Cast of ‘Community’ has a message about NBC delaying their season four premiere (Video)

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You’re likely well aware that Community was supposed to premiere tonight at 8:30 pm ET. But then NBC decided it wasn’t going to premiere tonight. They did the same thing to Whitney, which was supposed to premiere tonight right before Community. But then NBC canceled Animal Practice and shuffled Whitney into that Wednesday slot. But, still no word on Community.

The cast of Community isn’t going to take this quietly. So, they’ve gotten together and gifted their true fans the below video, wherein we find Troy and Abed hosting their fake talk show. Like every one of their episodes, this minute-and-a-half is brilliantly written, meta and ever-so-slightly subversive.

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  • christopatten

    This made my day, always good to see a cast that actually gives a shit about the show airing. I know Chase has had no small ammount of issues with the show but the fact that even he was out for this shows that at least the cast recognizes that NBC is their common enemy.

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