Ralphie May headed to ‘mental facility’ for weight and depression, postpones shows

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One of the greatest things about stand-up comedy is that, moreso than their mainstream movie and television star counterparts, comedians are afforded the chance to be totally honest about their personal lives without suffering severe public backlash. This is due in large part to the inherent personal nature of most comedians’ stage acts, which many times reflect exactly who the artist is when they’re not in a room or theater full of strangers.

And that’s why hugely popular comedian Ralphie May’s tweet Monday night will, by my estimation, be received with admiration and support. “Next week I’m going to go to a mental facility to help myself with my weight and depression,” May says. “I’m going to write a book. Imperfectly yours- R.” I confirmed with May that he was, indeed, serious about his tweet.

Booked solid at theaters, resorts and performing arts centers through the first of the new year, the 40-year-old comedian tells me he’ll postpone all of his shows in November and December but he’ll return to the stage for New Year’s Eve in Phoenix at Stand Up Live. In addition to his rigorous tour schedule, May has been hard at work on his excellent, newly launched podcast The Perfect 10, which he co-hosts with his wife, comedian Lahna Turner, with whom he has two young children. His latest stand-up special Too Big To Ignore was released on DVD in May (clip below). May is widely considered by his peers as one of the hardest working comics today.

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We at Laughspin wish him luck and a positive experience during the next few months. And we’re looking forward to seeing him back onstage in the New Year.

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