Karl Pilkington clearly hates Warwick Davis (Sponsored video)

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As Ricky Gervais prepares for the premiere of Derek, his latest small screen project set to bow on Netflix later this year, he’ll also be overseeing the third season of another one of his many brainchildren: An Idiot Abroad, the hilarious travelogue show starring Karl Pilkington, Gervais’ friend and podcast co-host.

The newest season, premiering on Jan. 19 at 9 pm ET on the Science Channel, has a twist. Sure, we’re still going to witness Pilkington criss-cross the globe, reluctantly placing himself in awkward and sometimes dangerous situations. But this time he’ll have a friend—Warwick Davis.

You’ll recognize Davis from yet another semi-scripted, semi-reality-based Gervais project, Life’s Too Short, which aired on HBO in 2011 and followed the life of the midget actor who once played an Ewok in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and has appeared in the Harry Potter film franchise. “This is Karl’s most epic journey so far but, despite being a seasoned traveler, he is still as angry, confused and naive as ever,” says Gervais. “At one point he seriously asks Warwick ‘do you have knees?'”

Throughout the new season, Davis, a congenial type, plays against Pilkington, famous for his anti-social, somewhat dim perspectives on life. And of course, they butt heads. You’ll get a sense of that in this sweet preview below, wherein Pilkington and Davis visit a rundown circus in India. Davis is all-too-happy to perform while Pilkington wants nothing to do with a circus.

Season three finds the unlikely pair traveling 5,000 miles in total, hitting places like Venice, Eastern Europe, India and China. “I have so many amazing memories of my travels with Karl– the people we met and the cultures we experienced,” Davis says. “My eyes were opened to the diversity and beauty of our world. I am really proud of the show, and can’t wait to share it with the viewers.”

Pilkington’s response: “I found that being with happy positive people annoys me.” At least he’s getting paid to be annoyed.

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