Katt Williams to release his first comedy special in four years (Video preview)

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Continuously embattled comedian Katt Williams has recorded a new stand-up special, Kattpocalypse, for Showtime. It will premiere on the network on Aug 24 with the DVD release scheduled for Sept. 18.

Kattpocalypse will be Katt’s newest hour since the release of It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’ in 2008. Since then, the comedian and actor had kept a low profile, staying out of the public eye for the most part. Williams’ “disappearance” even prompted a Bring Katt Back Facebook page. However, last year, Williams got a lot of undesirable buzz after a meltdown on stage in Albuquerque, NM, where he shirked stand-up duties to provoke members of the crowd, take his shirt off, do some push-ups and then call it a night. Fortunately, it looks like Katt’s back to work. To get a taste of the new Katt, check out this clip from Kattpocalypse.

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  • Jodell Rodgers

    Everybody has a melt down. EVERYONE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE. I can’t imagine what celebrities go through in their real life. My life is stressful and I’m a nobody. I’d like to see you ( all the people who like to dog on him) to do what he does and everyother celeberty out in this world. I’m sure he is sorry for he did. I’m not sure if he apologized to the the public/fans, which if he hadn’t then yes maybe he should, because it was disrespectful.
    Katt Williams is far the best comedian I have EVER SEEN. My point is DONT BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE…NOBODY IS PERFECT!!! I apologize to anyone who takes affense to this post but someone has too and I’m so glad it was me!!!

  • Dave

    Will not watch. After he did that to fans, no thanks.

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