Surprise show guest makes Steve Harvey burst into tears (Video)

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Golden Globe-winning talk show host and recently retired stand-up comedian broke down in tears when producers surprised him on his 56th birthday with guest Rich Liss, via satellite. Liss and his wife, Becky, gave Harvey an $11,000 line of credit when he was a struggling comic — and working at the couple’s carpet store — so that he could work the road.

“When I became a comedian at 27, I didn’t have money to travel,” Harvey said. “They gave me an account at their travel agency. And man, I ran up a bill like $11,000 just traveling and make it. Them people right there, man, they helped me out.”

You can watch the full exchange below!

This isn’t the first time Harvey let his emotions get the best of him in front of millions of viewers. In August of last year, during his televised final stand-up comedy show, he shed many tears.

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  • lauri

    I am enjoying this show, however, I WISH HE WOULD LEARN TO SPEAK PROPERLY!!!!! How can a seemingly intelligent man who is a self proclaimed “know it all” on literally every topic known to man, butcher the english language so badly??? If I hear him say “valentimes” day one more time I’m going to scream!!!

  • UDntNo

    Watch him everyday… he is hilarious… I bawled watching this…

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