Report: Aisha Tyler set to host revamped version of Whose Line is it Anyway? (Confirmed)

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Update: 4:40 pm ET – Aisha Tyler has confirmed to Laughspin that Whose Line is it Anyway? will return to television and she will, indeed, be the host of the revamped show. The CW will premiere 10 episodes this summer with former castmembers Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady. Each episode will feature a special guest. Like on the original show, a “winner” will be announced at the end of each episode. However, if the updated version of Whose Line? is like the original, “winning” will comically mean nothing. A premiere date will be announced later.


Although Aisha Tyler was already having a great year, it just got better. The comedian is enjoying the success of her incredibly popular podcast Girl on Guy, she’s on television every day as a co-host on CBS morning show The Talk, she’s signed a deal to pen a new book and Archer, the stellar animated series on FX on which she plays secret agent Lana Kane, was just renewed for a fifth season. Add to all that the latest– she’ll be hosting the re-vamped Whose Line is it Anyway?

According to a profile in the Wenatchee World in Washington of veteran Whose Line? castmember Ryan Stiles, Tyler is set to host the show, which will premiere in April with the “old cast.” Today, fellow Whose Line? improviser Colin Mochrie confirmed the news in a tweet, saying, “Oh, by the way, Whose Line is coming back. More details later.”

The original American version of the British improv comedy show, headed up by comedian and current Price is Right host Drew Carey, aired on ABC between 1998 and 2004 and then on ABC Family between 2005 and 2007. Main castmembers, in addition to Stiles and Mochrie, included Wayne Brady, Greg Proops and Brad Sherwood.

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  • scoopie77

    Will this be back on ABC or somewhere else? I guess I could click on the link, but I’m being lazy. But not so lazy I can’t sign in and make a comment. ;)

    • Dylan

      we just updated the story. all that info is there. hooray!

      • scoopie77

        Why thank you! The editor in me is very excited you did that. Thanks, Dylan. P.S. love the podcast!

        • Dylan

          thanks for listening! means a lot to us.

  • ben

    I hope Proopcat signs up for this. Since he did that improv show over the summer I don’t see why he wouldn’t do this. Also, Aisha Tyler is great. A host who can get involved in the action. I hope they tie in some of the people she’s worked with: JON BENJAMIN.

  • Alice

    Please, please, PLEASE keep Drew Carey as far from this as possible. Love to see all the others back with it, but the smirking Carey really must be compelled to stick with the game show. Please!

  • Capital_7

    Tyler is just not funny. Name one funny thing she’s ever said or done. Seriously. She’s Archer’s weak link too, with her dead delivery and crippled timing. This already seems like a dud to me.