Watch Louis C.K. and Melissa Leo in the pickup truck scene from episode 2

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We’re sure it’s just a miscommunication, but it’s still a little funny. It seems that Louis C.K. tried uploading a clip from his own show, Louie, and YouTube denied the post, citing copyright reasons.

But don’t you worry. It was all sorted out and clip is now working. So here it is. If you missed last night’s episode, this happens near the end of the episode wherein Louie and his date, played be Melissa Leo, gets into some pretty intense shit.

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    Do anyone know where i can find that Melissa leo & louie ck truck scene ? I know Youtube & Fox banned/deleted it …but do anyone know where i can find that ending piece to that episode ? Please reply !!! I like girls only …btw .


    Do anyone know where to find that melissa leo truck scene with louie ck ? I know Youtube & Fox banned/hated on it …but do anyone know where i can find that ending piece ? Pls reply !


    can anyone help where to find it ? pls reply !
    I can’t even find it on


    where is it ? That louie ck & melissa leo truck scene ? aaaaaaahhhh !!!! I can’t find it No Where .

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