Was Stephen Colbert or John Hodgman more ‘eloquent’ in their response to Mitt Romney? (Videos)

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The leaked footage of Mitt Romney calling 47 percent of Americans (aka Obama supporters) freeloading bums looking for government handouts in every aspect of their lives (we’re paraphrasing, but only slightly) has dominated political headlines the last few days. When asked about his comments and whether he regrets saying these things at the $50,000-a-plate campaign fundraiser, Romney admitted that perhaps he could’ve been more eloquent.

So with that in mind, both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report came up with ways in which the speech could’ve been delivered with a bit more “panache,” as Colbert puts it. The first video below (a Web-only exclusive) finds Daily Show contributor John Hodgman classing things up. And in the second, Colbert – using a lot more theatrics, naturally – puts an exquisite shine on Romney’s words. But the question remains: Who’s more eloquent?

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