Chris Rock will star as a struggling comedian in ‘Finally Famous’

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While Chris Rock has proven himself a competent actor, having mastered comedic and dramatic roles on screen – as well as on the Broadway stage – it seems that for his next gig, a movie titled Finally Famous, he won’t hurt himself stretching. The iconic comedian will portray a stand-up comic Andre Allen, a comedian-turned-movie-star. Sound familiar?

The twist is that Allen has been coasting on his fans’ adoration and he’s come to resent is cushy career. So now, he’s pledged to reinvent himself and become a serious actor, according to Showbiz411, who cite casting call looking for two female leads and a supporting male. The story line reads:

Although his latest pretentiously historical film project is tanking, his upcoming television wedding to pretty, popular reality star, ERICA LONG, is the biggest media event of the year. In the midst of all the frenzy leading up to his televised nuptials, Andre agrees to be interviewed for the New Yorker by CHELSEA BROWN, a gorgeous but no-frills young woman with a sharp intelligence that matches his own. It’s a feisty, funny, no-holds-barred interaction that may well change the course of both
their lives…

Rock, in addition to playing the lead, wrote the script and is set to direct the film as well. Filming starts in June.

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  • ben

    This kind of sounds like something Ricky Gervais would do but funny!

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