Tig Notaro has ‘great’ cancer prognosis, Louis C.K. to release her new album

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Comedy nerds have known for weeks that comedian Tig Notaro had been diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer. But last night she stopped by Conan and told a much wider audience about her four-month series of awful events, which involved her suffering Pneumonia, contracting an intestine-eating bacteria, grieving for her mother, who tragically died, dealing with a break-up and then learning about her cancer diagnosis.

She recently went through a double mastectomy and told Conan O’Brien last night that her prognosis is “great.” As if that wasn’t enough good news, she also explained that Louis C.K. will be releasing her new album, Tig Notaro: Live, featuring material the set she performed Aug. 3 at Largo in Los Angeles where she told the crowd she was just diagnosed. To be clear, that’s “live,” as in the verb. It will be available on LouisCK.com on Oct. 5 for $5, with a portion of the proceeds going to fund breast cancer charities. You can watch Notaro’s complete appearance on Conan below.

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  • Opal

    Hi Tig,

    I heard your story this afternoon on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.
    I love your courage. But I’m writing to talk about what your doctor
    told you, which is good news, and maybe what he didn’t tell you. I want
    to tell you my story so that maybe it can help you. I’m not a vegetarian
    or a vegan and I don’t eat that awful macrobiotic stuff that tastes like dog

    I am a cancer survivor–16 1/2 years, but mine was no
    where as serious as yours. I have the gene for cancer–it’s in the
    family. I had a lumpectomy but my sister had a double mastectomy.

    I looked into my habits to see what could have caused my
    cancer and I think I found it and so far so good-won’t bore you with details
    but it was something I was ingesting. My feeling is that ONE of the
    causes of cancer is what you ingest. I
    would guess that you do not take that into consideration–going out to buy
    Triscuits! made with genetically modified grains. Don’t know what else
    you eat but I feel it’s important.

    I don’t make a big deal about it–I just eat healthfully.
    I am not rich but I eat organic foods mostly –I make it a priority.
    I stay away from foods like chicken that have hormones and anti-biotics
    injected in them. I’m in NYC so I have no problem getting chicken without
    those awful additives. I use ground flax seed (I grind it myself in a batch,
    keep refrigerated and sprinkle it on whatever—flax seed has Omega-3 that’s
    supposed to be a cancer fighter). It’s become a habit. Once in a while I
    go off and eat something I like a lot that’s baaad, but not too often.
    And foods with pesticides do you no good and organic foods taste

    You sound like a worthwhile human being so I thought I’d
    pass this stuff on.

    Wishing you well.

  • kkisy

    Lois CK is a good guy but he’s helping a very unworthy person. If he knew who she really was he would want nothing to do with her. He’ll find out and do the right thing, I’m sure. I hope this money doesn’t go to Notaro’s lawyers, Lavely and Singer. Google ” Marty Singer dirty secrets” for some idea.
    Notaro’s four months is due to the more than four years where lied and lied, under oath and elsewhere, about a talented comedian and caused great damages. Notaro is evil: capable of things only evil people are capable of .
    Let’s hope she sees the error of her ways and changes. But, due to her history that is very doubtful.

    • J. Sebiane

      You’re a bad person and you should feel bad I hope you contract AIDS.

    • christopatten

      I don’t wanna troll but I’m pretty sure Louie CK knows Tig Notaro a little better then you do dude. He is-you know- releasing her album. They’re probably gotten to know each other at least somewhat. I can’t see him reading this and being like “OH shit I’ve made a Horrible mistake! I should have listened to kkisy!”

  • kendrathechristian

    So wrong that so many are saying this is punishment for her lies and bad behavior over the years. Most have never heard of her but I’ve heard the horror stories.
    Good to see her making money and getting atttention due to her most recent misfortunes. Most would pray for mercy and forgiveness or just lay down and die but this lady knows how to milk it. More power to her!

  • christopatten

    Man, talk about a rough patch. It’d be cool to hear her do (another?) WTF with Marc and see how she pulls this kind of recovery off.

    Anyways best of luck Tig, good to hear things are looking up.

    • PMMIV

      Her podcast is Professor Blastoff. A lot of the episodes recently have covered her progress.

      • christopatten

        I had no idea she had a podcast. I’m gonna have to check that out, thanks for the tip!

        • sensorsweep

          it is the funniest podcast. hands down. kyle dunnigan is a lil’ butternugget.

          • christopatten

            I’m glad people pointed me to Professor Blastoff it’s an absolute treasure. Podcasts can be a bit of a big time investment but this one is legitimately worth every second. Excellent recommendation!

  • sandy

    Tig Notaro is so brave. Her downward spiral really started in 2008. Amazing how much misfortune this woman has endured. Her agent dumped her and then was set to testify against her at a trial. The agent was going to testify that Notaro was a malicous liar but at the last minute that was halted due to Notaro having the help of a civil law firm. Long story.
    Then, she was the only one cut from the Runaways. She then broke her arm. She was sued by someone who claims that Notaro is a pathological liar and a criminal. This person now thinks that this is karma because of Notaro being such a liar. Notaro will be paying legal fees for years to come.
    Notaro has had to pay thousands in legal fees already!. Then, she doesn’t even mention that a logo show she was desperate for was dumped . Her chance at finally becoming a household name with an NBC show, starring her dear friend Sarah Silverman, was dropped even though it was considered a sure bet. If anyone can overcome such a series of setbacks it’s Tig. Writing for a cable show in New York must be a huge comedown after trying so hard in L. A for 15 years. She wanted to make it in LA. so bad. Still, she has come far for someone who had to attend 9th grade, three times, and then still couldn’t graduate 9th grade! But, she turns those lemons into lemonade. May god bless her.

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