Kevin Hart gets arrested: I was drunk, there’s no arguing that (Video)

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While comedians typically aren’t known for their impeccable judgment, honesty is something most of them have over the general populace. So when Kevin Hart was arrested last night in Los Angeles after driving erratically at 90 mph on Highway 101, he immediately came clean. “I failed the Breathalizer and I said, look, it’s fine I’m drunk. I did it. Do what you got to do,” the comedian told TMZ today, after paying a $5,000 bond. “My girl was with me. I said, ‘Look, just make sure she gets home safe.'”

Hart was ultimately booked for DUI and resisting arrest, the latter of which was due to a misunderstanding, it seems. “The Officer tried to put handcuffs on my wrist and my watch was here and I said, ‘Wait, let me take my watch off.’ And he said, ‘You’re resisting arrest.’ And I said, ‘Stop, let me take my watch off.’ [The officer responded]: ‘Stop, you’re resisting arrest.’ Then they threw me down and do what they do. I laughed at it though. It’s where I get material from. I was actually drunk, so there’s no arguing that.”

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  • Buster Brown

    Kevin, STFU. Whether it’s a lawsuit, a ticket or an arrest, the advice applies to all, and there are very good reasons for it. STFU, and don’t say ANYTHING to anyone unless your attorney first says, “Yes, it’s fine with me if you say THAT in front of a camera.” Don’t talk about it, don’t tweet about it, don’t email about it don’t joke about it unless said communication is exclusively between yourself and your attorney. There is nothing dishonest or deceitful about saying nothing. It’s what smart people do.

    • Chase Roper

      Oh man! It’s as if his judgement were impaired.

    • steve

      Smart people don’t drive drunk.

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