Listen to excerpts from Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry Address (Exclusive)

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You may have listened to the Andy Kindler interview we posted on July 30, wherein the veteran comedian talks about his then just-delivered State of the Industry Address at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. Parts of both the address and our interview dealt with the way Kindler feels about Louis C.K., perhaps the most beloved comedian of our time. In short, Kindler isn’t enamored with C.K. nearly as much as the rest of the country is.

Below, are exclusive excerpts from Kindler’s State of the Industry Address, including the six-minute chunk where he has his say about C.K. Take a listen and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Track 1- Chelsea Handler             :43
Track 2- Laugh Factory                 :33
Track 3- Jeff Dunham                  1:11
Track 4- Aziz Ansari                      :42
Track 5- Contests                          :35
Track 6- Off Their Rockers             :42
Track 7- Parks & Rec                      :49
Track 8- Curb Your Enthusiasm   01:04
Track 9- Louis C.K                       06:31

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  • Jeremy Sale

    I wish I could comment on the actual substance here, but I couldn’t hear it. Was this recorded on a wax cylinder?

  • Ryan

    What a jealous jerkoff

  • raykowski

    This is reallydumb and not funny at all.sounds like a whiney bitch who isnt as successful as other comedians and he is angry at himself for not being a better comedian or better yeat hes mad at himself that he isnt funny even just a little bit. And for all you that are gonna come back at mesaying kindler is a legendand I just dontget comedy if I dont find him funny I say to all you , you are just as sad angry and bitter as Kindler himself about their own comedy being sub par

  • Philip

    Thinking Louis CK is hilarious and that Andy Kindler’s bit about Louis CK is hilarious are not mutually exclusive. The whole point of the State of the Industry address is from him to kind of rag on comedians. Kindler is critical of other comedians, that’s how he’s always been. It’s hypocritical to suddenly think he’s going too far because he’s talking about Louis CK. CK is hilarious, he’s a great comedian. So is Kindler.

  • joe

    That Louis CK bit is very Stewart Lee like.

    Watch his bit on the more successful UK comic Frankie Boyle… very very similar. Kindler is kinda hacky!

  • Pinder

    I have liked Andy Kindler’s standup, and I understand Andy basically “deconstructs comedy” as his standup persona, but I wish Andy would spend more time creating comedy than worrying about everyone else. Film an a hour that doesn’t reference Leno/Fallon/Carolla/Louie/Lampanelli/Cook/Aziz (and on and on), put it on the internet (like Louis!) or Netflix if Comedy Central or HBO or whoever won’t have it. He’s a veteran, there’ll be interest. We’ll see how funny it is.

    Look at Marc Maron; he didn’t necessarily attack other people, his comedy was more directed at himself (or his exes). But when he started doing the podcast, creating something, he got a lot more successful while still being funny. Hell, he even grew as a person in his 40s.

    It gets better Andy.

  • Kevin Ringgenberg

    Hey Andy? Where’s the funny here? I can go out to my local bus stop to hear angry, whining and ranting about things….is there a point of view here other than EVERYTHING SUCKS? I mean, we all get it, some popular things bother you because they are actually funny as opposed to someone just complaining. Ok. Next? Did Laughspin leave out your bits on Carrot Top, Dane Cook and Gallagher?

    I will give you props for singling out the Laugh Factory as being blameless in all of the comedy controversies…that place is evil, evil, evil. It’s like the comedy room in the hotel from the Shining.

  • sciencehighway

    If you’ve ever spent time backstage at a comedy club you know there’s pretty much no group on the planet more insecure, wounded, jealous, crippled by sandbox traumas and just plain f*%ked up than standup comics. Good to see Mr. Kindler continues to embrace the time-honored traditions of his profession.

  • hitchmanova

    Re: Louie CK: This whole thing comes across as sour grapes. Somebody who hasn’t gotten as much attention as somebody else standing up and saying, “Hey, Look at me! I’m funny too, everybody.” Also, he obviously completely missed the point of the reading glasses joke. 

  • Fan of Hilarity

    “Who the fuck is this guy?”

    Not a comedy fan huh?

  • Davebaxter1989

    Well now that I’ve heard the full audio of the Louis CK stuff I can comfortably say very little arguments are actually put forth and most hinge on others views of Louis rather than anything that can be attributed to him directly (as stated by Andy in the after show interview). 

  • Andy Fuckler

    Who the fuck is this guy?

  • ken

    When did Andy Kindler become the Boomer Esiason of standup comedy?

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