Anthony Jeselnik shark attack sketch draws outrage

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Before tonight’s episode of The Jeselnik Offensive aired, viewers were already outraged about a segment called “Shark Party,” which Comedy Central uploaded to its official site as well as its YouTube channel yesterday. Pegged to the death of shark-attack victim Adam Strange, 46, in New Zealand’s Muriwai Beach, the sketch features Jeselnik jokingly celebrating the event with a group of female dancers donned in shark costumes; you can watch it below.

Jeselnik live-blogged the the show as it aired tonight at 10:30 pm ET. “You can’t see it, but the studio audience is almost entirely shark attack victims,” he tweeted during the “Shark Party” sketch.

As of this writing the video has 510 down votes and 299 up votes on YouTube. The New Zealand Herald, News 3 in New Zealand, the country’s Yahoo News all reported on the segment and Tim Jago, a spokesman for Strange’s family, told New Zealand’s One News, “It actually lacks humour in any sense of the word, and the few people I have quickly discussed it with all use the same word, ‘disgusted.'”

Do you think Jeselnik went too far?

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  • Paul

    Why don’t we talk about the 100,000 sharks killed each year by humans. No one seems to give a shit about that. If the sharks can kill a few humans now and then, awesome.

  • the obvious

    Offensive humor is an oximoron. Humor always offends in some why or another. Whether its physical, emotional or a bruised pride.
    Its not up to you all to decide the line to draw in the sand for everyone, only for yourself. If you dont like it, dont watch it.
    The greiving family would never have even come accross this clip and gotten upset if everyone hadnt blown this out of proportion.
    P.s. in doing that you only helped his career, its called the jeselnyk OFFENSIVE for a reason. If you know how to read, you should know if this show
    Is for you or not

  • surfsup

    Sitting at muriwai beach right now and thinking of poor Adam. I hope his grieving family are able to get through this. Perhaps there will come a time when this American clown feels shame for his actions. An abject and public apology is necessary. It isn’t humour to taunt a grieving community and family.

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  • Turd Tickler

    I’m offended that Jeselnik has a show because he’s not funny.

  • really?

    ATTENTION anyone who would defend Anthony Jeselnik. I hope your kids do not die in a car fire, because Jeselnik is praying for that story like that to turn into his next comedy bit.

  • Cody Morley

    Let the man say it better than I can:

  • derp

    I’m so tired of people crying, whining, and being apologetic, hypocritical, soapboxing FUCKTARDS every time a comedian says something offensive. They are COMEDIANS, not politicians or public servants. Shut the fuck up, and change the channel if you don’t like it.

    • Contramoronist

      Get off this page tired little chappie if you don’t like it. It’s been colonised and taken over by FOREIGNERS with STANDARDS. If that put the shits up your tired little arse , well why would anyone care?

      • Kristinfan413years


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  • DJL

    Did Anthony show up at your house with a portable DVD player and a gun to force you to watch? That’s weird. At my house it came on Comedy Central and I had the option to change the channel at any point I wanted. It’s the same way with all the tv shows that come on at my house, not once have I been forced to watch something that made me uncomfortable.

    Or did you just read that other people were “offended” by the skit and then you watched it (voluntarily) on the internet? Because if I see a link that tells me something might upset me, I simply don’t click on it. Why spend your time choosing to watch things that are only going to bother you?

    • SimpleInternationalSense

      Come on, dude, whether I change the channel or not, Jeselnik and Comedy Central still owe Adam Strange’s family an apology. I’m sure you know what everyone means in that regard…

    • Causeandeffect

      Stop reading these posts then. They’re not your property. You need to do a bit of study on cause and effect. Why spend your time choosing to read things that are only going to bother you?

  • Ethan Russell Moncada

    come on people! It’s called the ‘Jeselnik Offensive’, it’s supposed to be offensive! You people are bitches, he doesn’t even know the guy. You people ruined a good dark joke for the world!

    • Guest

      He doesn’t know the guy – but his family knows what he said. Well I don’t know you either, cunt, and the world really doesn’t like your humour, only Americans do.

      • Kristinfan413years

        F U!

  • FuCk

    I hope Jeselnik or someone in his family just fucking dies. Maybe someone in his family so we can all make fun of their death. Fucking asshole.

    • Goose_Gaskins

      That’s definitely a measured and well-reasoned thought.

  • Coco

    Show sucks

    • Goose_Gaskins

      This. It’s amazing what a comedian can get away with once they prove they are actually funny. Jeselnik has yet do that, instead coming off as the latest in a long line of comedians who think offensive automatically equals funny.

  • Waxil Davidson


    • Contramoronist

      Just because you can’t swim. It must be difficult for you: chewed -up with resentment for all those people who can do stuff that you can’t. I just feel sorry for however has to wipe your arse.

      • DJL

        Indeed. The fact that he says that going in the ocean is stupid means that he can’t swim. You, sir, are a genius.

        • Contramoronist

          He’s wrong. The waters of this earth are part of our environment and we belong in them. So, saying going in the ocean is stupid, is retarded. Don’t you moronic twats have a coastline? Do you just poke your toes into the sea?

          I guess for most of you the environment is just bars and fast food joints and car parks and phony mental ‘theme parks’ and flea ridden motels.

          Americans concerned about the environment – what a fucking joke. Does this mean you are going to ratify the Kyoto Protocol? That’ll be the fucking day. You do most of the damage, haven’t even woken up to the problem, and now you making out you’re at the forefront of the fight against environmental degradation.

  • Waxil Davidson

    I bet I can write jokes that will offend you WAY more than this, seriously, no shit. I hate your religion, I hate your opinions, and the best part is I’m correct. See me on Twitter @scrutinous, try to get at me, I’ll annihilate you, unlike what Comedy Central will do, which is probably apologize like a bitch. Come get offended by a real man stupid!

  • Waxil Davidson

    The dancing was spectacular, but what I really loved was the balls. Fuck anyone who shits on a comic trying to do comedy. You’re parents were shitty and made a dildo kid who can get offended at stuff other people say, fuck off pussy. This was rad.

    • Contramoronist

      You and Jelydik giving each other aids and syphilis. Which you got from your mother. Now that’s funny ha ha ha ha ha Wanker Davidson

    • Contramoronist

      Look, it’s not ‘you’re parents were shitty’, it’s YOUR parents. No apostrophe, not even in America is it normal usage to say ‘you are (you’re) parents were…’ Yes, we know you jerkoffs like to radically abuse the beautiful English language and that you think crossing the boundaries of decent behaviour is clever. No need to go on about it.
      Good comedy is difficult to do. The American style is to look for the quick and easy, the lowbrow. YOU like it because you are not too bright and it is the only way you will ever get a laugh, but other people quite rightly think it, and you, are shit.

      • Goose_Gaskins

        I was with you until the line about the American style being the quick and easy. That’d be like me saying all British humor is dry and uptight. It just ain’t true. However, I do agree that there seems to be a continuing trend in comedy (all over the world) to conflate offensive with funny.

    • SimpleInternationalSense

      There’s no such thing as Monsters, Waxil, didn’t your Mother ever tell you that? – Are you just doing too many mushrooms? – Listen – there are no such things as ‘monsters’ – either in the sea or on land – they’re an irrational manifestation of fear we had as children. We eventually grow out of it as adults – although if you’re doing a lot weed and mushrooms all the time you’re probably a bit retarded in that respect. Maybe it’s just the case that you don’t have a family and are completely alone. Going by the tragically sad and hysterical drivel you’re spouting here that’s probably not far from the truth. Maybe there is the germ of some advice for YOU in your OWN writing there, Waxil. You yourself probably shouldn’t go swimming in the ocean. You may come across some coral and think it’s a bunch of hands coming up to get you ’cause you’re too stoned. Or you’ll swim near a bunch of kelp seaweed and think it’s a giant underwater weevil creature attacking you with tentacles. You’d panic, take in too much water and likely drown. No, you’re better to stay safe indoors somewhere. Perhaps near a computer – logon and troll through your childish fears online I guess. Keep safe – but if possible, just try and keep the gibberish to a minimum. Thanks Waxil.

  • Brandon

    Way to completely miss the point. The reason this bit is pure genius is that it doesn’t make any jokes or pretense of having any redeeming value. It is so over-the-top and unexpectedly offensive that it can’t possibly taken seriously.

    • fuck you

      lol your dad got brutally attacked and killed by a shark. so random. ha-ha ha-ha ha.

      • DJL

        The Jeselnik Offensive is not targeted to, nor shown in, New Zealand. The clip was shown by Kiwi news sources in an attempt to cause outrage. Had the “news” not shown the bit, it’s likely the family would never even known of it’s existence, let alone seen it. The joke was NOT directed at the family.

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          Yeah – but it was still a bit of a crap bit tho, DJL, wasn’t it?…..honestly…..don’t you reckon?
          Whether you’re in USA OR NZ…?
          Pretty shitty – not really funny at all… Bit of a lazy C+ sort a thing….
          If it wasn’t for that shock factor…. where’d he be with it then?. Crap dancer with a bit of a pot belly (check photo above)…

          And it was also a bit lacking in taste in a way too, it has to be said…

        • Goose_Gaskins

          But if a tree in the forest falls down and makes an unfunny joke that could be deemed insensitive or offnesive, but there’s no one around to hear it, does that make it okay?

  • SharkGuyRedemption

    This kind of offended me and I’m a guy who (regrettably) made a joke about the Dark Knight Rising Massacre. My thing is, this joke was sort of feels like an attack on the grieving family. Jeselnik is going to hide behind the “this is just comedy” veil but I feel like you have to understand that whether you like it or not, your words have the power to make other people feel stuff. The fact that this joke was SO blatantly about how Shark Guy died shows that either Jeselnik is just socially broken, or that he (and his writers) willingly chose to take a low road and mock Shark Guy’s death, totally uncaring about who he devastates. I don’t know…it just doesn’t seem like good comedy; it’s just shock and awe. He comes off looking like a kid whining for attention.

    • Contramoronist

      Jelydik has writers? So it takes a team to produce his shit? A sort of group crap?

  • Jizz

    Wow, look at all the trolls turn up. Why respond to the filth? It’s a given they wouldn’t respond in this manner if it was their own family involved. It’s also a given that if this jezelnik aka jizz dick made a skit about 911 and had a victim’s picture showing with a statement such as “40,000 innocent civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan due to occupying American forces, 1 dead from a plane crashing into a building, and look at the son of a bitch that made it happen” (cue to victim’s picture), you can be assured his ass wouldn’t be on air anymore, that’s just fact. The guy is a pathetic wannabe comedian with no moral compass. His Mother must be proud. Maybe he should apologise to the little girl who has no Father now, Jizzdick. Shame on him.

  • Yut

    Unbelievable. So many of you in New Zealand are offended about a offensive joke about Eric, but you don’t care about instantly insulting and making very offensive comments about the 300 million people in the U.S. Don’t you find that just a little hypocritical?
    This is ONE man who made this joke. He does not represent our country.

    • fuck you

      i apologize for the generalization of americans by these people from nz. it’s just plain ignorant. (but it could be argued that “so many of you in nz” is slightly hypocritical, don’t you think? less than 50 out of 4 million is “so many?” but that’s not the point here, its the fact that this low life made a joke about this poor man’s horrific death, which is just inhumain both to him and his grieving family. not the fact a few kiwis said americans by accident

    • Contramoronist

      No, I personally find it quite gratifying to insult your 300 million scumbags because not one of you has had the grace and decency to condemn this idiot, to apologise for him, and to admit that you go in for crass shit and love it. So many of you love wallowing in shit. Admit it, then we can move on.

  • nancy le baron

    seriously though… remember in the first episode of TJO when they had the latino voices bit. That shit was so funny i fell over laughing and was seeing stars from lack of oxygen. it was amy schumer’s reluctance and then committing to the bit that put it over the top. and the baby 9/11 bit. so fucking good. comedy central would be wise to keep the show on the air because the controversy will only add viewers. but cc has never been known for being wise. so expect no more than 13 eps. and by the way, all the opinions below this one are fucking stupid and not worth reading. save yourself the grief.

  • andrew todd

    i dont think people should be allowed to be offended by a show thats intended to be offensive

    • fuck you

      why’s that. what if it was your family member that died, you might have a slightly different opinion…

      • DJL

        Because being “offended” is a personal thing. It has NO effect on anybody else until you open your stupid yap about it. You being offended does not affect my life in the slightest. You being an ignorant cunt in the comments of a website that I enjoy does affect my life, because I have to read your drivel. There’s no “ignorant ass-hat” blocking option on Laughspin..yet.

        • tellingadouchebag

          Yeah, it’s getting to you and that’s great. Hopefully you lose plenty of sleep over it. Keep reading these dissenting comments please and responding, so we know we’re getting somewhere with you douchebags. Ha ha ha ha….ha

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            DJL? – What’s happening bro..? ‘ sound a bit short…
            Have your rats got your flour a bit? – bad blood got your mare..?
            … Get an early night, mate, you’ll feel better in the morning…

  • MunchMeat69

    Quite honestly, I’m most offended by what a hack Jeselnik has turned out to be. His album Shakespeare was a great debut but everything beyond that has turned to self parody. If you’ve listened to any of his podcast interviews its clear he’s not a real comic, but a shitty dude that knows how to network.

  • Mloclam McCoy Nomdnih

    Butthurt all the places.

  • maxzumstein

    It’s not that I’m offended, I just literally don’t get it. Is “shark party” supposed to be funny because it’s such a bizarre non sequitur? Is it supposed to be a throwback to like, Frankie and Annette beach party stuff, but re-purposed for the most inappropriate subject possible?
    And if so, if the joke is just kind of the absurdism, then why the tally at the very end of shark deaths vs. human deaths? It seems to give the whole gag a gravity that robs it of its gleefully pointless irreverence. Are we meant to look at the sketch like a “yeah fuck that guy he deserved it” or are we meant to look at it like “oh this is so absurdly tasteless you can’t help but laugh”?
    It’s certainly offensive (hence the title of the show), and it’s pretty decently funny in its own way, and it’s also kind of a weird and muddled joke. But somehow the world will live on I think.

    • Contramoronist

      Ooo an hinterleckual! Absurdism, bizarre non-sequiturs. Sorry arsehole, you can’t pretty this one up with your wannabe shit.

      • nobody


        • Contramoronist

          Yeah I know it’s hard to believe anyone would want to disagree with an American.

          • Guest


          • maxzumstein

            Why must it all be about nationality?

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          Hey ‘nobody’, the guest after ‘maxzumstein’ was totally right – that was a load of time-wasting, fluffy, pseudo-intellectual bullshit by ‘max’.
          We’re not gleeful about that lame, phoned-in, careless and utterly disrespectful & distasteful skit. No-one should be – it forgets humanity and it was lazy and callous beyond belief. Jeselnik USED a guy who died the week before to cover for his lack of a joke. He used Adam Strange’s death and he laughed through that sordid stage bit as though it was good that he died… Utterly reprehensible no matter which way you view it…

          And don’t offer that cop out – “If you don’t like it don’t watch” – the skit was broadcast – I’m aware of what was broadcast – it was wrong, whether I change the channel or not…

        • DJL

          ^^^ Yep ^^^

  • anna

    Disgusting. What a piece of shit Anthony Jeselnik is.

  • grumpy

    love jeselnik, the show isnt great (as are most shows great comics get on comedy central)

    it needs to be said over and over that NOTHING is off limits in comedy- regardless if YOU dont like this bit- then its just not for you, there are people who WILL think its funny. offense is a matter of personal taste, what offends one person wont offend another and vice versa. the whole point of this bit was to be as mean and tasteless, and offensive as possible- the jokes seemed to be an afterthought if anything. while i didnt find this bit funny- like, at all- i just want to point
    out what overreacting fuckin crybabies all the people who were offended
    are. i thought this was a community of comedy fans who understand this
    basic shit.

    i would guarantee that everybody on here has laughed at a FAR more offensive joke about something MUCH more tragic at some point whether its about 9/11, rape, the holocaust, slavery, dead babies, there are countless things more offensive than this- the only difference being you didnt find THIS funny. anyone who complained is a complete fucking hypocrite.
    was it tasteless? yes.
    was it unneccessary? yes
    was it not funny? to most of us- yes.
    should he apologize? absolutely fucking not.

    • Cody Morley

      The people replying aren’t part of the comedy community they googled their way here to try and get someone to listen to their wrongheaded point of view.

  • Christian

    I’m more offended by the fact that Anthony Jeselnik isn’t funny. His entire act is saying shitty one liners that are “edgy”. Every joke he says on stage sounds forced and unnatural. He has the on stage personality of a robotic parrot. Just regurgitating slightly clever lines he’s worked hard on. Every podcast I hear him on, especially Doug Benson’s podcast, he just try’s doing stupid bits, like he’s working out material for his next special or something. He’s not naturally funny, he has to work very hard for it, and for that I do have respect for him. Also, he’d love this, the controversy. We’re giving him exactly what he wants and it’s making him smile that smarmy little smile of his. Other than that, I have no opinion on the matter.

    • maxzumstein

      Well, for the sake of argument I would say that it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s naturally funny if he’s such a terrific joke writer, because his act is more…I don’t know…cerebral isn’t exactly the right word but, it’s not based on improv or tags or even point of view so much as it is based in unexpected turns and superb writing. Paraprosdokians they call em I think.

      All that being said, I totally disagree about naturally funny. He has a really keen sensibility about which role to play in improv, which doesn’t necessarily always mean jumping to the forefront with jokes. He was super funny when he kind of assumed the role of a foil to Pete Holmes on the “You Made it Weird” podcast, and even funnier on “Comedy Bang Bang” by taking unexpected stances that go against his persona, i.e. saying that he “drew the line” at Nathan Fielder calling someone a “dolt”.

      • Contramoronist

        Cerebral not the right word? You’re kidding!

  • The Devil

    It took 4 shows to finally offend people. LOL

    • fuck you

      ha-ha ha-ha ha.

  • Lownote

    If you’re surprised or offended by Jeslenik’s humor you know nothing about him. This is standard… get over it or move along (don’t watch)

    • Contramoronist

      Wow, and what a standard.

    • fuck you

      actually i do know that he tries to offend people… but the act of trying to offend doesn’t justify it. what if it was your family member? would you just watch it and ‘move along’

  • JeselnikWon

    Anyone who reacts with something along the lines of “he’s gone too far” or “that’s insensitive” is doing exactly what Jeselnik wants. The more upset you all get, the more money he’s going to make. He’s shows called “The Jeselnik Offensive”, not “The Jeselnik Family Comedy Hour.” I feel bad for the family, but when I die, I love to have someone making a joke out of it, so at least something good can come from it. People who hate him give him notoriety because he loves to say what you hate to hear. Every time someone decides Anthony Jeselnik went to far, He gains two new fans……

    • Amilcar Cuevas Jr

      Agreed. If u dont want to watch stuff that offends u stay off comedy central. If you find that stuff funny then watch. Plain and simple.

  • Tyler

    grwo up. it was hilarious. If i were that mans family i would be honored.

    • fuck you

      please explain how joking about someone being brutally killed is hilarious.

      • Cody Morley

        Well see, there’s the part where a prehistoric monster ate him.

        The fact his wife probably cried in a horrendous accent.

        His kids are orphans who will perpetually be afraid of swimming pools…

        What parts of this aren’t funny?

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          Well, none of those are funny – you must be aware of that.

          The deliberately offensive taste aside (I know proponents of your comedy idiom are too witless to do without it – you need it to keep the energy up, you won’t manage it with just the ‘funny’)…

          Where is the joke in an odd accent?
          What is the deal with having a go at Adam’s wife Meg’s accent? There’s no joke there. Does your wit equal that of two 10 year old school boys giggling at the accent of a non-American visiting the class to give a talk? (Some of the more immature and less worldly Kiwis over here may consider some Yank accents horrendous – but they’re not in the comedy business)
          But, would you use that in a stand-up gig?:

          “You know that guy who got killed by a shark in New Zealand the other week? Well what about his wife crying at the funeral… – she’d probably sob with a weird accent! – what’s up with that?!”

          Jesus, you’ll kill with that one, Cody…. And why on earth does poor Meg Strange from Muriwai, Auckland become a comedy foil in the San Diego comedy circuit? – It’s just ridiculous! Who is she to your audience and why is she getting a roast? It’s stupid…
          These are the parts that aren’t funny.
          The kicker is that without the aid of broadcast TV studio pressure and LAUGH/APPLAUD signs – if you said that to a non-televised Friday night gig – even a Californian audience would stay silent because it’s in awful taste… And also it’s just not very funny.

          The ‘orphans’ thing doesn’t make sense – Adam and Meg had just one child – Indigo, and she’s not an orphan, she has a Mother. She’s aged 9 and not afraid of the pool or the ocean – the return to the beach day was a big deal the whole community got involved in…
          So, again, if you enjoy stony-faced puzzled stares – tell that one…

          The idea of a creature with an ancient evolutionary history eating another creature with a much more modern pedigree is a nice piece of Biological whimsy I suppose. It’d fit well coming from the mouth of David Attenborough in one of his nature documentaries. But again, it’s not going to get a crowd laughing their heads off – it’s a bit ‘male wildlife buff’ nerdy – if there are any of those in the aud they might titter. – But in saying that, they’re probably the ones who’s affection you’d lose first if you decided to lurch into the specific denigration of the actual individual who DID get mauled in such a fashion just last week – the way Jeselnik gleefully and cowardly did. (And then pretended it was all about conservation(!?!but where’s the joke)).

          Jeselnik’s Shark Party bit was a low class and & tasteless act of cowardice – he ragged on a guy who’d just died. (How desperately low in search of a laugh). And he pounced on ‘some far-off country’. Well insulated by his Californian TV gig network – any heat from the Kiwi’s will be batted away easy…
          Nothing impressive or brave there at all – despite what illusions of ‘Fearless Comic’ Jeselnik and his fans may be under.

          You and I know he would NEVER try a close to the bone stunt like that about someone local who his blessed audience might closely identify with, or maybe even know personally. An LA surfer with a big community connection who got killed in a shark attack and was buried in a funeral service just last week somewhere in LA city – reported in the LA Times and featuring on TV.

          I DARE Jeselnik to take his wee ‘Too Soon’ gimmick to that one.
          – Hit is audience up with a facsimile of his ‘Shark Party’ bit for that situation.. – hold the hapless smiling American’s face up with birth & death years underneath, crow about his family left behind – ‘you son of a bitch’, the whole deal…
          HE WOULDN’T, he’d be too scared. The audience would turn on him. (He’d get a reaction like what Michael Richards got – maybe worse…) Even though comics like Jeselnik love to brag how there’s no line you can’t cross? – well there’s a situation he’s never gong to venture into, so of course there is. He need’s his immediate audience grinning away, stroking him with a laughter fix. Big baby…

    • Contramoronist

      Right! Shoot yourself then and I’ll make a tasteless joke about it and your family can feel honoured.

  • Amilcar Cuevas Jr

    Just watch 1000 Ways to Die on netflix and you’ll see how funny death can be because of stupid people.

  • Amilcar Cuevas Jr

    Listen its simple. I have always felt and this a world issue if someone were to invade your domicile you have every right to attack. Its the whole defend your home by any means necessary. We as humans are a land creature. Whenever we enter a domain that is not our own and something bad happens its not the creature’s fault. The guy was in the water where he didn’t belong and the creature attacks its the person’s fault not the creature. This goes for the rain forest, swamp, or any habitat we don’t belong in. If we go to Africa and do a safari and get eaten by a lion no one should blame the lion. So while death itself isnt funny how people die and the stupid ways they occur is. If this guy would have kept his ass out of the water he’d be alive today. If a skydiver dies cause the shoot doesn’t open its not the earth’s fault. I can go on and on. Anthony can do whatever he wants in this country. If you don’t like it don’t watch. Plain and simple.

    • Contramoronist

      You’re a fucking moronic shitbag who knows nothing about the environment this guy died in. Don’t pretend there was a message in Jellycock’s pathetic little show. BTW, no one is blaming the shark, you mentally defective little Amilcunt. Learn to read.

      • Amilcar Cuevas Jr

        WOW. Amilcunt. Never heard that one before. You know with the name Amilcar Ive heard it all. The difference between me and you I don’t need to resort to name calling to make a point. I am college educated Id be surprised if you got a GED. I’ll acknowledge you again if and when you have a point that doesn’t require a 13 year old bully to interpret.

        • Amilcar Cuevas Jr

          At least i used my name not hide behind a retarded handle.

          • Contramoronist

            I’d say you got your qualifications from a cereal packet. If you want to debate this event check your facts. There is no environmental message in Jellydick’s skit and none in your drivel. You are supporting a talentless arsehole and deserve every bit of shit you get.

          • callingcmltwt

            Posted by someone formerly know as Cameltwat.

    • Contramoronist

      Amilcunt, now that’s funny!!

    • fuck you

      the point isnt “what a horrible shark to attack a human IN THE SEA!” the point is “what a horrible human to joke about this poor man’s horrific death, which is just plain horrible both to the man and his family. do you not see how disrespectful and unfunny his ‘joke’ was?

  • pat wlos

    I guess none of you are concerned about the 100 million sharks that are killed each year by humans. I’m sure a good 95% of those sharks have never even attacked a human being either. Perhaps the point of this sketch is to question which aspect of the situation is immoral, a man making light of 1 shark victim or the vast quantity of sharks killed by humans… I feel like more of you should understand that this was the point of his sketch. That’s why he ended the sketch by calling out how many sharks had been killed during this year.

    Also, the segment is called “too soon”, so he generally has to pick something that was recent.

    • Contramoronist

      Americans and wildlife:-

      San Diego’s mayor has ordered a two-month night time shutdown of a beach
      after cameras set up to monitor a seal colony captured people kicking,
      punching and sitting on top of mother seals and their pups.

      There you go, all you smartarse comedians, see what you can make of that.

      • Guest

        Absolutely. I’ll make three jokes about it tonight.

        Comedy’s job is to address the things that confuse us and the ones that make us uncomfortable. Unfortunately the least intelligent among us believe they have the right to be offended. They do not. They don’t.

        Laugh, don’t laugh, or walk away. We’re not changing our voices for you.

      • Cody Morley

        Absolutely. I’ll make three jokes about it tonight.

        Comedy’s job is to address the things that confuse us and the ones that make us uncomfortable. Unfortunately the least intelligent among us believe they have the right to be offended. They do not.

        Laugh, don’t laugh, or walk away. We’re not changing our voices for you.

  • Grant Kearney

    Wait till you all see the 911 burning baby skit. Now that was a goody!!!!

  • Grant Kearney

    No subject should be taboo from comedy. Otherwise who do we set up as the censors of “what is and what isn’t funny’. Then do we start burning all the offensive books?? What is this China?? People who get offended are the ones who have the problem – they need to learn to control their own emotions. Embarrased to be a New Zealander today.

    • Contramoronist

      Yes, but it has to be comedy and it wasn’t.

      • DJL

        I think it was. Oh comedy, why must you be so subjective?

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          Speaking if subjective, DJL, if you thought that was funny you’d probably like this guy then.
          Kevin Bloody Wilson – he’s an Aussie…
          He was into shocking the audience too – & with perhaps a bit o ‘humor’ mixed in here & there for a bit of a laugh… Enjoy !, DJL – it’s just your sort of ‘funny’…:

          (This is the one: “Santa Claus ya cunt ! Where’s me fuckin’ bike?!!” etc. etc. I’m sure you know the rest…. It’s like Anthony Jeselnik, but perhaps a few years ago – same sort of stuff though…)

    • Contramoronist

      I’m embarrassed to share nationality with you.( Please turn your fucking spell-check on.) So you think ‘comedy’ justifies anything. If you want to debate the freedom of speech you’ll have to do better than this. It seems that you haven’t noticed that some people abuse their freedoms. God, some of my compatriots really are nothing but sheep-shaggers. Can’t you just pretend to be an Aussie even if your parents were siblings from Milton.

      • DJL

        He spelled one word wrong, dumbfuck. Your whole sentiment is wrong. I think we can forgive the misspelling.

  • Brian O

    It is so refreshing to be able to see in print the intellectual levels of so many in the great world of the marginally sane – grow up gentle people – when you reach the old age of 10 you will find that you have perhaps a better handle on what to value in this world rather than inane posturing on behalf of a third rate so called comedian who has to celebrate his own mediocrity by denigrating the value of someone who contributed more to society than all of the morons who find his death amusing and obviously stimulating.

  • Nobody

    He’s made more sick jokes than this. I remember he talked about Adam Lanza, then fist-bumped and did a fingerpoint to heaven. (Which I also laughed at, by the way.)
    Jeselnik, if you’re reading this, I love you.

    • fuck you

      except if it was your dad that died. then you wouldnt really love him would you…

      • nobody

        My aunt was raped when I was 10. I remember her the day of the rape trial, coming in staggering at 3AM, piss drunk, being able to smell the alcohol a room a way while she sobbed drunkenly and asked for a hug. You think I didn’t defend Daniel Tosh’s right to make a rape joke? I just happen to believe in this crazy idea that maybe people have the right so say whatever the fuck they want.

        • Contramoronist

          Then I’d say you couldn’t give a shit about your aunt.

      • Cody Morley

        YES. How do you not understand that the attempt to make a joke is sacrosanct. If it were my father i’d still just as vehemently defend the rights of my peers to speak freely.

  • C

    Not laughing is just laughing but for pussies

  • Geoff

    I can see why people are outraged and find this distinctly unfunny, but honestly, toward the end of the video, when there’s the tally of people killed by sharks vs. sharks killed by people–the point is that the joke’s on us. We have no right to be outraged if we’re slaughtering millions sharks for no reason, and a shark kills one guy.

    Anyway, “outrage” is just a kind of irrationality. Think about Jeselnik’s reasons before going all “But he was a person!” all over the internet. It’s silly.

    • fuck you

      the ‘jokes on us’ point was obvious during the entire clip. but just because he brings up the many sharks being killed by humans issue, doesn’t mean he can personally attack one man whos FAMILY is still GRIEVING.

      • Cody Morley

        Yeah, it does.

    • Contramoronist

      Your mentally defective assumptions reflect your sick american culture. No one here is outraged at what the shark did. Surprised yes, because there has never been a shark death in those waters before in living memory. But that is no reason to mock the man and to insult his memory. Your logic is totally fucked up and it is fucked up sick AMERICAN logic

      No one else greedily and stubbornly degrades the environment MORE THAN ANY OTHER NATION and then comes on as if they are arbiters of environmental ethics. You are latecomers to the environmental debate and the ground has long been covered elsewhere in the world. You need to learn your place in the world. In environmental ethics, IT’S AT THE VERY BOTTOM.

      By the way, you are a bit slow intellectually and your mother should keep you out of sites like this.

    • Contramoronist

      There was no joke on anyone you fucking moron. Only a dumbfuck American would be outraged at the fucking shark The outrage is directed at the douche who tried to make a joke of the man’s death and at his retarded supporters.

      Americans are latecomers to the environmental debate and you should know your fucking place. For decades now people around the world have tried to find solutions to environmental issues and you shitbag Americans have greedily consumed and exploited and totally ignored or denied the problems. Why don’t you take a look at the consumption of finite resources by your country compared with all others?

      Now an arsehole american twat thinks he can make a joke about a shark attack victim. No one respects american attitudes to the environment. We’re all just waiting for you cunts to wake up.

      BTW, you’re not very bright and your mother should keep you off sites like this.

      • Geoff

        The people in your life must be proud, with you trawling internet comment boards and spewing vitriol at nobody in particular because you saw a comment you kind of didn’t like. By the way, baseless ad hominem attacks against people about whom you know nothing but their opinion regarding the outrage surrounding a two-minute video would seem to me, generally, to be in poor taste, as well as losing completely the intended effect of making the subject feel badly about him- or herself in the least (an unhelpful objective anyway).

        I, just so you know, agree with the parts where you’re not calling me and/or Jeselnik a fucking moron, or other similarly enlightened terms. America is absolutely full of idiots who don’t care about the environment, and a lot of those are in positions of power who give all the money to the military because they don’t give a shit about things like education, or the environment, or people who would tell them to do otherwise. Yes, by the way, I have looked at the consumption of finite resources by our country as compared to others, and, while very displeased, I can’t personally change that number, given that I am a single person in a population of millions.

        So, really, your comments are utterly unhelpful. I’d rather not have to read a comment that refers to all Americans as idiots. Or cunts. Or arseholes. Because not all of us are, and for those of us who indeed are, your comments, and mine, mean fuck-nothing.

        Have a good day.

        • Contramoronist

          Disagree that my stereotyping and ad hominem attacks are unhelpful.There has been some progress made. You, at least have confessed that you are aware that ‘America is absolutely full of idiots….’
          But it is still worrying that you, as an American, still want to control the debate. Americans already control the debate on just about every issue confronting mankind, and there is a robust sense of entitlement there. Let’s get this straight, America is dangerous. One of the many ways in which it is dangerous is it corrupts cultural values, language, modes of interaction, human values, around the world. Here it is useful to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. And it gets results. Certain unevolved persons do respond to name calling and it is the only thing they do respond to.
          Also, the message the names and stereotyping serve to warn non-Americans of what they can expect should they stray from the straight and narrow.
          Humour itself, through satire, has long served these functions through similar methods. What is satire but sophisticated name-calling?
          In any case, to coopt one of your arguments, so many people in the world stereotype Americans, so what difference does it make if I do? That’s what’s going on in the world and you might as well face up to it.

  • ben

    No one cares if any of you are offended. No one. The bit wasnt funny. So change the channel. Better yet get off your arse and do something with your life.

    • contramoronist

      Yes people do care if others are offended. Worms in dogs’ anuses don’t.

      • ben

        its just a comedy show. this is not news. sort of like when someone tells a racist joke. sure they are in bad taste but its just comedy. again if you didnt like it dont watch it. same as if you dont like racist or sexist jokes then dont tell them or listen to them.

        • ben

          then again this america, where people are allowed to say whatever they like regardless if someone is offended. we dont censor human beings and put guidelines on them to please the masses.

          • Contramoronist

            I’m not against freedom of speech, but when some fuckwit crosses the line I take the freedom to tell them. Anything wrong with that?Should only the insensitive arseholes enjoy freedom of speech. So you want it all your own way?

            As for the racism issue, why should that be off-limits? It’s no worse than what Jezlshit did.

            Comedians seem to want special status, and they whine when we don’t want to give it to them. No one should contradict a comedian, especially an American comedian. American comedians, in fact Americans in general, see themselves as important contributors to the development of civilisation, but to do that you have to get your ideas right and your comedy right. This is beyond them – they are taking us backward into the cesspit.

            Of course, another problem with Jellydik is he’s American and Americans know very little about other countries. This debate has shown this to be true, so it is really all about American ignorance, arrogance, and insensitivity. Some people are pretending that there is an environmental message here which is simply stupid for reasons explained in several comments above.

            Of course, American moronism has its spineless toady supporters all over the world, but the are getting fewer by the minute.

          • ben

            I see your points but heres a few things I wanna say..

            #1 America is the size of 20+ average sized countries so different parts of the states are like different parts of say Europe or the Middle East. The culture changes, the attitude changes and the people change drastically every few hundred miles you travel. Heck in some parts of America the launuage changes! People from California are NOT like people from Ohio. I know this personally. Our nation is far too large to classify the whole thing as one population. There are regions. Visit sometime.

            #2 There is nothing wrong with racism jokes nor is there anything wrong with what Jeselnik did. If you dont like it dont watch it or dont listen. You have every right to express your feelings too though. Call him names, call him ignorant, and make fun of his talentless tasteless show that surely is on the list of cancellations.. All men and women should have that right. Including Jellynuts himself. Where I do not agree with you is when you say a man should not be allowed to make tasteless jokes because someone may be offended. I say thats just too bad. Unless you are threatening another humans well being or personal freedoms, in this country, you are allowed to say what you want when you want. Regardless of how offensive or ignorant it is. In Americas eyes every human being has the right to speak their mind. Including Jellynuts. Then again, the whole world doesnt see it that way… Some places want to censor your freedoms. Not America. Sorry.

            #3 We did not ask for our entertainment and culture to be in the spotlight worldwide. The world took it upon themselves on that one. I take it you are not American, obviously. So do you even get Comedy Central where you are?

          • Bun

            Addresssing points in reverse order.
            #3: He clearly does.
            #2: He didn’t threaten Jeselnik – you simply cannot read.
            #1: How do you quantify the cultural change in America versus – say – the cultural change in Hercegovina? By your logic America should have 400 times the diversity (20^2). So – can you prove that America has 400 times the diversity of Hercegovina, lol?

          • ben

            Yes. And 40,000 times the culture and wealth to enjoy our limited time : )

          • Contramoronist

            I’ve had quite a few opportunities to travel to your trash heap country, but there are just too many Americans there for my taste. This debate has come about because people don’t strive to be like you. You must realise this, or else why object to our comments?

            Everywhere else has more culture and the only thing you can do to change that is nuke us all, which will probably happen eventually.

          • ben

            Team America.
            F*** Yeah!!!

          • Contramoronist

            You say: – ‘We did not ask for our entertainment and culture to be in the spotlight worldwide.’ Actually, you do. You American narcissists go to great lengths to promote your crass garbage all over the world. In fact, an American that doesn’t want to be the centre of attention and want his or her childish and mindless values to be accepted without question, is a rarity.
            Americans subconsciously pitch their voices to carry, to penetrate, to every corner of their environments. At our airports, you can track to the Americans at several hundreds of yards. You are loud and obnoxious and opinionated and ignorant. You think we need to hear your shit, you think we should be grateful to hear your self-obsessed drivel on every conceivable topic. You are, in your own opinions, liberating us and educating us by being obnoxious. ‘Look how free we are!’

            Yes, everyone has the freedom to be radically obnoxious, but why, why do you Americans grasp every opportunity with both hands? The answer is simple: it’s because you know you have lost all culture and are trying desperately to fill the void with noise and shit so you don’t have to her how inferior you are.

          • ben

            You just spent all that time composing a small novel only to tell someone whom youve never met how aweful he and his culture is. THAT my friend is the difference in you and I. Our cultural diversity in America teaches us not to make completely ignorant assumptions about people you have never met like youve done here. Especialy not about an entire population consisting of over 375,000,000 souls! You and I could be best of friends in person, but much like the nazis, your stereotypical and hateful generalization of the masses leaves you disabled socially and a bit of a racist. Some of the people you describe do reside here, yes, but so do some of the most creative and brilliant minds on the planet. Not to mention some very cool, chill good hearted fun loving people. I would never visit Buffalo again but i loved Atlantic City and San Francisco. Those cities are 2000+ miles apart. Try and grasp that for a minute then continue spewing more of your cultural racism like we all know you will do.
            Oh and PS…
            Get your pc looked at.. Your browser somehow seemed to have mysteriously directed you to an American news site about American entertainment.

          • Contramoronist

            There is thing called American Exceptionalism, the believe that America is better than other countries and therefore Americans have the right to dictate EVERYTHING to every other person on the globe, and I have never met an American that doesn’t take this attitude. How often do we have to take your poison?

            If you don’t want people to see you in this light, then why do you always stick together in maintaining your superior self-image? The stereotypes come from your behaviour.

            American Exceptionalism is something that is very close to Nazism and is taking the world in a similar direction.

          • nobody

            Americans don’t even have the most offensive comedians, but believe whatever you wanna believe.

          • Contramoronist

            But Americans want to control the whole fucking debate, want to determine what is offensive and what is not, and you childishly whine about freedom of speech when another group points out that what you do is offensive shit. Only scum behave like that. When will you dumb cunts grow up.

    • fuck you

      other offended people do. other offended people. hey look, people do care. also, if it was your family member, you’d probably care and be offended…

      • ben

        Even if it were my family. Some talentless assclown makes a joke trying to grasp at strings to save his obviously failing show.. Holocaust jokes are offensive, so are racist jokes. But im in no position to tell another man what he can and can not joke about. Publically or private. I believe in free speech.

        • Contramoronist

          But you do feel free to tell other people their comments are out of line. So you won’t tell people what to joke about, but when they get serious and if they are not American, then “whine whine you are restricting our freedoms, blubber blubber.” Americans sticking together!

          So, fuck you are and your 375m retards. Your “arguments” just prove again how you are actually just a monolithic bloc of retarded cunts who are prepared to whine and blubber whenever anyone outside your mass-crudity-culture takes you on. This debate proves it, over and over, Americans defending their God Given right to be complete scum. Americans ‘proving ‘ to others how they should just suck it up in the interests of the American right freedom to be a pack of pox-ridden arseholes.

          • ben

            TEAM AMERICA!! F*** YEAH!! The greatest country on earth and you know it, thats you are glued to your black and white 19″ tv watching OUR shows! Now go back to sewing nikes you jealous third world twat : )

          • upbenwithroughendofapineapple

            I don’t have T.V. because there’s too much of your Amrcn drivel on it. I haven’t seen Jezltwats crap and I never will. But I do know that the show in question was offensive and that dishonest arguments are being used to defend it. You are the most powerful country on earth and the least respected because of your hypocrisy, and every one of your posts turns people away from you and your trashy values.

          • upbenwithroughendofapineapple

            I guess you’re jealous of our higher life-expectancy (that’s charitably assuming you’d know anything about another country).

          • ben

            Thats gotta be it..
            I’m just disapointed so many people get so butt hurt over a bad joke. If you think that was offensive you should watch some comedy specials on HBO lol.
            Oh and trust me, we are jealous of nothing. Our 50 states have everything from 10,000+ miles of coastline to tropical regions to deserts to mountains to forests containing the oldest trees known on earth. You could live to 150 and nothing would make me jealous. But whatever helps you sleep.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            Good to hear you’re not jealous of our slice of Paradise down here, Ben – last thing we need is an influx of Yanks all moving down here and spoiling it. James Cameron’s alright out here on his farm working on Avatar 2 & 3, (- he’s Canadian tho isn’t he..? whatever..) not too far from Peter Jackson’s house – (BTW – America’s nicknamed ‘The New World’ huh? – New Zealand is the newest country on Earth – only settled 150 years ago! – It’s frickin’ amazing! – Still got that new smell…It glistens with beauty…)

            Anyway, back on topic – Jeselnik’s little fake ‘joke’ WAS disgusting. Really mean & not actually very funny – and he needs to apologise – does he have a limit?

            To illustrate the sordid pond of thinking the guy swims in, take a look at this comment from one of his fans on another website similar to this one (website is: )
            And comment excerpt reads as follows…:

            “…YOU NEVER APOLOGIZE. Anthony if you are reading this, NEVER BACK DOWN AND NEVER APOLOGIZE. Do some more offensive tweets to the family of the dead guy.”

            A lot of the other comments over there @ splitsider follow these sorts of lines.

            What do you think of that, Ben..?
            ‘ Do some more offensive tweets to the family of the dead guy ‘….

            That’s what we’re dealing with here with Anthony Jeselnik’s fanbase.

            That is FUCKED UP THINKING , no matter what country you come from…

          • ben

            If you are looking for an apology from a comedian over a joke, good luck.. As for the rest of it well, isnt there more pressing issues in the news we could discuss besides this? I think weve spent enough time and energy on it.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            Of course there’s heaps of more important stuff – but this page is for the Shark Party skit debacle. And I agree, it has been pretty much thrashed to bits.
            I never thought there’d be an apology coming from the mouth of Anthony Jeselnik. It still should be stressed that he owes one though to Adam’s wife & daughter at least. Also, Adam Strange should get an assist – for Jeselnik using him for his macabre punchline – without even asking. But Adam’s gone now, so…

            At least Jeselnik’s bosses came through with some humanity.

            It’s clearly not in Jeselnik’s makeup to render an apology for his trespass and disrespect over this. Which is quite sad. At least not right now anyway. He’s young, full of running and convinced he’s the Greatest Person in the world – or something. But give him a few years. If his career’s got 2 or 3 decades in it – he may one day be asked in a magazine interview about his ‘Shark Party’ bit all those years ago. And whether, all things considered, he acted poorly toward the late Adam Strange and his grieving family. And that perhaps he went somewhere he had no right to go. He’ll no doubt have a private thought about this when he’s at a funeral himself sometime in the future…
            Perhaps it won’t be to a magazine, maybe it’ll be to his wife or closest confidante.
            But it’s my belief he’ll admit someday down the line to such questions that, yes, he was a bit out of order in that performance with respect to the deceased and family left behind. That given the flimsy shark-deaths-from-humans subtext next to the wild vilification of Adam Strange specifically – his behaviour got more undeserved tasteless insult than funny…

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          Actually, that disgusting little video clip has been removed completely from Youtube now, thankfully. It seems the Comedy Central bosses are starting to listen to sense. Maybe that foul piece of hate graffiti masquerading as a comedy skit slipped through their quality control erroneously – and now they’re catching up – hope so in order to restore some much needed goodwill to the directorship of that TV channel. Perhaps there’ll be an apology to Adam Strange’s family from Jeselnik and his Viacom stable – the only right thing to do…

        • Contramoronist

          You don’t believe in free speech. You’re lying. You object to us telling you what what moronic shit you are for supporting an offensive attack on an innocent man who was killed through no fault of his own.

          This is a peculiarly american style of lying. “i believe in free speech but don’t you say anything I don’t like”.

          You’re a cunt, plain and simple.

          • ben

            What do you call a man killed by a shark swimming near New Zealand? Who cares.
            Whats another name for the waters off Muriwai Beach? The buffet.

            Haha, your whiney “on your period” type of crying makes us giggle and gives us more ammo to tease you. Lighten up lace curtain, theyre just jokes.. Or does your third world dictatorship not allow jokes?
            PS – Anthony Jeselnik is a genious. His marketing techniques have his name etched in your brains forever. Wonder if he knows who you are or anyone from wherever it is you are from? Doubtful, being youre on an AMERICAN SITE reading about AMERICAN ENTERTAINEMT. Sounds like someones a little pouty hes not an AMERICAN.
            Now do me a favor and go take a long swim at the beach like your boy did.

          • upbenwithroughendofapineapple

            Don’t worry, everyone’s noticed it’s an American site, what else could it be with your kind of comment? Well, we’ve invaded your site and what are going to do about it beside wet your pants?

            Yes, I could take a long swim at the beach because it’s quite safe. Don’t worry, people haven’t stopped swimming in our beautiful oceans.
            So you go can back to your so-called entertainment and have a laugh every time some idiot says underpants or shooting or tragedy or disabled person or person of a different race and I’ll have a laugh every time someone says America.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            What’s Ben on about referring to NZ as a dictatorship? – New Zealand is less restrained and editorially more free than the USA is by a LONG way…Can they even say ‘ass’ or ‘shit’ on primetime TV over there without the bleeps coming out? – No, I think their MASSIVE creepy Christian side keeps all that in check…

            And notice how he thinks New Zealand is ‘Third World’ (!!) – he’s doing a good job confirming that unfortunate internationally held stereotype that Americans generally know or care about bugger-all outside the borders of the USA…

            (FYI – “Bugger-all” is antipodean slang for “Not much”)

          • upbenwithroughendofapineapple

            Well we have a longer life expectancy. But he wouldn’t know that because … well…. the world ends at his borders.

  • Whitey

    Has anyone asked how the shark feels about all this?

  • Redx Pen

    nah lighten up people this was seriously funny. adam strange is dead no matter what anyone says or does. 4,000 hungry children die from starvation every hour while billions are spent on bombs to create death showers. there are and endless number of tragedies every single day, i don’t mind if he picks 1 and makes a skit about it, neither should you. oh btw the funny part is that he did it, not what he was doing.

    • Redx Pen

      also, by the way, if i die in some 1 in a billion crazy way, feel free to make fun of me endlessly. if i was this guy Strange’s ghost, i would be like “hahaha i can’t believe a F’ing shark killed me, what are the odds of that? i didn’t even really wanna do the swimming race, why would i train for it? lollerskates and roflcopters”

      • Olly

        Humanity is doomed if attitudes like this become the norm, think about what your saying before just blurting out meme’s and spelling mistakes.

        Explain in what way ‘doing it’ is funny?

      • Contramoronist

        We’re making fun of you anyway. It’s about your shit-for-brains. Do you think anyone respects you?

        • DJL

          I respect him. But the again, I have a brain.

          • Hesayshehasabrain

            DJL says, ‘But the again, I have a brain.’

            You seem to be finding that hard to prove.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            He does seem to be having trouble, doesn’t he… (indeed, be he a ‘he’…)
            – he may indeed have a brain. You know – have that particular piece of meat in place – but I think he’s trying to prove it’s of the same type as the berserk sick ferret running round inside Redx Pen’s tortured skull – grinning and bleating on about lollerskates and sharks talking to ghosts etc….

            – Lead’s the owner to act like a bit of a clown but the organ is still essentially witless…

  • Randy L.

    The entire purpose of this bit was to gain media attention for the new show….was it funny? Meh, not really it kind of dragged on, but I chuckled at the offensiveness of it.

    • fuck you

      chuckled at the offensiveness of it. if i made a joke about your family dying would you chuckle?

      • DJL

        I probably wouldn’t chuckle, but I’d die for your right to make the joke. And I wouldn’t come on a comedy website to bitch endlessly about it. Your here defending the honor of some dead guy you’ve never met.

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          Big of you to admit ‘you wouldn’t chuckle’. Your family will be gladenned by the high, chuckl-less esteem in which you hold them in the face of broadcast ridicule while they die. And you can keep that chuckle in check? Terrific work…!

          But it’s not solely about defending the honor of Adam, who Jeselnik used & abused, it’s defending the honor of PEOPLE period.

          By the way, if it was just ‘some dead guy’ in Jeselnik’s skit there wouldn’t be any problem. But it wasn’t just ‘some guy’, he directed his nasty, angry ridicule to Adam Strange – held his photo up with birth and death dates underneath, called him as a ‘son of a bitch’ and called out his family who are still currently mourning his loss.

          It’s just simple, DJL, he went too far, he just went too – fucking – far…

        • Dieforithen

          You don’t know the guy so it’s OK to cause distress to his family?
          I wouldn’t go on a comedy website to support a talentless moron. I wouldn’t go on website and endlessly object and grizzle and whine when one of your dickheads gets called. You just want to have your tasteless little jokes and we should stand round applauding. Do something you’re good at, like picking your nose.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            Hahahaha ! Quite well said…

  • Contramoronist

    Some mental defective sets out to be offensive, advertises himself as offensive, succeeds in being offensive, and we are supposed to draw some higher conservation message out of it. This epitomises american arrogance. There is no higher message here because, as you would all know if you had looked into this tragedy, the attack was statistically highly unusual for that place and time. Much less predictable than any American mass murder by one of your many gun crazies. At least New Zealanders, on the whole, have the decency to be saddened by american moronism.

    • ProudtobeaNzer

      It will be funny when this “comedian” guy’s family dies and the whole world makes a joke of it!

  • Contramoronist

    I guess Jellyneck or whatever his name is, represents that which people around the world hate, fear, and despise about americans The genuinely horrible thing is that this object has fans.

  • One Guy

    I thing it would have been fine, if he wouldn’t have shown the picture of the man. So it was a very personal thing about one poor guy… espacially as the bit wasn’t very funny. First rule for offensive jokes: be very funny! I hope next he will show pictures of every kid in america that died of cancer this year…but then better up the dance skills…

  • Yeahthatsright

    What an ***hole! I recently did a study on sharks and am aware of how many sharks die each year because of humans. But the humans who have been attacked randomly by sharks had nothing to do with those shark deaths. And this family just lost a husband, father, son, friend, sibling… Maybe Dickelnik should lose a loved one and we all make fun!!!


    There is no such thing as bad publicity and Jeselnik knows this. He’s an absolute genius. I had seen a few moments of him 2 years ago on the Trump Roast, but today when I saw the Shark Party news story I sought out his “Caligula” TV Special and all episodes so far of his new Offensive TV Show, I’ve had 3 hours of Jeselnik today, and I can tell you, I’m sold. The guy is a genius. He’s like Mitch Hedberg but not a boring stoner type comedy, Jeselnik is more like the devil risen from Hell, in a Jack Nicholson Witches of Eastwick R rated kind of way. It’s just awesome. This young man has a giant future ahead of him. I admire him greatly. Shark attacks are funny, so is rape, so is he holocaust, and so is life. If you don’t like nobody cares, I don’t care, Jeselnik doesn’t care. Things can be made of light of and still be bad things at the same time. Only a moron nation of sheep molesters like New Zealanders would put this on the news.

    • NZer

      I’m sure you’ll be laughing when u get a$$raped!

      • DJL

        Are you threatening to ass rape him? He’s not a sheep, you dumb Kiwi.

  • Dunk Ging

    Yeah Eric, a man dying and children being left without a father is a joke! There is a difference between dark humour and this. Making a joke about shark attacks and having dancers and fun is fine. Verbally attacking a man (who was training for an ocean swim race) and their family, showing his photo and celebrating this particular persons death is neither funny or offensive. It is immoral. Any of you who think it is a joke wouldn’t be so happy if it was your husband or wife who was killed and called out.

    • Andrew Meurant

      this is exactly what i find disgusting. thank you

    • Fuck New Zealand

      Anyone who uses the phrase “verbally attacking” is nothing but a pathetic piece of soft (censored).

      If this “family man” who got owned by the shark was so responsible, what was he doing swimming in shark infested waters while he had kids. At the end of the day the shark death guy is lucky someone’s still talking about him. Hundreds of thousands of people die a day, in anonymity.

      There is more important injustice in the world to put your mind to, than some white upper class New Zealander who got owned when he entered the habitat of a prehistoric predator and treated it as a place to “train for a race”.

      • Contramoronist

        White upper class? We actually don’t have many upper class people of any colour. The victim was not upper class and in any case NZ is a far poorer country than the US. Your post stinks of resentment. The waters where Mr Strange died are not usually shark infested. This was a most unusual event in our waters, that’s why it is news. You however, along with a person who thinks he’s funny called Jeselnik, but who is just another idiot, have gone out your way to insult the memory of a man who was just swimming at beach where many people swim. You have done no research into this event, but have simply approached with a large number of ignorant assumptions and an unbelievably crass insensitivity.

      • Kiwi

        As an expat Kiwi who live here in the US let me know where we can meet face to face so I can find out if you really are as ignorant as your post makes you sound – jerk

        • Dead Shark Cunt

          Fuck you Kiwi go home to sheep fucker land you cunt. We don’t want you here.

          • Mack

            Wow, you’re a really awesome
            guy with no “issues” for sure, right? You should grow up and try
            doing a tour in Kunar, Afghanistan. To think we serve our country while a POS
            like you gets to give decent US citizens a bad name in the International
            community. Check yourself fool. US, Kiwi’s, Aussies, Brit’s, Canadian’s,
            they’re all chipping in over here. We’re on the same team. You’re just
            offensive, ignorant and an embarrassment.

          • infirmier

            Can’t you just get cancer and die, please? Maybe you could inject your self with the AIDS virus? Because an injection of humor is, for you, an impossibility, making you an insufferable human being that everyone who knows you must resent. So, please go kill yourself, please. Thanks!

          • Waxil Davidson

            You should have died for these rights. Now that’s funny.

          • Waxil Davidson
          • Contramoronist

            Thanks Mack, we appreciate your solidarity with our people.

          • DJL

            The the military is doing in Afghanistan (and around the world) is what’s giving the US a bad name in the international community, dumbass. And you’re proud to be a member? If I had EVER been in the US military, I’d hide that light under a bushel, not chirp about it proudly. As a US citizen, I am embarrassed and ashamed of our military. If “growing up” means I have to give over my free will and shoot at people who I have no qualm with, then I’ll just stay a kid, thanks.

            But keep calling your job “service.” That way, killing innocent women and children and occupying foreign countries is your “duty.” It sounds a lot better than saying you have a job as a mercenary. Now, go keep America safe from all those Afghans who were going to invade us. Remember, killing innocents isn’t a job, it’s a career.

          • Contramoronist

            Ah, DJL, you’re trying your hand at politics now. Interesting that you think you have a grasp of international affairs. Perhaps you should enter the diplomatic service for your country. I can see you as an ambassador to Afghanistan. But then when some of the locals get killed you would laugh and call them goat fuckers, wouldn’t you? Yes, maybe stick to picking your nose.

          • Contramoronist

            No, of course you don’t want intelligent people there showing you up for the trash you are.

          • DJL

            When Kiwi fucks a sheep, do you know why he does so at the edge of a cliff? So the sheep will push back.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            Jesus – you’re quite the comedian aren’t you! – Quite a talent…

            Maybe someone big will be reading this. Honestly – you might have a career there mate… You could be the next Dick Van Dyke – only a bit coarser…

          • DJLisatryhardjerk

            American comedians are really happy to push back.

          • DJL

            What do you call a sheep tied to a post in Auckland? A Leisure Center.

          • DJLisatryhardjerk

            No. An American comedian.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            Are you an American?

        • DJL

          I’m not “Fuck New Zealand”, but if you want, I’ll meet you and tell you to “fuck off” face to face. I’m in Denver, CO, when and where would you like to meet, tough guy?

          • Contramoronist

            He just has to follow his nose and he’ll find you.

      • SimpleInternationalSense

        Apart from your gross bitterness on display and warped ideas on comparisons between ‘thousands of anonymous deaths’ compared to ‘lucky’ people who get there demise ridiculed a week later on plastic USA TV’s Comedy Central show, you simply haven’t looked into the facts.

        The beach is hardly visited by sharks. These rare events can be counted on one hand since records began round here – which made it such a notable and sad event.

        He was a well respected family-man patronising one of the area’s most popular swimming beaches. Not in a million years does a tragic accidental death like this deserve Jeselnik’s and your’s ridiculous and perverse expressions of callous nastiness. Both your displays are neither humourous nor intelligent by any count.

        • Rest In Peace douche shark man

          There you go again mistaking me for someone who gives a flying fuck what some prude like you has to say.

          • contramoronist

            I don’t think the reply is intended exclusively for your eyes, so you flatter yourself. I would say everyone has given up on you by now. But there are other people out there who are supported by sympathetic comments.

          • DJL

            Yes. Because a grieving family should be able to go anywhere on the internet and not see a single negative post about their dearly departed. They should be able to come to Laughspin and KNOW that they’ll see sympathetic comments. Otherwise, the dead guy can’t be brought back to life by the power of good thoughts. That’s the way the internet works.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            Try and stick to the topic, DJL. No-one can hear anything you say ’cause all your words are drenched to the bone in sarcasm.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            mmmm – whether you like to hear it or not – fact remains you appear very bitter, callous and just not very bright… And here’s the kicker – you may SAY or indeed TYPE that you don’t give a ‘flying fuck’ but this comments page does and you’re reading it & typing entries back dumbass! so you’re also a fucking lying hypocrite..!! You need to sort your self image out…

      • anna

        He was swimming at a beach which is a very popular place for people to swim at, surf at and generally spent time, and YES train for ocean swims – New Zealand is an island after all! (just in case you didn’t realise) The ocean is part of growing up there. No one is saying what the shark did was wrong (though that behaviour is not common – and sharks are not a frequent citing that close to the shore) , what people are talking about is how disgusting it was for a photo of the victim to be mocked, his photo put up, and him referred to as a “son of a bitch”.
        It was disrespectful and done in complete and utter bad taste.

      • matt headley

        You are so uninformed. There hasn’t been a fatal shark attack in NZ for over 30 years, and never in the vicinity of where it happened.

    • Waxil Davidson

      Nice opinion faggot. Nobody cares go get eaten by a shark stupid.

      • Contramoronist

        The syphilis has eaten your brain ha ha haa ha ha

  • Elisa

    If you take out the picture of the dude that died, all you have is a shitty 1 minute dance number and a ham-fisted environmental message. It just wasn’t very funny.

  • Kung Fu

    The guy’s a douche. Making a joke about someone being ripped apart in a grotesque and violent manner is beyond bad taste. What’s next? Skits about rape, torture, child molestation? This jerk-off has confirmed a wide-held belief that he’s a talentless sphincter. Comedy Central should shit-can this idiot.

  • Astrid

    It’s not a matter of whether or not him being offensive, it’s a matter of taste.
    I’m sure as soon as some New Zealand comedian started taking the piss out of Sandy Hook or 9/11 Americans would be outraged.
    This is a man exploiting and praising a man’s death for his own personal gains. Perhaps he could learn from dark comedy masterminds like Dylan Moran, Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle.

    • nope

      Nah, all the good comedians who make 9/11 or Sandy Hook jokes are Americans.

    • Andrew Meurant

      totally agree, what if on 7days (new zealand skit show) some New Zealand tap dancers dancing on a mock up of the graves of the 5 victims in the helicopter crash in Afganistan.. bet some of the guys calling it a joke here in this thread might find it a bit too close to home to laugh at

      • Rape Jokes

        Oh Andrew you turd, why don’t you go and feed Africa or stop police brutality. Oh no, the honor of a complete stranger to you has been slighted thousands of miles away on a TV show with the word “offensive” in the title. Go to hell. Haven’t you got an Earthquake to clean up or some shit?

        • Contramoronist

          Yeah, that would be about right, thousands of miles away, so who cares? That about sums up America, land of the brave and free. What a disgusting joke you are.

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          ‘Rape Jokes’ it’s obvious you’re just trying to win a silly hypothetical ‘who can say the most offensive thing’ competition similar to what a bored 15-year old internet troller would do. – No need to be so mean to people.

          You’re a complete stranger but I can still see that you slight your own honour by telling someone to ‘Go to Hell’.

          It exists on earth anyway – you’d probably experience it if your city was hit by an Earthquake and you got trapped under a building’s rubble in a tight space so small you couldn’t move your arms or legs for 3 or 4 days. Had to shit in your pants in the darkness for that long. Endured brain-burning psyche-out moments so intense you think your heart is going to explode. So I hope one doesn’t hit your city.

          I don’t have to know Jeselnik personally to know he’s shitting all over the concept of human decency as well as comedic performance. Even though he’s thousands of miles away we still have international broadcast and internet presence that we all share – and he’s shitting all over that.

          I feel a bit sorry for him if he thinks as an on-air comedian that with this stint he’s given the world something funny.

          And he’s definitely in the dark if he thinks it was all ok.

    • J

      Multiple comics have made jokes about American tragedies. Most people don’t let them turn their worlds upside down, since… you know… they’re jokes.

    • Nobody

      Actually, American comedians have taken shots at Sandy Hook and 9/11, Jeselnik included.

      • contramoronist

        Yes, America has the largest number of self-centered and childish idiots or any country, so that is no doubt true. Americans laughing about the gun deaths of their own: now that sums up America.

  • Kevin C. Sullivan

    1.) I didn’t think it was funny. Not in a “I was offended” way. I get the humor in it, it was just a miss for me. Jeselnik is my favorite comedian working right now and I love his new show.

    2.) It seemed to me he bit was less “it was awesome this particular guy died” and more “shark attacks are AWESOME!”

    3.) It’d be a shame of Jeselnik’s show lost that all important New Zealand audience.

    4.) I had to watch the video three times before the dancing shark girls stopped distracting me from what Anthony was saying.

    TL;DR Not my favorite sketch of his, but nothing he needs to apologize for. AND HE BETTER NOT, GODDAMNIT

  • CJ Morton

    Isn’t this sort of what he does? I mean, I know he wasn’t “mainstream” before, but in the comedy world he’s the prince of darkness for a reason… in fact when I saw him do live standup several people left the show during the first 20 minutes because they were offended. This was expected and everyone knew it was coming, I mean, if you hear Shakespeare or Caligula he’s a shock comic, granted a VERY good shock comic, but that’s what he does.

  • Z

    I’m a New Zealander and the only thing I find offensive about this is how my whole country seems to have lost their minds because of this. Chill out, folks. Jeselnik is just doing what Jeselnik does. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

    • Contramoronist

      You have lost our sense of decency. You have become something else. You are not a New Zealander.

      • Jorge Garrido

        Why bring chauvinism into it?

        • contramoronist

          I don’t think you know what chauvinism is, and yours is the cheapest little PC response. Try to exercise some intelligence, or if that is too difficult for you put your finger back up your backside, that is a more suitable entertainment for the likes of you.

          • Jorge Garrido

            Chauvinism, in its original and primary meaning, is an exaggerated, bellicose patriotism and a belligerent belief in national superiority and glory.[1] It is an eponym of a French soldier Nicolas Chauvin who was credited with many superhuman feats in the Napoleonic wars.

            By extension, it has come to include an extreme and unreasoning partisanship on behalf of any group to which one belongs, especially when the partisanship includes malice and hatred towards rival groups. Jingoism is the British parallel form of this French word, when referring to nation.[1]

            A contemporary use of the term in English is in the phrase male chauvinism.[2]

          • contramoronist

            Hmm, it seems you still don’t know what chauvinism is despite your picking up a dictionary, because demanding certain standards of behaviour from one’s compatriots, such as a maintaining degree of compassion for the grieving relatives of a man who recently died under horrific circumstances, does not begin to fit the definitions you have assiduously copied and pasted.

            So it’s certain, finger and backside should remain your preferred activity during your waking hours.

      • Nobody

        No True Scotsman?

    • SimpleInternationalSense

      If you don’t like reading the overwhelming volume of mainstream and decent expressions of disgust at this tasteless and unfunny production – then don’t read.
      Stop reading down the comments on display. – Simple – just click away somewhere else ‘Z’, the internet’s a big place.
      Or turn off your computer and catch some ‘Z’s on the beach…
      – better yet, pull up the bed covers and go back to sleep…

  • Chris Krueger

    Oh look, a show with the word “offensive” in it’s title offended someone.

  • FrankCapo

    Good for the offensive Anthony Jeselnik being offensive. This is what’s made him famous.

  • Eric I

    It’s a fucking JOKE.

    • SimpleInternationalSense

      Yes, it IS a joke. Well, – it was INTENDED to be a joke.

      But you don’t treat the recent accidental death of a man as a joke – and call out his grieving family to boot.

      Doing this is two things – it’s callous, insensitive & nasty all rolled in one.
      And, also sadly it’s just unfunny.

      Ends up shedding it’s definition of “Joke” and turns into a blatant insult.

      No longer a joke. – Back to the drawing board, Jeselnik, if you intend to ‘bring the funny’…must try harder…

      • Jorge Garrido

        It’s not his job to avoid being callous, insensitive, and nasty. It’s his job to be funny, which he was, in mine and alot of peopel’s opinions.

        • SimpleInternationalSense

          Come on Jorge – surely you realise if it wasn’t for the shock factor of his Kiwi family man family-man foil ACTAULLY HAVING DIED in the last week – and being able to scream out his age, family situation and hold up his actual headshot while the sad event is still fresh – Anthony Jeselnik would have NOTHING with that dumb 3 minute costume song & dance number – NOTHING. A few hot chicks. Jeselnik NEEDS the horrible shock factor and the word ‘Offensive’ in his show’s title to actually be on the air for Christ’s sake. (Even some of his fans thought the bit was lame. The tragedy is he’s USED Kiwi Adam Strange’s death to get him out of his writing problem.) He’s not a comedian in the sense that he is actually ‘witty’. He just loudly & talentlessly screams at the audience “Look at me, I’m laughing too soon at all this real life tragedy” and then dances badly… Without the fact it really happened I dare him to try that bit right after Louis CK and get a laugh. You know what I’m saying Jorge. Most talented comedians set up a bit with a conceited preamble (“Guy walks into a bar…” or “I was in one of those Indie coffee places the other day…”) before delivering story and witty punchline. Sometimes the comic jokes about the fact these preambles are actually made up with the gag prefix “True story – no really, it is..! (audience chuckle)..” Anthony Jeselnik isn’t capable of this. He needs a recent actual tragedy with no comic value, backed up in print by the Press. More shocking the better so if it happened yesterday & his significant others are still in mourning – great! . And simply stand on stage bragging how he’s laughing at it. So if that’s his job, he’s not being a comedian, he’s at best just being an annoying asshole.

          • Jorge Garrido

            I’d agree with you IF this was the only type of bit he ever did, but most of the times when Jeselnik tells a joke, it’s pure set-up, punchline.

          • SimpleInternationalSense

            Well, he’s simply gone too far here and owes an appology to Adam’s wife and kids for totally ridiculing and dragging the death of their Dad and husband trough the mud for no reason. They’re here in New Zealand right now witnessing all this play out in the news. They’ve made tearful reactions to the media here ’cause they’ve been so insulted and embarrassed beyond belief. They can’t comprehend why his beachside funeral service last week has been followed shortly after by this crazy turn of events. Imagine if it was your Father’s death you were just coming to terms with? Seeing his face in that situation on TV “Smile you son of a bitch!” – international joke news across the world… Where does Jeselnik draw the line? – would he do the same gag about a Dad in his local city or State that had just died tragically by accident the previous week? Was reported in his own local newspaper? Not likely – just do it to us ’cause we’re far across the ocean. (We’re close thru internet and TV channels tho) – I’d love to know if there are any Production Executive Dad’s or wives at Comedy Central who really know it was simply over the line and in truly bad taste. Perhaps some in the studio audience forced to laugh thought it was totally bad form or even some of the dancers did. Would Jeselnik take his ‘Too Soon’ segment to the ultimate level by doing a song at dance routine like that at a guy’s actual funeral service? Crossing live back to the studio audience for laugh reaction? – – – Or would Anthony say ‘no’ and agree you shouldn’t joke about someone who has just died – especially in front of their grieving family…

          • faggar

            You have way to much time for internet comments

            You should try getting eaten by a shark, somebody will make you famous in a hilarious sketch

          • Smitty Werben Jager Manjenson

            I think you mean dragging the death of their dad and husband through the water, not mud.

          • matt headley

            Nah you are talking crap, clearly not seen his show. Most of his stuff is strong, that was a rare weak bit.

    • Morbid Leo Bees

      More importantly it’s an OFFENSIVE JOKE. on THE FUCKING JESELNIK OFFENSIVE. Don’t watch! Didn’t watch? Then you shouldn’t be outraged! Guess what, while you were being outraged about Jeselnik making fun of this guy, I MADE FUN OF HIM SIX TIMES. Every person who comments on this saying they’re offended, I’m making fun of the guy 5 TIMES. The Blood could be on your hands!

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