Brian Posehn and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian releasing comedy metal album

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Before I became a comedy nerd, I was a metal nerd. While my friends were listening to New York City’s mainstream pop station Z100, I was listening to Seton Hall University’s radio station, which played nothing but metal and hard rock. When I got my first CD player, I bought my three favorite albums at the time: Testament’s Practice What You Preach, Death Angel’s Act III and Persistence Of Time from the mighty fucking Anthrax.

So it’s with great pleasure I’m writing that Scott Ian, Anthrax’s guitarist, co-founding member and main songwriter is teaming up with one of comedy’s finest, Brian Posehn to put out a comedy metal album. As Metal Injection points out, the comedian announced his intentions recently while guesting on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal, saying that while its too early to reveal tons of specifics, the album would contain original compositions as well as cover songs. You may remember Posehn’s metalized version of country classic “The Gambler,” which appeared on his 2010 album Fart And Wiener Jokes.

Self-proclaimed metalhead Posehn and Ian — who have previously collaborated on “More Metal Than You” (also on Fart; video below) and “Metal By Numbers” (video below) on the comedian’s 2006 Live: In Nerd Rage — will release the album through Megaforce (Anthrax’s label) and will invite a handful of metal legends to contribute to the madness. Posehn says he plans on covering A-Ha’s “Take On Me” and has already been working on a song called “Satan is Kind of a Dick.” So put your metal horns up (in the funniest way possible) and get ready for some new Posehn-on-Ian action. For now, we’ll have to be happy with a pair of videos.

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