Anti-Defamation League demands apology from Joan Rivers for Holocaust joke about Heidi Klum

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It’s been a busy few days in the world of asking comedians to apologize. First, The Onion was essentially forced to say its sorry about a satirical Oscars-night tweet, wherein they called 9-year-old actress Quvenzhané Wallis a “cunt.” And now, comedy icon Joan Rivers is under fire for making a Holocaust-themed joke about a dress model Heidi Klum wore.

“The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens,” Rivers said on a Feb. 25 episode of E! show Fashion Police. And now the Anti-Defamation League is demanding an apology from the comedian, who’s also Jewish. ADL National Director and Holocaust survivor Abe Foxman said the following:

Of all people, Joan Rivers should know better. This remark is so vulgar and offensive to Jews and Holocaust survivors, and indeed to all Americans, that we cannot believe it made it to the airwaves. Making it worse, not one of her co-hosts made any effort to respond or to condemn this hideous statement, leaving it hanging out there and giving it added legitimacy through their silence. Almost as bad as her original comment is the fact that she sat there doubled over with laughter after saying it. There are certain things about the Holocaust that should be taboo. This is especially true for Jews, for whom the Holocaust is still a deeply painful memory. It is vulgar and offensive for anybody to use the death of six million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to make a joke, but this is especially true for someone who is Jewish and who proudly and publicly wears her Jewishness on her sleeve.

As of this writing, Rivers hasn’t issued an apology for her comments about Klum, who hasn’t said a peep about the joke.

This isn’t the first time Rivers has been slammed by the ADL. When Costco last year said they wouldn’t carry her book I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me because of its profanity, Rivers staged a protest outside the store and yelled into a megaphone, “Costco should not be like Nazi Germany! Next thing they’ll be burning the Bible.” When the ADL demanded an apology, she refused, saying, “Number one, my husband lost most of his family in Auschwitz, so don’t talk to me about the Holocaust. Number two, banning books anywhere is a bad portent. Number three, the ADL should worry more about the world’s attitude toward Israel than waste time and energy on me, because I’m not going to stop saying what I think.”

Should Rivers apologize for her joke about Klum or should she tell the ADL to cram it?

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  • I Know The Beat

    People should watch a film called DEFAMATION about the crooked leader of the ADL and see …INSIDE what a JOKE this group is. A total waste of money and it clear it is their job to put down other minorities. Joan has always been brave but to take on this group is really ballsy. Good for her. Abe Foxman belongs in prison.

  • azalesh

    man, no offence but a lot of American’s are so ignorant, so arrogant, and extreeeemely uneducated. You poorly educated, “Youtube” educated dweebs, of course the Holocaust happened. My heart goes out to all the people with loved ones who were lost through that period. <3

  • lesh

    that’s revolting. disgusting. what a disgusting, despicable thing to say. it doesn’t matter who the hell she is, and what credentials she has to her name, if she’s “human” she’d speak humanely. what a lowlife b**ch

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  • Blake

    I just got a whole load of respect for her standing up to that con of an organization

  • bostonblah

    fucking jews, this joke is not offensive to jews, ,it is offensive to germans,especially seeing that the holocaust is a lie and never happened ,there were no ovens ,there were no gas chambers ,this has been proven again and again, more jew lies like soap and lampshades, look up “last days of the big lie ” on youtube, it has footage taken from speilbergs own shoa foundation ,

    • Joseph

      Tell that to my grandmother who lost so many relatives ignorant.

      • bostonblah

        yes they were interned and some people died ,but it was not from gas chambers and ovens ,it was from typhus and from starvation due to allied bombing raids cuting off supply lines

      • I Know The Beat

        How do I reach her. Then you can tell that to my Uncle who Foxman offended. Or to some gay friends of mine that were offended by members of the ADL. Or Polish people that were berated. I look forward to the day that someone sues the azz off this organization.
        Watch a documentary called DEFAMATION……the smartest people in the film are the Black folks in Crown Heights who the Jews have gone OUT of their way to destroy, demand it to be their own and have any arrested that dares to ask them the time.
        FUCK THEM ……..FUCK THEM……..

  • Tonto

    Should she apologize?? Ummmmm…. No, No, and HELL NO!! Joan Rivers ROCKS!!! She is the reason I watch that show..(that and the sexy babies in the dresses)… She is VERY funny, always has been.Keep it up Joan, you MAKE that show happen!! :)

    • Moe Lester

      The…sexy babies?

  • Kenny Kinds


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