Open thread: Who and what was Louis C.K. texting during the Emmys?

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As you know, Louis C.K. snagged two Emmys on Sunday– one for his FX show Louie and another for his trailblazing, self-released stand-up comedy special Live at the Beacon Theatre. And if you know anything about Louis, you know he’s not your typical Hollywood figure. And despite his excitement for his well-deserved victories, C.K. had to send a message during the festivities, which was captured below. We’re 100 percent certain it was for a good reason. We’re also certain that 95 percent of the audience was texting at some point during the show.

In the spirit of reader participation and fun (we like to have fun here every once in a while) our question to you, is what who do you think Louis was texting and what about? Leave your answers in the comments section!

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  • dan

    I just sat on my testicles.

  • Jimmy

    “Hey Will, sitting here with Amy and my Emmys. What’re you up to?”

  • Gene Wilder’s anger.

    “I think I’m about to get another award for sweating through my suit” —> Reply All

  • JeffMc

    He’s only pretending to text. Out of the corner of his eye, he’s checking out the cleavage to his right.

  • someredbarfan

    “Amy’s titts are the “poehler” opposite of her face!”

  • Marci

    How has no one does this yet?

  • Steve

    GOOGLE SEARCH: Emmy Statue Pawn Shop Value

  • christopatten

    Whatever it was, I’d wager it had the word cunt in there a bunch.

  • Chris

    I’m such a big star now it takes two tiny angels to hold up my big, golden balls…….

  • The Devil

    Looks more like a staged photo to me.

    Hey look the Emmys are young and hip… see the tweeting / texting during the show. Checkout my awards that i’ve taken to my seat with me. That’s normal.

  • Some guy

    Tweeting, fools.

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