Nikki Glaser and Joe DeRosa should seriously break up (Video)

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When a lovely lady is unfastening your belt so that she can perform oral pleasantries upon your genitals, there’s very little you can do to fuck it up. But as you’ll see in the first episode of We Should Break Up from Official Comedy, comedian Joe DeRosa proves it can be done. His girlfriend, played by comedian Nikki Glaser (the two used to date in real life!), plays the willing girlfriend, who, in my humble opinion wins this argument. After all, thinking logically isn’t always the best policy. Check it out!

How would you have handled this situation?

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  • Mad Criminal

    What a fucken tease. Not capable of giving a bj and not feeling slutty or used if he doesn’t stay. I would’ve lied to get fellatio. She would eventually fill her head with shopping, shiny things and puppies, eventually give me another bj, too, some other time, cuz she LIKES IT.

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