Fox skips the pilot and orders Seth MacFarlane’s new series

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At this point in his career Seth MacFarlane can vacate his bowels into a beach bucket, film it and successfully sell it as a network series. It hasn’t gotten to that point yet and luckily it doesn’t seem MacFarlane has started phoning it in. But the option is there.

And so in the midst of the four major networks ordering 22 pilots, Fox has already said yes to MacFarlane’s latest project, his first-ever live-action series. Titled Dads, the multi-camera show is centered around two guys in their thirties who are forced to deal with their fathers, who move in with them. Fox ordered six episodes after peeping the pilot script, which means MacFarlane and co. — Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, who worked on Ted with MacFarlane — won’t have to waste time shooting a nasty pilot or even compete with future pilots made by people who are not Seth MacFarlane.

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  • TiredMemeCat

    Sentence one: “At this point in his career…”; next sentence: “It hasn’t gotten to that point yet…” WOW.

    • Kev Weldon

      Ssssh, don’t point out faults! that’s trolling! You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about!

  • Stan

    That TED movie was really a joke and a bad one. Cant believe people keep throwing money at him when there’s so many talented people in comedy nowadays

    • Tony Boling

      Perhaps it has something to do with a $50m movie making over half a billion at the box office. His product makes money, plain and simple.

  • David Benson

    Center on. Revolve around. Center around is illogical.

    • Dylan

      thanks for the logic lesson.

      • Kev Weldon

        It’s more of a writing lesson.

        • Dylan

          i’m not sure why i’m bothering to address this, but it’s an idiom. my usage is perfectly acceptable. here’s what Merriam-Webster has to say about it: “‘Center around,’ a standard idiom, has often been objected to as illogical. The logic on which the objections are based is irrelevant, since ‘center around’ is an idiom and idioms have their own logic.”

          I’m sure the both of you will find fault in that, because that’s what trolls do– find fault with others they don’t know without, themselves, knowing anything about what they’re talking about. have fun today, guys!’

          • Stan

            Burn !

          • Kev Weldon

            Wow. What a humourless dick.

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