The first trailer for Marc Maron’s show ‘Maron’ is here, plus thoughts on the first three episodes (Video)

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As you undoubtedly know, Marc Maron’s series on IFC is set to debut on May 3 at 10 pm ET. Because I’m super important I’ve been able to watch the first three episodes already. And I’m here to tell you that you won’t be disappointed, unless you hate Maron– in which case you still won’t be disappointed. You’ll just continue to dislike him. Anyway, to further tease you, here’s the first proper trailer for Maron.

One of the things I like about the series already is that, although the show is about Maron’s life as a successful podcaster, the episodes don’t rely heavily on scenes in the comedian’s famous garage, where he records WTF. Instead, there’s clear throughlines, strong acting — Judd Hirsch as Maron’s dad is especially impressive; I know this because you’ll want to throttle Judd’s character as much as Maron’s “character” does in the first episode Hirsch appears — and just enough reference to themes Maron covers onstage through stand-up. For example, dedicated Maron fans know his bit about his second ex-wife having a baby “at” him for, as Maron believes, revenge. Well, we see that dramatized in a proper scene instead of simply seeing Maron behind the mic rehashing the bit on his podcast.

The other important difference between Maron’s stand-up and this show is that Maron no longer has the comfort of the one-sided self-analysis he has onstage. Sure, onstage he’s self-deprecating and has called himself “pathologically narcissistic,” but there’s no one in the club showroom to prove those things. That would get ugly. And it gets ugly on Maron, notably when Maron confronts a Dungeons & Dragons-obsessed Internet troll in the backroom of a comic book store. With the help of co-executive producer and writer Duncan Birmingham, Maron is dropped into a world — both physically and emotionally — for which he couldn’t be less prepared. Maron wrote this particular episode. It’s a gorgeous thing to watch. And if the first three episodes are an accurate representation of what’s to come in each of the seven other episodes, there will be many more mini-battles with which Maron needs to fight.

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