Comedian Tom Cotter snags second place on America’s Got Talent!

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Tom Cotter, the New York City-based comedian, whose life as a father of twins and husband of fellow comedian Kerri Louise was chronicled years ago on the reality show Two Funny, snagged second place on America’s Got Talent tonight.

Season seven of the Simon Cowell-created reality competition series began with 54 contestants, ranging from singers, jugglers, “light painters,” dance troupes and beyond, but it was the art of stand-up comedy that America voted into the final two. And more specifically, it was Cotter’s brand of fast-paced misdirection and brilliant wordplay-powered punch lines the nation loved.

In the end, it was between the 23-year veteran comedian and Olate Dogs, a father/son dog act, who ultimately took home the grand prize: $1 million and a contract to headline an ongoing Las Vegas show.

“Unbelievable, it was great,” Cotter said, when AGT host Nick Cannon asked Cotter what he thought about his experience on the show. “I’m going to fall down the stairs now and get my own million dollars.”

Although Cotter didn’t win the big, shiny prize, he’s helped prove that stand-up comedy is alive and well in America. Gaining the attention and respect of judges Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne isn’t shabby, either. The fact that America decided that one man on a stage delivering well-constructed, deftly-delivered jokes was more entertaining than 52 other bell-and-whistle acts gives me hope.

We at Laughspin want to congratulate Tom for all of his work and for proving to a mainstream audience the enormous viability of stand-up comedy.

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  • musicmom

    I was surprised the dogs (though very cute & so well trained) beat Tom Cotter and William Close. I hope these two creative men go on to entertain and inspire us in the very best of venues.

  • Saratoga Sam

    I saw the dog act. As nice as they seem, there isn’t enough to keep anyone interested for an hour and half

  • Snapps izking

    This came as a shock that Olate Dogs were able to beat out William
    Close and Tom Cotter. I love the dog acts and they are great but I’ve witnessed
    the same things in all the shows they’ve done. AGT’s been one of my favorite
    shows on primetime and I can’t get enough. I just started enjoying my primetime
    shows commercial free with the Auto Hop feature, which offers me the option to
    skip commercial. It works just like using the fast forward button on the remote,
    but without hitting buttons. I know that when I watch TV, it feels like there
    are more commercials than the actual show. I was excited when a couple of my
    coworkers at Dish showed me how it works. I’m definitely happy now that I won’t
    be fast forwarding past my commercials, only to skip back to the start of my
    next scene as well as save battery life.

  • Chris Br⊙dy

    I am a big Cotter fan, I’ve seen him live (spectacular), but that last remark made it sound like he was kinda bitter for coming in second place. I hope ge explains what he meant by that. I know it he said seconds after the winner was annouced, but in the moment, he really seemed to change from the humble comic to the ungrateful hack.

    • Dylan

      Chris, i think he was totally joking. I feel like it was maybe a prepared one-liner he saved in the event he didn’t win. I feel like he was truly grateful to have gotten as far as he did.

    • Jon Fox

      He was joking. Implying that he would fall down the stairs and sue NBC/ AGT to get $1 Million.

    • Robin

      Are you serious? How are you a comedy fan if you could not tell that was a joke? Wow.

    • Dave Konig

      It was a joke. Cotter is a true pro, which means he’s ready at any point to do what a great pro comic does – tell a joke and get a laugh. To have the wherewithal and comedy chops to crack a joke at that particular moment, with all that pressure, is a remarkable thing! In fact, now that I think of it…it’s pretty amazing. If it were me, I would have screamed “screw you all!!!” and ran off the stage crying and peeing my pants. It would have been awful…

    • Jan L

      Remember Tom’s sense of humor style, and realize his last remark was totally a joke, at least that’s how I took it and it made me laugh – just another dry one liner he’s a master at. “Like” his Facebook page (his own, not AGT one) and you’ll see his real response is humble and kind, and funny- he loves those dogs, even posted himself with them BEFORE the last show aired.

  • ismywb

    He should have won!

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