Jeff Foxworthy’s American Bible Challenge will premiere Aug. 23

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Jeff Foxworthy, comedian, game show host and devout Christian, is bringing The American Bible Challenge to the Game Show Network. We told you about it back in March, and now GSN has officially set the premiere date for Thursday, Aug. 23 at 8 pm ET.

Foxworthy, who has already made a home for himself at GSN as the host of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, will lead contestants in a competition to see who has more knowledge of the bible. Yep! Contestants will also “share their compelling back-stories” and their earnings will go towards “worthy, faith-based organizations.” Foxworthy says of the show: “It will be interesting to find out what people really know, and an opportunity to present the Bible in a fun and entertaining way.” Will you be tuning in?

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  • Really

    Ha, take it easy on Jeff ! He didn’t write the show, he is just the host. I am a Catholic and happen to love the show. I have traveled all over and have to say, the people of the south have better manners,are more polite and respectful than most places. Maybe the haters should take a trip down south and wash your mouth out with soap on the way. Your language says a lot about you…kinda ignorant i would say. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it.

  • Chelcie Rice

    This is total religious BS. He doesn’t care about creating “good television” He’s just pushing his agenda. A game show on a Thursday night? Network tv’s strongest night is Thursday. Tell me why he couldn’t get this on a Christian network?  Did they not want it? 

  • Jf Delery

    If you can’t even get one question correct does that mean, “You might be a heretic”?

  • Ryan Thompson

    I’ll probably watch an episode or 2. I’ll watch just about any game show.

  • Pgalland25

    Fuck you jeff. Go back to your redneck boy lover town.

    • analyzer

      “The Lord rebuke you, Satan.”

    • Fancy Pants

      You are a stupitd oron . It is about time there is something on tv worth watching. I will pray for you Pgalland25, and hope you are rescued from the hold that Satan has on you.

  • Bob

    Horrible. I hope the show presents questions about all the incredibly stupid shit you can find in the Bible. Oh wait, Christians ignore most of the Bible and therefore know nothing about all it’s splendid stupidity.

    • Spankee48

       i believe the show will be a hit. the bible is a true book to read and a miracle that people read it. i believe in the bible and believe the words came from God. my email address is

  • Chelcie Rice


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