Comedian Tammy Pescatelli assaulted onstage as police refuse to arrest assailant

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UPDATE: July 15, 12:15 pm ET
We’re still waiting for the Jacksonville, Fla Sheriff’s Dept. to respond to our request for comment.

Last night at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Fla, a seemingly drunk woman in the audience assaulted comedian Tammy Pescatelli, who was on stage. By the end of the night and despite a room full of witnesses all willing to give statements to the police, according to Pescatelli, officers made no arrest. As of late this afternoon an arrest was still not made. Below, is Pescatelli’s statement:

Performing at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, FLA, I celebrated my 18th year in comedy on stage last night. 40 minutes into the show, while teaching the audience how to “Find the Funny” & regaling stories from “What the hell is Wrong with YOU?!!,” I had a drunken customer, in the front row, texting on her phone. I said, “What are you doing? Reading a book on your nook?” she said, “No, I’m watching porn!” I said, “Didn’t you hear what I said about the Save-a-Ho project? You have to carry yourself with class and dignity.” The customer retaliated by heckling me with, “Your jeans are cheap and you make fun of your husband!” I then said, “I was trying to be nice to you, I am a professional at this. Your blonde and you were reading a book!” The audience clapped with delight. The drunken woman said, “Ha. I’m not really blonde!” I replied, “Tell us something we don’t know. Did you think you were fooling anyone?” The audience erupted. I then turned to the crowd and called back my bit, “See. Don’t you think “What the hell is Wrong with YOU?!” will be the number one show on television?”

At that moment the woman threw a wine glass at my head. I turned in enough time to duck, as the wine got all over me and the glass shattered into the wall. I stopped the show and asked that the police be called and the woman be removed. The audience clapped their approval and shouted jeers at the intoxicated patron. A customer handed me a napkin. I began not only to calm the audience down but continued my show for another 20 minutes to end with a standing ovation. Coming back on stage for an encore, I asked the audience if anyone wanted to stay and give the police their statement, to please wait. NO ONE LEFT.

Jacksonville Sherriff’s Department told me, after only taking 2 witness statements, one being the club manager, that they could NOT arrest the woman, even though it was battery because the wine hit me, because they didn’t see it. It didn’t matter that an entire audience witnessed that a glass became a weapon. The drunken woman would not be charged with public intoxication nor disorderly conduct. The feeling from the officers was, “these things happen at a comedy club”.

In order to pursue any further, I was told to go to the State’s Attorney’s office this morning – which I did, after I got medicated drops for my eye that was red and swollen from the alcohol hitting it directly. At the Office of the State’s Attorney (of Duval County – which coincidentally has taken over the George Zimmerman case) a representative told me that because the officers hadn’t arrested the woman, (and they could have based on eye witness statements) and the fact that the club called the non-emergency police line, that they probably were not going to pursue it either. I said, “Will you at least take my statement?” The representative then asked me if I was drunk when the incident occurred. I said, not only was I not drinking – I was at work. To wrap up the meeting, the representative told me, “If I ever come to one of your shows, I won’t text on the phone”!

This is bias. The prevailing feeling I am getting from the justice department is that I should expect this because I am a comedian. I expect hecklers. I can handle heckler’s – and I can handle them very well. But never in my 18 years have I ever experienced something like this. My weapons are words. She turned a glass into a weapon and assaulted me in front of a crowd, who were more than willing to stand in my behalf, but because it was in a comedy club it is not as serious? If I worked at Macy’s and someone threw a bottle of perfume at me, they would have been arrested! This is a society where heckler’s disrupt a comedian’s act and then are shocked at what comes out of that comic’s mouth! OUR LIVELIHOODS ARE PREDICATED BY PERFORMANCE!!

If I (or any other comedian) allow a heckler to best me, it will not only be knowledge of those in the room – but those people will, now because of social media, be able to tell “thousands” of people and effectively take away my respect on stage. When you interrupt a comedian-whether you believe you are right or not, you MUST BE ABLE TO HANDLE WHAT A RAPIER”S WIT RETALIATES WITH! Sometimes it may be offensive-but a comedian will always win in a verbal battle.

I am not in anyway defending Michael Richards’ use of the N word or Tracey Morgan in his homophobic rant. Perhaps Daniel Tosh (and Richards’ & Morgan) could have used a different examples. BUT THEY DIDN”T! They had no idea that the heckler even EXISTED until they, in the word’s of John Rambo, “Drew first blood”, and then find themselves in situations that they have to apologize because thinking on their feet they chose the wrong verbiage! Jokes are cultivated over time. Repeated again and again before it becomes a true joke. Hecklers forget that the person they attack does what is considered the number one fear of the average person- that being public speaking. What society has to remember, that any good therapist will teach you, “You don’t get to choose how another person reacts”. Comedy may be good enough to seem as though it is improv, but the best of comedians know where they are going and will be damned if they let a patron win.

Now, you can throw a glass at a comedian with no ramifications? George Carlin was made famous by his “Seven Words” bit. Maybe in this day and age society, you can get together and let comedians know the 7 topics that you won’t censor. How about if we talk about lint? Oh no. I am sure that there is a lint society. What about clouds then? Absolutely not, cumulous’ have been through too much!

And as far as heckling is concerned- consider a professional sporting event. If I don’t like how the team is playing and I think I can do better, do I just jump down on the field and take the ball? NO – because I will get arrested. Thrown out of the stadium and fines imposed.

Comedy is or maybe WAS the last bastion of free speech. Who will standup for the standups?

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  • fuunyhaha

    It was assault. PERIOD. Woman should have been arrested.

  • Straight_Shooter

    I listed to an interview by Tammy about this incident, while in her hometown of Cleveland on Rover’s Morning Glory. The drunk lady was a well known hooker who was a Criminal Informant and possibly giving the Sgt at the scene free “activities”. The lady went from being in handcuffs in the back of the cop car to being able to walk away free, even with all those witnesses. Too bad another patron didnt knock her out, and since cops wouldnt have seen that either, nothing would’ve been done about it.

  • Don Simmons

    While it was obviously inappropriate for the customer to assault Pescatelli, I have to say that reading the verbal exchange between the two of them, I found the customer to be funnier than Pescatelli.

  • kalyn m

    i live in jacksonville. i wish i could say i am surprised, but unfortunately, i am not. we have in this city a certain percentage of the population who believes they are entitled to behave however they want. this is consistently reinforced by law enforcement. these people flock to the part of town where the comedy zone is located. i am sorry about ms. pescatelli’s treatment by law enforcement here in jacksonville. hopefully, this will not prevent her from returning.

  • cheese101

    Officers can’t arrest a person when the assault doesn’t take place in their presence. You have to go to the magistrate and take out your own warrants. The reason is what is to stop a few people of getting a story and then claiming another individual assaulted one of them.

    • lilrockdiva

      You must live in Canada.

      • cheese101

        Nope, in the USA. That was a simple assault and even since witnessed by many, if not seen by officers (at least in my state) they can’t make an arrest. The one assaulted has the option to go to a magistrate and file charges. Then a warrant will be issued.

        • lilrockdiva

          Ok, if you say so…

          • cheese101

            I do and I did.

    • ted

      Except if your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend says you did.

      • cheese101

        And even then you have to have marks to back up the story.

  • Manuel Wolff

    Maybe the police has better things to do, than to bother catering to the requests of an angry selfobsessed bigheaded blowhard comedienne, who can’t imagine that a drunk heckler throws a glass of wine after being made the butt of the joke?

    This is nothing unusual, there wasn’t even a fight breaking out and nobody was shot. We don’t need a police, we need a society. The police is there to help, not to revenge. So what help did the comedian and the big room need? None. The club owner should eject the drunk heckler from the building and that’s it.

    Relax and save it for having some stories to tell.

    I’m a comedian too and I get bothered by people on mobile phones as well. And there might come the day, when I get so pissed off at mobile phone using hecklers that I want to throw my glass at them. And I don’t want to get arrested then.

    Because I hope the police is rather interested in chasing criminals and murderers or something.

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  • Ron Glasscock


  • GetInLine

    Sorry, that happened but in most cases I have dealt with, unless you would have let the glass hit you and you were visibly injured by this then good luck getting an arrest. This happens quite a lot and it’s a shame, my brother was accosted by a group of gang members one took a swing at him and he ducked and ran, but because he wasn’t hurt no one was arrested. It may be illegal but it doesn’t matter if not enforced by the police.

  • gizmosd98

    I want to commend Ms Pescatelli for handling the ordeal as a professional with class and dignity. Surely, as a “woman from the neighborhood,” she could have opted to handle the heckling AND the assault & battery in a much more primative and crass fashion. But remember one thing Ms Pescatelli, the “Save-a-Ho” project can only save the HO’s that want to be saved!

    And for exemplifying Ms Pescatelli’s use of the phrase “What The Hell Is Wrong With You?” I commend the following:
    · The assault & batterer, aka the wine-wielding intoxicated heckler/porn addict
    · The Jacksonville Sherriff’s deputies that responded to the scene
    · The State’s Attorney’s Office of Duval County

    As a society, we need the following (AT LEAST):
    · The assault and batterer (yes, a “battery” charge applies since physical contact was made with Ms Pescatelli and she sustained injury, no matter the severity), aka the wine-wielding intoxicated heckler, needs to be brought to justice and punished for the attack.
    · The officers need to be reprimanded for failing to uphold the law.
    · The State’s Attorney’s office needs to be reprimanded for failing at their roll as a fail-safe to justice being served.
    AND, all three groups need to be ashamed at their own appalling behavior.

    Additionally, all three should be given a “Here’s Your Sign Award” by comedian Bill Engvall. (Check the origins of his catch phrase “Here’s Your Sign.” It refers to handing an idiot a sign that says “I’m Stupid” that is meant for the idiot to affix to their forehead on display so that society knows they’re an idiot.)

  • LaTee

    The world is changing for the worst!!!

  • grandenchilada

    1. It’s whether, people.
    2. Florida is a dump.
    3. Arrest the bitch.

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  • Filthysocknum3

    She did start it.  In 2012, comedians could be a little less sensitive about people using their phones.  The heckler wasn`t talking or recieving calls, or even heckling until the comedian engaged her.  Obviously throwing things isn`t acceptable either, but maybe the stage performer could grow a thicker skin. 

    • Straight_Shooter

      I know the story, and other patrons around this lady had asked her to turn off her phone (which was making sounds when text alerting) and stop texting previous to this.

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  • Noamsane

    I recommend the Bill Hicks strategy

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  • Cpleddie

    Should of jumped off that stage and punched that fucking bitch right in the face. People would think twice about doin throwing shit…. just say’n

  • Jopperoo

    I can’t believe the woman actually included her horrible “jokes” in her official statement. 18 years in comedy? Just because you’re a hack who stays onstage year after year and who won’t give up on “the dream”, doesn’t make you a “professional”. I thought the woman saying she was watching porn on her phone was funnier than this awful comedian – who i hope quits soon. This is now her big shot at superstardom – trying to press charges against someone who threw a drink at her. Good luck Tammy. Hack.

  • Peg Moore64

    Oh…and one more thing.  Did it ever occur to you, that she was texting someone, and telling them to come down and see you, cause she thought you were funny?  Another missed opportunity…

  • Peg Moore64

    Tammy, this is just my two, so don’t hold it against everyone, OK?  What the “drunk woman” did was wrong, for sure.  But, methinks you might just as well of slapped her first, because in my book, YOU started this fight.
    So she was texting!  You, who have said “you can’t win a verbal war, with a comedian”, are YOU so easily distracted, that a little light on a phone, throws you off your “game”???  And then you go on to verbally assault “the drunk woman”.  Now, come on, Tammy!  Anyone, but most assuredly someone who’s been around nightclubs for “18” years, knows, you don’t wave a red flag at a drunk (bull).  But for you to then get laughs at her expense, (*you’re a pro, so it’s easy, right?) was just as assuredly WRONG.  It sounds to me, like the only thing that got “wounded”, was YOUR EGO.  And you just couldn’t let THAT stand.  How about being a professional?  You seem to want to lump yourself in, with the names of those, who wouldn’t have gone quite so far at getting back at someone who wasn’t “heckling” YOU, in the first place.

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  • Guest

     Any responses indicating Tammy was overreacting are from people who don’t have a clue what it’s like to be on a real…working comedy club stage.  So you clueless morons get your two cents worth in here because this is America and you have to right to express freely and exhibit that you don’t get it.  Do they arrest a sports fan for throwing a whiskey bottle at player?… Hell yes. 

  • WarningAboutRobCypher

    “Rob Cypher” has been trolling this site and I feel obligated to warn people about this guy: “Rob Cypher” aka Ben
    Lowe, aka “DXM Ben” is a severely disturbed individual who has been
    featured on the A&E reality show Intervention. Ben Lowe was also imprisoned for four years on charges of
    involuntary manslaughter for killing a six year old girl who happened to be walking
    on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. “DXM Ben” as he’s known, pinned her with his car and drug her for over 50
    yards, too intoxicated from ingesting large amounts of RobitussinDM to know he’d hit anyone or anything. Since his release, using the alias “Rob Cypher”, Ben Lowe has been
    promoting hate-speech on comedy related sites like this one and on numerous other social media sites.
    His harassment of people on the internet will eventually lead to a violation of
    his parole but until that time, he has brought a great deal of pain and suffering to anyone
    unfortunate enough to cross his path. Thank you for allowing me to post
    this warning.

    • Rob Cypher

      flagged for blatant libel

  • grantmestrength44

    The incident, the reaction to the incident, the comments about the incident and the comments on the comments commenting on the rude heckler incident reflect society at large.  Sad.  Public discourse is now complete crap. We can’t discuss anything without insults…  My experience in comedy clubs as a professional stand-up is that in the early 1090’s the demographics of the audiences went downscale and simultaneously comedy club owners and managers stopped policing the rooms.  It’s been a food fight ever since.  Texting, “Jersey Shore”, political correctness, victimhood, the demise of the English language, lack of self control, lack of manners, out of wedlock births, joblessness and poorly managed comedy clubs has led to this. And this sort of thing happens all the time and has been for years. But thanks to Facebook I’ve wasted my time reading and writing about it.  We are doomed.    

  • Pitts Burgh

    Women shouldn’t be doing stand up to begin with.

  • Pitts Burgh

    Women shouldn’t be doing stand up anyway…HAHA.

  • G-NoMoney

    And when that happens to a black comic here’s what happens…

  • Guest

    Wow Tammy, please limit your ranting next time. I slowly but surely became disconcerted about your issue because you just would not SHUT UP!

  • Dain

    This is so sad…  for many reasons.

  • sushicakes

    I agree that throwing a glass at her was a little much, but it does kind of sound like she provoked the allegedly drunk lady with her words. I was not there and didn’t see what happened, but if a comedian heckled me this way, I would get angry too, and if i was drunk…well i might have flown into a rage O_o

  • Royce Earnest Jr

    Couldn’t they just have thrown the drynk out? I would hold the manager just as responsible.

  • Chitlin Tour

    Eddie Griffin throws bottle at woman in audience, thats how we black folks do it!

  • Robcypherhasatinypenis

    My name is Rob Cypher. I have a very small penis and teensy shriveled up balls. Because of my physical shortcomings I feel the need to troll sites like this one and attack anyone who disagrees with me even remotely. I have a sixth-grade education, and I’m not currently employed. In short, I have a lot of free time on my hands to bore and offend others. I apologize if I have been rude or called you names on this blog, it’s hard having practically no genitalia to speak of. Thanks for listening.

    • Rob Cypher

      hello “sally”, flagged for BS again. What’s it like to not have a life? (That’s a rhetorical question; don’t bother answering with another lame.)

  • Taint

    What a horrible comic, I tried to interview her on my radio show once, it went completely south. She’s a self aggrandizing not funny hack. I don’t usually support hecklers but I can see how this woman would be so bored out of her skull she would turn to her phone as a distraction.

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  • doctor_house_md

    I have an attitude similar to ‘I may disagree with what you say, but I would defend your right to say it to the death’.

    Based on her writing, I don’t like this comic, but I believe she is completely entitled to sue the heckler and win.

    Here’s why: the power of the law resides not only in its execution, but also in it’s preventative capacity in being a ‘passive threat’ that creates a culture where people are pressured into thinking twice before committing premeditated crimes for fear of litigation.  Personal experience has shown that this works for example also on immigrants whose culture may be more socially violent, but discover a reason not to pursue that violence in a first world country: it costs lots of money.

  • Captaen Scairp

    Last I checked, the police don’t get to decide when a crime isn’t a crime because it happened in a comedy club. If they want to pass that thought on to the defense attorney, fine, but she assaulted someone, so arrest her.

  • Tom Lewis

    So sorry to hear this, Tammy. I’d suggest doing a whole new bit about this, but I’d be afraid other crowds would just be encouraged to take it further. 

  • Concerned Citizen

    Unbelievable, but not really when you considered how screwed up our country & political/justice system is!  Once again the justice system blames and makes an example of the innocent person, Tammy,  and the brown rooted byotch gets away with assault, any way you want to spin it, IT IS ASSAULT on another human being, wake up people!
    Assault:  •  an act, criminal or tortious, that threatens physical harm to a person, whether or not actual harm is done.As to the John below (the one living under a rock somewhere) who obviously cannot read or write and has the IQ of a dead clam, you need to go back under your rock and never come out!  He probably stole that picture off of someone’s site, because really WHO would be so STUPID to post their picture with a comment like that?  Oh, yeah, JOHN the dead clam!

  • John Staley

    Strangely enough, Pescatelli’s cat-like reflexes kept her from harm and also kept her heckler from a night or more in the pokie.

  • Als244

    Unfortunately it was BECAUSE she was a woman, she’s entitled to non accountability…that is what Tammy is overlooking and everyone isn’t acknowledging. Because if a male did that its a wrap and God forbid that male be minority.

  • Brutesforce

    Perhaps the heckler knows someone in the police station? No matter, it looks like the heckler physically assulted a person and should be held up to the law.

  • BlackComic

    Comics get they ass whooped in black clubs all the time and the police lock them all up!

    • Rob Cypher

      Not sure if serious or troll.

      • Robcypherhasaverysmallpenis

        No one cares what you think douche bag. You’re not the comment police. Go fuck your mother.

  • Norma Jean

    Support your fellow comedian!! Tammy I love you! 

  • Ian

    Well, when you as a comedian start calling out people in the audience and insulting them you the comedian should also be ready to defend yourself physically. As far as I know there is no law against texting in a comedy show, when she called that woman out and embraced her she should have been ready for what could happen next or defused it with her humor before it got to that point, that’s what great comedians do, they know how to bring you back on their side!   

    • Rob Cypher

      Well spoken for someone who’s either never been a comedian or think that their “improv” acts at the family reunion qualifies them for that position! Where are you playing your next gig at? I’m sure we’ll love to check that one out.

      So would it be too challenging to guess that your next response will be to claim that you and (a female relative of mine) had sex a ton of times? Maybe a colorful response with lots of cursing and speculation about my sexual habits with (whoever/whatever you think will work as an insult)? And of course, I’m sure you’ll add in something about substance abuse and maybe if we’re REALLY lucky, you’ll just switch the subject straight to religion or politics, because that’s where these threads tend to go as they sour (although this one was never even close to “sweet” or any other kind of good taste).

      Hell, that’s probably a “tl;dr” post for you. Summary: You sound like someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and is proud of it. :/

  • Xtopher James Buchko

    …this chick had a drink thrown at her and she’s crying “assault?!” What the fuck… what if the woman sneezed, would she have claimed a biological attack? You’re goddamn right no arrests have been made. One uppity cunt put another uppity cunt in her place and had a drink thrown at her – end of story. If she’s not bleeding from the eyes with teeth missing, then she wasn’t assaulted. I hope the cops laughed at her as they drove away to deal with something real and actually important – not some whiney-ass comedian that got “splashed” on stage.

  • Jimmy

    You poor thing…. Did the wine stain your cheap jeans?

  • Jim Trott

    Florida; it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.

  • Chantel Williams

    What do they put in the fucking chardonnay these days. Here’s what happened at my show last year.

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  • Asdas

    Has anyone found out what the wine throwing woman’s name is?

  • Dave Graham

    As a working comedian myself; if you want to heckle me go ahead I will shut you down and make you look stupid for saying something in the frist place that is a part of my job and part of the reason why I get paid to be on the stage while those in the audience do not.  However throwing something at a person crosses the line.  Would it been acceptable for Tammy to pour a glass of wine back on the drunk lady w/o being charged with a crime? Rest assured had she done so everybody would be demanding for her to be arrested.

    • Dave Graham

      sorry for the type o on the word first.

  • Paul Jones

    Time to retire Tammy

    • Gravedigger224

      She should retire to Floridarhh! Crazy-eyed pirate-looking people are everywhere in FL.

  • Caity

    Simply out of principal, Ms. Pescatelli did the right thing. Personally, I believe it is not only a victim’s (and yes even though she ducked, she is still quite literallly and in the eyes of the law a victim) right but civic duty to report a crime against them. The heckler did not injury someone on this occassion, however, without reprocussions for her actions, what is her incentive to not do this again? 

    I think the police involved in this case are horribly unethical- talk about blaming the victim. How can someone expect citizens to report crimes against them when they so oftem come under scruitiny themselves? Just the question “Were you drunk?” is completely inappropriate and irrelivant. 

    Yes, the victim in this case was not all too injured, but this case is a microcausum of the greater reality of our justice system. I relate to Ms. Pescatellie, because I have been the victim of a violent felony. And as a victim, I was asked questions by police which fundamentally implied I was at some fault for the acitons of my attacker. This is not okay. And I am saddened to read the comments of those who seem to hold some sort of distain for Ms. Pescatelli in standing up for her right to physical safety. 

    I am very much supportive of this woman who stood up for herself and her rights! Good job!

  • Bobjohnson

    Always important to mention you got a standing ovation, even though it has nothing to do with the incident.  Sounds like someone is looking for sympathy and publicity.  Comedy is a tough game.  Shit like this happens on the road.  Police have better things to do then arrest some drunk a a comedy club.  this is just self serving crap.

  • Deaconbluescdk

    Tammy, 3 things about your unfortunate incident. First, I’m sorry about what happened to you, but I wanted to say your discussion of it is very well reasoned and intelligently put. That’s no suprise considering words are your stock in trade. Second, I’ve seen you perform and you are VERY funny. Lastly and most seriously, I agree with JD’s comment below. List the heckler’s name and location. She will WISH she was arrested. From concerts to customer service jobs I’ve worked, I’ve seen and experienced behaviour like this before from the lowest end of the gene pool and resistence from police to do thier jobs about it. Unacceptable, and it reminds us we ultimately have to take care of ourselves, which you did, with wit and class. And Ninja reflexes. Seriously…name and location.

  • karlicious

    Since the owner of the club doesn’t seem to give a crap, all you comics should boycott performing at that dump!  It’s obviously not a safe environment, and the club definitely doesn’t have your back.  Book your gigs elsewhere.  And someone needs to identify that stupid twat who threw the glass.

  • Drew Hastings

    This is why I won’t work clubs where they paper the room.

  • pgdwatcher

    Let me translate. The police see this sort of thing every day. They are not questioning truth. They believe you. They aren’t choosing sides. They think you are right. But Everyone (Police, State Attorney) is telling you that you are over-reacting.  Believe it.  You were hit with liquid – probably an impact equivalent to a strong rain. You will be OK.  If the glass hit you, it would be a different story.  This isn’t about your career, your gender or anything  sensational.  She’s an idiot, she lucked out that you weren’t hit with glass.  But simply put, you are really making a mountain out of a molehill.   

    • Moreen Littrell

      You’re missing the “attempt” – which was to hit her with GLASS. That’s why attempted murder, attempted robbery, attempted abduction, attempted assault… so on… is prosecutable. Everyone (Police, State Attorney) doesn’t say “You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. If the bullet hit you, it would be a different story.” 

    • Queenobank

      What if the liquid had been acid instead of wine? Oh, but it wasn’t so that makes it okay. What if a drunk threw a glass at your child in a restaurant because she thought it was ugly, loud, or just for the hell of it, but it missed. Would that be okay with you? She was rude, crude and abusive and we should not allow such behavior in public.

    • Rob Cypher

      Ah, let’s see how charitable you are if someone throws a glass of liquid in your face and appears to be able to kick your ass without trouble as well should you physically object. I love how all of these Internet tough guys are telling a woman to (a) “man up” or (b) “suck it up and shut up about it”, as if she were designed to be as tough as a man (or at least tougher than “pgdwatcher” here, which to be fair she probably is.

      I suspect Mr. Tough Guy above us would’ve run screaming from the stage had that happened to him. Which probably would’ve happened after the audience was exposed to 30 seconds of him attempting “humor”.

  • Moreen Littrell

    Reminds me of actors and other high profile people complaining about paparazzi, and the general reaction was apathetic to “hey, crybaby, comes with the job”. Then Princess Di dies and – conspiracy theories aside – we suddenly they realize hey, they weren’t kidding, it’s DANGEROUS, and maybe if the authorities took it seriously and prosecuted, it wouldn’t have perpetuated and escalated to the point of death. So, this is hardly just about a little wine in the eye. With no fear of reprisals or prosecution, violence perpetuates and accelerates everywhere it can – as a rule. Jacksonville, you just set a very bad precedent of turning the other cheek on justice.

    • Queenobank

      Bravo! That is the point..This classless drunk will probably tell her version of the story for the rest of her life and the next time she will do more than throw a glass becausde she got away with this.

  • Maxmosquito

    Uncivilized up there in Jacksonville aren’t they?  Just kidding North FL.  hahahaha!  Come to SWFL, we know how to act at a comedy show!!  For bookings email me at  

  • Bob

    my only question is how did the heckler miss tammy’s nose? that thing is huge. 

  • Jimisaint

    She wasn’t assaulted. The glass was thrown and some wine splashed on her. The woman was texting. Not heckling. She paid her money and she can do whatever she wants in the club. Tammy chose to make her part of her so called act. If the glass actually hit her then that could be deemed as an assault. But it wasn’t…. End of story.
    Another hack bites the dust…
    Was it really a standing ovation or were the people just leaving because the show was over?

    • Rob Cypher

      Moron, it’s still a crime to throw glass at people with the intent to harm/injure them. You strike me as the type who probably beats his live-in sex partner (who’s probably also your dog as well) though, so I can see why you wouldn’t think this is no big deal.

      • Jimi Saint

        Moron?  Hey, jerkoff . . .  I don’t know you and I didn’t call anyone any names.  You little piece of shit internet tough guy!  

        • Rob Cypher

          “I don’t know you and I didn’t call anyone any names.”

          You didn’t know Tammy either, but you felt the need to add your worthless two cents in while calling her a hack, now didn’t you? (or is “hack” not an insult of some sort to you?)

          Save the “internet tough guy” whines too – nobody threatened to kick your ass for being a total sack of shit (because it’s clear that it’s been done to you before and no lessons were learned from it).

          LOL, dumbass comes to make an unsolicited negative comment about someone he doesn’t know that well…and ended up getting burned by the same thing with someone who’s much better at doing it. 

          Here, have a tissue. If you still have problems after that I suggest you go to the store and buy yourself some “maxi-pads” because it sounds like it’s your “time of the month” (and no, I don’t mean the time of your month to collect the SS check for being a certifiable psychotic nitwit).

    • Queenobank

      Were you there?

  • Guest

    Also, what about the fact that she had the police come then had the gaul to continue with her set for 20 minutes before talking to them about what happened. I’m sure they had nothing better to do than stand around and wait for her to finish what was most important to her before she could giver her statement about being assaulted. Clearly she wasn’t that shaken up or she would have stopped her set, called the police herself, and anxiously awaited them to get there so she could make her statement. I think everybody knows this was technically assault by the definition of the law. The fact is there are a lot of laws and some of them are ridiculous. Smoking pot is illegal yet I don’t know anyone who calls the police when they see someone smoking a joint. You might say it’s different because nobody gets harmed from someone smoking a joint. Well, nobody was harmed in this case either. Someone got angry and threw something at someone and they missed. Technically, you should be able to call the police and have that person arrested. In real life, however, you either stand up for yourself or shrug it off and count yourself lucky. When the police show up and realize nobody was harmed and the person who threw the glass is gone should we really expect them to use police resources and tax dollars to track this person down and arrest them? Give me a break.

    • Queenobank

      She hung in there you jerk for the people that paid to see her. She is in show biz and the show goes on no matter what.

    • Rob Cypher

      Let’s test that theory of yours out by throwing objects at you for a while, since you seem so sure about this.

      And what are you complaining about misuse of tax dollars for? You probably don’t pay taxes in the first place.

      From a [certified and locally popular in his area] lawyer’s website (because most DISQUS sites throw a shitfit over directly linked articles, it seems):

      “No actual physical harm has to occur for an assault & battery charge to be filed—the alleged threat followed by a merely intended action, such as throwing an object at someone or attempting to push him or her—can be enough for police officers to make an arrest.”

  • A Comedian

    I agree with everything she said. I do stand up as well, not for as long I’m still working through the trenches, but in the few years I’ve been doing this it is my experience that hecklers seem to think that they should just be allowed to shout out crap or insult us on stage if they don’t agree. This happens even when the audience clearly doesn’t like the heckler at all either. And even if you think for some idiotic reason that heckling should be allowed the fact that this woman threw a glass at Pescatelli is still a crime you can’t just physically attack people because you don’t like them. But given the circumstances and seeing as this was down south I’m not surprised the cops didn’t do anything.

  • Ericjon652004

    I wonder what would have happened if Pescatelli had doused the State’s Attorney representative with a glass of wine.

  • Blah

    The only problem I have here is that the comedian went after this lady for being on her cell phone…
    You know, doing something not really disruptive to the rest of the audience (as long as the phone wasn’t making noise). Sure, it is distracting to the comedian but that happens when you are dealing with a live audience.

    • lilycad

      Sitting in front on a cell phone?  Rude!  Are you a comic?  A stage actor?  Any kind of live performer?   Unless you are and have to deal with this new society of people texting and cell phones beeping while you’re entertaining a crowd, you don’t get an opinion.  

      • Cheeseandwhine

         Please, black people in Birmingham trying to live through segregation had to deal with a disruptive society. You have a cushy stage job telling jokes. Try being a professional and get over it. Be glad you have the freedom to bomb. People are ignoring you for good reason. You’re probably not funny.

        • Rob Cypher

          Totally dumb fucking logic there to justify this crap. Frankly, that’s only a few degrees away from pulling some violation of “Godwin’s Law” and reminds me of the saying “eat your food even if you don’t like it because there’s starving children in China/Africa/[wherever]”. 

  • RickG

    Hate to do the white/black contrast but if that were a black urban female comic…well that woman would’ve been stomped all up in da club!!

    • Rob Cypher

      Hate to do the white/black contrast ”

      And then you proceed to engage in anyway. So no, I doubt you really “hated” doing that.

  • Pete

    I was a bouncer (I’m not big) at a comedy club in Philly.That ranks waaay up there on the sucky jobs list!!! It’s like constantly peekin’ up from a foxhole,never knowin’ when the one with your name on it is gonna arrive.I feel so bad for Ms.P but that’s what goes on all the time,out of the reach of the spotlights….

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  • Moseshoward

    I got hit by a highball glass at a comedy club in Clayton, NC while featuring. My only question, “was the wine glass half full or half empty”?

  • Stinkycheeseandwhine

    “Crazy eyes” is like a very ugly girl who can’t understand why no one thinks she’s pretty. Duh, oogly, it’s because you’re ugly. So, you bombed. You tanked. Deal with it. Get over it. While you’re at it, make a deal with Jenny Craig because your face is not your fortune, it’s your curse, you filthy gypsy. Plus, It’s not like you’re Rodney King or Rosa effing Parks. GET OVER IT, you hairy animal! Life goes on even if no one wants to J-date you, all because you’re a pity-popping looser. Your story is a portrait of blatant injustice, Lifetime should make a movie of the week about how you lost your eyesight for an entire nano-second. No, fuck that shit, you, Tammy “Crazy Eyes” Pescatelli should be the one being arrested for wasting my precious trolling time, you big waste of air conditioning, you. I hope your book sells as well as your winery did just now, dumpy. In short, your fat of ass, your Mom’s on welfare, and go fuck yourself and the club you bombed out of. Your womb is a polluted sack of cobwebs where two men enter and one man leaves with herpes. Suck on that, Tammy Fishface. Freedom of speech! Wooh!

    • juls

      oh wow insult comics are so hip and edgy. hilarious.

      • Stinkycheeseandwhine

        I’m a troll, silly! Funny comics like you get payed. Payed in pubes.

    • BRING IT

      Soooo, because you obviously hate Tammy, with your ranting and name calling,,,,,, your point being what exactly? Is it that you think it’s okay to assault someone as long has they’re ugly, according to your standards?
      Would you be saying all the same things here and feel the same way if someone assaulted your mother, let’s say, and threw a glass bottle or whatever glass object at your own mothers head with the intent to hit her and harm her or lets say it was your girlfriend, wife or daughter, (cuz I don’t know what you gender you are I am guessing), but would you be okay with that if someone did that to you or any of the following people in your life I just mentioned? 

      Come on now,,,,, if you seriously think that way,,,, it’s pretty sad…..

      • Stinkycheeseandwhine


    • BRING IT

      Plus I am a person who has never seen her act or for that matter ever heard of her till now,,,, but I don’t need too, to know that no matter what the person looks like, you don’t throw a glass at someone’s head with intention of hurting them.. It’s assault, weather Tammy is ugly in your eyes or not, it happened and the drunk women should have been charged, with whatever appropriate charge for that situation may be. Weather it be a fine or whatever,, we shouldn’t condone behaviour like that… And really, I think it would be appropriate for the club now to ban the drunken women from ever coming back into that club (if they so wish to) because she is a liability and who knows, maybe the next comedian she don’t like, she’ll through another glass at there head and maybe on that occasion she might not miss… but since we’ve just condoned her actions by letting her get away with it the first time, without any course of repercussions for her behaviour, we are saying that it’s okay for her to do again if she wanted or for others to think that as well now……..

      So it don’t matter weather you like Tammy or not or you think she is fat, ugly or whatever other names you called her,,,, it’s not okay to assault someone and if you do,,, well,,, you should be charged for your assault appropriately by the law.

    • Rob Cypher

      The preceding rant was paid for by our federal tax dollars, because you know this weirdo is sucking on the government’s tit pretty damn hard.

      And, of course, he’s probably a Ron Paul fan who wants everything dismantled…except for the services he receives. 

      • Stinkycheeseandwhine

         No one wants to hear about you cruising Queens in South Beach hag. I have enough cheddah to have a doctor fix your fuggly face. Plus, I voted for Obama, you racist piece of shit.

        • Rob Cypher

          So when someone talks about South Florida, the first thing that comes to your mind are drag queens?

          PS I doubt you voted for Obama or anybody else, because you strike me as an apathetic piece of shit who probably spends half of his time shooting up heroin and/or unable to vote because of too many felonies involving the buggering of pre-adolescent boys.

          • Stinkycheeseandwhine

            I’m a woman, dumb shit.

          • Rob Cypher

            And that stops you from buggering little Have you been watching the news lately? [It definitely doesn’t stop you from banging your veins with dope.]

            PS “I’m a woman, dumb shit.” You sound like you’re used to delivering that line. Maybe if you shaved your face and moved past a (negative)-A cup you wouldn’t have always tell men this. Assuming you don’t just turn them to stone on sight; a fair bet with someone of your nature.

          • Cheeseandwhine

            Why do you always refer to abusing children? I have your real name and address. You’d better stay away from children or I will report you. DXM addiction is not a good way to live your life. All joking aside, I feel sorry for you and I hope you get the help you clearly need.

      • RobCypherisaTransexual

        You’re a drug addict whose claim to fame is being featured as “DXM Ben” on A&E’s Intervention. Work a program or crawl back into your hole, dirt bag.

        • Rob Cypher

          Ha ha got a stalker. I officially have pissed off a loser. Awesome. Please cry some more, my sad little friend. Makes me feel as if I did something right today. :)

          • Readandwrite

             Ha! You got called the fuck out. You used your real name? How stupid can one junkie be? Oh right, dumb enough to chug the Tussin. I bet your mom is super proud, you dirty fucking drug addict.

          • Rob Cypher

            Wow, tell “Sally” that she got flat tits and no ass and she gets a vendetta on you. I hope CYS takes your kid away from you; you’re obviously mentally unstable.

    • guest

      These guys are really easy to troll, aren’t they?

  • divalasvegas

    I just posted on a comedian friend’s page on fb after he posted this link….I’ll say the same thing here. I work in a night club in Toronto Canada. We have very similar situations happen in our club in the last few years I’ve worked there. One was a DJ who was hit with an an almost empty drink glass and had his eye scratched by ice (thankfully we use plastic rocks glasses so the glass itself did not shatter) and another was a photographer covering a live music event that was hit in somewhat the same manner. Both required a trip to the ER. Unfortunately we don’t have as much as a captive audience as a comedy show/club….so the assailants were never identified…but if they were, our security does the ability to detain them and local law enforcement would charge them if the victim chose to. Assault is assault. I don’t care what you said, what you were wearing or if they bought you dinner (or a ticket to your show). 

    • BRING IT

      I completely agree with you divalasvegas!

      • divalasvegas

        I don’t want to offend (being Canadian and all, we HATE that) but with all the news reports, it seems as though some people are taking freedom of “whatever” to the extreme. And sadly it seems government officials are fueling it….and law enforcement (in this case) is glossing over an attack on someone with the same skewed ideals. Am I just a naive Canadian?

        • lilycad

          No, you’re not a naive Canadian.  Society has become a group of cretans who are self-centered and self-absorbed and think they’re “free.”  Their morals are being formed by reality shows like Housewives and Jersey Shore and Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms and whatever other negative energy shows are out there.  And then they think they have the right to throw a glass of wine over a woman trying to make a living because after all the housewives do it too!  It’s disgusting and disheartening.

          • Rob Cypher

            The funny thing is that these Tea Party yahoos do take the 1st amendment and use it to justify some evil shit, frankly…but they’re usually the ones who want to forcefully silence their opponents via various shady tactics. 

            They’ve also taken the second amendment to the extreme as well, but that appears to be an American tradition at this point, so…

  • Sallyjackmeoff

    Is it possible that getting a
    little wine thrown at you isn’t the end of the world? Unspeakable
    liquids are chucked at me on a regular basis by my sneaky four-year-old.
    Perhaps Ms. Pescatelli should develop a thicker skin, considering her
    profession. Or, she could do as she did: demand the police lock the
    wine-tossing-hussy in the slammer and then have the state attorney throw
    the book at her. When that didn’t happen, Tammy did what any
    self-respecting comedienne does, she learned from her experience and
    used it as material for her act. Oh, wait, that’s not what she did
    either; Ms. Pescatelli fought back by publishing an incoherent rambling
    rant of a blog post crying foul over the corruption and bias displayed
    towards her and by extension – all comedians. She ended her lengthy “woe
    is me” diatribe with the assertion that because the police and justice
    department were unable to prosecute an assault that never occurred, they
    were stealing her very freedom of speech. Never Tammy Tams: you still
    have the freedom to make yourself sound whinny and ridiculous. Mission

    • BRING IT

      Wow,,,, Sallyjackmeoff,,,,,  I think Tammy should use your intelligent blog name in her next act…. lol!!!  And a response for what you wrote under your Sallyjakemeoff name,,,lol,,, Do you think, in general,,,, it is okay to whip a glass at someone’s head with intent to actually hit them and hurt them? Do you really think that is acceptable behaviour for any grown adult to do and not consider it an assault on someone? Should the woman have thrown a knife instead but missed, would that have been acceptable to you as well? Seriously, Sallyjakemeoff,,, gotta love the name there you picked,,, but seriously, so you think it is acceptable to intend to cause harm to someone like that? What if it wasn’t you 4 yr old throwing his sippy cup at you and it was a drunk women whipping a glass bottle at your head, you’re okay with that? I think the comparison you picked suits you and the name you picked as well! 

      • Sallyjackmeoff

        That name was chosen for me by your Mom. I told her it was immature and so did your dad. Sorry.

        • BRING IT

          hahahahaha!!!! But it suits you well!!!! Glad my mom picked it for you!! hahahaha!!!

        • Rob Cypher

          I see someone’s on “E” today. And not “E” as in “ecstasy”.

      • Sallyjackmeoff

         I put as much thought into my pen name as Tammy “Crazy Eyes” put into her entire article. If she’s going to waste my time, I’m going to waste yours. I’ll shit out my dreams and nightmares all over this blog. – Sally

        • BRING IT

          You control your own time Sally,,,(It’s funny how now it’s just Sally) humm? Anyway, you control your own time so it’s you that is wasting it, not anyone else here…. So maybe try reading something else that doesn’t make you so crabby, angry and upset where you just end up posting nothing but crabby an crappy things on here…..

        • Rob Cypher

          “I put as much thought”

          You think? Good thing you said something, because no one else here would’ve drawn that conclusion reading your posts.

          “If she’s going to waste my time, I’m going to waste yours.”

          Tammy made you read this article? Was it mandatory to read the whole thing? Or are you too stupid to figure out where the “back” button on your browser was?

          “I’ll shit out my dreams and nightmares all over this blog. – Sally”

          IOW, you’re unemployed and your mental illness is not being medicated properly. Just say so next time, “Sally”.

    • juls

      are you commenting on what happened or is this a critique on tammy’s blog post? i’m pretty sure there are more appropriate forums for your literary opinion.

      when you DO go there, please read more carefully in future: she didn’t have a “little wine” thrown at her, SHE. HAD. A. GLASS, THROWN. AT. HER. FACE. which if you knew anything about comedy you would know came flying at her out of pitch blackness. i sincerely hope you’re not teaching your child that that’s acceptable behaviour.

      • Sallyjackmeoff

         Bringing my child into this was unwise. Now, I’m gonna fuck with ya. I’m only going to tell you this once jag: people love shenanigans! Tammy can defend her chubby body just fine, she truffle shuffled like a champ, prob solved. It’s not like the coal mines gave her black lung or something. People die every day, victims of mass genocide, now that shit is sad. This, this is hilarious. Tammy has an extremely fat ass and no feeling sorry for her is going to change that. Imagine how the drunk gal felt when she failed to nail the bitch. Not a real self-esteem builder. Broaden your perspective a little. And stop YELLING at people. CAPS LOCK is a sign of a weak and deeply twisted mind. – Sally

        • BRING IT

          The only twisted mind here seems to be coming from all your own blogs Sally…. You make no sense in anything you say..? What does Tammy’s looks have anything to do with anything or about the actual situation? Leave her fat ass, as you say, out of, what does her looks have anything to do with someone throwing a glass at her face with intentions of hurting her?
          Also, putting the caps lock on, like Juls did in her post, is not a sign of a weak and deeply twisted mind,, were do you come up with that crap?? What you write, with all the little immature name calling and bashing in all your blogs is a sign of weakness on your own part because it seems to be the only stones you can throw,,,, nothing intelligent or productive  comes out of your mouth or through your blogs,,, It’s all a bunch of garbage bashing and name calling and stating things that are so off topic and unrelated to the whole thing at hand… Talk about wasting time?,,, you seem to do a lot of it brought upon yourself…
          I would hope that you don’t raise your 4 yr old to think that it’s okay to throw glass objects at other little kids because he thinks they’re ugly or something like you do…Because if he did he might end up grounded or in time out,,, wouldn’t you think?, Wouldn’t you think that that would be an appropriate punishment to handle a 4 yr old doing that? So they no that that’s wrong? Think about it……… 
          The drunk lady should have been charge appropriately or fined,,, something to tell her and others that it is not allowed or tolerated to assault someone…
          Just like if your 4 yr old threw something to hurt another child, you should appropriatly discipline he/she for there actions……

          Now think really really hard this time before you rant back about what you could say AND if you have something intelligent to comment back with, great but if you don’t and it’s more of the same as your other posts,,, ? Then it’s just more of your own time wasted as you say,,,,

          • Sallyjackmeoff

            “The only twisted mind here seems to be coming from all your own blogs Sally…”  All my own blogs? I don’t own this blog. They’re called comments, you silly fool. Even my four-year-old knows that.

          • BRING IT

            You seriously have education issues! You seem to lack common sense and the ability to understand things,,,! Even when it’s pointed out to you in such a manner a 4 yr old could understand…. Excuse me blog, comments,,,,,wow are you seriously that uneducated to not understand what I meant? You either are a young uneducated teenager, with a four yr old, and you need to grow up A LOT or an adult that only has the vocabulary of popular name calling kids use….wow,,,, your COMMENTS,,, lol are a waste of everyone’s time to read,,,, and again, the name you chose, Sallyjackmeoff,,, suits you well….. I feel sorry for your for your 4yr old and what kind of language and morals you plan on teaching him/her…?? I’m sure you’ll raise a fine outstanding citizen,, (ya, right,,, Far from it),, because with the mentality of human respect you have for others,,, it’s sad…….. and disappointing…… 

          • Rob Cypher

            It looks like the 4 year old was the one that taught “Sally” her reading/writing skills. And that “Sally” wasn’t paying enough attention during those lessons.

          • BenLoweisaRacist

            Why don’t you use your real name Ben.

          • Rob Cypher

            Oh wow that was hard to find! YOU MUST BE FBI!! 

            LOL, sally sucks again. Please give your kids up for adoption so they don’t become subhuman scum like you. thx

          • Rob Cypher

            Oh, what am I saying…Sally probably rents them out to pedos for a McDonald’s extra value meal and a pack of marlboros. It’s a family tradition that’s been going on for generations! 

          • Haf222

            Even your four-year-old knows that?!?  That is astounding because your kid is dumb as shit!  God bless the little waterhead.

        • Rob Cypher

           Bringing my child into this was unwise.”

          I agree, it WAS unwise for you to drag your kid into the conversation with your first post by trying to compare her behavior with a person who you seem to have an unnatural hate for.

           People die every day, victims of mass genocide, now that shit is sad.”

          And yet you’re still around to spread stupid shit all over the Internet, adding an extra layer of sadness onto of all of that…and probably makes some folks wonder if there is a god or if god doesn’t care about us to allow nitwits like you to breed nonstop all over this earth.


    Here’s a little info and facts to all of you who wrote in to say your two cents about how it was okay for the drunk person to do what she did…… 
    Well, I will start with the definition of assault, for those of you that don’t seem to understand and go on ranting about her being a pussy or a cry baby,,, You need to educate yourselves a bit and the comedian was well within her rights to have her charged for assault weather she got hit or not…

    Okay, here goes,,, don’t be afraid to read all the way through to the end,,, Because, all you pro-glass throwers, I promise you, you’ll learn something! 

    Assault 1) v. the threat or attempt to strike another, whether successful or not, provided the target is aware of the danger. The assaulter must be reasonably capable of carrying through the attack. In some states if the assault is with a deadly weapon (such as sniping with a rifle), the intended victim does not need to know of the peril. Other state laws distinguish between different degrees (first or second) of assault depending on whether there is actual hitting, injury or just a threat. “Aggravated assault” is an attack connected with the commission of another crime, such as beating a clerk during a robbery. 2) n. the act of committing an assault, as in “there was an assault down on Third Avenue.” Assault is both a criminal wrong, for which one may be charged and tried, and civil wrong for which the target may sue for damages due to the assault, including for mental distress.

    At Common Law, an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and Tort Law. There is, however, an additional Criminal Law category of assault consisting of an attempted but unsuccessful Battery.

    Generally, the essential elements of assault consist of an act intended to cause an apprehension of harmful or offensive contact that causes apprehension of such contact in the victim.The act required for an assault must be overt. Although words alone are insufficient, they might create an assault when coupled with some action that indicates the ability to carry out the threat. A mere threat to harm is not an assault; however, a threat combined with a raised fist might be sufficient if it causes a reasonable apprehension of harm in the victim.

    An aggravated assault, punishable in all states as a felony, is committed when a defendant intends to do more than merely frighten the victim.  An assault with a dangerous weapon is aggravated if there is an intent to cause serious harm. In this case the drunk women intended to harm her and used the glass as a weapon,,, now you may think that that is stupid but the INTENT was to HARM her with it….

    The punishment for criminal assault is a fine, imprisonment, or both. Penalties are more severe when the assault is aggravated. Many states have statutes dividing criminal assault into various degrees. As in aggravated assault, the severity of the crime, the extent of violence and harm, and the criminal intent of the defendant are all factors considered in determining the sentence imposed.

    SO maybe now that you’ve learned something about the LAW and what the police are SUPPOSED to do if they are called upon to take action in something like this against the assaulter,,, weather you feel they had better things to do or not,,, there job was to file a report and the assaulter held liable for her actions.

    Now lets all see the intelligent come backs I’ll get from all of you that think it’s okay to whip a glass at someone’s head!
    If you think it’s still okay, then why not let us all practice at your head sometime? It might just knock some sense into you! 

    BRING IT! 

    • Queenobank

      Well put

    • ALittleLogicGoesALongWay

      Well put, and of course since you brought logic and truth to the argument, you’re being ignored by all the fucking morons supporting the drunk. I suppose I can’t blame them though, it’s a lot easier to fight your side of the argument when you aren’t constrained by such silly things, I mean who needs facts, logic or indeed any sense at all, that just makes the arguments boring, committing logical fallacies is just so much more interesting…. *rolls eyes*

    • Jason

      I agree with you, @4347c3016a5b6824ccd537497174ddc8:disqus , but when bringing up intelligence you may want to proofread (*whether *comebacks *their).  Periods and commas are amazing things when used correctly.  But you do seem to have a good grasp on copy and paste.

  • Billiam

    The glass was thrown and the woman was immediately kicked out?  Then you’re done. 

    Sure you’re mad. But trying to get the police to arrest a person who threw a glass and didn’t actually hit someone an hour later is not that important to them. It’s important to YOU.   Sure.  But not to the police. Sucks but that’s life. It’s not cause you’re a comic and comics don’t deserve protection.  If you were a dry cleaner or a astronaut at a bar, the same life rules apply – they’re not gonna arrest an asshole an hour later who didn’t actually harm someone because a bunch of people witnessed it.  Now suck it in and accept that  there are assholes out there.Your complaint is with THE CLUB. Maybe.  I’m not sure from your ramblings  if the club kicked this person out immediately or allowed them to stay for the remaining 20 minutes.  Was the person still there 20 minutes after your standing ovation?  (Standing ovation.  Really? I guess, like Sinbad, your humor doesn’t pop on the page.)It is the CLUB’S duty to recognize whether a heckler that is being “answered” by the comic is wanted or not. Sometimes the back and forth goes great and the comic proves how clever they can be in real time.  The audience goes nuts.  BUT the second – the very second — the comic is “done” and tries to move back into their act, the club manager’s job is to make sure that person is also done. They MUST make a serendipitous visit to the table.  And if that person starts up again or, as happened here, does something even MORE disruptive, it is the club manager’s DUTY to drag that person out the fucking door and dump them into the alley.  Period.  No polite 2nd reminders a minute later.  ONE warning and then the bartender, the doorman and two of the busboys LITERALLY drag the person out the door so argue outside.  Let the drunk asshole stammer to the police how he’s being manhandled after “only throwing a glass.”  

    It’s not the police’s job to police the inside of a comedy club.   And yes, if there was actual harm (if the glass hit you) that’s different. But it didn’t.  Being splashed with a drink is rude and wrong and the person’s an asshole. But I don’t WANT the police involved in stuff like this. They have better things to do. 

    • Legs

       “It’s not the police’s job to police the inside of a comedy club. ” 

      So it’s Ok in your opinion to throw knives at you in a comedy club as long as they don’t hit you…? Nobody would get hurt.

      Or if someone breaks into your home and only steals stuff: Don’t you think the police would be better off solving real crimes like murders?

      • BilliamCoronel

        The house break-in is a silly analogy. In that case they actually broke a law – they trespassed and stole.  

        As to your knife analogy – a glass and a knife are different things.  What if they threw a wad of cotton at you?  Would that count also?  The object thrown IS important.  Pulling out a gun only to show it as a threat is different too. Even though it isn’t thrown or tossed.  A handful of glitter tossed into somebody’s eyes should be treated more seriously too.  

        It is the police’s job to police the inside of a comedy club ONLY when somebody’s actions inside that club is illegal. Throwing something at someone, as wrong as that is, isn’t illegal if it doesn’t hit them. Don’t be mad at the cops. It’s not their fault the law is written as such.

        Again, the club can and should have rules that aren’t based on legal or illegal. If a person is talking to much they get thrown out. People have a right to free speech but NOT IN THIS CLUB during a show. People might not be legally liable for tossing something at the comic that doesn’t hit them but IN THIS CLUB that is ground for expulsion. 

        The person was an asshole but all assholes don’t need to be arrested. In THIS case the asshole got lucky and didn’t actually hit the comic.  Everybody’s anger here with the cop’s not doing something at least a half hour after the fact is misplaced.

        • Rob Cypher

          So throwing a glass object at someone unprovoked ISN’T a crime? 

          “People might not be legally liable for tossing something at the comic that doesn’t hit them”

          Um, yeah they usually are, actually. It’s called assault and battery. Her problem was she was in one of the most barbaric parts of the US where laws don’t seem to apply if locals are throwing things at “outsiders”.

          “Throwing something at someone, as wrong as that is, isn’t illegal if it doesn’t hit them.”

          HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA whew that’s a good laugh. All you have to do is look online at Florida’s laws to see that you’re wrong (or call up one of the state’s defense attorneys and ask them; since quite a few of their cases revolve around crap like this).

          From lawyers com’s website (can’t link to them directly because DISQUS freaks out with stuff like that, so einter the dot between lawyers and com and go there yoursefl):


          A battery is an intentional physical contact with a person without his or her consent that results in bodily harm or is offensive to a reasonable sense of dignity. An act is a battery if it causes physical pain or injury to a person’s body. It may also be an act that is offensive to a reasonable person. Ordinary bumping that occurs while walking through a crowd is generally not offensive to a reasonable person; however, intentionally pushing people in a crowd out of the way may be offensive to a reasonable person. In addition, a defendant may be liable if he or she commits an act that would not be offensive to a reasonable person but that offends a sensitive plaintiff, whom the defendant knew to be a sensitive person. The defendant need not actually touch the plaintiff using his or her body; the contact may be caused indirectly. Also, the plaintiff need not be aware that the contact actually occurred, unlike the requirement in assault cases that the plaintiff must be aware and be placed in apprehension of a contact.”

          The assault and battery laws work the same way in every state, but Florida doesn’t take them as seriously if an “outsider” who they consider “uppity” is the victim.

          But hey, don’t believe me? Try throwing a rock at a police officer that’s close enough to grab his attention but doesn’t actually hit him. I bet they won’t buy that excuse, but I _will_ bet that they will give you a life lesson of your own between the tazering and the kicks to the ribs.

    • Queenobank

      Where exactly IS your mother ship? Get away with this and what will the drunken woman do next time?

  • Gravedigger224

    Bitch, please. No one assaulted you. You’re just pissed because your book sucks and your ass is super fat.

    • Queenobank

      Tammy is billed as the hardest working female comic in this country because her book is full you jerk. And if her ass is fat, Twiggy was a rhino. You should grab your bag of chips and six pack and go back to your mother’s basement where you obviously live and play your video games.

      • Gravedigger224

        The Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Fla, is the pinnacle for bad comics like Tammy because she’s not funny. People will continue to throw shit at her because she isn’t funny. The hardest working thing about Tammy is life itself working over her face. Now, that’s funny.

        • Rob Cypher

          [Queenobank] – this idiot you’re talking to is clearly not old enough to have a “six pack”, unless he stole it from his mom while she was in the middle of sleeping off a bath salts binge.

          [some dweeb whose username was based on his last job before he got caught molesting folks in their coffin said:]

          “The hardest working thing about Tammy is life itself working over her face. Now, that’s funny.”

          If that’s funny, then someone _literally_ working over your face (preferably with fists and/or feet) should be DOWNRIGHT hilarious. I might pay to see that. But not much since you’re not worth much as a person (or a fighter, when it comes down to it).

          • Gravedigger224

             Suck me beautiful!

          • Rob Cypher

            Hitting on men uncontrollably? Must be a Republican!

  • guest

    I’ve had my life threatened at a gig and know other comedians who have been threatened or assaulted. We have as much right to feel safe as anyone else in their place of work. Unfortunately when we are dealing with intoxicated people every night, that is not always going to be the case. However, it is a very sad day when the police refuse to take notice.

  • Bob Lauver

    I was there and Tammy was polite to the drunk woman until the woman started running her mouth.  At no time did Tammy say anything that should have made even a drunk person throw something.  The woman is a product of today’s society. The rules should apply weather you are in a comedy club, a store, or any place else.
    Had this event taken place in a strip club the drunk woman would have got her ass kicked then wanted to sue somebody. There were 4 police cars there when we left and I see no reason that they did not arrest that woman!

    Bob Lauver

    • Kikisparkles

       I work at a strip club. No one does squat when they rough up my luscious talent. Please Bob, help me. Help me if you can, man.

      • Bob Lauver

        Well I also have worked in strip clubs and have seen people that assult/insult the talent get their ass kicked from the stage all the way out the door. Maybe you need to work in a better club. 
        The point I was trying to make is that people feel free to do what they want and do not think anything will be done to them. That did not apply in the clubs I worked in.

  • Guest

    “Last night at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Fla”… oh, she was in Florida. That explains it.

  • Adam Holwerda

    Statement or blog post? Dear God.

    • Rob Cypher

      I took a look at your material via your Twitter account. You have very little room to criticize on this point. I didn’t look at your attempts at “fiction writing”; but that’s because it’s past midnight and I don’t want to wake up my girl laughing at unintentionally humorous (and always poorly written) stuff that could normally be called “fanfic material” if it wasn’t for the fact that it was “original”. 

      I bet you’re the type that has a “Mary Sue/Marty Sue” in every one of your stories.

  • Guest

    In her blog about her outrage of being attacked she makes comments about how awesome her set was 4 times. She demanded someone else call the police for her because someone threw something at her (and totally missed). She asks a crowd of people to stay and give statements to police about a person who threw a glass that didn’t hit anyone. Let’s also keep in mind having the police respond to this could be taking them away from more serious crimes and it costs tax payer dollars. I think Tammy is clearly a self-important person. The heckler was kicked out of the club which was in my opinion the proper reaction to the offense. If you’re any kind of performer there is a chance a drunk patron is going to throw something at the stage. If the person is seen they should be kicked out plain and simple. I really think the police have more important things to do than respond to “assault” cases where nobody has actually been harmed.

    • Sasha_206

      Although clearly stronger action should’ve been taken in regard to a woman throwing a wine glass at someone’s head, Tammy sounds like she is not only unfunny but about to take legal action.  I mean, read swollen eye from wine in your eye?  Not to mention, it appears that in the name of “comedy” she continued to provoke the drunk.

      • Rob Cypher

        Not to mention, it appears that in the name of “comedy” she continued to provoke the drunk.”

        in other words, you’re justifying battery AND blaming the victim for being battered. You are one class act. 

    • Queenobank

      And if she had fired a gun and the bullet missed? Glass can blind a person. Lets see you stand on a lit stage and have flying missle thrown at you from the dark….Oh and she is AWESOME and was voted top in her venue by Comedy Central..Why is is jerks defend jerks? Oh, because they are jerks!

      • Guest

        Firing a gun would be assault with a deadly weapon which is much different. Nobody is defending the jerk. She was kicked out of the club as she should have been. But demanding police be called and throwing a fit when they refuse to investigate this “crime” and go track down the person and arrest them is RIDICULOUS. And going to the State Attorney’s Office because someone threw a wine glass at you is INSANE. “Can you please take someone off the rape or murder they’re investigating and catch this person who threw a wine glass at me and missed?” Yeah that’s not selfish or self-important. 

        • Rob Cypher

          Okay “guest”, since you feel so sure about your “understanding” of the law, why don’t try repeating that incident with a police officer? If that’s too “scary” for you (even though you claim you KNOW it’s not a crime), then just throw one at a random person while a cop is watching you.

          Bonus points if you get a friend to film it with a camera/phone/tablet!

  • Comedianvince

    No need for the police to arrest her…Let it didn’t get hit..(I’m a comic, man up)

    • dontmindme777

      “Yeah, bro ‘man up’ bro. gawd, can’t believe you didn’t just stand there and let the glass smash into your face, what are you a PUSSY?”    How ’bout this, “comedianvince,” how about yuo tell us all where your going to be performing next and you’ll draw the biggest crowd in your career by being the human punching bag you seem to think comedians are supposed to be. Twat.  

      • Cremefraiche

         You have no knowledge of his carnal treasure.

    • Queenobank

      No you are an ass

  • Dan McGowan

    Unlike some of my comedy peers (well, I don’t know if they’re comedy peers – never heard of them.  But then, they’ve never heard of me either) – I fully support Tammy and in NO way view her as a CRY baby!  Would she still be a cry baby had glass shattered into her eyes?  Where exactly is the “line” defining cry baby and victim of an assault?  Club owners and managers need to do a better job in general with unruly guests.  This biz is NOT only about selling booze.  Long before this got out of hand someone should have yanked this lady out of the club.  Period. 

    • Comedyfan

      You can’t blame this on the club owner nor manager. This seemed to be a quick exchange of words. How do you know they were not already on their way to get the heckler? This is an out of the ordinary incident.

      • Dennis Beatty

        Texting should get you thrown out, this exchange of words sounds like it was a couple of minutes long, at the first sign of the woman being an ass they should have had her frogmarched out of the door.  Yes, it is the club owner/manager’s fault.

      • newcomedy02

        of course you can place both the blame and the responsibility on the clubs and managers. You have to see that these shows bring in patrons and prestige to these clubs. As a professional comedian you would thumb your nose at a notibly “dangerous” club, so before you go into ANY club situation, you should outline acceptible conduct, and they have to be on board to protect you.      …… not the town drunk ass who shows up every Thursday-Sunday.

      • Rob Cypher

        You can’t blame this on the people who are supposed to set up security so things like this don’t occur? I hope you don’t have a job that involves that type of responsibility

    • OutragedComic

      This exchange of words happened quickly and Tammy can handle hecklers. She has been doing this for 18 years. I have worked with her before and was backstage when this occurred. Tammy perfers to stand her ground with a heckler and will stop anyone from throwing someone out and ruining the show. As she says, she is a professional and a heckler will never best her. The problem was when this woman stepped over the line and threw something at her. Then it became assualt. FYI – The club owner is the one the drove Tammy to the States Attorney’s Office. He also made several phone calls in an effort to get this woman charged the next day and pledged to not give up pushing for this. It was the Jacksonville Sherrif’s Office and State’s Attorney that would not persue. Let’s not lose focus on the villan here. Little Miss. I don’t know how to behave in public with respect for myself or those around me. The attitude by the authorities was that as a comedian, we should just expect and accept this kind of behavior. I say NO WAY!!! We need people to take notice of this rising issue! People cannot be allowed to some into where we work, mess with our reputations, and treat us however they like with no fear of retaliation. If I threw a glass at anyone in front of 200 people, I would have been arrested for assault with no hesitation. Since when is a comedian putting a show for hundreds of paying customers valued less than any other citizen? Thank you, Tammy for letting your voice be heard for us all!

      • Sandra Scully-Mannaravalappil

        What if she had been working at Burger King and someone threw hot oil in her face..Would that have been aceptable work place behaviour

  • Captmorgan23

    hmmm….she got wine on her, that is horrible

    • juls

      she had a glass thrown at her HEAD you moron

      • Dan Dodge

         Which didn’t hit her, you name calling jerk.

        • dontmindme777

          Only because she ducked, you hypocritical name-calling name-caller asshat.

        • juls

          riiiiiiight, so being upset by having a glass come at your face out of the darkness while you’re on stage is being a pussy but you can’t handle ‘name-calling’? jeezus what school did you go to? you probably need a hug.

          i do apologise to capt morgan for calling him a moron, i was just a little shocked at his reaction given that in the adult world it’s generally not considered acceptable behaviour to throw shit at people. 
          and since when do comics/comedy lovers stick up for the heckler? this story has created some sort of bizarre parallel universe. i don’t like it here, I WANNA GO HOOOOOMMMMME!

          • Rob Cypher

            “and since when do comics/comedy lovers stick up for the heckler?”

            probably because they’re _the_ heckler(s) at any show they go to. Audience trolls gotta stick together and all. 😉

        • JD

           So I’m allowed to try to shoot you and it’s not a crime? Can I throw a knife at your ignorant face, knowing that if I miss (after all, I’ve never thrown knives; I probably suck at it) you don’t think it should be prosecuted as a crime? By the way, alcohol can blind a person. There’s a better than average change I’d beat half to death anybody who intentionally dumped booze on me.

          The idiocy of human beings never ceases to amaze me.

          • Celes

             Judging from your 3 comments throughout this thread, JD, you sound like the exact kind of person that would lose it and shoot a wine glass at someone, if not something worse. 
            “There would be nothing… NOTHING.. better than finding out John
            Daugherty had a massive piece of glass slice through his eyeball,
            blinding him forever.”
            “Nuking Florida probably wouldn’t be a terrible thing to do at this point.”
            “Can I throw a knife at your ignorant face…”
            Effing creeper.

        • Rob Cypher

          Two ways Dan FAILS here:

          1. According to his Twitter, he himself does stand up comedy at times, so I guess that means he must be okay-dokey with people throwing stuff at him as long as it doesn’t hit him.

          2. Using an ad hominem while complaining about the subject doing exactly that.

          I’ll give him credit – he at least partially tells the truth by calling himself a “future failed comedian” on his Twitter. Probably should remove the future part, though.

  • Sfriedricearoni

    This has been an escalating problem in clubs in the last few years.  I was physically attacked on stage in a club and the heckler wasn’t arrested even after tearing off 2 guys shirts in the skuffle.   The club owner asked me to go back up and “calm” the audience down.. I asked if they could get me a towel for the blood..WTF!!!

    • Ahsram5

       WTH is wrong with people lately!?! What?..are we going to hv to watch live shows thru protective glass? Looks like people (and often their kids) get away with anything these days. People, even law-enforcement, can’t be bothered to do the right thing? So much easier to just look the other way.
      Starts small, with little regard for things like common decency, consideration..and escalates to assault. Can’t believe the outrageous sh*t I observe on airplanes and in airports all over the US, even in secured areas. Police came on board after landing at Orange County Airport. Crew radioed ahead to have law enforcement apprehend a female passenger. FA’s and passengers (who offered to restrain her) witnessed a woman assault a young-adult male (that she did not know) by punching him in the face during our beverage service. We stood by and observed the airport Police Officers attempt to talk the young man out of pressing charges!
      I believe that eventually our Captain chose to file and press charges on behalf of the crew.
      Maybe transition to law/society of historic, feudal Japan..all crimes punishable by death.
      No over-crowded, expensive correctional facilities needed!

      • Transphor Adon

        Yeah, how did that system work out for Japan? Oh yea, they got nuked.

        Guess their strategy didn’t work so well after all :)

  • stella31

    Maybe it is bc she’s a comedian, but those were southern cops. (I’m southern, i’m allowed to disparage my own people & i’ve witnessed enough crap too.) I bet it’s because she’s a woman & they viewed it as a “catfight” & not serious. Their thought: it’s not worth the time to do the paperwork for a couple of women calling each other names. That a crime actually took place is irrelevant.

    • Queenobank

      So drunken women are allowed to throw things at entertainers without consequences..I am from the south also, this was inexcusable

      • Captaen Scairp

        Drunk woman attacks other woman, with wine? Maybe they were liking the idea of a catfight?

    • Jason X Wins

      That’s especially true in Jacksonville..

    • NO

      good job generalizing.

    • JD

       Haven’t we learned that the Florida justice system is run by a bunch of completely incompetent pieces of garbage? From Casey Anthony to Trayvon Martin, and now this (clear a much less serious story, but one that fits a pattern of total ineptitude). Nuking Florida probably wouldn’t be a terrible thing to do at this point.

      • Rob Cypher

        I was given a chance to stay in Florida once. It was not a bad part (in other words, not North Florida) and was diverse but even there it seemed like everybody was crazy in one way or another, a type of dysfunction I never saw on the level of a whole state’s population…I left and never looked back, even though people though I was stupid for it at the time. And lo and behold, since I left…Jeb Bush instituted “Stand Your Ground” laws; then a literal crook like Scott is elected after that; then we had the Zimmerman/Martin thing, which has been nothing but negative to what’s left of Florida’s prestige; and the state is now one of the nation’s largest depositories for addictive (some legal, some not) drugs nicknamed “bath salts”.

        And this state also gave us Bush II as well!

        Perhaps we should nuke it from orbit to save America and perhaps the rest of humanity :(

        • WarningaboutRobCypher

           When “Rob Cypher” says he was “given a chance to stay in Florida once.” He means the time he was incarcerated there, or as he puts it, “a guest of the state.” He served four years of a reduced sentence of involuntary manslaughter for killing a six year old girl who was walking on the sidewalk, he pinned her with his car and drug her for over 50 yards, too intoxicated to know he’d hit anything. “Rob Cypher” aka Ben Lowe, aka “DXM Ben” is a severely disturbed individual who has been featured on the A&E reality show Intervention. He is a known for promoting hate-speech on comedy related sites like this one and others. Harassing people on the internet will eventually lead to a violation of his parole. He has brought a great deal of pain and suffering to anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Thank you for allowing me to post this warning.

          • Rob Cypher

            LOL what? I’m not Glenn Beck – and I’m not on “parole”. Try again.

    • gizmosd98

      For those responding to this comment by “stella31″ Although I strongly disagree with the “I’m a member of the group, so I can criticize ‘my own people'” philosophy (Remember, “Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong” whether you are an inside member or an outside observer!); stella31 is correct that the officers failed Ms Pescatelli AND the society they are sworn to “Protect and Serve.”

      Note the remark about “…disparge…” which clearly indicates criticism. The criticism is of the officers who trivialized the incident as an inconsequential “catfight” and failed at their duty as law enforcement officers.

      The offending parties need the following (AT LEAST):
      · The assault and batterer (yes, a “battery” charge applies since physical contact was made with Ms Pescatelli and she sustained injury, no matter the severity), aka the wine-wielding intoxicated heckler, needs to be brought to justice and punished for the attack.
      · The officers need to be reprimanded for failing to uphold the law.
      · The State’s Attorney’s office needs to be reprimanded for failing at their roll as a fail-safe to justice being served.
      AND, all three groups need to be ashamed at their own appalling behavior.

    • Sandra Scully-Mannaravalappil

      Why the Florida Police arrested two cheerleaders a few years ago two from The Carolina Panthers and two from the Tampa Bucceneers for cat fighting and lesbian activity in a bathroom stall.Maybe that was a cat fight they wanted to see.Police should not be judge and jury that is no their job peiriod. They are to arrest people who break the law and then let the LEGAL SYSTEM decide what happens

  • Maxljdoyle

    I’m doing it all wrong.. Nobody has tried to throw a glass of wine at me yet.. 


  • jeff

    Fake outrage over Daniel Tosh shutting up a heckler is international news.  An actual assault doesn’t even get an arrest.

    • Rob Cypher

      Did you say the same thing about Michael Richards and his “heckler” incident? Because it seems to me like Tosh picked up some of his tricks from “Kramer” there. 

      • drlaxslax

        Michael Richards got a bad rap too…the hecklers deserved it…you screw with an act you deserve what you get. 

        • Rob Cypher

          You deserve racial slurs and death threats? In that case, that just proves the hecklers are correct. 9_9

  • mmoon

    WTF!?  That’s ridiculous, the drunkard should have been charged.  Wow. And I completely agree with Tammy’s whole statement regarding hecklers.  I don’t sit in the front row at comedy clubs because I know even that makes me fair game, but to actually shout something out unprompted?  Hell no…I’m not an idiot :)  

  • Ravyn

    The Macy’s statement is not true. I’ve been hit in the *face* with food, electronics, and all sorts of merchandise — sometimes by drunk people and sometimes just by angry people who don’t understand how corporations work. Each time I had witnesses and security camera footage. No customer was *ever* arrested and the police certainly didn’t care. I got the “these things happen” in regards to customer service. When I called the non-emergency line, I was told that nothing would be done unless I called 9-11 and when I called 9-11 they wouldn’t dispatch an officer because the customer had already left (like someone is gonna chuck a DVD at someone’s face and then peruse something else to buy). Your story, while frustrating as all get out, is sadly not uncommon. :(

  • John Daugherty

    what a fucking longwinded and boring story. Also, what a crybaby.

    • Queenobank

      What if that wine glass had hit her in the eye and done permanent damage? Do you think she should have thrown something back at the heckler? She tried to defuse the situation. What an ass you are!

    • Kutulhu

       John, you would be authority of boring.

    • Moto123

       Fuck you.

    • Gary

      I’m with John here.  Calling the police because wine hit you?  Calm down and let the fact that you adequately dealt with the drunkard verbally be what you take away from the incident.

      • Rob Cypher

        adequately dealt with the drunkard verbally ”

        And that does what to dissuade the drunkard from repeating the behavior, since people tend not learn things (or even remember them) while drunk?

        She shouldn’t have to handle it once the woman throws something at her – at the point it’s the club’s responsibility, and they failed by not having this woman arrested for battery (which doesn’t actually require you to be hit, unlike assault).

        • Guest

          battery (which doesn’t actually require you to be hit, unlike assault).”

          Other way around.

    • JD

       There would be nothing… NOTHING.. better than finding out John Daugherty had a massive piece of glass slice through his eyeball, blinding him forever.

      • Aiden

        Jesus, JD.  Look at what you just wrote.  If this conversation had been actually occurring in person, I’d say that you sound like a total psychopath.  I mean, holy s^&*.  Talk about overboard.

        • Pitts Burgh


      • Oddman80

        i assume this is a tosh reference – in which case.. HILARIOUS and WEL DONE!

    • Rob Cypher

      what a fucking idiotic and stupid response. Also, what a douche.

      I would like to see this guy do “comedy”. I bet he’d get a lot more than a few glasses thrown at him.

    • Drcougar87

      @john daugherty, what if that was YOUR girlfriend or wife performing? Bet you would change your tune…

    • real working comedian

      Obviously you don’t get it.  You sound like a typical disrespectful douche-bag that texts during the middle of a comedy show.  You would be angry too if someone interrupted you at your job’s french fry cooking duties.   

    • Kbneal777

      What would happen to you if someone at your workplace threw something at you? This woman was assaulted as she was doing her job. Shame on the police and shame on the club owner. Throwing something at anyone is not “okay” no matter where you are.

    • Noamsane

      What a short and trite comment. Also, what a douche.

  • Guest

    I can’t wait to see the Onion go after Pescatelli, too.

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