A Skype interview with Comedy Central comedian Ben Hoffman’s dad (Video)

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The second episode of The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman goes down tonight at 10 pm EST on Comedy Central. And before I go any further, let me just say you should check it out. If you missed the first episode, you can watch the entire thing here. It’s hard to describe the show succinctly, but here’s my attempt: The Ben Show is a personally-inspired, reality-based sketch show that tells a story every week. Cool? Cool.

So, who the hell is Ben Hoffman? Well, he’s a Kentucky-bred comedian and writer who got his real start on Current TV’s show InfoMania, where he wrote and eventually appeared on camera. Hoffman later began writing for the prematurely-canceled (you hear me, Comedy Central!?) Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, where he, once again, landed himself in front of the camera as a correspondent. Then Comedy Central was all like, this kid is the future of comedy (or something like that) and he started writing for the Comedy Central Roasts. For our purposes here, that brings us to The Ben Show.

On most episodes of the show, Ben asks his father, Phillip, for advice relating to that week’s theme. Last week, for example, it was about Ben wanting to purchase a gun. Spoiler: Dad thought it was a bad idea. These father-son sessions are done via Skype, since Phillip (a doctor) still lives in Kentucky. So, in lieu of interviewing Ben, I thought, hey wouldn’t it be a fucking hoot to interview Ben’s dad? And it was. Ben’s dad is super cool. I’m sure Ben’s ok, too. Anyway, here’s how it went. Enjoy!

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