Laughspin Podcast, episode 50: Interview with comedian Amy Schumer

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On the newest episode of the Laughspin Podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with comedian Amy Schumer, who, as they say in the business, is on fire. Her Comedy Central hour-special Mostly Sex Stuff was the second-highest-rated on the network in five years. And her new show, Inside Amy Schumer is set to premiere April 30 at 10:30 pm ET on the network. Having watched the first two episodes already, I can tell you, with utter confidence, you’re going to love it.

Each fast-moving episode features Schumer doing stand-up, conducting absurd man-on-the-street interviews – “like those Real Sex interviews,” she says – sit-down chats with interesting folks (think stripper, model, dude with a huge dong) and, of course, sketches, which prove to be the heart of the show. A diverse writing team that includes Jessi Klein, Tig Notaro, Kurt Metzger and Kyle Dunnigan keeps the show intelligently funny and just dark enough.

During our interview, Schumer and I talk about the show, her fear of not living up to her now-increased popularity, her love life and so much more. Check it out and pass it on.

You can watch the entire first episode of Inside Amy Schumer before it premieres April 30. You should also check out Behind Amy Schumer, a behind-the-scenes Web series from CC: Studios.

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  • 20 Something Awesome

    While I think her stand up special and this episode was pretty funny, I wish her comedy wasn’t all rooted in sex. Seems limiting.

  • lyle

    the most overrated, fat-faced comedian working today

    • Brian

      She’s hilarious… Still have her Comedy Central special on my DVR. So good…

    • 20 Something Awesome

      How tiny is this guy’s dick?

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