Jon Benjamin of Archer and Bob’s Burgers does interview, shows off hairy man boobs (Video)

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If you haven’t been spending at least 15 percent of your pursuing-funny-things-online time on, I submit that you may very well be missing out on finding funny things online. In case you’re unaware, is a site operating under the Adult Swim umbrella that launched in October and is produced by some of the fine folks who made The Onion super awesome.

You’ll find the site’s main mission is to poke fun at nearly every Internet trope, including the video celebrity interview– which brings me to the site’s latest offering in their “Think X” series, wherein sort-of famous people and comedians — think Ron Jeremy, Judah Friedlander and David Rees — are sort-of interviewed. H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Sterling Archer (code name: Duchess) on Archer and Bob on Fox’s animated series Bob’s Burgers is the subject below. I think you’ll agree the output is not only enlightening and entertaining but also a welcomed assault on your eyeballs. Enjoy!

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  • jerk

    The man is interesting enough on his own, you don’t need to hack apart the interview with stupid captions for questions.

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