Russell Crowe will direct Bill Hicks biopic, but who should play Hicks?

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In spite of Russell Crowe’s wide array of acting jobs over the years, he will always be Maximus the vengeful gladiator to me (I know, it was over 10 years ago, but he was such a BAMF!). Reading this morning that the erstwhile warrior would be directing a Bill Hicks biopic, then, was a bit of a paradigm shift.

The Telegraph reports that production will begin next year, but they’re still searching for the actor who can bring the right spirit to the part. After all, Bill Hicks remains irreplaceable. The flick will be Crowe’s first feature length directing project, so we won’t know what to expect of the film’s style and character. But if Hicks doesn’t stand on stage and shout, “Are you not entertained!?” to hecklers, I’m walking out of the theater. You’ve been warned, Crowe.

The big question now is who should play Hicks? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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  • Chai Thompson

    #ChrisMaslenIsBillHicks This is the dude that needs to play Bill. Watch him uttlerly OWN this shit.

  • Jon

    The guy who has the cure on walking dead. Case Closed!

  • Lee Dobson

    Seth McFarlane all the way looks like him lends himself to him also has a dark humour essentional I think.

  • Sir Reginals
  • patsy

    I suppose that if it brings Bill to an even wider audience and gets people to check out his stuff then it may be worth it. But as a Hicks fan i think i’d have to watch it from behind the sofa; i’d hate to see it done badly, and really, could any script/actor capture the spirit of the man? Doubt it.

  • aaa

    movie is a bad idea. Bill would hate it. Just listen to what he was saing.

  • Jim Hendrick

    A Bill Hicks biopic is a bad idea.  Only reason: I think Bill would hate it.  It cannot/will not be authentic and honest, the only values Bill continously espoused.  Do you honestly think that a dude that said:  “if you’re in marketing, kill yourself now.”  Would go for this idea.  Bill Hicks t-shirts are bad enough.  I have one but I’m not proud.  It’s just my way of asking others to look into this guy.  This project is not about actors, please.  It’s about who writes it.  My opinion, no one can.  Remember, Bill is on the bell curve waiting for you.

  • Mat Alano-Martin

    Sam Rockwell

  • Shoegazex3

    Kevin Spacey, hands down.

  • Lunarnoodle

    Jason Ritter, please.

  • Mr. Shakey

    Philip Seymour Hoffman. hands down one of the best actors around, chuck him on a treadmill and give him some hair-dye, he’d be PERFECT.

  • Jason Wayne

    What other comedians should they make movies of? Pryor, Hicks, Kinison, Carlin all seem like good choices.

  • Michaelartinian

    Benicio Del Toro

  • Todd

    Zach Braff

  • Jaysun Webb

    John Cusack

  • Kaleidoscope

    Dave Hill would make a perfect Hicks assuming that Dave Hill can act at all

  • Chardomania

    …taran killiam from snl should play hicks. case-fucking-closed.

  • Carlos Valencia

    I’m hoping they cast Denis Leary on the off chance that once they do, the rolling inside Bill Hicks’ grave might be enough to awaken his angry spirit and he righteously returns from the afterlife to enact his revenge.

  • Pukingflannel

    Joseph gordon levitt.

    • Pat Dussault


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