Seth Meyers on Jay Pharoah’s impression of Obama: We should’ve impeached Fred Armisen sooner (Audio)

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On a recent stop by WNYC’s The Takeaway with host John Hockenberry, Saturday Night Live‘s head writer and host of the hugely popular Weekend Update segment, Seth Meyers dished on all things politically funny. In addition to looking back on the comedy treasure that was Sarah Palin — “My constitution would have an open door policy for Palin” — and explaining why they take aim at Mitt Romney so often, Meyers also chats about why SNL chose to replace Fred Armisen and enlist third-season player Jay Pharoah as Barack Obama in the show’s 38th season. “If Obama wins reelection, Fred is likely not going to be at the show for another four years,” Meyers says. “And so you try to find a time to get people used to the new President on the show. Jay Pharoah…we really like his impression…..Looking back I wish we did an impeachment of Fred.” He was joking, of course. But seriously, Armisen is an amazing talent, but we guarantee he’s relieved to not have to take on Obama anymore.

You can check out the full audio below!

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