Report: Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on Tonight Show in 2014

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NBC will announce in May its plans to replace current Tonight Show host Jay Leno with the increasingly popular Jimmy Fallon. This, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who cite “two high-level industry insiders,” despite NBC’s denial and a rep for Leno who said, “we don’t speculate on rumor.” The Hollywood Reporter piece goes on to say the following:

Sources believe the network will bring in Fallon partly out of concern about the competition on ABC, which moved younger-skewing Jimmy Kimmel to the 11:35 time slot in January. “The more time Jimmy Kimmel is in that slot, the more the young audience goes that way, the harder it is for Jimmy [Fallon] to keep that audience,” says a source familiar with the network’s thinking.

The network, according to the sources, plans to move Fallon from his 12:35 am Late Night slot into Leno’s current slot at 11:35 pm in the summer of 2014 with the official premiere scheduled that Fall.

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  • Sarasota

    If they replaced Conan because ‘he didn’t connect with older viewers’, what will be NBC’s excuse when Fallon doesn’t immediately build an audience in 6 months?

  • Capital_7

    The worst possible replacement. Good lord.

    • Jeff Benson

      Are you kidding? Fallon does a fantastic job! And Leno is really wooden and uncomfortable to watch.

      • matthisone

        But Leno has held on to his audience! We, who are fans of his, hate to see this coming. NBC will end up losing many, MANY viewers because of this

  • Nix_Nightbird

    Wow. It’s like Leno spent four years thinking, “Okay, who can I get that sucks even MORE than I do, so people will miss me when I’m gone?”

  • Josh.0

    Until Leno decides he wants his show back.

  • Evan Roche

    Jay Leno sucks

  • ben

    maybe nbc will give leno a 10pm talk show!

  • Jorge Garrido

    So Leno screwed Conan out of The Tonight Show because he wanted to host for a paltry 4 extra years?

    What is Leno going to do? I don’t see him retiring.

    Wish he’s release some stand-up comedy specials. I’d love a new hour from him every year.

    • Iain Jarvis

      First it was Letterman, then Conan, I am surprise he is giving it up to Jimmy, but who then will take his (jimmy) Midnight show.

  • MurphGuide

    Those fools should announce this on April 1st.

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