Justin Halpern scores Fox show deal with I Suck At Girls, despite failed S#*! My Dad Says

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Justin Halpern is hoping to get by with a little help from his friend Bill Lawrence (widely known for Scrubs and more recently Cougar Town) as the two team up for a new sitcom based on Halpern’s best-selling book, I Suck at Girls. It’s hard to forget the bomb that Halpern’s last show, S#*! My Dad Says, was, lasting only one season before CBS gave it the axe. Halpern – like Tucker Max – has proven himself a comedic presence for the Twitter generation but neither has achieved much cross-over success (Remember the big-screen adaptation of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell? Me either.) Lawrence, on the other hand, is a proven hit showrunner and I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox gave the show a pilot production commitment based on Lawrence’s involvement.

Without so much as a cast at this point, the show already sounds typical. The show’s logline, per TV Guide, goes like this: “A story about a boy becoming a man, and a man becoming a father, in a time before coming of age was something you could Google.” Get it? It used to be harder growing up before Google and iPhones and technology gave us all easy, stress-free lives! Being a father was hard! Now you can just look up “my baby has explosive diarrhea” online and parenting is practically automated! I’d say Lawrence – and executive producer Patrick Schumacker (who worked with Halpern on S#*! and with Lawrence on Cougar Town) – have a heavy load to carry if they want Fox to pick up a full season.

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  • http://twitter.com/ekimnamwen ekim

    Just another reason why Hollywood sucks cock.

    “Hey, you produced a shitty TV show? Well, here you go, please make another one. While you’re at it, please flush this briefcase with $5 million in it down the toilet. We could give the opportunity to one of the thousands of truly talented people trying to catch a break, but fuck it, we’re sociopathic, coked-out assclowns that couldn’t recognize talent if it hit us in the balls.”

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