Watch the Daily Show’s documentary on Mitt Romney, narrated by Leonard Nimoy

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I tried. I really tried to watch Mitt Romney’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention. I was told he was to hit the stage at 10 pm ET. But then some offensively earnest former Olympian started talking. And then batshit crazy Clint Eastwood talked to a chair and made believe Barack Obama was sitting in it telling Clint to go fuck himself (which is totally Obama’s style). And then Marco Rubio started talking about how many cigars his grandfather would smoke each day. I really tried to get through that. But I failed. I’m sorry.

In lieu of watching Romney spew cheap rhetoric tell the American people what he stands for, I watched The Daily Show‘s documentary on the man. And you should too. It pretty much encapsulates exactly who Mitt Romney is. Also, Leonard Nimoy narrates it. For real. Enjoy!

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  • Stumptownhero

    It’s only funny when there is truth involved….roflmao

  • katie anderson

    she was female–the ideal gender for a wife!
    Actually, I think that Gary Busey did a wonderful impression of Clint Eastwood last night.

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