Everything you need to know about Larry David’s movie (Updates)

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Though we haven’t heard a lot of details in the last few months about Larry David’s film project, there’s now a windfall of info available— like the movie’s title, for instance. It’s called Clear History and it’s being produced for HBO, a natural home for the creator and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

And an amazing cast has been assembled. Saturday Night Live’s Bill Hader, Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride, Hollywood A-lister Kate Hudson, stand-up comedian and Curb scene stealer JB Smoove, Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend (and actress) Eva Mendes, the amazingly talented Amy Ryan (watch Jack Goes Boating) and veteran character actor Phillip Baker Hall will join Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton — both of whom were already expected to co-star – in the ensemble comedy, which is expected to shoot in Massachusetts this Fall.

David wrote the flick with Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel. The trio most recently co-wrote Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest movie The Dicator and all have been writers and producers on Seinfeld and Curb. Schaffer is also the co-creator of the stellar FX series The League, which kicks off a new season Oct. 11. Anyway, so David rallied together a crapload of superstars for his flick. But what the shit is the movie about? Well, it actually sounds pretty amazing. David cast himself as the lead of Clear History (nepotism!). He’ll play Nathan Flomm, a guy who exiles himself to a small island off the coast of Massachusetts after he loses a bunch of money and 10 percent of the start-up electric car company where he was part owner. Also, his wife leaves him.

Ten years later Nathan is living under a new name (“Rolly DaVore”) and feeling good about life. But then his former boss, Will Haney (Hamm) arrives on the island to renovate his giant vacation home. I’m assuming the mansion is a recent investment for Haney, because why would Nathan/Rolly decide to live on the same island, right? Right. Regardless, revenge fantasies take over Rolly’s mind and he decides to dedicate all of his time to driving his nemesis off the island. And Rags (Hader), a friend of the local quarry owner, Joe Stumpo (Keaton) is willing to help Rolly push his quest to fruition. Rolly’s best friend, Frank, played by McBride, will also lend support.

Hall, who’s been seen on Modern Family, Childrens Hospital and The Newsroom most recently, will play a local foreman who hires Rolly to work on a construction project, which turns out to be a terrible move. Hudson will play Rhonda, Haney’s hot wife, with whom Rolly has an odd relationship, HBO hints. Mendes will play an island local named Jennifer. Ryan will play Rolly’s ex-girlfriend Wendy, who, apparently has a deep, dark secret. And finally Smoove will play Jaspar, a guy who blames Rolly for his split with his girlfriend. The part should give David and Smoove ample opportunity to bicker and yell at each other, the way they did as Leon and Larry on Curb. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see cameos from Susie Essman and Jeff Garlin. Hopefully, in a few weeks we’ll start seeing some photos from the set!

Who’s excited?

UPDATE — Sept. 20: First photos! Check out a trio of shots of Kate Hudson (and one with Larry David) on set yesterday in Andover, MA.

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    This seems like a decent plot. I just hope it’s better than when Larry David attempted to mimmick Woody Allen in that other movie he did…”The Way It Is”? “It Is What It Is”? I have no idea.

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  • Quirk

    I saw a mistake in the article. It erroneously calls Eva Mendes an “actress”! Hahahaha what a hilarious mistake!

  • corey

    sweet. i cannot wait for this to come out

  • christopatten

    This seems like a massive cast. My only concern is that some of them aren’t going to get the screen time they deserve.

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