Comedian Tig Notaro diagnosed with cancer

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One of comedy nerds’ most beloved comedians, Tig Notaro has cancer. She made the announcement last night during a show at Largo in Los Angeles, where Louis C.K., Bill Burr and others performed as well. After taking the mic from the show’s host, Ed Helms, she addressed the crowd, “Thank you, thank you, I have cancer, thank you, I have cancer, really, thank you.” She wasn’t joking.

“Applause gave way to reticent laughter as she explained how she had planned a set about bees flying alongside her car on the 405, but that she couldn’t possibly do her “silly jokes” when all this was going on. And that’s when she told us that 3 days ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, in both breasts,” writes Kira Hesser, who recounts (beautifully) Notaro’s entire set.

Notaro also used the time to allow the audience into a recent string of incredibly unfortunate events in her life. Her mother tragically died; she just split with her girlfriend and recently suffered a “debilitating bacterial infection in her digestive tract for which she was hospitalized and lost 30 pounds off of her already small frame.”

Weeks ago, Notaro announced on Facebook — without naming the show — that she had landed a writing gig for a show in New York City, where she was set to move. Last night, she revealed it was for Amy Schumer’s upcoming sketch-like show for Comedy Central.

It’s difficult to know how to react to news like this, so I’ll just say I’m sure Laughpin’s readers and the comedy world is thinking about you, Tig, and I’m confident you’ll destroy the thing that’s trying to destroy you. More details of Notaro’s announcement can be found at Hesser’s Tumblr.

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  • holo

    All that pathological lying twisted her up inside. She needs to make amends to her victims, and she’ll beat the cancer. She was a terrible person. Let’s hope this leads her to change.

  • Alice

    Well, it’s not a death sentence – just a sentence for several months of serious misery, lots of bullshit, really fucking expensive treatment, and then a few years of gut-clenching nervousness as you get through annual checks and await the “all clear,” sometimes punctuated with more of those damned “we need to take a closer look” calls and re-done films.  But it is NOT a death sentence.

    And you will NOT find a single patient who’s been through it who doesn’t say that being able to laugh, and to find some really sick stuff funny.  So, get through it.  Too many other folks woke up dead today.

    • Mark

      So, get through it. Too many other folks woke up dead today.

      Good thought by the way …

  • doomer

    Schumer should be writing jokes for Tig’s show.

  • Mpsy

    hoppe she gets through this :(  her strong will may beat the cancer.

  • @JoeWatchesTV

    She’s the best. I know she’ll have a lot of support, her friends are very cool.

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  • Justinebrooks

    We love you Tig!!

  • too soon

    at least if she has to get a mastectomy nobody will notice…

    yeah… seriously though, this fucking sucks. what a total bummer, man. why does all the bad shit happen to the nicest fuckin people. :(

  • Brandy Gaskin

    blech.  I blame the “ah, them a little titties” guy.  Obviously.  

  • TigFan69

    I blame Taylor Dayne.

  • daniellexo


  • Dale Zawada

    god damn it

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