Stalking Christopher Walken on the set of Seven Psychopaths (Exclusive video)

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Best friends help each other through everything, right? Let’s say you’re a writer, struggling to finish a screenplay and you’re looking for inspiration. Wouldn’t you want your best friend – a wannabe actor – to enlist a super religious crazy person with violent tendencies to steal a dog in order for you to find enough inspiration to complete your masterpiece? Sure, you would!

We know this sounds like a generic scenario that’s been played out in real life countless times, but it’s not. What we just did was explain the plot of Seven Psychopaths, which stars Colin Farrell (the writer), Sam Rockwell (the best friend), Christopher Walken (the religious guy) and Woody Harrelson (the target of the dog theft). Oh, Tom Waits is in it, too, just in case it wasn’t weird enough for you. The flick’s in theaters now and is opening wider this weekend! To celebrate we’ve got this sweet-ass exclusive behind the scenes video. It’s called “Stalken Walken,” and that’s all you need to know.

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