Comedian Gallagher stars in new Geico commercial (Video)

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During a recent appearance on a local Ohio radio show, comedian Gallagher briefly mentioned that he was about to appear in a national television campaign for Geico. The point may have gotten lost, since most of the interview was dedicated to what seemed like the comedian’s fall from grace, after suffering a series of heart attacks and mostly retiring from the road. As it turns out, it looks like the man is doing ok.

Tonight, Gallagher will appear on Late Show with David Letterman, and we hear that he taped not one, but two full segments. We’ll make sure we post those videos when their available. For now, check out the Geico spot below!

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  • mom

    Too bad the author of this article can’t spell. “We’ll make sure we post those videos when their available.”. It should have been “they’re”. Not much of an editor.

    • momisabitch

      Thanks for the useful comment, Captain Grammer.

  • CAINstructor357

    saw him last year in Japan as part of a Navy MWR tour.  That being said, when I saw him, he looked nothing like the person in the commercial. He looked much older, with grey and white hair, very thin and frail. this guy looks more like his twin brother (that most people don’t know exists, and who was involved in a long protracted legal battle with the REAL Gallagher concerning the rights to the “character and act”….look it up, lol). Who knows though, maybe Geico was just trying to portray him the way he was.

    • Shawn Kemp73

       It is most certainly Leo Gallagher, not Ron in the Geico spot, Gallagher has been coloring his hair for years, growing it out and sporting some wicked roots and then color it again.Ron is not a twin, just his similar looking brother. Glad to see Gallagher on screen, he is an original and arguably the first and best prop comic and a genius to boot.

  • Hunter Boyette

    Good for him. Seriously.

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