her not fancy talker.  Me not fancy talker.  Me good.  So her good, too!”), this hack’s act appeals to the mouth-breathing 20-something who, despite his/her Arizona State marketing degree, has not progressed intellectually since age 16.  Hey, it’s a market segment with money to spend, what with the paychecks that come from setting up Verizon booths at MLS and minor league baseball stadiums.  Why not feed it what it wants? 

    I think “Drizzy Drake” hit the nail on the head:  This guy’s main offense is not misogyny; it’s pandering to an audience without taste.  To anyone who says my thoughts are snobby or elitist, I say “Pass the fucking Grey Poupon, you knuckle-dragging troglodyte.” 

  • Drizzy Drake

    This thread is the most “popular” thing Colin Kane has ever been associated with. REMEMBER ASPIRING COMEDIANS: When in doubt, pander.

    You idiotic numbskulls can swallow Colin’s load all you want; I’ll take solace in the fact that the comedians I like and respect have no interest in working with Colin Kane. At all. I’m fucking Drake nigga.

  • Stephanie Wendt

    Confidence goes a long way “Guest”–something you must not have since your hiding behind “Guest”.  My boyfriend and I LOVE his humor, grow a set of balls and don’t take things so seriously..comdey is called comedy for a reason!!!!  

  • Stephanie Wendt

    You know why I love his comedy? Because I have a sense of humor!!! It’s called comedy for a fucking reason! He says the shit that YOU think about but are too chicken shit to say!!! He’s got balls, drive, and humor that NONE of the comedians these days have! He’s original and different…and will make it despite what Dylan Gadino has to say(By the way who the fuck are you anyway?!!!!?)

  • Nickyspringhouse

    Colin – thank this guy for writing this article. It only gets you more people looking at your feeds. Any news is good news. I don’t know many comics personally, but I will say I have never seen someone who works on theirs as hard as you do. Every day all day you are working on your jokes.

    You know when someone spends this much time on an article that you are catching people’s attention. Keep the drive.

  • Firas Alexander

    I think this guys jokes would be acceptable and not misogynistic if there was one single woman that found him funny. Too bad no women Colin fans were brave enough to come forward and let us know their gender and excused his character’s behavior.  Come on, isn’t there a single women that enjoy his comedy? And why do people hate freedom of speech so much? If Patrice O’neal and Lisa Lampenelli can make jokes, why not Colin Kane? Why do people read, follow, etc. anything that offends them ever? For example if this very article about a comedian offends you, you shouldn’t read it. Right? 

    I don’t think you have to be offended by something to dislike it. And that doesn’t mean you are trying to censor it by commenting on it.

    Also, we all know now that you aren’t allowed to criticize someone or something unless you have seen that person/thing in person. So does that mean that all the people saying shit about Dylan should meet him and then come back and post a comment?

    Seriously getting a cult-y vibe from all this “you have to go to one of his shows” shit. I agree that a live setting can give more energy and a different vibe to a comedian but I would be shocked if his material is that different and personally I don’t find it that funny.

    Even if there was a chance I would ever give this guy another shot it has been killed by the way his fans have reacted to this extremely unbiased article. I don’t think half the Colin fans commenting even read it. So it really makes all the responses look disproportionate to the non-fans comments. No one has said anything about limiting his right to make jokes, in fact it seems they would just like him to work harder at producing good material. People have sited many other comedians in this article and comments that get offensive or insult comedy  right by adding subtext or having really sound structure, solid writing, or an original way of approaching a subject.

    Many people do take comedy seriously. Especially comedians who are trying to make a living by telling jokes. This is a website that talks about comedy and comedians so I think its as good a place as any to have a discussion about the quality of a comedians material. Yeah comedy is hilarious but that doesn’t mean telling jokes isn’t work. And not every joke is equal. There are cheap laughs and then there is deeply personal material that takes craftsmanship. Personally I think a good comedian should have a good mix of both in their arsenal.

    But what do I know as a butt-hurt freedom hater trying to keep the man down that has never met him and probably wouldn’t know anything funny at all Colin Kane.

    • MelissaY1

      Um, I think my post was pretty clear that I’m a female and I enjoy his comedy.

  • Kimm122

    I think you’re hysterical! Good luck in LA! Can’t wait to see you become even funnier and bigger than you already are!

  • Chris Clay

    All comedians have a gimmick….   Colin Kane’s gimmick works for him very well..  Doesn’t matter who his demographic is, because Colin Kane is Colin Kane!  He is authentic and will not conform to anybodies standers. If you don’t like his comedy.. stand up and leave…    If you don’t like his comedy?  Leave.. Turn the channel… But if you open your mind and become current to the real world, Colin Kane is the shit!!  

    • Butt

      turning the channel would imply he was ever on television. 

  • MelissaY1

    And I was just looking at Mark’s website that started all this…dude, you’re making fun of Colin?? You have pics on your Flickr account of butterflies you’re raising. Yeah, Colin is definitely not for you and your Lisa Loeb-ish girlfriend. You guys are hipsters who clearly think you’re far above Colin’s “potty” humor. I hope for your sake you find a comedian that better suits you.

    • Colinkanesdick

      you just want to suck his dick. defending him won’t make him like you. it’ll make him let you suck his dick and then he’ll make you walk home. you slut. it’s not funny when it’s about you? RIGHT?!

      • MelissaY1

        Actually I have been called out at comedy shows in the past, and I find it hilarious. You know why?? Because it’s comedy! That’s what they do, and it’s not meant to be taken personally, and anyone who does take personal offense is an asshole. And um, no, sorry to disappoint you, I’m not defending him to “make” him like me. He’s already been awesome to me and my fiancee (yes, that’s right, ENGAGED, so I’m not looking to “hook up” with Colin) on the several times we’ve been to his shows. He’s a great comedian, a great guy to his fans, which is more than I can say about you. You WISH you were Colin’s dick as you’d probably be getting far more action, then you are otherwise.

  • Guest

    I’d love to see one comment in favor of Colin from an educated fan and/or one who is not sexually attracted to him. He’s funny, but he thinks he’s made it when he hasn’t yet. Learn some humility. Build some original ideas.  Don’t expect things to be handed to you because you’re pretty. 

    • MelissaY1

      I’ve seen a lot of comments here including from myself, who were not just praising Colin on his looks. I love all kinds of standup, from the cringe style to the clean, and everything in between. If you’re funny, you’re funny and Colin is funny.

  • MelissaY1

    I’m a huge supporter of Colin Kane and his comedy. I know comedy, like music is subjective. But for someone to sit and grumble about something they don’t like just so they hope to get a bunch of people on their bandwagon is just as lame as the joke you didn’t like. And I guarantee half, if not most of the people here have never seen him live.

    I just saw him again this past Friday for about the 4th or 5th time, and took someone who had never seen him before and enjoyed him. You either love raunchy, “cringe” style comedy, or you don’t. Colin’s strengths more than anything else, is his live crowd work. Something that doesn’t translate onto a YouTube video. And I first started seeing Colin open for other acts in NYC, and at the time was not bowled over. But decided to see him headline and was blown away.And for the record, I enjoy all kinds of comedy: from Bill Cosby and Sinbad, to Colin, Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr, Louis CK, etc.

  • Kealamka

    I never laughed so hard at a comedy show in my life. He’s a performer and that’s what worked for him. He has a following so he obviously isn’t the only one who thinks his material is funny. For people to take his jokes so seriously…is silly.. they are jokes. That’s it. Lol.

  • Magicsandwich

    I’m not offended by anything Colin Kane says. But I’m also not laughing. Work on your material kid.

    • MelissaY1

      His strength is his crowd work. See him live before you make a preconceived judgment call.

      • stillmad

        Just saw him live. He was terrible in all respects.

  • Cubesismyname

    Dylan: You summed up an otherwise good article with an unusually pacifying statement “I’m sure he’s a fine person”. 

    Whoa.  What?!?  Really?  

    So a guy who calls black people niggers because he thinks it’s funny is probably also a “fine person,” so long he doesn’t out and lynch them.  Right?  A guy who thinks it’s FUNNY to say the most degrading and hateful things about women… That’s cool– we should all just give him a pass because at the end he said “I’m joking”.  He’s not “really” being misogynistic, he probably treats women with the utmost respect!

    Um.  No.  Not in my book. 

    The guy is a fucking asshole.  Sure, I bet he gets a fair amount of blow jobs. Some women, strangely, are attracted to royal assholes.  But then he’ll treat her like shit, and she’ll hate him too.  Because he’s a woman hating asshole.

    If he tried to routinely degrade men the same way he degrades women, he’d be beaten to a bloody pulp in the back alley outside the comedy club.  I’d like to see that happen, frankly.  And so long as the assault was done in the name of “humor”, …well, then, that would make it all okay!  What a simple ethos, Kane– we should all go through our lives, doing whatever the fuck we want– right or wrong, good or bad– and just “not focus on the people who don’t love what we do.”

    That makes him a fucking philosophical idiot, as well as a woman hating asshole. 

  • sammy1

    the thing that really annoyed me in this article was that the author claimed he was not taking sides, when his article is very anti Kane.

    I think the main problem here is that a lot of Kane’s jokes — in Tweets or on video — are clunky and honestly just don’t make much sense. If you kiss a Grey Goose bottle and put a photo of that on your Facebook page, it means you swallow semen? What does this even mean? Kane would spend the last 15 minutes of his life fucking a girl from behind and then drinking a smoothie? Ok, so I guess what you’re saying is those two things are your favorite things? That’s cool. Those are two nice things. Where’s the joke? It’s like Kane’s playing Cringe Comedy Mad Libs– just dropping the most traditionally vile words and concepts into the blank spaces in order to get a reaction out of people

    do these seem like the words of an unbiased person?

    it is ok to have an opinion, but dont shout it out and then claim that this is unbiased, and therefore everyone should see things your way.  say this is what you think, and then let ppl decide for themselves

  • sknnylgsandall

    @Lucas, I hope he does have a book deal.  Both times I’ve seen him he killed the room, which is a talent. He’s smart, he’s chasing his dream, what’s your deal with him?

  • sammy1

    when Nick Swardson tells a joke about feeding his cat feces, do ppl think he actually does this?

    how about Henny Youngman saying, “I take my wife everywhere, but she always finds her way back home”
       does this mean he is actually trying to make his wife disappear?

    sometimes comedians stretch the truth, sometimes they say absurd things.

    comments said for the sake of humor, as long as they dont incite violence and hate, should be left alone, whether you enjoy them or not

  • sammy1


    first off, i have met Colin numerous times and I have to say he is incredibly sincere and nice as a person.

    most of what you see on his facebook page and at his act, is an ‘act’. he is playing a character and saying things for amusement.

    i personally find most of his material very funny, but if someone does not, that is fine.
      just know, that this is part of his act, this is NOT who he is as a person.

  • Elgreko

    I was turned on to Colin Kane by a female coworker. My wife and I have gone to 2 of his shows in San Francisco. His fan base is straight and gay, multi ethnic, and educationally diverse. We all laugh together as no one is safe. If you don’t like him or his type of humor stay away from his show or change the channel. But don’t tell me I’m a white male mysogonist for having a sense of humor. Maybe you shouldn’t be so judgemental and vitriolic with your labels.

  • Dewey Manlove

    make women practice blowjobs on rotten bananas because their lack of
    structural integrity really illustrates the importance of staying on the
    uninfected side during the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

  • problemwiththat

    Shorter: he is not funny.

  • Kevin Schweertman

    Its called comedy…some people like it some don’t…personally I think he’s hillarious…and as for his jokes about females…I have a boat load of female friends and co-workers…they all theink his jokes are rude…but still super funny.  If people can’t deal with this type of comedy…don’t read it…

  • Jess

    I’ve been seeing Colin perform for years and absolutely think he’s a histerical, inventive comedian. If you think his jokes are inappropriate, than don’t listen! Simple as that. His jokes are just that, jokes. When Colin is on the stage, he performs. Off the stage, he’s one of the nicest guys out there who meets and talks with all his fans. If you can’t take his comedy, ignore him. But don’t accuse his of being something he’s not.

  • Tali

    THE REAL COLIN KANE:  Twitter is Colin Kane’s forum to try out jokes and play with his fans, crafting his comedy act which is ever-evolving. He may offend people with what he says, but all comedians offend and push boundaries.  What matters is that the real Colin Kane, off of the stage, is not a mysogenist and has no hatred for anyone. In reality, Colin Kane has one of the hugest hearts in the business. On stage, however, Colin Kane steps into the shoes of a witty, confident comedian who is at the top of his game.  And I’m sorry, but he is hilarious…and this is coming from a female.  Go to a Colin Kane show before you judge him instead of quoting a select few of his tweets.  Every one of his jokes on twitter may not hit the nail on the head, but he is constantly playing with boundaries and ideas and is bold enough to share that with his fans, which is so refreshing.  He is constantly refining his comedy and by the time it gets to one of his comedy shows, it is perfection.  This man is so funny and has worked so unbelievably hard to get where he is going. Make no doubt about it, Colin Kane will be huge one day and deservedly so. – Tali

  • Natasha

    Wow Colin Kane is hot. I’d totally prefer that he cum on my chest. Wait, is that what this article is about?

  • Bobby Morris

    The first time I saw Colin Kane perform I was blown away! I thought to myself wow this guy is gonna explode one day! and after reading this article and some of these comments I know for sure he’s on the right track to doing just that. Some of you judge him because of his tweets or his status updates well thats crazy. Colin don’t stop till you get the respect you deserve! and when you get there stick some rotten bananas in these haters mouths! 

  • Subj3ctt0chang3

    I don’t think Colin Kane is funny and his jokes are rather clunky… BUT, he can say whatever he wants. Calling him a mysoginist and a bigot is a bit ridiculous. To quote Neal Brennan “I haven’t met one person in my life who isn’t bigotted in some way.” Whether you like him or not, there is some sort of audience for him. And espousing hate for Colin may cause more people to hate him, but it also causes more people to like him.
    The best thing to do is go back to your own life and stop caring about what someone else says. If he sucks, just let him dig his own grave. He doesn’t need your help.

  • pizzahair

    The politically correct babies complaining about this will move on to some other cause in a couple days.

  • Katie Nolan

    The joke about his last 15 minutes of life is a joke because he’d still have time to drink a smoothie after having sex. This is why people who criticize comedy aren’t worth listening to; you just don’t understand humor. 

  • Alexandrena

    You all need to shut the fuck up.. Coming from a girl.. He is funny.. And theu are just JOKES.. I’ve heard the same nasty jokes from plenty of other comedians and i don’t see them getting lashed.. If you don’t like it don’t read or listen.

  • Kateazalia

    Seriously? c’mon?! has that writer ever actually been to a comedy show? Seen Jaime Fox, Carlos Mencia, George Lopez? Thats the short version of the list!!! By far! Colin is extremely talented and I myself as a female sometimes take slight offense but lets get real…he says what no one says but definitely thinks whether they admit it or not. He is hysterical! All you haters get a life and maybe try to laugh every once in awhile! Nobody really finds YOUR work worth their time…soooo your point?

  • The Critic

    I’ll admit, I hadn’t even heard of this guy until I read Mark Leggett’s open letter, so then I went and read Kane’s Twitter timeline and it’s pretty accurately described by Leggett. It’s just one badly written joke after another, almost predominantly hateful shit about women. The fact that women go and see his shows or that they turn up here and defend his comedy is beside the point.

    Are the “jokes” mean-spirited? Let’s not even ask if they’re offensive (and if you are one of the people who feel that comedy HAS to be offensive to be funny, then you had a tiny, narrow view of what’s funny; and for that, all I can feel is sorry for you). I find loads of offensive things funny and I find loads of offensive things unfunny. Offensive is always predicated on someone’s tastes and someone’s morals and someone’s politics and so on and so forth. I think we can all agree that defining offensive says more about the definer than the material being defined.
    One of my favorite comic moments is when someone says something that I might find offensive, but they say it so cleverly or the set up is so good that I find myself laughing in spite of myself. That comic has worked, put in the hours and the energy, to find that little piece of him or herself inside of me. (Doug Stanhope does that too me regularly, your mileage may vary.) Kane’s jokes don’t have that kind of effort behind them and it shows. They’re lazy jokes, as laughspin would have it. Dirty Mad Libs which were hilarious for about two weeks when you were 15.The point Leggett was making, the distinction I’m making right now, is the difference between being “offensive,” which can merely be talking about farts for some people, and being mean. Don’t pretend like you don’t know the difference. 

    If you were to round up all of Kane’s jokes about women, boil down their essence, it would essentially sound like “I really want to fuck you, but I don’t like you at all and will mistreat you.” 

    You want to make that joke? Fine, no one is stopping you. Leggett is not calling out the internet police to show up at Kane’s house and smash his keyboard and confiscate his phone. Twitter is not shutting him down. 

    But it’s not a very funny joke, and after the tenth telling of it in different forms, it’s pretty tiresome and the mean-spiritedness of it starts to pall. Again, if you want to hear the same joke over and over and over, that’s your right and it’s Kane’s right to tell it. By the same token, it’s also Leggett’s right to find it bad comedy for him. And guess what? It’s your right to come over here and say Leggett’s full of shit too.

    But if your idea of a rebuttal to someone saying something you like is dumb and lazy is to go “nuh uh faggotface” then it’s pretty clear why you like dumb and lazy comics, isn’t it?

  • Matt Bronsil

    Comedy Central will buy his shit.

  • Mulloy Mike

    Eh, fuck it, I’m not gonna work with this guy again so I don’t mind saying what a douche bag he comes off as.  He just seems like one of those guys that tries too hard to be “edgy”.  But he misconstrues “edginess” with “broishness”  He’s like a homeless-man’s Dane Cook if Dane Cook had a pocket full of GHB.  For someone with such an ego, I had never even heard of him before I opened for him.  He just seems like one of those guys that tries so hard to convince you that he’s fucking 4 random chicks a day that eventually you get the suspicion that this is the kind of guy who flies to Thailand on a monthly basis to bang Lady Boys

  • Mariana Garces

    the first thing I read on twitter about this was from another guy (Kyle Kinane?) saying “He’s not going to lose any fans, but there is a chance he will gain new
    ones from the exposure. Your plan backfired, guys. Way to go.” I’m guessing to everyone on twitter responding to Kane’s bullshit. maybe it backfired? but this comment angers me, because he’s implying we (people who actually care about comedy) just shouldn’t bother at all. the truth is we can’t let this shit slide. someone needed to call him out. maybe that’s spun out of control now, but the tumblr response was totally justified.

  • Sandwich Meats

    The video is me. It is set to public again now.


  • Pgalland25

    Hes not funny at all. but let him say what he wants.

  • EM

    *eye roll* I’m thinking some people need to pull the stick out of their A$$ and learn how to LAUGH. Enjoy life and don’t take jokes so darn literally. Laughing is good for the soul and Colin has raw pure talent, which is rare. You can hate all you want, but it won’t hold him back, it just makes him stronger!

  • RB27

    Everyone has their own right to like or dislike his jokes, if you dislike him, then do not follow him on Facebook or Twitter, is that easy. People need to lighten up!

  • Playamike924

    You guys are fucking idiots. Everyone has their unique take on comedy. I’m a gay fat black man and I love when Colin makes jokes about this specific demographic. It shows that you are human. What would be the difference from a black woman making jokes about asians? You all need to grow the fuck up. As long as he is doing comedy, I’m going to support him fully.

  • Ataylorblack

    I have Never seen one of Colins’ shows live, but I want to so badly! I watch all his videos and they are hillarious! And he is super hot! Stop hating and taking things so seriously!

  • Tdpeterson2001

    My wife and I along with several others saw Colin in May in Minneapolis. He didn’t only kill, he MURDERED! The best comedy is real life, shit that you can relate to, been in that situation, but never speak about it. That is what is so great, you look around and realize everyone has been there at one point because everyone is laughing their ass off. As for you pussified Americans that are so concerned with his commentary regarding women, I suggest you actually attend a show first (rather than just watching his Twat feed), he ripped more WHITE MEN “his key demographic” then anyone else! And for the record, my friends wife took 4 of her girlfriends down to see him the next night! So what does that tell you?? Colin Kane is one funny motherfucker! He may not be “funny” on Twitter, but that is a 140 character media, actually sit down and spend the 60 minutes+ of your sacred life, if you don’t laugh or relate, frankly you’re about as useless as a wet towel. Pay your rent folks….. He has and I couldn’t wait to see him once I heard he was coming to town! And if you think he is a dick, well he hung out with us for a good half hour after the show while we had drinks on the patio, couldn’t be a nicer guy!! Thank you Colin for a great evening!!!

  • Geno Bisconte

    In the end, all that really matter for a comedian is getting laughter and we all do it different ways.  Some choose to shock, others to make people think all the way down to smashing watermelons which is obviously the worst possible kind-i mean black people hate when you waste a perfectly good watermelon. 

    The problem with society is not Colin Kane-it’s that we give any credibility and weight to the 261 people (88 likes 171 dislikes) who never leave the house to go to a live show and place their opnion on twitter, FB, YouTube etc… the same geniuses who believe Mike Tyson wrote his own jokes for the Roast of Charlie Sheen and not hard working unseen comedy writers. 
    Ok enough of my diatribe.. back to work-i have a show tomorrow where i have to do about an hour of actual thought provoking comedy and by that i mean  about thirty-seven minutes of domestic violence and Holocaust jokes… <3.

    All the best Colin.. get all the press you can out of this.  Fill those seats brotha!!!

  • Brigitte

    You are all haters. Eddie Murphy made fun of gays, AIDS, and so much more…. What about Andrew dice clay or howard stern…..and there are many more. Many comedians insult everyone and every thing! People go there to laugh and be shocked. Colin is one of the best comics and it only kidding around. If we could laugh (at ourselves) more there would be less judgement and anger!!! Just chill and if you don’t like him then don’t go see him. He has many fans!

  • #344323

    Hahahaha!!!  Colin is the MAN!!!  Me and my boys always sit around talking shit on bitches and how we’ll make them choke on our dicks.  Colin’s a hero to us.  In fact, a few of us have decided to try our hands at comedy when we escape/get released from this juvenile detention center for underage sex offenders.  Keep doin’ what you do, C-Dog!!!!

  • Boss_Hogg

    I find it absolutely hilarious that many of the same people that preach acceptance are the same ones who ostracize Colin for his brand of comedy.  I have no problem with you thinking that he is not particularly funny, everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion on a public figure, but to condemn him for said brand goes against the basic tenets of acceptance.

    On another note, Atlas Boy – you seem to know the entertainment industry so very well, as you stated “Yeah, that’s exactly how the entertainment industry works. TV networks don’t care about your track record, or your ability to produce a project, or anything. They just sit around in a room and ask, “hey, is there anyone who people are calling an incompetent jackass on the Internet?”  Do you know Colin?  Do you know his track record?  Do you personally know of his ability to see a project through?  (All rhetorical questions)   Clearly you don’t, as in fact you couldn’t be more off in this statement because, Colin does in fact have a dedicated vision to building a brand.  He does have an incredible track record – where he started from the bottom, and has quickly ascended because of his COMPETENCE.
    -On a similar note, please see successful Hollywood productions such as Jackass, Tosh.0, Chelsea Handler to answer your first question.

    Disagree with his politics, disagree with his humor, but don’t question his competence and motivation.  To call his comedic writing, ‘laziness’ is simply foolish and illogical.  I had never heard of Mark Leggett before today, and while actually doing research to see both sides of this argument I read his blog and his twitter feed, guess what – I think he is horrendously boring and lacks any sort of originality.  That doesn’t mean I am going to crusade against him based on his status-quo humor.

    Guess what? Colin doesn’t have overweight people, black people, and women chained up in his basement.  His jokes are meant to illicit a reaction, which they have obviously done well.

    Chelsea Handler makes jokes about Asian’s having small appendages all the time and has detailed a tryst with a midget in her book in a purely humorous fashion, however to accuse her of subjugating minorities based on her style of comedy is again illogical.

    • Atlas Boy

      Yeah, I’m aware of his track record. He started out doing some of the rowdier New York clubs, and now runs a bunch of glorified bringer shows in various cities, where he exploits gullible open micers as “opening acts.” I know that has gotten him to just about where he is today: like most touring self-producers, he’s probably scraping out a living. But he doesn’t have the talent or the original point-of-view to reach the next level, and his shady business practices are going to turn off a lot of people in the comedy business from working with him.

      That doesn’t rule out the possibility that he could get some kind of acting work — the TV/film industry doesn’t tend to care about comedy ethics issues — but it’s not clear he has any of the skills that are necessary for that transition. Does he act?

      The fact that he’s been doing comedy for ten years and he’s never been on TV — acting or doing stand-up — or in a film is a pretty bad sign. Not an insurmountably bad sign, necessarily… but it suggests that, for whatever reason, the industry is not currently interested in this guy. It could just be that he hasn’t attempted to take that path. It could be that “frat-boy guy who says misogynistic things” is a relatively small market niche with a lot of people trying to fill it. It could be that his manager and agent are bad. It could be a lot of things.

      Or, you know, it could be that, aside from his relentless self-promotion machine, he’s nothing special. And out in the real world, comedians don’t need to be relentless self-promotion machines… they can hire publicists for that. TV doesn’t need relentlessly self-promoting comedians — they have millions of dollars in ad budgets, and if they want someone with fans, they can hire someone actually famous.

      His skill set (meatheaded shock humor + self-promotion) just isn’t one that tends to scale upward very well. He’s got a lot of the obstacles Dane Cook faced, plus a lot of the obstacles Andrew Dice Clay faced. But both of those guys’ careers took off relatively quickly, for various reasons (Clay because it was the ’80s and stand-up comedy was a bigger thing, Cook because of MySpace)… they were more the exception than the rule. Maybe he’s got some tricks he hasn’t pulled out of his bag yet, but if I were in charge of his career, I’d advise him to either explore more career paths, or save whatever money he’s making at this point. Because a 40-year-old guy trying to put over the jokes Kane is doing right now… well, that’s not going to be a pretty sight.

  • Krista Lettko

    I am a young woman and have seen Colin’s stand up twice now. I LOVE HIM. He makes fun of everyone, including himself. That is his style of humor, and yes you should probably know what you are getting yourselves into by going to see him– but none the less you should know what to expect by now. If you are easily offended, DON’T GO, it’s not for you. I happen to find it hilarious, especially when he targets girls like me– it’s rude, but fucking hilarious. He is hilarious. He is a performer, and he goes to places not many comedians have the balls to go. If you don’t like his tweets, don’t follow him. It’s that simple. Every celebrity has fans and haters, and Mr. Colin Kane has some pretty die hard fans. Good luck getting him to shut up anytime soon. He is just getting started. 

  • L Guido Mauro

    Colin is awesome – I have seen him on numerous occasions, and as a woman he doesnt upset me at all. People need to relax. He is the funniest comedian ever. He says what you really think and takes it to the edge that is why he is awesome.

  • Duff

    Colin Kane is hilarious. He makes people laugh and that’s it. He is not some crooked politician stealing your tax dollars or lying to you about making the world a better place. There are way worse things in the world than Colin Kane. Laughing certainly isn’t a crime. It’s called insult comedy. He generalizes and pokes fun at all genders and races. If you don’t like it don’t go to his shows. Just like the fact that I don’t like pickles, so I don’t eat them. I am not going after the creator of pickles to stop making them.

  • Angelaezav

    You said it yourself…”I’m sure he’s a fine person and doesn’t really make women blow rotten bananas”. So what was the point of this article? Haha. Don’t criticize him & his jokes. He’s doing what makes him happy, making people laugh. And he’s doing a damn good job at it.
    P.s. Girls who have a picture kissing a grey goose bottle most definitely swallow. I suggest you find a chick with that picture & cum in her mouth. I’m sure you won’t be surprised with how she takes it.

    • Atlas Boy

      So what was the point of this article? Well, start here…

      If he doesn’t mean it, why is he putting that out there in the world? Does the world in such need of that kind of lousy, degrading, misogynistic attitude, that people need to make it up in order to keep up with the demand?

      And how about people who are taking it at face value — which a cursory scan of the above comments suggests is a substantial portion of his audience? Not all of them, of course, but a lot of these people are misogynistic dicks, and they like this guy because his comedy reinforces their misogynistic dickery. I mean, if he really cared, wouldn’t he be bothered by that fact?

      So you have to assume he either doesn’t have a problem with misogyny, or he’s desperate enough that he doesn’t care what he’s saying or kind of fans he’s attracting.


    Haters are the worst.

    Wait. I take that back.

    Haters with blogs are the worst.

    • Atlas Boy

      Wait, wait.

      Hatters with blogs are the worst.

      Yeah, you can follow them… if you want to see three pictures of hats a day. Bleh.

      Oh, wait, I forgot one.

      People who say “haters” are the worst.

  • Karin Rogers1

    Once we start saying what is off-limits for comedians comedy will cease to exist. Colin’s humor isn’t for everyone, that’s true, however what is? We as a people don’t agree on anything from politics to religion to sexual positions but we have a right to the ones that suit us as individuals. I enjoy Colin’s jokes because they are just jokes not a reflection of his actual views on women, minorities, or any other group he pokes fun at.

  • JeffS

    Seriously? Who sits around making definitive statements about subjective material? Oh yeah…blog writers with an overly inflated sense of self importance.

    Like him? Cool. Go see him.
    Don’t like him? Cool. Don’t go see him.
    Life is hard but try to keep up.

  • a special boy

    To be fair, I don’t think Colin Kane is very funny after hearing him bomb on Opie & Anthony countless times. But I also think the backlash from the Twitter Favstar care crew is priceless. All these “unemployed comedy writer” dudes like Mark Leggett, Louis Peitzman, etc. that are speaking out against him are tremendous losers in their own right. I don’t know what Colin Kane’s future in the comedy world is, but if these guys are still around in 5 years time, I would be very very surprised.

    “I’m a comedian in NYC. Keep tweeting, that’s the closest you’re ever gonna get to comedy. Tell your friends I made your day.” – Godfrey 

  • Singinman

    Why don’t you go see his act in person and then decide? Anybody who judges and reviews a stand-up comedian by his twitter posts alone needs to get a life.

  • Megnanimous

    I’m a chick. I work at a non-profit and help people that can’t help themselves.  I have compassion for others and consider myself to not be a bad person by any means. I went to Colin’s show and nearly peed my pants.  I’ve also had the pleasure of talking to him after the show and he is an incredibly nice guy trying to make it in the comedy biz.  If you don’t laugh about that grey goose joke, you are not Colin’s audience.  I know exactly what he is talking about!  Your outrage is like listening to a rap song and being offended by the way THEY talk about women.  It’s a waste of time because obviously, it’s not your bag.  But hating on someone who YOU think isn’t funny?  Seriously?  I think Carrot Top is stupid but he is a headliner in Vegas…I’m not encouraging an army to boycott his shows.  The true opportunist here is you..this reminds me of when they called Jo Koy a homophob…you just want the attention but just as Jo taped his second comedy central special after that mess, Colin is going to rise out of this to the top.  So thanks, lameass.

  • DonJuilio

    You sir are a dumb mother hucker and Colin is right, comedy is subjective and his is pretty fucking funny.
    What’s the problem did u suck a few rotten bananas in your day BROAD!!!
    Colin Kane is a hilarious comedian and not the fucking pope, he shouldn’t be treated as such nor held to that standard! Go cry in a corner shit stirrer!

  • Jonas Polsky

    Why do anti-women jokes that suck cause outrage, and millions of other unfunny jokes get a pass?

    • Atlas Boy

      Because nobody’s going out on the street after the show and harassing a guy who’s selling airline food.

  • yuckybot

    Colin Kane and his fans seem to totally miss the point. It’s not just about the content of his jokes simply being “offensive.” It’s that his jokes are rather cheap and hacky. He has no wit or intelligence about him. There should be no limit to what you can joke about, but there’s a way to do it. If Colin had any real concept about what true comedy is he wouldn’t be making the same tired joke told 100 different ways. If you notice his Twitter, he doesn’t follow any real comedians or any of his peers. There’s a reason for that. He doesn’t get true respect as a comedian by other comedians. I’m not saying he doesn’t have comedian friends or comedians that enjoy his stylings, but overall Colin has become an insult to them. Colin know this so he’s relying on his looks and marketability to people outside of the real comedy realm.

  • Ndejoseph

    I think that this article is complete bullshit. You have never met Colin or been to one of his shows. You have no idea what he does. A few tweets do not describe a person. He is so quick witted and fast on his feet. This is comedy! You are the editor of two comedy magazines and youre going to say that his tweets make sex offenders think what they do is ok?! How could you equate the 2 of those things?! Just goes to show what a stupid dick you really are. I have traveled to 4 different states to see him and not only do I leave laughing my ass off each time but he is always waiting at the end to talk to every single person; fat, black, woman, everyone! He made a joke about my black friend once when we went and went out of his way to send her a Facebook message the next day apologizing even though she was not offended at all and thought he was hilarious. The problem is with people like you and people who work for comedy central that you are so used to this corny bullshit that everyone else does. Comics now are all basically telling the same jokes. It’s terrible. Finally someone comes out who is original and actually funny and everyone hated him. The only good thing about this article is that you were right about saying he will get a tv show. That absolutely will happen. And not just because he’s a pretty face. Fuck all the haters!!!! Love you Colin!!

    And my mom would also like to add…
    I went to Colin’s show the other night. I am a 65 year old woman and never had such a great time! I took no offense at any of his jokes. Colin says what everyone else feels and is just too ashamed to say. As I looked around the room I didn’t see anyone being offended. Just smiling laughing faces all around. Can’t wait until he gets back from LA to catch another one of his shows. I’m still laughing about it.

  • Smokey

    You know what erupts online? Dylan Gadino on Find a new job pal. I put out the word about his shows and I get 10 girls who want tickets and half the number of guys. Only bad publicity is no publicity…

  • Madison Malloy

    Comedy is making people laugh and taking them out of their comfort zone. Colin is a comedian that is funny and talented. If people take his jokes too seriously, then stop looking at them, they aren’t for you. Keep doing your thing Colin.



  • Shari Ross VanderWerf

    Thank you for posting a link to my Tumblr follow up to the Colin Kane outrage. I’d just like to correct one thing. I am not a fan. I am a female stand-up comedian who has been working on and off for 20 years. I have seen the worst of misogyny in stand-up comedy. I’m afraid it’s not a problem that will be going away any time soon unfortunately. What I hope is that instead of focusing on specific comedians like Kane, we can have an ongoing dialog about what this kind of hate speech does to people even if they understand it’s a joke. And I do know it’s a joke. And I have been chastised for making similar kinds of mistakes. But I do believe that dehumanizing a group, even if it’s in a joke can be the wrong thing to do. I only hope that we can continue this dialog and make more people aware of the problem.

  • Dk5496

    Mark leggett , you’re a fucking douche and take things WAY too seriously. I am a female and find all of his jokes hilarious. After all that’s what they are, JOKES. Lighten up you tool. And for anyone that finds him “insulting” ; take a step back , RELAX. He’s a fucking comedian for gods sake. LIFE IS TOO SHORT

    • Josh Homer

      Sounds like you’re taking Mark’s reply too seriously. I’m not taking sides her, but it seems a bit hypocritical to call MArk a bunch of names because of his criticizing Colin’s stand up, while simultaneously criticizing Mark. 

  • Ria Dillon

    You know what I find funny? Many famous comedians were criticized in the same way.. Eddie Murphy… Richard Pryor…. George Carlin…. Dane Cook… Whether sexually or politically based jokes, each one was criticized in this same mannerism when they were playing the circuit. All these comedians have one thing in common: they say what we are afraid to say. Many won’t admit half the stuff they come out and say, and they are able to do it in a way that puts a smile on our faces. That’s what Colin does. He takes everything that many people are afraid to say and turn it into moments of laughter that help people escape for a minute, of their busy workday, to laugh. I’m a single mom, and I’ll admit that Colin says things that are offensive towards everyone, but if you are not able to make fun of yourself than what’s the point? I’ve heard him, in person, make fun of women and men, of all races.. Dogging certain people in the audience. Did they get up and complain? No. Did they storm out? No. You know why? Because they are smart enough to know it’s a joke, and they wouldn’t be there in the first place if they couldn’t take a joke.
    Colin is a great guy who interacts with his audience. There is never a dull moment at his shows, and there is endless laughter the whole evening. His audience and fans know what they are getting into when they walk in, and they know the great time they have before leaving.

    So, don’t judge by just ‘tweets.’ Go to a show, and then you can talk. Until then, it’s judging a book by a cover, and that still isn’t the whole package.

  • Ronesquire

    I’ve been to one of Colin Kane’s shows. He’s hilarious, and not even slightly mean-spirited. The twitter comments seem lame and juvenile, but aren’t reflective of his act (when I saw him). Just really funny.

  • Guest

    People need to learn how to take a joke these days! Colin Kane is one of the most humble and honest  guys in the business right now! and newsflash, most of his fans are women! Guaranteed if any one of you actually went to his show you’d see that, but you’d rather spend your time criticizing a guy you dont even know.

  • JennL

    Comedy is subjective.  If you don’t like Colin Kane – or are just too
    sensitive to handle his style of comedy – don’t listen.  It’s as simple as
    that.  Like “Charlie K” said below – Colin does take the time in his act to let everyone know that he is joking around.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion – but there is no need
    to rant about it.   It just makes you look childish.  His audience is for adults – if you can’t
    handle it – walk away.  Clearly there is
    a huge fan base loving his style so he doesn’t have to worry about those who don’t
    like him.  He is the funniest comic I
    have seen is a long time.  He says things
    that people think – but are afraid to say!  He isn’t afraid to be himself.

    Again – if you don’t like him –
    don’t listen.  No-one is making you.

  • Josh Sidekick

    Colin is absolutely correct in his belief that comedy is subjective. Just like how some people think that a painting of the Virgin Mary made from human excrement is art, but if it looks like crap smeared on the wall and smells like crap smeared on the wall, chances are, it’s not really good art. I love comedy from clean to some of the most vile stuff I’ve ever heard, but it’s just not funny. I would love to just ignore this, but when you whore yourself to a social media that lets me know when a friend of a friend is having a sandwich because the first friend “liked” the post, it is a rather tough thing to do. Whether it’s his call to arms that brought me to this article or his random “Let’s make fun of the fat guy I took a picture of on the subway” photos, all it takes is one of my tasteless friends to like that post and now it’s all up in my news feed. Am I supposed to end a friendship with someone I’ve known for the better part of a decade? No. I’d rather he just use up his 15 minutes and let someone who’d rather work on his craft instead of social media climbing take his place.

    Also, his first amendment right means the government can’t censor him, if private citizens or companies want him to shut up, well, that’s their right to say so.

  • Lianagrasso

    I don’t understand… Colin Kane gets ragged on for cracking jokes abou bitches and minorities but when other comedians do it, it’s acceptable? Look at Seth macfarlane, most of his his jokes are about black people and the characters he portrays do nothing but degrade women and other people and he’a considered a comedic god… Hr may say rude things but you cant say theyre not funny as hell.. And if uou cant take a joke, well then fuck you…Let’s leave Colin alone and let him do his thing. #quithating

  • Sferrara

    Since when did we start to attack comedians for their comedy? I don’t see anyone calling Eddie Murphy a homophobe, considering he says “faggot” 17 times in his specials. Colin has fans just like Howard Stern and last time I checked he is an American with the right to free speech.

  • @TheSideWords

    Colin Kane Might be a bad person..BUt he has a sick personality.. not meaning he’s bad. He has the guts to turn something disgusting into something humorous. Not Bashing the article. but its full of crap. … Yeah Its bashes women sometimes… But in a twisted funny way. I am a teenager. Girl. And I find his jokes the enlightenment of my day. He’s a Funny guy.

  • Lyrac

    Thank goodness we all have freedom of speech if you don’t like what he has to say don’t listen as simple as that. I admire someone who visits with troops and tries to get their spirits up…he gets personal with his fans he doesnt have some assistant writing his posts hes as real as they get his standup is BOLD he’s BOLD! Nothing wrong with that.

  • Aschwartz0407

    Obviously the haters out there have never seen CK’s show in person. Everyone makes fun of everyone, but if someone doesn’t like the person making the joke or how they word it, it’s not funny. Gallagher made a career of smashing watermelon, I don’t find it funny, but people do and they packed auditoriums to see him. I feel Colin put it perfectly, comedy is subjective, if you don’t find him funny go watch Dane Cook or George Lopez, they don’t have a sense of humor either.

  • Forbus

    I saw him for the first time last year and he was hysterical. He owned the room. I am a white male, who was with a group of about 5 other white males, and he blasted us harder than anyone else in the room, and it was hilarious. This guy is going places, and the uptight idiots who blast him are only helping him get there. 

  • Shoosh15

    @BigShoosh says: Come on people! Have we really gotten to the point that we are attacking comics for the things that they say? Did we forget that comedians do what they do in an attempt to make people laugh? One of the easiest or at least most common ways of doing Sonia providing “shock value”. Look back at the past 20-30 years. Of course not all comedians can have the material or wit of a George Carlin or Bill Hicks. Not everyone should! I remember hearing Carlin attack a heckler, telling him that he should (along with his wife and kids) die in a car fire. Was he vilified for wishing death upon children? NO! The crowd laughed because his comment was over the top and shocking.

    Colin simply has material that pokes fun at people. People of every walk of life. At least he is consistent in the onslaught. Take another example- Andrew Dice Clay. Granted a completely different style of comedy, but his material was/is also very derrogatory toward women, blacks, Asians, etc. he disappeared for a while but is now back and getting as big as ever. Why?? Because people love being shocked. They find it funny. Oh, and if they don’t, then treat it like porn, or even a violent car accident. Don’t look!!! I’m sick of the attitude of “I don’t like it so you can’t see it”. It’s turning us into generalized pussies.

    To each his own. If you don’t like porn, don’t look at it. It you don’t like ass, don’t eat it. IF YOU DON’T LIKE COLIN, then don’t follow him on twitter! You can’t think his tweets are mean if you don’t seek them out and read them.

  • John W

    I have been to plenty of Colin Kane shows and yes i find him to be hilarious. It’s comedy people!! If you don’t think it’s funny then don’t listen or watch him!

  • Ben Millard

    He’s a comedian you dumb fuck. And a fucking hilarious one at that. If you see the response of this article then it’s obviously that a lot of people love his comedy. If you don’t like it, have you ever thought about NOT reading his tweets? Get a life you morbid cunt.

    • Myrna Morton

      Why are you so angry? No need to get so mad.

  • Nursebridgid

    I must say, I am a professional, a woman, and I love comedy AND Colin Kane. He is funny, smart, talented, and he loves and appreciates his fans. He’s out there and he’s doing it. Slam him
    If you will, but that just makes you a loser on the sideline.

  • Velazquezsfb

    I’ve seen Colin’s show twice and he is hilarious…and I’m a woman. The point of a lot of the jokes he makes is that they dont really make sense, which is why they are funny. To each their own I guess, but I know myself and a ton of other good people think he’s great. I’ve seen his shows and I’ll see him again…no one has ever made me laugh so hard.

  • Howie Abrams

    What fucking country are we in?  If there was a misogynistic character on SNL, no one would say a word.  Enough with trying to censor comedians already.  They, along with musicians, are our relief from the REAL crap we need to worry about.  Don’t follow him on twitter, don’t go see him…  That’s how you protest.

  • Rod Hezarkhani

    Colin Kane is funny because plays with obvious misconceptions about certain groups of people and insults them there’s an implicit understanding that it’s bad. The punchline of all his jokes isn’t in the joke. It’s the joke itself. It’s that it’s okay to make off-color jokes. The only way to truly get past misogyny and racism is to laugh about it. I have very diverse group of friends (black, white, jew, muslim, indian, gay) and we say the most vile shit to each other cuz we know we don’t mean it and it’s just funny to be insulting in a meangingless way. Like fart jokes but with racial slurs.

    One day Colin will make fun of white people. And it’ll be stuck-up, beta-male, white, liberal, douchbags that will be the target.

  • GEM126

    By reading this I can tell the author has never been to one of Colin’s shows..
    True, he makes fun of everyone. Everyone in the room that is. And its funny as hell. But every time this “misogynist” made fun of a woman for being fat, Asian, Black, slutty, stupid, or whatever his choice of words in that moment were, and comtinued with telling her she was beautiful and he was playing. Countless times at the show he told the women in the audience ” that was a joke, you know your beautiful” then continue to ask the woman ” are you married? That’s wonderful! ” .

    So whoever assumes he is a terrible person, comedian, and is a hateful, racist misogynist- here’s an idea- stop crying and stop listening to him!!

    Before I entered the comedy club I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I had never even heard of him. But I’m glad I went. He’s hilarious. I follow him on Facebook and twitter, and when he posts something I dont like, I ignore it. I don’t click “like”, call him out, or cry about it. I’m sure some people don’t like things I post, but they have the freedom to delete me if they want to.

  • Susan

    The first time I saw Colin Kane live, he was the opening act at one of the biggest clubs in NYC. And it was obvious why – he’s fantastic. He’s grown since then, into a sensational comic – one that has big things ahead. He’s raunchy, graphic, and, surprise, surprise, he picks apart every living and non-living thing that he possibly can. But what comic doesn’t? And you know what else? He makes you forget about your own problems for a little while. He makes you laugh and he makes you smile. He’s shocking and real. His comedy might not be your style, but why focus on that? The comic sitting next to him may not make me laugh as loud, but I’m not going to go write blogs about them, putting them down. “To each his own.” And Colin’s done a pretty damn good job for himself so far, as I think his loyal fans would agree. We’re all looking forward to him taking the world by storm and will continue to support him. Because he’s our style and makes us laugh. And at the end of the day, isn’t that any comedian’s goal?

  • Jonnybensonx

    Colin Kane is a pure talent. If Lisa Lampanelli said the same things he did, everyone would call her a hero.
    There is no need to put down a comic that works hard and has successfully built a following on his own.
    Edgy comedy is not for everyone, But There are plenty of Bob Hope and Bill Cosby DVDs for all the haters.
    Leave the man alone and let him do his thing!

  • achibrunette

    I think it took a lot of time and energy to sit here a blog about a guy that you’ve never met and if you’re judging him off of his twitter feed, go see him live. It’s a lot different. He’s also a very kind hearted person. He stays to talk to any of his fans that want to talk to him. They call it an ‘ACT’ in comedy because it is ALL an act. Having been to one of his shows, I’ve seen women laughing at his jokes harder than some of the men. It’s making fun of people in general. Oh, and just so Mark Leggett can feel better, yes Colin has and does make fun of himself. You don’t have to like his act. You don’t have to like him. There are people that will drive a couple of hours to see his shows and nothing a negative laughspin blog post can say will change that. You either can laugh at the world or take it all way too seriously sit back and judge those that can. Personally, I’d rather be laughing. 

  • Charlie K

    I’ve seen Colin a ton of times.  He is the only comedian I have ever seen who actually takes the time out of his act to LET YOU KNOW HE IS ONLY JOKING AROUND!  It’s quite effective.  You actually feel like you are part of the act this way and not feeling like you are being “attacked” like other comedians make you feel.

    He always thanks his fans and reminds you it’s all in good fun afterwards.  He makes fun of plenty of white people.  Have you actually been to his shows?  He makes fun of himself as well.  Everyone gets made fun of.  He doesn’t choose one sex, race, etc. over another.

    The biggest thing on top of everything…  He sticks around after every show to meet his fans to let you know how much he appreciates your support!  He’s as nice as they come and makes u feel so welcomed and at ease.  Even when he makes fun of you!  Tell me how many other comedians have that ability?

     I have friends who are afraid to go to comedy shows because of fear out of becoming a victim and getting attacked by the comic.  Because the comic doesn’t have any better material but to pick on a few people.  Why don’t you write about how messed up that is instead of going off on a guy who cares more about his fans and making sure their feelings aren’t really hurt?????

    You can talk about his tweets all you want.  It’s subjective.  I’m not saying every tweet is comedy gold, but what comedian’s are?  What is funny to me, may be terrible to you and vise versa.  He has plenty of tweets that are all about thanking his fans and are even serious questions, asking for opinions, etc.  This article is totally one sided and unfair.  Then you end your article saying “I’m not trying to take him down” after spending the entire article criticizing him.  Interesting.

  • Chelle

    I’m a woman and take no offense to Colin’s jokes whatsoever. In fact, I find him hilarious. People take things way too seriously these days. 

  • Rickster1983

    Looks like someone needs some hits on an article?!
    Did you seriously look at the Beatles for the first time and think… They look silly? Yeah me too. Did you stop lIstening to them after 2 songs because you thought this wasn’t going anywhere? Yeah likewise. Did you see a Colin Kane show before you decided to be all the knowing one!? Hmmm. You HAVE to see this live. You’ll understand. You’ll fly half way around the world to make sure it was real for a second time!
    (don’t hate me but…. I hate family guy!! I don’t get it… You know why!? Never watched a whole episode. Cause I’m a lazy fuck ass!!)

  • Wooleyj

    Just like anything else..if you do not like it, don’t eat it, don’t watch it, don’t listen to it or don’t do it!! I don’t like mushrooms but you can eat them!! It’s comedy, people. His comedy is rough and not appealing to all an that is OK! Instead of complaining about what YOU do not like, spend time DOING what you like!!

  • Gabrielladago

    I would like to ask, how many of you commenters who are bashing Colin have actually seen his live stand up or met him in person? I ask because, although he’s off the cuff & to many of you, overboard at times, Colin’s presence at a show on off the stage is unprecedented. Although he picks on everyone (yes even white males) he makes it a point to remind those who seem offended ‘this is just comedy.’ he also reiterates that he’s always trying new material to see if he’s gone too far. He constantly says how appreciatie he is of his supporters and his only goal, is to make people laugh. I’ve seen him in action and he’s very aware of his audience and just how far he can push them. Whether you like it or not, he knows what he’s doing and says things that most people have thought of but don’t have the guts to say outloud. I’m a professional woman working in a male dominated industry and more things in my office offend me than Colin’s jokes ever have. He’s willing to put his neck on the line just to try out a joke and make you laugh. This or his stand up shouldn’t even be a discussion.. We have more to worry about in this world. I for one am thankful he stands on a stage every night and says sarcastic craziness just to hear people laugh. I also appreciate how much he works for his fans and continuously goes out of his way to thank them and meet them after every single show. Viva la Colin!

  • ohheyjess

    I don’t find Colin Kane offensive, but my IQ and sense of humor do.

    As a female, I’m not offended by “misogynist” comedy at all. It’s humor, and it’s subjective. When written and executed in a clever way, anything can be funny–and anyone who takes something said at a comedy show seriously has some real self-examining to do.

    One of Colin Kane’s issues is that he has a sense of humor about everything but himself. Why else would he send his Joe and Cindy Six-Pack fans to comment on this instead of just making a joke about it and letting it roll off his back? Additionally, though it may seem sincere and heartfelt, when he has to insist, “THESE ARE JUST JOKES!” it means the jokes themselves aren’t working. Jeselnik and Schumer make racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist, and rape jokes–but they don’t need disclaimers, because their writing speaks for itself. It’s clever and just absurd enough to work.

    For everyone defending him by saying he sells out every venue he plays: It’s because he typically has more than one opener (usually two to four) and forces them all to bring 10-20 people each. His shows are glorified bringers, so yeah, he’s going to have big audiences. It doesn’t mean they’re necessarily there to see him.

    Insider notes: He tends to not re-book comics who perform better than he does, and often scolds the audience for not laughing. If someone’s not laughing, it’s not always because they’re offended. Sometimes it’s just because you’re not that funny.

  • Jdnphotography

    Success brings haters. Keep up the awesome work Colin! We love you here in Philly

  • Lovemykelley

    Haha. Get a life. Or better yet. Have a rotten banana on me. And yes, I kiss bottles at clubs, take pictures of it, and post it on my fb. Guess what. I swallow. Haha.

  • Jace

    If ANYONE takes a comedy act seriously they need to take their tampon out. I find Colin Kane to be incredible funny & his jokes are just that… Jokes. They make me laugh & brighten my mundane work day. I CANNOT WAIT to see what more this guy can do… He’s going to be big.

  • Lauren

    You, Dylan, have entirely too much time on your hands. All the people hating on Colin do for that matter. Maybe before you start running your mouth about how the whole comedy world hates him, you should go see one of his shows. He is DYNAMIC on stage and regardless of how offensive all these fucktards find his jokes, he’s been blessed with the ability to make people laugh and he’s damn good at it. So Dylan, I’d like to tell you and everyone else who is hating on Colin… GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  • Renee

    If you don’t like him than don’t follow him…I find him hilarious…and I’m a women!!

  • Corbin Bernson

    i’d say this article is pretty objective as far as internet articles go. that being said, comedy is in the eye of the beholder. isaac hayes is the perfect example of this. he was Chef on south park and he was ok with them making fun of jews, christians, mormons, girls, gays, giraffes, you name it. But as soon as they poke fun at his precious scientology, he walks out.

    The lesson here? Get the stick out of your ass and if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

  • Aral Kizilkaya

    You know he’s actually right on almost every joke, right? He’s funny. The interwebs are full of misogynistic jokes. Bashing on one fella who is good on this is not gonna change anything.

  • Dave Caldwell

    They’re jokes people! JOKES. I think Colin Kane is brilliant. He’s filthy and raunchy and hysterically funny. As this article states, comedy is subjective. If you don’t like his humor, don’t listen to him but leave him alone so the rest of us can laugh!

  • Amanda May Strassner

    This article is very upsetting… there’s a Colin Kane parody account I wasn’t following yet?!? Damn it!!

  • Brittany

    No, he really did make me blow a rotten banana….

  • Julie Z

    I am a female and I love Colin Kane’s comedy. I believe each person has their own style of what they think is funny. No one can tell me what I think is funny. Ya he is offensive, but take a joke. The people that are “back lashing” against him are only fueling his fire. Keep at it and keep giving him publicity. He rocks and the world should know more about him! Awesome comedy Colin! Thank you

  • Pmarini1202

    The first time I saw Colin was in NYC as an opening act. My husband, friends and I found him very funny. We met him after the show and I became his “friend” on Facebook. I told him that I enjoyed his show and he responded immediately. When he came to our state, we drove over an hour to see him. Again we had a chance to speak to him and he was wonderful. We saw him again and everytime we saw him, he took time to speak with us like we were old friends. He is very grateful for his fans and gives them individual attention. As a woman, I do not find his jokes offensive towards me. He is a comedian, that is what he does. If you don’t care for his style of comedy, then don’t go see him. There are plenty of successful well known comedians who are vulgar. Colin does tell you during his show that they are jokes. I enjoy watching Colin and I wish him a lot of luck in his future in comedy. I hope he does get a pilot because my husband and I will watch.

  • Niteizes

    There are many different type of comedy and comics. To each their own. Everyone in this world have different taste, style, preferences and likes. What one person or group likes, other may not or are too sensitive to deal with it. Colin performance act is known as offensive comedy. Again, that his his style and specialty. If people don’t understand this, lighten up, it’s just comedy to make people laugh as well as shock and awe, viewing life in a different perspective that may be out of the box and different from society honky dory norm.

  • Anonymous

    A comedian says things to shock or offend. Lisa Lampanelli is more offensive towards other races and genders than Colin has ever dreamed of.  The other fantastic thing about comic, comedy and social networking sites… YOU CAN CHOOSE NOT TO LISTEN OR FOLLOW.  I’ll never understand why people spend so much time and energy trying to argue about how a comedian conveys comedy when there are REAL people with REAL hate in much more prominent positions in our lives.  Harden the fuck up, people… 

  • Josh Homer

    the irony here is all his followers, who he sent here via twitter, are screaming, ‘everyone has an opinion, Colin is entitled to his. If you can’t handle someone else’s opinion you’re whiny fag, a big pussy and a bunch of other crap, you shouldn’t read it, you shouldn’t follow him etc’ while at the same time screaming how Dylan’s and Mark’s opinion aren’t valid. That tells you everything you need to know. 

    • Scott McClenaghan

      No it doesn’t. It tells you that people who think others shouldn’t be allowed to speak, should in turn be told to shut the fuck up, themselves. For example. You. Shut the fuck up.

  • Noni1588

    That’s why it’s called comedy people. He’s a funny guy. I’ve gone to see him twice and he was hilarious. If you can’t take a joke you don’t belong at a comedy show.

  • Virginia M. Gibb

    Firstly, it’s his twitter. If you don’t like what he has to say, don’t follow him. I as a very secure woman thought those tweets are hysterical. Of course if you are an uptight very insecure person you ‘are’ going to take offense. The fact is he is a COMEDIAN!!! His job is to be offensive and funny regardless the cost. He isn’t going out into the public confessing that he genuinely feels this way. And if he does genuinely feel this way I assure you he is not the only one! I’m not defending him as a person because I don’t know him, but anyone that’s ever been to a comedy show can attest that they are pretty raw, they curse and they pick on anyone, regardless of age, weight, color whatever. If you don’t like him, don’t pay attention! The sad thing is…if this guy were a black comic, I am 100% positive no-one would have flinched at anything he said. Just sayin!! And for the record, I respect all races. But it’s the GD truth.

  • Waverly62

    If Chris Rock can scream like a banshee on stage about blacks and make fun of white people, why can’t…. oh wait, white guys can’t be crude on stage.  My bad.

    • Josh Homer

      I’m not offended by Kane at all, but to equate Rock with Kane is ridiculous. 

      • Rod Hezarkhani

        Kane is funnier.

        • Josh Homer

          That’s your opinion. One that happens to be wrong. 

          • Waverly62

            So our opinion that Colin being funnier is wrong, but Rock being funnier is not?  Same dopey thought process that gave birth to this article.  If you don’t like a comedian, don’t watch/discuss/attend shows.  What ends up happening?  He gets no press, doesn’t become popular, and ends up fading away, which is what people apparently want.  Even if he doesn’t you’re not forced to listen to him, just like I am not forced to listen to Chris Rock.  I choose to not get involved.  I move one.  That is the problem with this country.  Too many pussy liberals who want to believe they stand for the freedom of speech until someone disagrees with them. 

          • Josh Homer

            yeah, you missed my whole point. I was being sarcastic and pointing our the error in your judgement by reiterating it. Opinions can’t be wrong, yet all of Cane’s fans come here and say that statement, and then bash Dylan and Mark for having an opinion.

            Your argument that white guys can’t be crude is ridiculous. Louis CK is crude on stage, yet no one is saying anything about him being crude. You’re missing the point entirely and your other statements make this even more clear. 

            Based on success, industry respect etc. Rock is “funnier” 

            Interesting how the name calling starts, and the assumptions begin. I didn’t mention liberal or conservative, nor censoring anyone, nor encroachment on freedom of speech. I didn’t even say you should shut up or anything. 
            The point you fail to see is Cane is not a great comic. That’s why people get pissed (and yes I’ve seen him live dozens of times), because there is nothing to his comedy other than pandering to the least common denominator. YOu can say anything on stage, as long as it’s funny, that’s the ingredient he’s lacking. It’s shocking, and his fans seem to confuse the two. Patrice O’Neal talked about racist, misogynistic stuff, but there was substance to it. There was an opinion and a logical argument to back that opinion up. That’s why he’s respected. Cane just spouts vile stuff for the sake of it. Oh well, I can’t cargue with his fans. There’s a disconnect. 

  • Jennifer

    Like Colin said, it comes down to comedy being a subjective artwork. Honestly, when I read all of the above tweets, I laughed at every single one of them. I think people think many inappropriate thoughts, but stop themselves from sang them out loud. Colin has the balls to say this stuff out loud, and make it funny. He must be doing something right, every single one of his shows are packed to the brim.

  • Guest

    As a white male who has seen THREE Colin Kane shows, let me assure you that he makes plenty of fun of white males.  His live show is very different from and much more dynamic than his facebook and twitter posts.

  • Scott H.

    Pathetic. Colin is hilarious. The last show I went to the audience was about 80% female, and many of them had their boyfriends there, who were squirming at the truths he turns into comedy. They obviously understood where he was coming from. You’re offended because he hits the mark. Most of the hecklers were female, and they clearly enjoyed his sense of humor. He tells gay jokes too and I’m not offended because he clearly doesn’t look down on ANY minority group. There are plenty of moments where he comes to a minority group’s defence during his shows as well. He’s realistic that way, and that gives his show longevity and is an example of why he sells out shows. Women may be a target for him because *shocker* he likes women! If you don’t like his kind of humor, it’s been around for a long time without you, championed by many before him as well. He simply applies a modern take on relationships, sex, etc. and carries the torch better than most. Don’t go if you can’t take it, just like I won’t listen to Tori Amos pounding out her male hate on the piano. No difference there.

  • S.Carroll

    Yes Colin may target women in a majority of his jokes but if someone is taking them seriously and to heart then obviously they don’t know comedy! He has jokes about every person male, female, black, white, Asian, fat and skinny! All those haters out there will be eating their words when Colin Kane is the biggest comedian out there!

  • Tina Venezia

    as a women and a huge fan of Colin i just would like to say Fuck you! i have seen Colin a number of times and everytime i leave in tears from laughing so hard.when going to ANY comedy show you have to go with an open mind that they are up there to make you laugh,you cant sit there and take offence to every word that comes outta there mouths.. with that said i will always be a huge supporter of Colin Kane and cant wait for the day he makes a tv special or even has is own book! keep up the AMAZING work Colin!

  • April Farmer

    Colin Kane is absolutely hilarious.  His humor is just that; HUMOR.  He mocks EVERYONE.  He sees what is humorous about stereotypes and runs with it!  Part of the problem with today’s society is everyone feels like they have to be politically correct.  God forbid someone gets offended or gets their feelings hurt.  What happened to busting someone’s balls and laughing about it.  If you read some of his facebook and twitter postings, you will find that he is incredibly smart, well spoken and does alot of volunteer work for our troops.  So instead of bashing him or getting your panties all in a bunch (ladies, minorities, whatever), go over to the desert and make some military people laugh.  Otherwise, suck it.  

  • Mike

    What a waste of time. Does this author have nothing better to do? A comedians job is to be funny. Colin is just that. If you cant appreciate his sense of humor (thats you author) then how did you get this job?

  • Jkg5268

    My husband (active duty army) and I caught his show in Austin, TX and we laughed so damn hard I had tears in my eyes… HELLO he IS a Insult comic! Duh! It was great to see my husband laugh and smile since he don’t do much of either being stressed out from work. If you don’t like him or his comedy then DON’T listen to him plain and simple. He has the balls to tell it like it is. He HAS made jokes on white people in his show. I rather watch Colin Kane than the dumb shows they have on tv these days….

  • elly

    Colin Kane is a guy who says what he wants because he can. If he wasn’t funny he wouldn’t be selling out every venue he plays at. It takes a very sick individual to like his comedy. Apparently there are a lot of sick fucks out there. Me included. Best of luck in LA Colin.

  • Gena Tackett

    Someone sounds like a giant pussy.  

  • Jeff

    In this PC age where everyone gets offended over the slightest thing, I’m glad Colin Kane isn’t afraid to be edgy.  His brand of humor is a breath of fresh air especially in a time when folks are afraid to say anything due to fears of getting in trouble.

  • Chris Geuttler

    I don’t hear any comments about Lisa Lampanelli, but yet I get to hear all of the same dirty jokes about blacks, mexicans, gay, and whores when she does a roast of comedy central. If Colin didn’t have a facebook and twitter account and just kept the jokes to the stage there would be no discussion.  Friendly tip for the haters… Unlike and unfollow if his COMEDY bothers you that much.

    • Atlas Boy

       Fine. Lisa Lampanelli’s comedy is cheap and unfunny too. Now that that’s settled, are we cool?

      • Chris Geuttler

        Didn’t know I was talking to you. But sure? You must get paid a lot to comment on everyone’s posts all day when they weren’t talking to anyone specifically. Have a nice day! :)

  • Claire Elizabeth

    I’ve haven’t seen this video “Blowjobs” yet. HILARIOUS! Love me some Colin Kane. He’s hilariously funny.  I’ve been to several shows and even singled out to make fun of! He thanked me for playing along after the show and invited me to his next show the next time he was in town by sending me a Facebook message b/c he remembered me! He loves his fans and he’s the hardest working comedian out there. Constantly encouraging his followers to chase their dreams and never give up. It’s the American dream people.  Chasing your dreams, working your ass off and finally obtaining them. He deserves every bit of it.

    PS. I’m a very conservative southern woman and I think he’s hilariously funny.  No need to get offended by comedians, if he doesn’t make you laugh then simply stop listening.

  • Shadymanny

    Nice hit piece, fag. Don’t like his comedy, don’t go see him. Personally, I think he’s hilarious.
    Btw girls who go clubbing, and while clubbing decide to snap a pic of them kissing the grey goose bottle and then post it are likely to blow you. That’s what that means. Now go kiss your bottle, fag.

  • Mike T

    Everyone needs to calm down and stop being so sensitive.  I swear people get upset if you look at them cross-eyed these days.  Why don’t you just laugh, unless you fear the comments are true?  Or perhaps it is more fun to be offended?

  • Jessiegirl72

    I am a female & I enjoy Colins Comedy. Its just jokes and if you can’t take it then don’t read it or listen to it. You can’t take comedy so literally. Losen up!

  • Philnutz86

    Colin Kane is the funniest motherfucker out there I haven’t Laughed so hard hearing his jokes since I was a kid listening to my Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor cassette tapes when I was just a kid. He works his ass off and loves his fans and deserves everything he gets!

  • Live__help

    lets ask dennis miller what he thinks…. …. thanks for coming out and shut the fuck up…

  • Dnmoyles

    Reading a posted joke and seeing Colin deliver it live are two very different experiences. Once youve been to his show you understand and enjoy his humor which in many cases is also self depricating. It changes the whole way of reading his posts because you now know the way he would deliver it on stage. He is a talented comic who as it appears from the posts below is working hard to hone his craft and kick ass. Btw hes no more offensive than comics of any other recent generation, societys just gotten way too touchy. Relax.

  • CJK Philly

    he isnt on the view or good morning america, he is a comedian.. i am watching george carlin talk about abortions and how the people that are pro-life no one would have sex with anyway — george is one of the best ever.  point being, its comedy.  laugh and enjoy or change the channel, dont follow, or unfriend.. america has gotten so soft.. go sue someone.

  • Chascurrie

    You had me until PEACE.

  • crackerasscracker

    The top comedians of all time have been insulting. Richard Pryor for example always made fun of white people. So did Eddie Murphy. It’s only offensive when white people do it?

  • Don Smith

    I would be afraid this would create a backlash of sorts that some people who could dub themselves “The Guardians of Comedy” and it would create a culture where people would censor themselves. While his jokes, as the writer said, are clunky and actually not funny, I think once people start saying, “We should say this and not that…” Comedy quits being comedy. 

    Instead, it turns into some kind of politically correct mess. Comedy and political correctness never, ever mix. 

    • Atlas Boy

      We’re not saying “you should say this and not that.” We’re saying, after the fact, “hey, this thing this guy said? Not funny, and not really okay.”

      And you do realize “political correctness” is just a right-wing talking point, right? That it basically means “I said something bigoted and someone called me on it?”

  • mike

    all i know is whenever Colin Kane was on Opie & Anthony he was terrible and basically had nothing funny to say. He hasnt been back in a long time haha

  • FAN of CK

    I am sorry but in reading your article I find my self offended….. I read Colin’s posts every day Ive spoken with him a few times and hes a genuine guy. I am a female and I find I laugh the most when he insults women…. because he doesn’t just insult women he digs at EVERYONE! ITS AN ACT!  If you don’t like his material, then instead of reading it go print out his twitter and facebook posts and wipe your ass with it! My point is you don’t have to read or listen to his jokes.. You chose to read or view his videos (probably went to a show too) you didn’t like it now you want to insult and actually be serious about it. Here is what Colin does.. he writes a JOKE he goes on stage he makes people who get him laugh and not be serious about it. Wait are you the pussy that TRIED to heckle CK at his show? I guess once wasn’t enough! Go ahead and comment on what I said. As if it will do you an good I don’t plan to visit this garbage of a post again.

  • Jeffrey Hill

    Comedy is totally subjective to the individual.  While some of Colin’s stuff I can take or leave, a lot of it is edgy and funny.  I can see why some people find it offensive, but a lot of people need to learn to take a joke.

  • Liz h

    I am girl and I am in no way insulted by his jokes. He has the right to joke about whatever he wants just as much as people have the right to not like it. If your offended move along to the next comedian. His humor isn’t for everyone and that much is clear but if people are really offended by it save yourself the time and energy and just let him be. His fans, myself included, want to see him succeed. He speaks differently then what you hear from other comedians. HONESTY. Colin just says what some guys and girls are probably thinking in some situations. I wish him success in his career!

  • Ryan Doyle

    If you don’t like the humor, don’t follow. Aside from the fact that Twitter is a tough medium for jokes (no chance for comics to actually perforrm a delivery), Colin’s feed is a great stream of consciousness of a comedy writer. Do all the jokes work? Nope. But even the greatest jokes bomb in some places.

    I’ve taken a lot of female friends to see Colin in the past two yearss, and they’ve all thought he’s been hilarious. Probably because I choose to surround myself with people that can take a joke, annd realize the absurdity of the comment.

    Lighten up folks. Worrying too much is bad for your health.

  • Joe Berry

    If you don’t like Colin Kane then its obvious you have bad taste and your opinions suck. Its comedy, learn to take a joke.

  • Nina Marie

    Since when do people complain about how mean or brutally honest comedians are? It’s COMEDY! Colin Kane is not, and certainly won’t be the last comic to be raunchy. Colin says the truth in his jokes and obviously people can’t handle it. This world is becoming a group of over sensitive babies that can’t handle hearing the truth. Comedy is the truth. Comedy is real. Going to comedy shows are supposed to make you laugh and make you leave offended KNOWING that it is all JOKES. And to the asshole that said “Colin called his fans to throw down on this site to support him” Go fuck yourself and fuck YEAH we are. Colins fans are on this site  supporting him every step of the fucking way. People won’t like everything someone does but what happened to freedom of speech and the ability to express thoughts and opinions freely?

  • Some Peoples Kids

    Plain and simple if you don’t like his comedy they don’t listen to it. This article is just going to ensure that he has more followers tomorrow. Colin will have a TV show, a book and a tour and you will have this article.

  • Trick nine

    When i was young, I used the word “faggot” and I’m glad I learned to stop. Discussion is important. Only listening to people who like what you do is limiting and potentially disastrous. Using the defense, “don’t take jokes so seriously” is flawed. Comedians take jokes very seriously. Yes, humor is full of variety, but he has a voice, and people listen, therefore he has an effect on shaping our world. That is something we should all take seriously.
    It will always be up to Mr Kane to decide whether he believes he is making the world a better or worse place with what he does, and it just so happens that a lot of intelligent, funny people are giving him some feedback. We are saying, “you can try to be funny without adding so much to the poison of humanity.”

  • Nard dog

    See, i can say whatever i want too, it doesn’t have to make sense or be funny. Watch… Colin is the best! He’s the Pol Pot of comedy. 

  • liz

    i read his twitter feed. was i supposed to laugh?

    colin can say whatever sad and disgusting things he wants to about people. dylan can say whatever he wants about colin saying sad and disgusting things about people. you can say whatever you want about dylan saying whatever he wants about colin saying sad and disgusting things. it should be obvious that those of you berating the OP are pretty much doing the same thing you’re berating him for, only with significantly less of a point to make, excluding the most telling point which is that you have a very sad and disgusting sense of humor if you actually find colin kane funny. which he isn’t. 

  • Bort Beanis

    Lazy comic and professional troll. His jokes aren’t funny but it’s great to see internet reactionaries freak out (which is exactly what he wants you to do by the way, dorks.)

  • Lizzyfink

    I am a girl, and I have never been offended by Colin Kane’s Jokes – I tend to enjoy gallows humor and dark comedy myself – Always have. Guess it’s the product of being raised by a fireman and growing up with 3 brothers . . . Colin is a smart, sweet guy who is one of the . . . no, I take that back . . THE kindest celebrity to his fans I have ever dealt with. It’s COMEDY fellas – Aren’t we supposed to NOT take this all so seriously?!? If we curbed everything or everyone we ever felt was offensive, we might never have had a Richard Prior, a Lenny Bruce, hell maybe even not an Eddie Murphy for that matter. And before you all attack my for my references, I realize he is a different comedian than than the 3 I mentioned. Plus, he’s very gentle on the eyes – It’s almost funnier to hear the jokes come out of such a purty mouth! 😉

  • Frank Tagader

    Colin Kane holds up a mirror on our own prejudices and mean spiritedness. That’s his act. Is it for everyone? No, but it can be good comedy. Can it go too far? I suppose. Is his material offensive? Sure, at times. Is it funny? I sure think so. Sitting through one of his shows and if you do not wince or squirm at times when he says something that you or society might find offensive just proves the point. He knows what he is saying is “wrong” but he acknowledges that a lot of the things he says out loud are the things people internalize. His comedy is a release valve. He just puts it out there and exposes it. If you take a few jokes out of context, yes, his brand of comedy can offend. But I think Colin wants his audience to think and reflect on what he says and know that it can be offensive, but also acknowledge it can be funny. Like gallows humor, you know it is wrong, but you also know it can be funny.

  • Julie B

    I like that with everything going on in todays world ..Someone has time to whine and moan about being a offended by a comedians raunchy tweets.  Whaaa My feelings are hurt by a tweet…Whhhaaa Im offended on the internet. Don’t Follow them if it bothers you that much it’s that easy!! Last time I checked it’s the job of a comedian to take the raunchiest thing possible or take the things that everyone is thinking & won’t say & throw it at you & make people laugh about it. Thats a gift if you can do that! This is a Comedian not a Inspirational Quote Comedian. I have never been at a comedy show where people sat circle around a campfire singing. I have been to Kane’s shows & I have yet to see a comedian more grateful, polite, sweet, mild mannered off stage & appreciative! This is a man that loves to make people laugh & loves what he does! We should all be so lucky!  I highly doubt he walks around saying the things he says on stage. It’s no different then someone playing a role in a movie!  He has a gift to bring laughter to people (wether it’s not your taste in humor) & in these days we need it ..He’s a equal opportunity offender & damn funny at it! 

  • will Weldon

    This comment thread looks like it was copy and pasted from storm front dot org.

  • J P

    People who are offended by an great guy like Colin are usually the lame, pathetic, wannabes he makes fun of on stage. My advice to you lame POS’s, live a little. Colins extending your life through laughter and/or deep thought. Cause most of you, feelings on your sleeve folks, this is the first interaction you have had with a real person in the outside world.

  • Loyalekoinu

    Colin’s brand of comedy is a lot like the population of earth. 7 billion people later and it’s obvious someone’s getting fucked. What method is used or who is involved shouldn’t matter, in the end it’s just a joke. Why does Colin always have to draw the short straw?

  • Cropper0000001

    People don’t seem to be realising the man is doing it to get a reaction, go to a gig, see te man live, hes a genuinely nice man, these aren’t his views, I doubt he hates women, black people or whoever, and he does abuse white men, I am one, he got me and my buddies and another guy in the audience while I was there, was it “women hating” when Eddie Murphy used an African woman in his jokes on his classic standup Raw? Was it he racist when he said she rode a zebra? People need to lighten up, it’s comedy, if you don’t find it funny dont watch it, simple, I don’t find Friends funny, I don’t watch it, I don’t complain about it, people just need to get over themselves

    • Atlas Boy

      Oh, people realize this. It’s just that saying unpleasant things to get a reaction is, you know, what dicks do. And most people don’t like being around dicks.

      And, uh, yeah. Eddie Murphy’s stand-up was INSANELY misogynistic. (Not to mention homophobic.) Where are you that you need anyone to tell you this?

  • DannytheDouche

    If Colin Kane gets you this worked up, I can’t wait to read yalls crucifixion of Seth MacFarlane for Ted. There will be one right? Because while Ted may be slightly more polished, it takes a lot of the same shots. So either condemn Seth too, or choke on your own hypocrisy.

  • Simon

    If you don’t like it don’t listen to it and don’t follow him on twitter,no ones forcing you too,it’s all about choice and opinion,in my opinion I find him very funny and choose to listen to him and follow him on twitter

  • Terilayne

         Ok first off I must say, I’m a woman, and I find Colin FEROCIOUSLY FUNNY!  I find MOST of what he says hysterical. Now, I admit there are times when I say: “Oh, yeah he really said that!” Or “Ok, that’s totally disgusting”, but regardless of what he says, it’s HIS show and we have to sweat it out!  I should nickname him Calgon! Because when I go to a Colin Kane show, I’m going to be “taken away” from the daily CRAP of life, and have a guaranteed LAUGH! If I thought for ONE MINUTE he meant ANY of the things he says, I’d be convinced he was the biggest ASS on the planet, but THAT is the whole thing about him….he’s a REALLY NICE GUY!!!!!!  When he ends his shows, he always shows respect for the audience for coming, and you can see his true “self” come out. He even goes outside to meet and take pics with his fans. It’s all CLEARLY, just a SHOW! This is a big industry, with a lot of people clambering to get into it, and Colin brings something a little more unique & rough to the ring. You have to respect him for his unrelenting work ethic!  He’s a gorgeous, funny guy in his early 30’s, who can date pretty much anyone he wants, but he’s putting all that on hold to pursue his dream (which makes him even MORE sexy!) He knows what he wants, and he won’t stop till he gets it!!  I for one, will continue looking forward to, and attending as MANY of his shows as possible, because quite frankly, not many people can make me laugh, and unlike a lot of uptight, bitchy jealous, politically correct nutjobs in this city, Colin understands the absolute IMPORTANCE of that, and is taking full advantage of his ability to make us SMILE, in the face of all the negativity in the world!  (And yes, he DID go entertain the troops, so God bless him for that too!) Anyone that can’t see this “polished-diamond-in-the-rough” is really missing out, and taking life WAAAAY too seriously!

    P.S.  15 minutes left to live!!!! People FRANTICALLY running around the city screaming, trying to call everyone they know, PANICKED to tell them they LOVE them………pan to Colin Kane on some NY rooftop calmly doing some girl from behind, and enjoy a smoothie!  Now that’s FUNNY, you idiots!!!!! ✓    

    …….”Ugh!” I give up. Go crochet something!

  • sknnylgsandall

    Seriously, he’s a comedian. Do you wish to live in a bubble? Anyone who takes him seriously may hagve other issues coming from the inside.

  • ThisisnotComedy

    So all these Colin Kane supporters can talk about is “fags” and “pussy whiners”? You guys make YouTube commenters look like geniuses.

    • Mr IDGAC

       well when somebody is complaining that their feelings were hurt by a fucking JOKE- they are indeed a faggy whiney pussy

  • LyssaB

    Fuck all of you. Colin Kane is one amazing guy-and sweet when he wants to be! So shut up! They’re JOKES! Everyone everywhere makes JOKES and if you can’t take the JOKES then that’s your problem!
    Colin. Kane. Is Fucking. Amazing.
    I’m a chick-I don’t care what Colin writes. He’s funny, and unlike most comedians-he makes me laugh.
    But thanks for making a somewhat well put together argument. I’m sure true fans won’t change their mind-he’s still got that 20000 something followers, not to mention likes on facebook and subbers on youtube.

  • Christina Teppo

    Colin is fucking hilarious. He’s an insult comic. That usually means you insult people. He insults everyone. I don’t see you bitchin about Lisa Lampanelli. The only difference is he’s male. So he’s receiving backlash. Seriously, just shut the fuck up if you can’t handle it. Simple solution if you don’t like him then unfollow him, scroll past his posts or unlike his fb page and quit searching his name on YouTube. Colin is a REAL comic. His fan base is true to him because he’s funny and because he’s a good guy. He hasn’t forgotten about a single one of us on his rise to the top. He deserves a tv show or anything else because unlike most of America he worked damn hard to get where he is and he didn’t give up on his dream or the career he wanted out of life. He’s a breathe of fresh air. I gave up on comedy after George Carlin passed away because everyone else out there sucks horribly. Colin actually made me laugh. Love him or hate him he’s talented either way.

  • Kerry H-M

    When did we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves? As a woman, I gather I should be offended, upset, downright outraged…but I’m not. Sure, some of his stuff is a bit over the top, and sometimes not funny, but in general, he makes me laugh. Maybe it’s my Aussie upbringing, but taking the piss out of someone, and then baring the brunt of their rebuttal is all part of life. And besides, last time I checked, we all still have the option of just not listening. No one is being forced to listen or follow on twitter…. Take a bit of responsibility for your own lives and make a choice. Listen or don’t. Follow or don’t. Who cares. Just lighten up!

  • sknnylgsandall

    I’ve seen Colin twice, first he opened, then I went to see him headline. Albeit his act had a lot of these jokes, which were hysterical because they are so wrong to say and he has no fear in taking risks, that aside from that, the man’s a artist/genius for his ability to engage the crowd and kill on the spot. He directly addresses the situations of the room without missing a beat. It’s like being the same room with the funniest person you know, and turning that up to 11.

  • SpikeMcAwesome

    Colin Kane is a rotten cunt.  But anyone who takes what he says as truth should do humanity a favor and swallow the business end of a shotgun.  I honestly hope everyone who doesn’t like Colin dies of a heart attack on the day of a loved one’s wedding.  Every comic uses hyperbole in some way, and the literal asses who can’t differentiate between that and ‘real life’ should just stop listening to comedy altogether.  You obviously don’t get it.

    • Mr IDGAC

       HEY! my loved one had a heart attack at a wedding- I am deeply offended by your comment and think it should be removed. how dare you directly and knowingly insult me like that! I have a great sense of humor- I listen to jeff dunnham and larry the cable guy all the time. you are just a bully who doesnt know anything about jokes or comedy.

      free speech is good and all- but not when it could hurt someone elses feelings.

  • Suckmydick

    First off, it’s 2012, if u get offended by any form of entertainment you should be an adult and say to yourself “well, this isn’t for me.” and move the fuck on. That’s why people like Jeff Dunham exist.
    Second, for everyone who’s saying his tweets “aren’t that funny” and “lazy”…it’s called a “one liner” it’s not supposed to have a beginning middle and ending. He posts literally hundreds of them a week.

    • DannytheDouche

      In 140 characters or less too.. No room for set up, no tone, no timing, no stylistic delivery. He is trying to make people laugh in 140 characters using nothing but content. It’s incredibly hard, but he stays true to his style. Of course, comedy is a dying art anyway.

  • DannytheDouche

    I think you, as well as the other “detractors,” as Kane has called them, have completely missed the point. His act is a mocking social commentary designed to be absurd and offensive. Not everyone’s appetite for entertainment is satisfied by sparkling vampires and superhero movies. Some of us crave adult oriented visceral humor. I can understand that some people may not be entertained by his jokes, but there is a simple solution for those people: don’t use your money to support him. Save it for teen angst and the 16 and pregnant box set if that is what gets your rocks off. It saddens me that anyone would take him seriously, and get riled up to the point of confrontation. His opening animation says it all: everything coming out of his mouth and through the mic is vomit. People are so insecure that they take it personally. It’s absurd really. Our society has been so dumbed down by entertainment that they have to have the punchlines injected directly into their brain, there is no processing anymore. How sad is it that people have to write JK for people to know they are kidding? I mean wow, thank God you put JK, I thought you were actually going to start a bonfire with a pile of babies…

    He isn’t the first shock comic, and his style doesn’t make him a horrible human being. If you would step down from your self righteous throne and actually meet the person behind the persona, you would find a genuine, honest, humble human being. There are so many negative things going on in the world that are more dangerous and pressing than some hyperbolic insults. The problem is, our society is focused on all of the wrong things. We ignore a policy that was introduced as a bill while the promise was it was not a tax, is now being upheld as a tax, we ignore that. We are on the cusp of World War 3, but if we ignore that, someone else will take care of it. But hold up, this self labeled insult comic just said if my girlfriend has ever been with a black man that she has faked every orgasm with me. Let’s tear him down. He has to die!

  • Butt

    I can honestly say that 100 of these 122 comments are the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. You’re all idiots. God, just walk home after sucking his dick, okay? 

    • Mr IDGAC

      so you agree that comedians should be shat upon and demonized because a handful of hypersensative crybabies found them to be offensive?

      • Butt

        Yes. Comedians should be shat upon if they shit on people. It goes both ways, dude. 
        BTW, I am a comedian. You don’t get to mock everything and then ignore it when it comes back around to you. 

        He explains that he doesn’t acknowledge the negativity, when all of his jokes are negative. 

        • Mr IDGAC

           i dont give a shit if he’s shat on- its the fact that these hypocritical crybabys are calling foul and demonizing the things he says that annoys me.

          telling shitty jokes is one thing- condemning someone as a person or wanting them punished or critisized for something they siad is completely different. these are the same pussy faggots that got gilbert gottfried fired for his tweets, or want south park taken off the air.
          i personally dont like colins comedy, but in the end he is just telling crappy jokes that people can either read if its their thing or dont it its not- its there choice-
          while the other side, these people rallying against him, are trying to force their closeminded self-imposed morals on everyone else because they personally didnt like something

          theres kind of a big fucking difference

  • Bender

    Lol at the masses of people on here saying “if you don’t like his awful shtick, don’t read it!!” His work doesn’t exist in a vacuum you loons, there’s a greater social context to anything anyone writes or says. You can’t just ignore it, because that doesn’t accomplish anything, it just lets more shit like this slide and allows this scumbag’s influence to grow. I don’t care who you are, if you like this stupid asshole I don’t ever want to know you. If you think racist, sexist, homophobic humor is funny, and not the awful, insulting low hanging fruit it is, your opinions on comedy, or anything else, don’t matter anyway. It says a lot about our terrible society when this literal human garbage has so many fans and defenders. Have some goddamn perspective you assholes. It’s really not that hard to learn how to empathize with other people. Maybe if Colin took two fucking seconds to think about and recognize his privileged position and his effect on others, he’d wise up and become a comic worthy of respect.

    • Mr IDGAC

      greater social context my ass- tis is the first i’ve even heard of the guy. if you dont want to hear his jokes then dont fucking watch him- its that easy. nobody is holding your eyes open making you read his twitter. and you obviously dont know shit about comedy- most of the best comics ever are filthy- george carlin, doug stanhope, louis ck. most ‘clean’ comedians are fucking awful.

      he’s not hurting anyone. he’s not encouraging the downfall of society. he’s not advocating violence against anyone or inciting hatred- he’s telling shitty cliche’d jokes. some people like it, some dont. if you dont, thats fine then just keep your fucking nose out of it and stop trying to selfishly ruin it for the thousands of people who do; because of mere virtue of that fact that YOU were offended.

      • Atlas Boy

         I didn’t realize that when you went to a comedy show, you were allowed to pick and choose which comedians you would or wouldn’t see. As long as shows contain multiple comics, comedians and comedy fans have the right to worry that lowest-common-denominator performers like Kane are dragging the art form down.

        If you go to a comedy show, and two of the performers are funny, and one of them is just spewing unimaginative, unpleasant trash, are you going to go to another comedy show? It seems that a comic like this hurts the chances of repeat customers a lot more than another kind of comic some people may not like. And unlike a Carlin or a CK, it’s not as though he’s saying anything smart, anything worthy of respect on its own merits. He’s just slinging mud because he likes it when mud hits people.

        • Mr IDGAC

           i actually agree with you 100%

          the less work hacky comics like this get the better- its the attacking him as a person and his right to free speech based on some raunchy twitter posts that bothers me.

          carlin and CK are geniuses with poignant, articulate viewpoints- but that doesnt change how filthy they are
          louis ck himself was attacked lfor this EXACT same thing for posting pointless raunchy misogynistic disgusting tweets about sarah palin a while back.

          • Atlas Boy

             Again, I don’t see where this happened. There was no “attacking” anyone’s “right to free speech”. This guy was saying, “hey, Colin Kane? Your comedy sucks, and the opinions you (pretend to) espouse are awful.”

            And really, do you not think that it’s a little… DISTASTEFUL that some people’s idea of “humor” is going up in front of women, minorities, etc. — you know, people who have to deal with real bigotry on a daily basis — and play-acting that bigotry into their faces, with no ulterior motive and no attempt at commentary or subtlety?

            I’m not saying that Kane is writing and performing his material thinking, “hey, let’s go laugh at how dumb and useless women are.” But I am saying that he probably knows that there are people in the audience who DO believe that women are dumb and useless. And he knows that those people are laughing at him because they believe he’s agreeing with them.

            And it’s not a thing where someone might misinterpret an occasional joke as meaning something he didn’t intend — it’s the main theme (sincere or not) of his comedy, and he expresses it forcefully and without subtlety. If you were a misogynist, and WANTED to hear misogynist comedy, this is the kind of guy you’d go see.

            As far as you’re concerned, isn’t that irresponsible? I’m not asking “does he have a legal right to do it?” Yeah, yeah, of course he does, and nobody said otherwise. I’m asking “shouldn’t it make him deeply uncomfortable that he’s making bigots laugh by reinforcing and playing into their bigotry?”

            And, for that matter, “shouldn’t it make him deeply uncomfortable that he’s making some women, minorities, etc. uncomfortable?” Because we’re not talking about people who he MEANS to make uncomfortable here. (Again, we hope.) We’re not talking about Louis CK making a joke at the expense of fundamentalists, or George Carlin criticizing the rich — people who they legitimately did not like, people who they were speaking out against. We’re talking about people who have done nothing wrong, and already get a lot of insults in their day-to-day lives, some of them dead serious.

          • Atlas Boy

            And before you respond, look at some of the comments on this page. There are actual misogynists here, expressing actual misogyny, and standing up for this jackass because they feel his comedy reflects their opinions.

            If you were a comedian, how would you feel about that? Be honest with yourself.

  • Jimi Saint

    What I would like to do with my last fifteen minutes on earth is bend Colin Kane over a merry-go-round pony and corn hole him in front of his parents as the calliope plays pop-goes-the-weasel and just as I get ready to blow a load of jiz up his cute little bung hole I’d smack him in the head with a baseball bat several times and say, “You unfunny spewy guzzling hack fuck.  Shut the fuck up and learn how to write a joke, you maggot piece of shit!”
    Now that’s funny . . .

  • Paul S

    People who are getting offended are JOKES themselves.  He is a GOD DAMN comedian.  He is allowed to do whatever the FUCK he wants.  Do you get mad at the clown at the carnival where your supposed to dunk him in a tank while he makes mean jokes up about you?  Colin Kane is a genius for what he is doing.  If your causing controversy you are doing something right.  Do you realize that most teenagers to late 20’s all can relate to his humor.  That sick shit he posts actually goes on.  So how about you old fuck who have nothing better to do but BLOG hop off his dick.  Because this MOTHERFUCKER (excuse my language) will be big before YOU every will.

    Colins Biggest Fan.

  • Uracunt

    lighten the fuck up…it’s comedy…I have seen Colin twice…the clubs were filled with a wide variety of people…all laughing their asses off…if you don’t like him go listen to someone else…who the fuck are you to judge

  • PeteDKilluh

    You say backlash “erupts” and show about 4 weak examples.  Then you go on and guarantee the kid is going to get a show?  I mean why would you guarantee something like that for a person who has so many people turning against him?  Anyway, I have seen Colin a few times and have not laughed harder at any other comedians.  I talked to him after one of his shows as well and he actually got mad at some guy talking shit about gay people, basically said dude, don’t get my show confused with who I really am, and that is exactly what people are doing.  Smartin’ up you clowns and realize what it is, comedy with some shock value added to it because of what he is willing to say.  Anyway, this article is kind of ridiculous, but like you sir, I do agree he will get his own show.

    • Atlas Boy

      You realize what it is. Comedy with some shock value added to it because of what he’s willing to lower himself to for a cheap reaction. There’s nothing worse than a comedian who’ll sell himself out for a laugh.

  • robingee

    OK, so judging from his fans I learned, “Comedy is supposed to be offensive”, “if people say you are boring and unfunny then you’re DOING IT RIGHT, MAN!”, and most importantly he’s an “equal opportunity offender!” Oh, and if you don’t like it why don’t you go read a BOOK or do some MATH, you loser jerk!

    Is there such a thing as comedy fans being hacks?

  • Martinez618

    Colin is beyond hilarious! I’ve seen two of his shows & they get funnier each time. If you can’t take a joke don’t read, listen to his comedy. THEY ARE JOKES!!! I’ve also met him. He’s humble, laid back & genuinely nice!!! & for you ridged bitches who get offended by his jokes or think he’s putting women down, get over yourselves. Again, they are jokes!! Funny jokes! Don’t read them or follow him if you can’t take what he says. It’s that simple.

    And for the record he does make fun of white males. His Austin show he asked a black girl if she had been with a white guy. He told her if she hasn’t, go home put a tampon on & listen to Maroon 5. He makes fun of everyone!!!!

  • Danielak

    As a woman I think it´s sad that people cannot see the humorous side of comedians like Colin Kane. I find nothing dergading or insulting about his jokes. Women have plenty to say about the male population that isn´t always flattering….especially in private. And if we were to disect every joke many controversial comedians have made about plenty discriminative topics, we might as well ban stand up comedy entirely. 
    For me this is pretty easy: do not take it so seriously just as life shouldn´t either! 

  • Miranda

       He is not being serious you know. Well, clearly you dont. He is just playing a character. Have you stopped to notice that a lot of the hugely popular characters in entertainment are detestable people? From the racist Archie Bunker of yester-years, to the modern Charlie Harper, Dr. House, Barney Stinson, Eric Cartman, Bender, Jack and Caren from Will and Grace, the entire cast of Sienfeld, and Its Sunny in Philadelphia; all truly Horrible people, but we love watching them. Why? Well, that I don’t have the answer to, but I am sure it is an integral part of the human condition. 
       Insinuating that Kane is somehow tipping the scales of the antiquated and practically obsolete theory of social justice is absurd, as most of us learn to differentiate between fantastical characters and the real world at a fairly early age.
      The cruxes of the matter here are self control and entitlement, two traits which have grown to staggering depths away from each other in these last couple of American generations. What I mean is, that people have come to falsely believe that they are so important that their personal feeling should matter to everyone else and have lost the ability to govern their emotions and simply, “Not be offended”. They also feel so entitled as to impose these feelings on others that they do silly things like write open letters, or articles about open letters.

  • Rudy210

    Are you kidding? It’s only called being a comedian, you can’t take that too seriously! Their job is to be funny and entertaining, and I’m sure someone out there finds it funny and entertaining, if your too sensitive or it bothers you too much, change the channel don’t go to their shows, don’t look for their videos online simple as that! Let the man earn his living damnit! And grow up you sensitive fuck!

  • Manny Marrufo

    Comedy is subjective.  What I think is funny may not be at all what you think is funny.  But at the end of the day jokes are just that.  They’re just jokes, harmless jokes.  And if you get offended then you seriously don’t know how to take a joke or laugh, and I truly feel sorry for you and hope that one day you can let go and laugh, be it at yourself or at a harmless joke that a comedian tells.  I support Colin 100% and beyond in his comedy.  He is the greatest comedian out there right now.  And if you were to go to a Colin Kane show you would see that.  You would see that he puts all of his heart into what he loves doing, which is making people laugh and forget about all of the stress in their lives, and be happy.  And even during the show Colin will tell you, that it is all just jokes, he’ll tell you to your face that yes, what he says is wrong but they’re all just jokes, harmless jokes that help people to be a little bit happier in their lives, and they can have a happy distraction from all of the bad things that may be happening in their lives at the moment.  Then once the show is done, when you go outside to meet Colin he’ll be their taking time to say hi to all of his loyal fans new and old that come to support him.  He’ll take time to talk with you real quick, and honestly makes you feel like you have been friends your whole lives because he remembers you and he tells you how much he appreciates you supporting him, and he thanks you for being their and expects nothing in return from you.  All he wants is for you to laugh, and be happy.  If you were to take the time out of your life to go and see Colin at one of his shows, and talk to him afterwards you would see that he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Colin Kane is an inspiration to me and he is a man that I look up to. Having just met him a few times, and talking with him over twitter I consider this man a friend of mine.  A friend that I will stand by and stand up for when people want to try and slander his name.  Colin Kane may not be the comedian for you, but that does not mean that you should hate the man for trying to make peoples lives better, and trying to spread joy and happiness to anyone and everyone he comes in contact with.  Though his jokes may be wrong and offend people they’re just jokes and I have learned a lot from them and him.  I have learned that no matter what people say and do to try and bring you down in this life, you just have to keep pushing forward no matter what happens.  You have to stay focused on your dreams, because they’re your dreams and no one can take them away from you.  I know that Colin Kane is going to be a legend in comedy one day and that he is going to achieve his dreams and more.  And we’ll all be laughing at you from the top when he gets there.

  • Callisti

    He is KIDDING!! Do you actually think he believes what he is saying? Do you get irony or sarcasm at all?

    Have you ever watched South Park? Andrew Dice Clay? It’s funny cos it’s NOT true (the actual opinion of the writer/s).

    Is it because he’s handsome? Would his jokes be more ok if he was ugly?

  • Jesse

    Are we relying on Colin to make critical decisions that would altar the course of humanity? Ok then. Sometimes his humor makes sense. Sometimes it make you think, “what”? Lots of times hot Colin says what a lot of people are thinking. Lighten up. Congrats Colin on getting this free publicity. Now when are we going to see a fucking sex tape?

  • Lord Vader


  • Dontaxmeebonics

    Why is this bitch even reading his tweets or anything else he posts then? Thanks for giving my man colin another thing to crack on, whiney little bitch asses who hide behind computer keyboards

  • Hallvard Kemmersen

    He has done a couple of shows in Norway, and I’ve never seen people laugh so hard before. He has a great chemistry with the audience. In my opinion he is a really good comedian, and i believe that he is gonna be a star someday. Maybe Americans are a bit too sensitive for this kinda humor?

    Thanks for the laughs Colin, hope you come back to Norway soon!

  • Joana Ursaciuc

    Deciding that Colin is a misogynist based on his job as a professional comedian, is about as productive as believing that Ed Norton has split personality disorder and that Brad Pitt only exists in his mind. There’s a difference between inviting an open discussion about comedy and our differing tastes in it, and judging who someone is as a person without having met them once. So why don’t we tone down the Freudian assessments and just talk about what we think of his jokes.

    Personally, I’m a fan. Does this mean I’ve liked and agreed with everything he’s said at his shows or online? No, but there isn’t a single comedian who I can say that about. I enjoy shocking humor, and off-the-wall social commentary. 

    Having said that, I can appreciate that someone doesn’t subscribe to Colin’s type of humor, but I don’t think that trying to interpret his jokes literally and then concluding that they don’t make sense is fair. Doing that to ANY joke would make it sound stupid: “you’re not even knocking on anything, you’re just saying “knock,knock” .. why would I say “who’s there?” if I can see it’s just you.. this joke is stupid”

  • Linda

    Is he for everyone? No. But I happen to find him hilarious and as a couple people have mentioned, his live shows are a must-see before you judge him. 140 characters really doesn’t do him justice. He is definitely an equal opportunity offender and by doing so, he’s showing us that we’re really not all that different from each other, Asian, White, Black, Indian, gay, straight, whatever. What I take from his comedic style is that we’re all not perfect or better than one other and we all got some fucked up thoughts/personalities/etc. He’s just throwing it out into the limelight and bringing us all together in laughter with his “insulting” comedy.  

  • Laurence Barber

    Kane would probably react as embarrassingly as he does here:

  • Anagram

    You know what? Shut the fuck up. Loosen your panties and lighten the fuck up. Kane is the gutsy prick who says what we all think. Don’t fucking deny it. Don’t like his comedy? Don’t fucking watch it.

  • Rich McGovern

    Colin is awesome.  I have seen him a few times and each time he had the whole room..  The guy has charisma and energy for miles.  .  Why wouldn’t somebody who doesn’t like him just not pay attention to him?   Maybe they should dust off their Bill Cosby records or wait for Gallagher to come around smashing watermelons.  ….and I have seen Jeselnik a few times and there is one word to describe his act…..contrived.

  • Davidheal30

    If you don’t want to go see an X rated comedian…then dont!…Without a doubt one the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen…within that genre of comedy. There’s many different types of comedy and they all appeal to a certain group. he’s made all of us laugh our ass’s off and we can’t wait to go back to see him…dirty dirty dirty and funny as Hell. It’s great that he interacts with his audience, fans, and even non followers. Completely different show every time…better than goin to see a prewritten word for word act any day. He’ll make it big and deserves it. If you don’t like a joke of his then who cares. Not every joke is funny to everyone. I’m white, he can bust my balls and say whatever he wants to me…I won’t and haven’t taken offense to it at any of his shows. Every show I’ve been to nobody was offended and as a matter of fact people were crying from laughing so hard for sustained periods of time!…good luck to him! Dave from RI

  • OSU_GDI_Problems

    Hey Colin Kane supporters, you know all of your responses just prove our point, right? 

    • Mr IDGAC

       what point- that most people are taking his side, and that of free speech rather than being hypersensative pussies and complaining they were offended by a joke? if so then yeah, point well proven.

  • vanessa vantine

    Go to one of his shows and say it to his face Mr. Gadino. I’d move heaven and earth to see that! And by the way, I am a woman who doesn’t need you to tell me what is offensive or not. My balls are probably bigger than yours.

  • Adam Cozens

    Meh. Seems like a nice guy. Never had a problem with him. Everyone just worry about yourself. 

  • Grete

    You guys that are complaining are too sensitive. He an insult comic like Jefferey Ross. The people who type these kind of articles can’t go a day without finding someone knew to hate on.

    Colin Kane is a great fast rising comedian. I wish this hard working man all the best.

  • Katie

    I saw him in San Francisco and the man is fucking HILARIOUS!!! I’m a female and I’m not offended by his jokes because they are JOKES! He’s not serious and he even admits it. Everyone has their own opinion on what’s funny and mine is he’s fucking amazing!

  • Mr IDGAC

    seriously. it seems like most of the time this douchebag dylan is against everything that makes comedy comedy.

    he tries running a website about comedy yet gets offended by jokes or lambasts comedians he personally doesnt like – the fox news of comedy

  • Michael Bartz

    “Misogynist” and “Comedian” in the same sentence?????  What’s next, “Rascist” and “Ku Klux Klan”?????  Ohh jeez-us (Bill Burr voice).

  • Tom Stewart

    Do you have the same opinion of Lisa Lampanelli? How about Don Rickles? I know Colin and have worked with and spent time with him. He’s actually a decent guy and one of the hardest working entertainers I know. The guy is devoted. Anyone who is offended by his jokes should just not read/listen to them. If you don’t like him, don’t follow him. It’s really that simple. I remember a quote Colin once said to me as he encouraged me to pursue comedy, “Not everyone is going to like you. So just focus on the ones who do.” And in many ways he is right.

  • Jorge Garrido

    The joke about Grey Goose is NOT nonsensical. The joke is about stereotypical young Gen Y Club Girl behaviour. It’s simply an insult joke about “sluts” who love drink and love to parade around being sexually active and about oral fixation. YES, it’s dismissive, generalizing, unfair, stereotyping, sexist, and over-simplifying, and HILARIOUS if you know girls like this. If a funny female comic tweeted that joke it would receive no backlash, as it would simply be a joke that drunk girls = slutty girls, which IS unfair to women, I’ll admiit, but at the same time true in MANY circumstances and hilarious.

    While I don’t find offensive humour for the sake of offensive humour the ideal in comedy (I prefer cringe style humour is that about a comic’s real feelings, offensive or not, but about the comic’s actual likes and dislikes, like Marc Maron) I do occasionally enjoy it as a guilty pleasure. So do many people. Which is why I find ANY backlash fraudulent and illegitimate. Even IF I found Colin’s jokes too offensive or mean-spirited or misogynistic to be enjoyable to ME, I would still think the same way, My definition of offensive would not be imposed on other’s. I would never try to “convert” people to my POV. 

    Some people find PROFANITY offensive. So anyone who finds certain Kane offensive should NOT be allowed to swear ever again because it find offend someone else. If one person’s biases are legit, why shouldn’t anyone else’s be?

    • Jorge Garrido

      And I apologize for being drunk and writing this comment with many grammatical errors and typos.

      I also don’t like the fact, first of all, that this conversation is switching from content to execution. Colin’s ability as a joke writer is IRRELEVANT to a discussion of whether or not his subjects are legit.

  • Gary-James ♋

    Comedians do one thing that society can never full fill and that’s make individuals laugh and feel good. They are a solid group of individuals who’s soul purpose is to make people laugh and if they push the boundaries of your moral fortitude then maybe you should widen that spectrum. Don’t be angry at someone who has the nerve to be “edgy” you should revel in their creative integrity and laugh, they try their asses off to make you feel good if you take it to the heart then you have an underlying issue that started way before Colin Kane ever fired a joke that was too “edgy” for you. 

  • Cougs

    Anyone who is offended by any comic just bores me. Seriously, the guy is hilarious. When he plays in LA I’m there, and so are tons of other followers who know this brand of comedic genius and love it. Maybe he doesn’t make sense to you, but in the grand scheme of things…whether he’s talking about bananas or smoothies, or blow jobs…someone laughed when they read what he wrote. Someone out there laughed. And someone out there hated.

    You can’t please everyone. No comedian that ever tried is a comedian you respect today. Get over it and move on to a better use of your time if you’re hating on this guy. You bore me.

  • Asds23a

    Oh my god, Colin is a genius.

  • Mazzy

    I think he’s funny.  I’m female.  And I’d prefer to use my rotten banana so I’m prepared for what’s coming.  HA!

  • OSU_GDI_Problems

    Colin, you are right to call comedy subjective because like all forms of entertainment, it is. The problem however is that you don’t have a respectable following that allows you to base your argument on subjectivity. In other words, subjective means” some” may like it and “some” may not, the problem with you, and what I wonder on a daily basis is, who even likes your material? Who is that “some” that subjectively enjoys anything you say? You are repeatedly bashed on by people that do comedy for a living, and any other human with the gift of rational thought. This should all tell you something, you aren’t funny. I shouldn’t say you aren’t funny, but your material is god awful and reminds me of actual jokes I would tell in 6th grade. You are literally the equivalent to a conversation between me and my brothers when we were going through puberty. Your writing is lazy and offensive and can be done by my 13 year old self. At least take in a little bit of what people are saying? Tone down the grade school toilet humor and actual put real effort into your work. I have seen your standup, it’s nothing to be proud of, so stop acting as if your standup material and twitter material are so different. Even when you extrapolate your tweets into standup it comes up as a dud. But in the end, this is all subjective, right bro?

    • Mr IDGAC

      judging by the fact that almost all the comments here are in support of him and that he has 18 thousand twitter follower- i would say he seems to have a pretty decently sized and very loyal following.

      comedy is about making whatever dumb, dirty, immature, stupid little jokes you want- its faggy twats like you who get offended that are the problem. i dont give a crap whether or not you like him or what you think of his jokes- this is actually the first time i’ve ever even heard of him- but what i do know is that regardless of what you pussies think, that will never change the fact that a lot of people like what he does; and that he isnt hurting ANYBODY by doing so

      • OSU_GDI_Problems

        I’m more so offended by the fact that he calls himself a comedian than I am of his material. And by the way you lost the argument the second you called me a “faggy twat” google the word “Ad hominem” Good day sir. 

  • Nope

    You mad? Douchebag, its comedy. if you dont think its funny UNFOLLOW, it’s not meant to be nice or friendly. but still its comedy his profession is a comedian. why the hell don’t you stupid fuck critics and butthurt assholes ever understand this shit? He’s not trying to run to country, he’s trying to make people laugh. you sir are a imbecile for not having a sense of humor. Catch the HI-V.

    • Cookie-P

      This is single-handedly the douchiest comment I’ve ever read hahaha

  • Brad Heaney

    I’d rather watch meat spin than suggest people read laugh spin

  • Gangsony

    jeez that was a stupid article 

  • Regina HoneyBadger

    Gosh!! Really people?? Taking seriously something a comedian said clearly as a joke?? What’s next?? Hunting clowns for being transvestites (they wear too muck make up).

    Colin is a funny guy if you happend to know that he’s a comedian, he loves what he does, but it doesn’t means everyone should love it. He works his ass off everyday to do what he likes to do, don’t do we all do the same? Wouldn’t it be unfair to be judged for doing what you love to do just because somebody else doesn’t like it? When you realize he is a comedian you’ll also realize everything’s ok, you may not like what he said or found it funny, just keep in mind it’s a joke!

    I found him funny, and I’m a mexican woman who has never felt offended at all about his girls/mexicans jokes, I just laugh at them. If i read a joke i don’t like i just skip that one and laugh at the others and that’s it.

     If someday you have the chance to talk seriously to him, you will find out he’s actually a nice and thankful guy.

  • Kathy Pop

    There will always be haters. People are entitled to their own opinions and tastes, so they can say whatever they wanna say. This will probably not be his last negative review but he will move forward because he knows that there are many people that do find him funny. Colin Kane makes me laugh and that’s all that matters to me.

  • Screw You

    Stunningly bad.  Cannot even call it comedy.

  • Freddy Jay

    I think this guy is great, He needs a TV Show. Im dying right this is comedy at its best!

  • Cody McNerney

    He’s a comedian, COMEDY, if you don’t like his style don’t follow him, like him, or friend him on Facebook. I personally love the guy, he’s hilarious and he makes it a point to reach out to fans for his support. If without researching him or speaking to him I can see where his jokes make seem across the line, but no one takes the time before throwing in two cents worth of bullshit. He’s an amazing person, and will actually talk to you about his views on his style. I’ve been to a show of his and loved it, and after the show he was the nicest guy ever, I took a picture with him and spoke to him a bit.I have a great amount of respect for him for doing what he does, and I will be a fan of his for life and definitely plan on seeing him I the future.

  • Tommy

    It’s comedy. If you make fun of one group of people you have to make fun of them all. Lighten up.

  • Viper_crooke

    I hate to have to say this since so many people do, but I am a woman and I think he’s funny. Who gives a damn nowadays anyway? He says things for shock laughs. Many comedians do. You don’t like him, here’s an idea. Don’t listen to him. Not that hard. You can block him. Doesn’t take that much time. 

  • Phil Schwarzmann

    He’s got his own Dane Cook-style “CK” brand logo = we comedy nerds must hate him.

  • Brenden

    I love Colin Kane and I’m a gay man. One of the groups he “insults”. Hes a comedian…. that’s all it is comedy.  Some comedy is not for everyone… I would say don’t judge before seeing his show. His comedy interaction with the audience adds to his routines. New comedians could learn a thing or two from Colin. Keep making your fans laugh.  

  • Mike

    Well…this whole thing is ridiculous.  Why cry foul against something that you don’t like?  I mean, if I didn’t like a movie, I’d tell my friends why I didn’t like it, if they ASKED, and call it a day. I wouldn’t take to the blogosphere deriding it and telling people to stay away from it at all costs and tearing it to pieces because I had nothing better to do.  I mean…did Mark email the South Park guys after every freakin’ episode or for Team America?  Because let’s face it…that’s about as offensive as they come…and they’re brilliant.  Don’t like Colin Kane?  Delete him from Twitter and Facebook and tell your friends…because that’s really about all who care that you’re offended.

    P.S. I’d stay away from anything on Comedy Central, Fox’s Animation Block, and all of cable.  Maybe Disney and Nick at Nite is more Mark’s speed…

  • Mollyaynne

    There are two sides to EVERY story… But I Personally believe themed is takes things to the extreme with Celebrities without giving Thelma Fair shot first! And honestly the Author singling out the fact that white Males are not the Butt of most of his jokes is quite Disturbing if you ask me! Implying that the jokes would be funny if they weren’t just about woman and or minorities is Hypocracy in itself! 1. U are saying that either white males are a more deserving target or u are implying jokes should be based on politics. 2. What is good for the goose is good for the Gander? If its funny one way then it’s funny the other way! 3. Jokes tend to be MOST FUNNY when they are Most True.

    I am a woman. I do take a bit of grossness factor to the banan joke.. But I still ENJOY AND RESPECT Colin as a person as well as a comedian:) I’m sure he will listen to the comments of Both Parties.. He seems like a guy that also respects the opinions of others:)

    • Atlas Boy

      Were those last two comments a sarcastic dig at this guy’s little tantrum yesterday?

      And you can say “just because someone’s offended doesn’t mean that offense was intended” — that is true. But if you KNOW people are getting offended, and you keep doing things the same way you’ve been doing them, knowing that they will continue to be offended…

      Although honestly, this guy’s “material” doesn’t even rise to the level of real offense. It’s more like, “really, guy? THIS is what you want to share with the world? Lame.”

  • West

    No one was upset that he was being offensive. We were upset because he is a fucking joke and belittling him was more hilarious than all of his tweets combined. 

  • Quackquackquack

    Dylan P Gadino, judging by your strong lack of a “sack” comments you have probably been sodomized by a popular kid in the high school gym showers. Its comedy laugh and please allow us to enjoy colin’s extremely funny comedy. O fyi Colin Kane went on tour for the troops so he can say whatever the fuck he wants and ill support him. They say people who cant hack it, critique so shut the fuck up and let him hack it!… Unlike these other big time schmuck celebrities he takes the time to actually socialize with us regular joe and janes.

  • peteyhypp

    I refuse to leave a real comment cause guess what, my opinion doesn’t matter.and neither does yours.

  • Septu Sharegus

    I guess the problem with the comments here is that CK pled with his followers to come here and say supportive things. Which is his prerogativeI (i might’ve done that too) but will hardly lead to the “hearty comedy discussion” you wanted. Its just going to be people ad nauseum saying “Colin rules , take the stick out of your ass”  So … comedy think tank fail.

    • Christina Teppo

      You follow him and read his fb huh? But you don’t like him? Get a life. You’re looking for something to bitch about. If you didn’t like him you wouldn’t know he ASKED not pleaded with us to come here. He has loyal fans. Should tell you somethin. You’re following him just to hate. That’s pathetic.

  • Farbod Ender

    You even censor your comments. Classy.

    • Dylan

      we don’t censor the comments. no idea what you’re talking about. if something vanished, then the spam filter picked it up.

  • Thatskarmaforya

    If you don’t like his comedy, then don’t watch it.
    If you don’t like his tweets, don’t read them.

    I love this guy’s comedy.

    He’s hilarious and real, and doesn’t mind going “there.”

    Anyone who thinks otherwise can either get their sense of humor checked out, or just stop minding Colin.

  • Nick Simington

    Colin Kane’s Comedic style is often mocking the ignorance and extreme beliefs or thoughts of people. If you ever go to his shows you would pick up on it. I didn’t think his social networking jokes were funny until after I went to his show. Now they are a long running continuance of his great show. Any one that truly believes his jokes are supporting any one who really thinks this way is crazy. What if we started judging all actors, comedians, and any other person of their social media presence and history? We would end up writing a lot of one sided blind ignorant articles not truly having any idea of that persons talent.

  • RockStar

    He’s extremely funny! Very vulgar and he targets fat, black… yeah ok, so what? It’s hilarious! I’m much more offended by the BET awards, a show strictly for black people. If you’re white, you can’t get an award. That’s called segregation, racism, you name it! It reminds me of when black people couldn’t go into bars with the white population, but in this case, the whites are screwed.

    • Laurence Barber

      You realise that the % of African-Americans in the US is about 12 or 13%, right? If the other 73 fucking per cent of you aren’t winning awards maybe you should try harder.

    • Chris Parke

      Ronin Thicke was up for an award – he is white and could have one. But who cares? How do you think it feels to be black at the Oscars most years, or the Emmy’s The CMT awards are never blamed for being too white. Nobody but honkeys likes country music or plays it so they all win it. I have never heard a black person give a shit about diversity at the Grand Ole Opry.  BET was born out of a lack of media outlets for Black content. Segregation forced the creation of the network. Go jerk off to Scott Stapp at your colin kane shrine of comedy by numbers 

    • LarryPoppins

      Ronin Thicke was up for an award – he is white and could have one. But who cares? How do you think it feels to be black at the Oscars most years, or the Emmy’s? Blacks had the insult of no or little recognition in cultural awards for a culture that they had a huge part in cultivating. The CMT awards are never blamed for being too white. Nobody but honkeys likes country music or plays it so they all win it. I have never heard a black person give a shit about diversity at the Grand Ole Opry.  BET was born out of a lack of media outlets for Black content. Segregation forced the creation of the network. Go jerk off to Scott Stapp at your colin kane shrine of comedy by numbers You only see things though the eyes of a white american working class dude who is pissed he has to actually work to get half of what his parents got and he wants someone to blame so he gravitates to bigotry for the sake of bigotry Unlike Colin, good, well crafted comedy that uses themes of treating women like life is a porn and racism and vulgarity and stereotypes are used cleverly and throughfully to expose truths about ourselves, our society while at the same time calling out people like you that are an anachronism to humanity.

  • JessecaF.

    “Traditional sitcom good looks” I certainly concur. Colin is funny, follows back and connects with his fans, why isn’t that mentioned? Hmm?

  • Venenum000

    I don’t have a problem with Colin and his jokes. Some of them are one-sided in a sense, but he has made it work. To call it misogynist answers my questions about the author. What did you think of Patrice O’Neal? Was he the genius everyone says he is to you? You seem to fall for the popular vote. If someone says Dane Cook is unfunny, you tend to join that debate, but comics like Patrice, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly–all love Dane, but you join the popular vote on what the people are saying instead of standing up and saying sure Dane isn’t funny to me, but he has made a career that has benefited the art. Like here, Colin may not be funny to the twitter majority of alternative-comic-open-micer-wannabes but he is different, he is saying something he feels is right and he has a physical audience and a career, which is more than I can say for a lot of the twitter bashers. His writing skills may lack via twitter, but have any of the detractors actually seen his stand-up? There is a difference between what a 140 characters say and what a physical in your face performance says. So instead of joining the popular vote of Colin Kane is this or he’s that (in the negative sense) how about going to a show and deciding for yourself because a lot of people seem to like him which is more than I can say for a lot of the twitter hacks. 

    • Michael Bartz

      Right on dude.  I love all comedians who put it all together, like the legends you mentioned (Dane totally included) and even guys who aren’t dirty, like Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan.  Oh, and you forgot Louis CK 😉

  • Farbod Ender

    Wow. Really? Is this what is happening to comedy?  The last thing comedy will ever need is censorship and bitching and moaning from every group a joke is seemingly aimed at.  Every single thing on this planet is fair fucking game for comedy.  If its funny, it works.  If people dont laugh it doesnt work. Period. Stop focusing on what you dont think is funny, it will take care of itself.

  • Vito Piazzano

    If you don’t get the Grey Goose – Swallow joke, you obviously don’t do much carousing with girls of questionable morals.  Kane is pretty much right on the money with his takes on young slutty girls.  And you can’t take down 160 character jokes as clunky.  THERE’S NO SET UP.  His shows aren’t him just spouting rapid fire one liners.  Twitter is for a quick laugh, which many of them provide….  Also, if you are worried about his effect on people, read all of his #realtalk tweets where he gives praise or provides motivational advice.  As an actual person, he is very against any sort of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, or race. He will be the first to use his talents to clown on an actual bigot….  Anyway.  I welcome all forms of comedy.  If I don’t find it funny or I think its offensive, I don’t listen.

  • John12345678910

    In re: Colin Kane’s comedy and sex offenders – “makes them (sex offenders) think that the way they think and act is not only acceptable, but that it’s funny”; Kane is a comedian, that is all. Colin Kane is not responsible for anyone’s behavior or feelings…people are free to listen to him or not and his words cannot be blamed for sex crimes or any other phenomenon. To suggest otherwise is to render oneself too ignorant for publication, therefore, I am curious as to why Mark Leggett has been given a forum for publication and why anyone would chose to acknowledge anything he says.

  • B Phenix

    I’m a girl and Colin Kane makes me laugh everyday! Once he brings his show my way, I’ll be there! People are waaaay to serious. If you think he will actually make you blow a rotten banana, don’t ask him out on a date. simple. Have a laugh, or don’t but put your energy into something positive.

  • LiscyLou

    Dude, get a fucking life. You must be bored if your gonna rip on great comedians like Colin Kane. Yes he’s gonna get a show one day because he deserves it. He’s worked at this, he makes people laugh, and if he doesn’t make you laugh get over it and move on with your life. There are plenty of comedians I don’t like but I don’t degrade them because they are chasing their dream just like Colin. I’m a woman and I love the shit he says about us, he makes my day that much better because he makes me laugh at my problems. He makes me laugh at things I wouldn’t think to laugh at myself about. I admire Colin Kane and I will support him for as long as he deserves it which will be a long ass time fucker.

  • Dixinormus

    This guy is funny as hell for people who like his kind of humor. If you’re too soft for it don’t listen to it. Bunch of whiny little pussies. Go to church and fuckin die already!!!

  • Jose Joel Quizon IV

    I think the main problem here is that a lot Kane’s jokes — in Tweets or on video — are clunky and honestly just don’t make much sense. — this pretty much sums up his sense of humor. Add to that, the fact that his jokes are downright degrading and can be, at some degree, considered as an act of bullying (although I’d like to presume that they dont really target a specific person). He’s just not doing it right.

  • Thomas Buscaglia

    I’m not offended by any of his material so far, but I don’t think it’s very funny. His material just seems a bit lazy – like a white frat version of Tyler Perry.

    • Tommy’s got it.

       ^^^ best response yet. The guy is obviously a good marketer and has gotten himself somewhere – but you can tell his comedic writing isn’t there yet. When it is, I don’t doubt he could be a great comic – an Andrew Dice Clay with a little more wit and presentation (although his was rather unique).

  • Lola

    This is amazing. The writer of this article obviously lacks a sense of humor. I respect Colin for looking at everything in a completely different perspective. He brings out the things we’re too afraid to even think about, AND IT’S HILARIOUS. Take the stick out of your rear and learn to laugh. Stop being so uptight. Colin Kane is hilarious, and I love him! Keep it coming Colin, for your true fans!

  • The Plaintiff

    If he had just spaced these out between his regular tweets, this wouldn’t have even been an issue. Fuck, if he had been a regular comedian making these jokes, it wouldn’t have been an issue. But Kane has embraced Twitter and Facebook as the two most vital elements of his comedy career, for better or worse. So whenever the internet gets something stuck in its grill… this week it’s misogyny… you can be sure it’s the people who put their work out there for everyone to see who are going to be lambasted for it. Case in point: I don’t see too many people posting articles all pissed off at Jimmy Kimmel for his spot on The Man Show a decade ago (or, even more questionably in my opinion, sidekick to creationism advocate Ben Stein). This is only an issue because a prominent online comedian (read: barely relevant comedian) posted several jokes degrading women in a row instead of spacing them out like every fucking other online comic does. Were these jokes degrading to women? Fuck yes. Is this unusual in the world of Twitter? Have you fucking been on Twitter?

    In summary: Why does this warrant a full fucking article? It’s Twitter, the only people that take it seriously are 80 year old politicians, internet blogging websites, and Scientologists.

    • christopatten

       I know this might sound stupid or meta or something but that last line was fucking awesome, very funny and you should tweet that.

  • Kayla

    Personally, I find his humor to be funny. I dislike the majority of comedians becaus me I find them boring as fuck. For a comedian to actually make me laugh out loud just from reading a tweet or post on Facebook is a miracle. He’s a good person, treats his fans with respect and is doing what he loves to do. People need to have an open mind about his style of comedy because it’s definitely a lot better than most up and coming comedians out there.

  • Kyronn1

    That’s why is called comedy, people need to loosen their tight ass ties for a second and laugh a little, relax & live…..Kane for President!

  • Luke Giordano

    It doesn’t matter if what he says is funny or correct or not. They’re his jokes and people are free to accept them as funny or not accept them as funny. To follow him on twitter or to not. Must everything that we find to be morally objectionable be stopped? In a society where people are free to say anything, we must live with the reality that people are going to say things that we don’t like or consider disgusting. And by attempting to shame Kane publicly is an attempt to censor his speech, to control what he says through an indirect means.

    Also, they’re jokes.

  • Naws

    lol@people thinking Colin Kane “haters” are boring uptight wads…you do realize some people actually think he’s unfunny? Nothing to do with him being “offensive,” his jokes just aren’t funny. 

    • Mr IDGAC

       its not about thinking he’s funny or not- its about people being crybabys because they were offended by the content of the shitty jokes

      • christopatten

         Not really. Did you read the last paragraph, the author made it pretty clear that his issue was with the jokes not being too well worded. I’m not supporting or defending Mr. Kane but lambasting anyone who doesn’t find a joke funny as a “Crybaby” is just fucking childish.

  • Rich

    Having recently seen Colin perform I found him to be funny and he delivered some great jokes that had an entire room laughing. Like any comic out there Colin has a niche he’s carved for himself which works for him. I am not the “white” demographic the author claims Colin caters to. I am Hispanic and wasn’t offended regarding any of the humor. If people have issue with his brand of comedy then maybe they need to look at other comics whose material is more in line with their standards. Some people enjoy “mean” comedy more than others simple as that. 

  • Laura Stomber

    Anyone that takes his jokes too seriously needs to lighten up. Have you ever been to one of his shows? If not than you can not really comment because you are only seeing a small portion online of what he does. I went with 10 girlfriends to a show and we laughed the entire time, yes he made fun of women, overweight people, asians etc. but no one took it so seriously to the point as to think that that is what he thinks… its called comedy, a joke, something not to be taken seriously and to make people laugh and forget about their problems for awhile. Not everyone is going to be a fan of certain people– thats understood, but to go out of your way to say bad things about him is ridiculous, if you don’t like him than why do you know what all his jokes are about, stop reading them. It is not on the radio saying “you must listen”, so if you don’t like ignore and if you are a fan like myself than go to a show, but otherwise until you put yourself out there and stand up in front of people to try and make them laugh– keep your comments to yourself. 

  • rjm

    i never herd of colin kane til i went and seen him live last friday.i thought he was hysterical.yes he was mean,mostly to girls but they didnt seem to mind and there was a good amount of girls there to see him.if u dont like his style thats completely your opinion.nobody is forcing you to watch

  • Michael Bartz

    Two things I take from this:

    1.  Anthony Jizzledick fucking SUCKS

    2.  Women are dumb cunts

    Apparently this douche forgets about Andrew Dice Clay or Sam Kinison circa 1988.  (YAWN) Let’s all be offended; free speech is ok as long as ME AND MY FRIENDS AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU FUCKING SAY.  Fuck this country man…

  • ADG

    I’ve seen Colin do his stand up in NYC, seen his videos, and have read his twitter feeds and facebook posts. He is an equal opportunity offender who is hilarious and witty. His brand of humor is not for the faint of heart but it’s not meant to hurt anyone nor to be taken seriously. People who don’t understand that don’t understand the humor of George Carlin or Howard Stern, etc, and all others who fall in a similar category. Get a life people!

  • Lord Vader

    HAHAHAHAH Colin Kane is the freakin man.  MAKE IT HOT CK!!!!

  • Patrick J.

    Want to know the first step to being a successful comedian?  Being “hated” on.  I find him to be a very funny comedian and if you haven’t been to one of his shows then you can’t truly judge his stand up.  Twitter only gives you 140 characters.

  • Shelbi Heath

    I’m a woman and I see no problem with getting a laugh at what he says. He’s hilarious! If you are offended by a comedian, then you’re probably just a really boring person in general. Sit back, take the stick out of your ass, and laugh for a difference, won’t you?

  • Katerade0226

    from my perspective, he loves
    all people all the same, and rips all people all the same. to say he’s a misogynist because he’s on a heater with female-centric
    material is incorrect in my eyes. it’s not like he’s a bit
    misogynistic, a bit racist, a bit homophobic, and big anti-overweight
    people the rest of the time.  every comedian gets hot on a certain leg of material, it’s just becomes controversial when it’s geared toward a specific group of people, but i don’t think his comedy is born out of hate.

    also, if you don’t like someone/something,
    unfollow them. wasting mental energy on that bitterness will be toxic to that person. didn’t mean to be preachy, just my two

  • Devon Mendolia

    I think it’s necessary to see Colin Kane live to truly “get” him. You do need a certain sense of humor to really enjoy/appreciate him. It’s very much like Lisa Lampanelli “The Queen of Mean” and then you see her mild-mannered on Celebrity Apprentice. I’m a woman and I don’t think Colin Kane’s a misogynist, I think he’s hysterical.

  • Adrián García

    I don’t understand the point of this post.  It sounds like gathered whiney voices.  Comedians are supposed to be offensive and funny.  And this honestly makes me happy because it shows Colin is doing something right.  All of the great comedians have had this type of “backlash” if you can even call it that, it’s their inspiration.  He lives for this shit, and he’ll write more jokes about you guys.   I can already hear Colin if you guys where at his show.  He’d put you on the spot, and tell you to “Get the fuck out!”  

    If you’ve ever seen Colin in person, he tells you not to get offended, he genuinely loves his fans and enjoys talking with them during his performance.  He always says, “If I pick on you it’s because I love you.”  and every time I’ve seen him pick on someone he never fails to thank them for being a good sport.  He’s not a bad guy, the ones that make him out to be a guy are the ones that don’t know how to take a joke and have a laugh.

    • christopatten

       I think one of the failings of reading comedy rather then seeing it live (esspecially in a context that limits the ammount someone can say) accounts for some of the tone of this article. Some comedians need to be seen live to appreciate. That being said, as terrific as it is that he says those things at his shows it’s not hard to see how someone wouldn’t catch that from just seeing tweets by him. I think that might be part of the confusion here.

  • Lilarose Lebedeff

    Get a grip. He only says things that people are afraid to say or ask. He’s a real person and his curiosity is very open to the public. If you can’t hang, go read a book in the library. 

    • robingee

      “If you can’t hang, go read a book in the library.”
      Yeah, go to the library LIKE SOME LOSER!

  • Phil Schwarzmann

    His tweets are pretty funny.   Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Thelexajames

    If comedy wasn’t offensive, it wouldn’t be comedy. As a woman, I am a fan of Colin Kane’s jokes because I know they’re JUST jokes. The world should focus on bigger issues and learn how to laugh a bit more. Xx

    • robingee

      “If comedy wasn’t offensive, it wouldn’t be comedy”

      Well, that’s not true at all.

  • Amber Mccloskey68

    This dude is funny. Shut up.

  • Katina

    I have been to one of his shows and he, very clearly, numerous times states that these are just jokes! I, and the LADIES I went with, loved his show!!! Look at the people that came before him, we’re they offensive…. Yep! If you don’t like his style… Don’t go to his show and stop stalking his social networks!

  • Mr IDGAC

    the woman who wrote this letter is a total moron.

    “you make jokes about everyone except white males!”

    seriously? are you fucking retarded? have you ever even HEARD a joke like that- (aside from hacky def jam comics doing a white guy voice)? what are you expecting- ‘so a white male walks into a bar…’, ‘why’d the white male cross the road?’, ‘how many white males does it take to screw in a lightbulb’. we’re bland- theres nothing to make fun of. if you do have a ‘white male’ joke I’d love to here it.

    sure the guy is unnecessarily vulgar, and his jokes arent very funny- but thats not the point. If you don’t like them, then dont fucking read them- its that simple!! no one is forcing you to follow him on twitter. nobody is holding youre eyes open like clockwork orange making you read his jokes. so quit being a fuckin crybaby about it
    this is why women are stereotyped as having no sense of humor- they talk about “oh I can take a joke” or “Im pretty wild” yet they are the FIRST to bitch and moan when someone throws a joke their way. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a white guy writing an angry letter or protesting a show because they were offeded (apart from religious nutjobs, but they dont count). everybody just wants attention to be able to call foul and get people on their side no matter how mild or pointless it is. what the fuck happened to sticks and stones?

    people who get offended really offend me.

    • sherdog

      It wasn’t a woman who wrote the letter that was something you assumed.

      • Mr IDGAC

         well then the guy is probably one of the minorities that colin insulted and is throwing a hissy fit

    • Naws

      You got offended by people who get offended? You’re awfully soft

    • Dylan

      it was a guy who wrote the letter. his name is Mark. are you ok?

      • Mr IDGAC

        didnt notice

        the guy is still a cunt. and most likely one of the other groups that were joked about

        • Mlbur

          mr idgac stop embarrassing yourself, its embarrassing me.

        • Paul

          Does IDGAC stand for “I do gay acts constantly”?

    • Mark Leggett

      I’m a white male, if that clears anything up for you.

      • Mr IDGAC

         and you are also a faggy twat

        • Naws

          “seriously? are you fucking retarded?”

      • DannytheDouche

        So, Cracker ass cracker… What can we make fun of?

        • Mr IDGAC

           oh damn- you totally got me. that shits hilarious

    • Laurence Barber

      You can make plenty of joke about white males. We’ve basically ruined the world and spend centuries oppressing minorities, which continues in various degrees even today. We’re fucking awful, and lots of people make fun of that. There’s a difference between making jokes to do with minorities – plenty of people who both are and aren’t members of said minorities do so – and making “jokes” predicated solely on the idea that people who are, say, black or female or gay, should be laughed at because they are black, female, gay or anything else. The fact that it comes from a white man is symbolic of the stupid bullshit that those people have to put up with. As a gay man, I don’t want some overgrown frat-boy motherfucker saying heinous, offensive shit about any gay people. It’s fucking gross. And there are videos where people call this guy out on his shit and he SCREAMS back at them for saying that HE shouldn’t be saying what he is. He’s a moron, a hypocrite, and a hack. Louis CK is a great example of a comedian who can take marginal content like that and say something interesting about it – which may sometimes register as offensive – but which has subtle eloquence and subtext. This guy just talks shit about people and then claims that he doesn’t truly believe any of it. If he doesn’t believe it, then he shouldn’t fucking say it. It’s incredibly lazy comedy writing, and he deserves to be shat all over for being an original, unfunny asshat.

      • Mr IDGAC

        its a thing called freedom of speech. he is telling jokes. he’s not advocating violence towards women or minorities. he’s not trying to take away anyones rights. he’s not bashing gay lifestyles or saying its wrong- he’s telling dumb little jokes- and you are entitled to think they are shitty, i didnt much care for them either- the point is that he has a right to say them. and the fact that pussies like this try to lambast him and protest him  or wanting him off twitter because they were ‘offended’ is ridiculous, and shows enormous hypocracy.

        they are the same type of pussies that made gilbert gottfried lose his job or want family guy and southpark off the air.

        also im gay too so dont even try pulling that fucking card.

        • Laurence Barber

          I don’t think you understand how offence works. Causing offence isn’t just saying someone is a turd to their face. When it comes to racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc. it’s not just someone using a derogatory term towards someone. It’s any and everything that reinforces, directly or indirectly, systemically discriminatory attitudes towards members of minorities. That’s why people have issues with the use of a word like ‘gay’ to mean ‘stupid’ and so forth. It may not seem like that’s how it works to you, but there are academics who’ve worked their whole lives doing social science research which prove that it is. Putting these kinds of derogatory statements about already subjugated minorities just gives racist or misogynistic or homophobic people a comedian they feel comfortable laughing with. I don’t know if Kane knows it but it’s inevitable that a significant portion of his fan base will be unlike him and believe the things that he says, not just laugh at them.

          You might think people are pussies for calling him out, but it’s quite the opposite. People who stand up to bullying bullshit like his are braver than those who defend him because it takes more effort than tacitly accepting its existence and saying, “Oh, well it’s not for me, but that’s fine”. I don’t want him off Twitter but I do think that he should try a bit harder for material that doesn’t rely on being offensive towards minorities. There are lots of people commenting here saying, “I’m a woman and I think he’s hilarious!” But it’s not just about ONE person. It’s about those around you. What if you repeat one of his tweets about rape to a group of friends without knowing one is a victim? This is the kind of problematic stuff that arises that may not seem prescient because hey, it’s comedy, and why take it seriously? Because it’s very indirect in how it can effect people.

          Just take some of the things he says or tweets and imagine them being spoken by, say, a KKK member, or someone who beats women because they believe men are superior, or a Westboro Baptist Church member. If you make a joke that would sound offensive coming from the mouths of those kinds of people then you shouldn’t make that kind of joke. That doesn’t mean that the subject matter is off limits, it’s just a matter of finding the right way to do it. Again, Louis CK is a great example – he’s offensive, but witty and incisive and insightful. It’s a tightrope walk that’s perfectly achievable and honestly, Colin Kane is never going to be as successful as he wishes he would be exactly because of his material. Even if they put him on TV, his niche is already filled by people like Tosh.0, who also delights in making fun of fat people and black people (though he is less offensive and therefore more successful). Yeah, there are people who are part of the demographics who like the guy, but hating on half the planet is a pretty terrible way of finding an audience because you’re limiting yourself as much as possible. And he’s never going to have any real respect for his work because he’s taking the laziest possible route, as you’ve acknowledged.

          Being offensive can still be funny, absolutely, but make fun of stupid people, lazy people, bigoted people, people who can CHANGE who they are but don’t. When you start cracking jokes about people who can’t help who or how they are then you’re just being the worst possible comedian. Again, I don’t want him to disappear or anything because it’s legitimately not my place to tell people what they can and can’t enjoy, but any argument that he’s not an offensive dickhole is absolute bullshit, and being told that I’m a pussy for saying that he’s reinforcing negative stereotypes and propagating an acceptable form of hatespeech in some cases is rubbish and frankly I have no time for it. And it’s perfectly within my right to come here and agree that what he’s doing is terrible and that he should feel terrible for it, and suffer with the fact that he’ll never be famous for any good reason. Sucks to be him, more for the rest of us.

          • Hru766

            u butthurt bro?

          • Christi Farmer

            I agree with you. I believe we’ve gone off the deep end with “political correctness”, but there are definitely things that most people universally agree is poor judgement. Make continuous jokes about child porn… and you become the poster child for pedophiles. I highly doubt there is any comedian who wants that title. Same goes for rape and many other subjects like them. They just are not meant to be comedic. Freedom of Speech is not a blank check to be completely irresponsible.

          • Myrna Morton

            AMEN! I absolutely agree.

      • Matt Hicks

        “You can make plenty of joke about white males. We’ve
        basically ruined the world and spend centuries oppressing minorities, which
        continues in various degrees even today. We’re fucking awful, and lots of people
        make fun of that”

        Dude, you seriously need to brush up on your history.
        Sure, white males – like every other fucking race, religion, culture or
        ethnicity – has been guilty of some shitty behaviour throughout
        “You can make plenty of joke about white males. We’ve
        basically ruined the world and spend centuries oppressing minorities, which
        continues in various degrees even today. We’re fucking awful, and lots of people
        make fun of that”Dude, you seriously need to brush up on your history.
        Sure, white males – like every other fucking race, religion, culture or
        ethnicity – has been guilty of some shitty behaviour throughouthistory. It’s
        called human nature, and it’s not limited to white people.

        But to say “We’ve basically ruined the world” and
        “We’re fucking awful” simply highlights your epic ignorance and

        I’m all for comedians mocking whoever the fuck they
        want for whatever reason they want. Those who don’t like the material can take
        their business elsewhere.

        But your cult of victimhood mentality is pathetic. Yes,
        yes…gay people and other minorities have it so bad in Western (ie. often
        majority white) countries. I mean, you have to go all the way to Saudi Arabia,
        the Sudan, Indonesia or Afghanistan to find places that celebrate Gay Pride,
        respect women’s rights, and don’t practice slavery!

        Oh. Right.

        Whatever dude, your indoctrination is clearly strong,
        so I highly doubt you’ll be reasoned out of something you were never reasoned

        But spare us the thin-skinned histrionics, grow a pair, and learn some fucking history.  There’s good, bad and ugly everywhere.  The white man is not always the villain and the non-white man is not always the victim

        • Mbhumor

          You knoe I actually agree with you about destructiveness being a part of human nature, but that said, the original commenter didn’t say that rich white men had ruined the world *because* they were rich white men, it just happens that people with a lot of power tend to ruin shit for other people, and historically that has been largely (at the point of acting on a global scale, in the period of time in which the technology has allowed for that kind of acting) rich white men. So yeah, humans in general are shitty, but contingently, rich white folks, men specifically, have done the most damage. I’m a reasonably well off white male, and I don’t take personal responsibility for that, but I can look at the history books and see that it’s true. And then I can make a fart joke about it or something.

          • Mbhumor

            know* I’m on bluetooth keyboard. It’s a bit shitty. Probably made by a rich white man or something. Dammit! 😉

        • Laurence Barber

          Darlin’ you need to learn to recognise hyperbole when you see it, and to also read between the lines. Never said that white people are solely responsible for terrible shit happening, but having long ago learned “some fucking history”, a hell of a lot of it has occurred at the hands of, for example, the various European empires. With a name like Matt Hicks I can tell you’re mainly reacting because you’re a white dude who doesn’t want to be called out on being part of a shitty bunch of people – but you’re not one of those shitty people, I wouldn’t think, because it hasn’t been like that for some time, except for rich conservative white dudes, who we can all agree are fucked. And as for your argument that I have a victim mentality, well yeah – kinda – I don’t know how many times you’ve come close to suicide but statistically it’s sure as hell a lot higher for a gay dude! I’m not gonna go into a long spiel about gay bullying statistics because there’s enough of that in the news of teen suicides these days, really. But just because things are worse somewhere like Saudi Arabia, doesn’t mean that things shouldn’t be better in Western countries, where people should really fucking know better, and nor does it mean that people shouldn’t be allowed to advocate for things to be better. When gay kids stop killing themselves because they’re bullied just for liking dick, get back to me about this being a “mentality” rather than a proven statistic. When men stop deciding what women should do with their own bodies, okay sure. The thing is that the faster we advance, the faster the rest of the world catches up, ya know?

      • Katie Nolan

        I disagree, and you’re clearly showing how little you know about comedy. Louis CK and Colin Kane are two different types of humor. Louis CK is intelligent and borderline “ranty” (for lack of a better word). Colin is snarky and antagonistic. Comparing them is essentially saying that because you like CK, everyone who wants to be funny should be funny like that. Unfortunately, CK goes over a lot of people’s heads. Does that mean he should dumb it down? No; just like it doesn’t mean Colin should have to change his brand of humor.

        Having it be your JOB to make people laugh is incredibly challenging. Everyone’s tastes are different, and if you start curtailing your creative process to appeal to people’s sensibilities — people who know NOTHING about the genre in which you operate — you’ll never get anywhere. If you don’t like it, go buy tickets to a CK show and don’t follow this guy on Twitter. Problem solved.

        • Laurence Barber

          The comparison I made is that they can both be considered “offensive” in various ways. I didn’t say their comedy is the same, just that they often deal in similarly contentious subject matter.

      • Sgm830

        Laurence-you are way too intelligent for this blog. LOL-reading these comments make me feel as though you are here trying to explain your point of view to a bunch of 7-year olds. Just because we have more “leftish” points of view that challenge our dominant culture, people get have to get all huffy and call us “pussies” (ironically, also a gendered woman-negative word. Haha).

  • A girly girl in SoCal

    I saw Colin Kane’s show a few months ago, never having heard his name before.  I thought he was hysterically funny and my cheeks still hurt the next day from smiling and laughing so much.  

  • JohnathonWal

    I know that he is no where near as clever as Anthony Jeselnik, but aren’t they essentially in the same genre of comedy? Personally, I don’t find Colin that funny, but I don’t understand why he has caused such a backlash. Any ideas?

  • Mikeostrow

    Not all comedy is for everyone.  I do this Kane is great, but honestly, this is a free country.  You are free to go listen  to someone else.

    • Seanoconnorcomedy

      You really “this” that?

  • Genesis Brieshit

    Colin Kane is the shit! People just take jokes wayyy to serious!! 

  • John Daugherty

    getting upset about what comedians say is lame. However, a lot of the jokes this nitwit says aren’t funny and, just as you said, don’t make a lot of sense. Keep letting him do his thing and eventually people will realize he isn’t funny or he will start to write better jokes. Writing stupid tumblr posts about comedians will do nothing to help either way.

    • Dylan

      agree with most everything here. but don’t discount people’s opinions, whether they’re on Tumblr or not. Sure, most of what people post on their personal blogs is nonsense, but this guy posted a well-written piece with a lot of good ideas. Discussions are always good– and he started one.

      • Mr IDGAC

        so, its ok for this faggy twat to get all up in arms because he was offended by a joke- but discounting him as a douchbag for doing so is wrong?

        do you know fucking anything about comedy? isnt the first rule to speak your mind and tell jokes- regardless of material? everybody has things that offend them- its only the fucking pussy crybabys that make a big deal when it comes round to them

        • Jorge Garrido

          You’re asking DYLAN if he knows about comedy, Mister I Don’t Give A Care?

          • Mr IDGAC

             yeah i know- sad isnt it.

            he’s nothing but a hypocrite who pretends to be all about comedy and what its about- until HE doesnt like something or has a problem with a particular comic- then he takes the side of the one whose offended- regardless of what principles of comedy it goes against

          • Jorge Garrido

            (citation needed)

          • juls

            i thought this piece was pretty balanced actually, he simply reported the situation and then asked for opinion. i agree with you on one thing though- SOMEONE is sounding like a pussy cry-baby here (hint: it aint dylan)

          • Dylan

            exactly, juls.

          • Natasha

            Who the fuck is Dylan? Why isn’t he funny? Never heard of him before reading this ever so boring article. The only good part of the article was the inclusion of Colin’s material Lol. Now that’s funny.

        • Atlas Boy

          Everyone has the right to “speak [their] mind.” But if you speak your mind and people think, “hey, this guy believes some pretty repugnant stuff” — well, that’s the risk you take, the risk of seeming unpleasant or morally indefensible to people. Find enough people you don’t seem unpleasant to, and it doesn’t really matter. But people have the right to find you unpleasant.

          And if you’re “just saying it as a joke” — well, you just lost the “speaking your mind” defense. At that point, you’re being shocking insincerely, for shock’s sake… which, again, is something you have the right to do. But it’s the lowest, cheapest, most degraded form of “humor.” The only people who get away with it are the ones who put a LOT of craft into it, and make it very clear that they don’t really believe what they’re saying — that it’s clearly a construct for comedy’s sake, and you can just ignore that and enjoy the jokes.

          What’s going on here is that this Kane guy doesn’t have the craft to make his jokes worthwhile as jokes, or the writing or performance skills to signal his act as a deliberately boorish persona. He’s just a cheap-shot artist, and while the audience may know (or hope) that he doesn’t really mean it, he doesn’t give them enough actual comedy to occupy them and keep them from asking that question.

          I mean, what’s the counter-argument here? “How dare you not want to sit through this guy acting like a total meathead dick? Isn’t it clear he’s just an inept comedian insincerely shoving his imaginary meathead dickery in people’s faces? Who wouldn’t want THAT?”

          The first principle of comedy is responsibility. If you abdicate that, fuck you. Get off the stage.

          • Mr IDGAC

             i agree- his jokes are childish and stupid, and i dont enjoy them. but that doesnt mean he shouldnt be allowed to tell them. there are alot of people who like his shitty jokes.and just because you personally dont like something doesnt mean you should condemn him as a human being for telling them.

            nobody is forcing you to go to his twitter page and read them- if you find him repugnant- fine- he’s repugnant, move on- dont sit there and say he shouldnt be doing what he’s doing, or that he shouldn’t be allowed to say what he’s saying, or imposing your beliefs on him and his fans.

            its like the tracy morgan thing, or the gilbert gottfried thing- yes its offensive and you dont like it- too bad for you then, move on and find something you do like

          • Atlas Boy

            Is anyone saying this, though?

            I think it’s more along the lines of someone saying about a movie, “wow, that was unpleasant to sit through, incompetently made, and reflected bigoted opinions. Don’t go see it.”

            Nobody’s talking about banning the guy from clubs. They’re just saying, “wow, this guy is clearly a real piece of work, and not funny to boot.” And his ridiculous reaction to the negative criticism doesn’t exactly prove them wrong. I mean, serious — how can one man’s response be so over-the-top and yet so completely laughably impotent?

  • Lucas Gardner

    Colin can say whatever he wants. Whatever. But he’s a terrible comedy writer. There’s a right way to do “edgy,” mean-spirited jokes (see Anthony Jeselnik). Colin Kane doesn’t do it right. He’s just awful and ridiculous.

    The worst part about it is he will probably have a book deal or something within a year.

    • Atlas Boy

      I love that this chump’s reaction was to order his fans to troll this site with comments. Oh, yes, and to retweet around twenty comments (with varying quantities of grammar and vitriol) defending him.

      Just goes to show you… shock comics are almost invariably the most desperate, insecure, anything-for-some-cheap-validation bunch of stand-ups you could ever meet. And given that that’s compared to other stand-up comics, that’s saying a lot.

      • Christina Teppo

        Glad you took the time to go on his page and read. If this douche writer can insult Colin because he’s offended (even being a comic?) why doesn’t Colin have the right to let his fans stand beside him and argue back? You are just giving him more material which in turn will get him more fans, make him more popular and he will make more money then you ever could. so please keep on following him. keep on hating because you are getting him to the too. :)

        • Christina Teppo


        • Atlas Boy

          Yeah, that’s exactly how the entertainment industry works. TV networks don’t care about your track record, or your ability to produce a project, or anything. They just sit around in a room and ask, “hey, is there anyone who people are calling an incompetent jackass on the Internet? Because if so, Henderson, we want to be in the incompetent-jackass business!”

          (It helps if they’re so bad at taking criticism that they ask their followers to gang up and shout down negative reviews, then hold up that response in a sad, “see guys — my mom thinks I’m funny” kind of way. An incredibly thin skin is a GREAT attribute for a performer to have.)

          • sammy1

            I like Colin Kane, and I believe him to be a great guy.

            if you think he is being insecure by alerting his fans to this article, then maybe you are right.

               if he is insecure and desperate for attention that still does not detract from him as a comedian in my eyes.
              he is still a person, and people get insecure.

            just look up the T.J. Miller (who I think is one of the funniest ppl alive) / Dane Cook feud.

               I wont go into the details but Dane Cook went off on TJ on a podcast and the comics’ respective fans went after the other comics via the internet.

          • Sugar Bombs

            Dane Cook is also not funny.

    • sammy1

      i am a big fan of anthony jeselnik’s as well but his comedy is just as offensive in my opinion.

      as long as comedians are not promoting hatred I am cool with it, but I dont have to listen to them if i dont enjoy their comedy.

      I like Colin Kane, and if you dont that is fine.

      You should know that Colin in real life, is nothing at all like his persona on stage. I have met him multiple times and he is extremey sincere, nice, and down to earth.

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