Kevin Smith launches ‘Too Fat to Fly’ and ‘Let Us Dance’ apps for iPod and iPad

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Kevin Smith’s ridiculously, insanely gigantic empire continues to grow, as Smith branches out into the video game world. SMarcade, a division of Smith’s SmodCo has worked in cooperation with Ice Cap Games to release two iOS games, available for download on the iPod and iPad, starring Smith’s beloved characters Jay and Silent Bob. Jay and Silent Bob in Let Us Dance and Jay and Silent Bob in Too Fat to Fly are available now in the Apple app store!

Here’s the official game for Too Fat to Fly:

Too Fat To Fly is a challenge-based physics game, where players assist Jay in order to launch Silent Bob through various environments such as a shopping mall or the streets of Jersey. Through the completion of challenges, players have the opportunity to unlock special features and upgrades, including new costumes for Jay and Silent Bob.

And the description for Let Us Dance:

Out on the street, it’s breakdance party time with Jay & Silent Bob! Jay’s got the moves, and Silent Bob brought his classic boom box full of funky tunes. It’s up to you to keep the rhythm and help Jay prove to the rest of Jersey that hes King of breakers! Let Us Dance is a rhythm-based match game, challenging players to match colored-button presses to the beat of the music in an effort to prolong Jays acrobatic dance moves. The game comes with three unique styles of music, and provides addictive gameplay like only the View Askewniverse can.

Too Fat To Fly is available for $.99; Let Us Dance is free.

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