Comedian Bonnie McFarlane takes aim at gay marriage in new PSA (Video)

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The gay marriage issue is not a simple one, and the ways in which progressive folks denounce those states who still only recognize man-and-woman marriage, have become just as complicated. And maybe that’s why comedian Bonnie McFarlane has decided to offer her own form of protest.

In the video below, McFarlane’s unique spin on the concept of refusing to get married until all gays can legally do the same, comes – naturally – at the expense of her husband, comedian Rich Vos. Check it out below and tell us what you think!

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  • Christian

    How did you watch this and interpret it as her “taking aim” at it? She’s supporting it. It… Kinda IS a simple issue. Just let the gays marry. They’re not hurting anyone.

  • Rob

    Im almost convinced Bonnie married Vos and had kids with him just for the material. MY WIFE HATES ME PODCAST, KIDDIES!!!

    • jim girafan

      lol, it makes me remember that nietzkov tolerate gay shit but not marriage shit

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