Second season of Burning Love premieres: Watch the first two episodes (Video)

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The wait is over! Burning Love‘s second season premiered today on Yahoo! Screen, boasting not one, but two episodes!

For the uninitiated, Burning Love is a Bachelor-type parody created and written by Erica Oyama and directed by Ken Marino; the two are married in real life. While the first season (full season here) followed the Bachelor formula — with Marino playing bachelor Mark Orlando — this season features season one contestant Julie Gristlewhite, played deftly by June Diane Raphael, who’s looking to land one of 16 male contestants, played by a veritable who’s who of the comedy world: Jerry O’Connell, Michael Cera, Adam Brody, Colin Hanks, Joe Lo Truglio, Ryan Hansen, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer (who’s married to Raphael), Nick Kroll, Nick Thune, Martin Starr (Party Down, Freaks and Geeks) and Kumail Nanjiani all appear in season two. And Michael Ian Black returns to play the smarmy host Bill Tundle and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) returns not as the first season’s featured therapist but as a contestant, who, as it turns out, may have gotten into some legal trouble for practicing without a license.

In the first two episodes below we meet each of the contestants as they exit their limo and we get to see Julie’s first interactions with the studs at a cocktail party thrown in her honor. We won’t give anything away, because the entire point is for you to watch and enjoy the seriously absurd journey Julie is about to take. Enjoy!

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  • Hann

    Any ideas where Anyoe OUTSIDE the USA can watch this? Drawing a blank.

  • christopatten

    My bad, I actually watched the clips, honest to got thought that was Jonathn Coulton.

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