This song about Milhouse from The Simpsons will bring a tear to your eye (Video)

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Poor Milhouse Van Houten. As an intelligent young man full of self-hatred he’s never really had a chance to win at life. Being Bart Simpson’s best friend hasn’t helped, either. And this song, the latest from one of our favorite up-and-coming musical comedy Web stars Allie Goertz, drives the point– and it just might make you well up a little. Accompanied by Megan Barrett, the duo form CossbySweater; they’re debut album will be released May 4 on iTunes and Spotify.

Interesting sidenote: Goertz will make an appearance on the new season of Arrested Development the same day the CossbySweater album comes out!

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  • ootywoo

    Two cute girls with wispy voices singing about a cartoon character, is this a joke about hipsters?

  • Dude McDuderson

    I’m still waiting for the funny part of this video….

  • bert

    it sucks

  • rasmus

    MAN th chick in the red t-shirt is SOOO HOT!

    • rasmus


    • Me

      Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you.

  • balboaactually

    I wish they’d fit in a line like “But your mom says you’re cool.”

  • James Murphy

    Were they even alive when the episodes they sing about aired.

    • dylan

      does it matter? i love All in the Family and i was 2 years old when it went off the air. way to be negative!

      • James Murphy

        How is asking a question negative?

        • dylan

          asking a question isn’t negative. asking that question is negative. the implication is that they’re too young to be passionate about a show that wasn’t created in or for their generation. i think any rational reader would agree that’s the takeaway from your comment. why else would you ask that question?

          • Gromold

            It might be just the opposite, as in “wow, they’re so young but still passionate about the simpsons – awesome”

          • themaddie

            questions end in question marks, that was meant to be more of a statement, I don’t think dylan was actually looking for an answer, he was just stirring the pot.

          • James Murphy

            I wanted to know if they were or not.

    • funk

      how the hell does that even begin to matter even in the slightest possible bit

      • James Murphy

        Do you know?

        • dylan

          Allie is 22 or 23.

          • Onofre Galvez III

            That makes them born around 1989-1990. Most of these jokes came from the mid-late 1990’s, so I’d say they were already born.

          • James Murphy

            That goes to show the reach the show has had.

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