Sponsored video: Ed Bassmaster and comedian Diane Amos (aka the Pine-Sol Lady) team up for prank videos

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If you spend as much time online looking for laughs as we do, you’re likely familiar with Ed Bassmaster, viral video hero and professional prankster. With nearly one million YouTube subscribers and 90,000+ fans on Facebook, he’s become part of the welcomed new wave of Internet superstars, further proving talented performers today need not television or movie credits to become a success.

Maybe you’ve seen his work as a Santa Claus in New York City or his rash of bad public singing, his interview with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, his work as the Bush Man of Central Park, his take on American Idol, his series of Ugly Faces or his Craigslist prank calls. The point is, the dude his as prolific as he is lovably insane. So it makes sense that he was recently tapped by Pine-Sol to help move its line of quality cleaning products.

Lest you think Diane Amos, aka the Pine-Sol Lady, has been replaced, fear not. The actress and yes, stand-up comedian, has simply segued her success on traditional television ads to the even-smaller-screen we call the Internet. In a new series of ads, we find Bassmaster and Amos teaming up to scare the bejesus out of poor, unsuspecting would-be Pine-Sol users. But it’s all in good fun.

Here’s the setup: Bassmaster performs an old-school product presentation — at times he gets awkwardly much-too-into the product — and when the customer least expects it…well, we’ll just let you watch the laugh-out-loud worthy video below.

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