Barack Obama ‘Fire Sale’ debate parody hasn’t gone viral, but it should (Video)

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Even the most ardent Barack Obama supporters have agreed that perhaps the first presidential debate, which went down in Denver this past Wednesday, was not one of our President’s best moments in his otherwise impressive history of oratory success. And while late-night television hosts and comedians have had their say about Romney’s apparent victory over Obama, I think the animation below puts the best (and funniest) spin on the situation.

I should note that this was quietly uploaded yesterday and its origins are nebulous, as the YouTube account to which its posted (“ObamaFireSale”) seems to have been created for this video alone. With the launch of Fox’s new late-night television and online animation property — spearheaded by former Adult Swim producer Nick Weidenfeld — set for January, I can’t help but think this may have something to do with it. It’s too pro as a one-off from a wannabe animator (and if it was, there would be credit info in the video description, which there isn’t).

And if it was part of an already-established project or network, its view count would be in the tens of thousands, instead of its current under-2,000 count. One YouTube commenter even asked (eloquently), “WTF. Isn’t this viral yet? Somebody make this viral.” Consider this Laughspin‘s attempt at making a quality animation and hilarious politically-charged video go viral. The rest is up to you guys.

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