Comedian mocks Louis C.K. in fake commercial for new comedy special (Video)

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The below video might be the first evidence thrust into the public domain that dares to create negative commentary about Louis C.K. In it, New York City comedian J-L Cauvin plays C.K. in a mock ad for his newest stand-up special, wherein the celebrated comedian delivers nothing but stock jokes; think, “Why did the Chicken cross the road?”

The question is, was the video produced as a respectful roast to C.K. or is it an attempt at a pure put-down? Check it out and tell us in the comments section.

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  • Xerocky

    It’s interesting that the devil is on the wall.

  • DangerManV

    It’s just mocking his newfound popularity.

  • Not Loius CK

    Louis C.K. is overrated. He sounds like the cynical, kind of funny kid, that makes everyone laugh in home-room by making dick jokes and ripping on everyone to balance his crippling insecurity and laziness. But if your not impressed by people who have made a career trying to impress teenagers the glamor isn’t there.

  • Heisenberg

    Another relationship episode with a woman and she’s all eccentric and crazy! And Louie is playing the straight man! And he has the puppy dog eyes again! Look at Louie with the crazy lady and the relationship ends badly! Like she drops trou and sh*ts on the sidewalk or something! Poor Louie! And then in the next episode, he goes shopping with his cute daughters and they are being noisy and they crash into a supermarket display of baked beans and Louie is exasperated! And then a woman helps him clean the mess up! And she is eccentric! And they start an ill-fated relationship but it ends badly because she is crazy! We feels for you Louie! And then in the next episode, it just shows Louie straining to take a dump for 22 minutes and that’s it! But it’s artistic so it should win an emmy! And he directs and edits the show himself! With input from his daughters! It’s brilliant!

    Next time on Louie.

  • Cameron

    Ya it’s mocking fans who idolize him ‘too much’. This guy does a GREAT job mocking him though, really nails it. The difference of course is that the content of this guy’s stand up sucks.

  • Doc Vermin

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


  • Arthur

    This should have been the first draft of a five- or six-step process to come up with a 90-second clip. That might have been really funny. To me, it’s not the topic that’s the problem, it’s the presentation.

  • maxzumstein

    I imagine if grilled the comedian doing the impression would say it’s a loving tribute, but I think there’s an undeniable undertone of sour grapes. I also don’t understand people whining about him getting universal acclaim. Fact is, he deserves it. I think people feel better about enjoying things that not everyone else enjoys, so they tend to get a bitter taste in their mouth when something gets too much positive attention, but fuck it, credit where credit is due.

    • dainventah

      WOW. I know what you said was an easily reconciled statement. But It one of those captain obvious statements that nobody ever thinks to mention. In my humble opionion, Louis CK is a comedic genius. And I came from the generation of George Carlin, Dennis Miller, Eddie Izzard and everyone who came before. He sees the abstract grays in life and articulates it perfectly,all while making pain a huge joke. That is a rediculously difficult artisitc accomplishment. And he does it every show. It’s consistent. BUT. of course you are right. The consistancy of brilliance is not something social media will except, we always have to give every talented person an ARC, you were this before you were that, then this is your peak, and here is where you went on the decline. Its a product of our fast food, i need an 2 hour story that sums up an entire life because i dont have the patience for anything else, culture. Movie format style. Louis CK does have an arc though. He was nobody, and now he is the most popular comedian in the world. But he is doing it being completely subversive and the world of popular and subversive don’t really mix. I think that is the main reason anyone would even dare to critisize Louis CK. You hate that your favorite nobody became a somebody. Get over it.

  • Kathy Shaidle

    “The below video might be the first evidence thrust into the public domain that dares to create negative commentary about Louis C.K.”

    I really HAVE to stop reading Laughspin. The blinkered, juvenile, concern troll grad-school fanboyishness has finally gotten too much to bear.

    • dylan

      you’ll be sorely missed.

    • Jorge Garrido

      You think a Hard-Right news site counts?

    • Basskee

      You are on a comedy blog/site critiquing accomplished comedians based on the acclaim they have earned? Fanboy’s really? I suggest you bike to the nearest coffee house and take refuge among the hipsters where the “troll grad-school,” fans can’t find you.

    • patwa

      Oh no you din’t…just pull the ‘I will stop reading…’ card?!!! Time to shut her down laughspin….we’re losing readership. Goddammit, we went to far!

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  • AlecJace

    This article’s premise is ridiculous, because it is more than obvious its a tribute. The jokes are meant to be hacky. Hearing Louis CK tell knock knock jokes and the chicken/road joke is hilarious.

    Why would you impersonate a comedian and try to be as funny as them? The impression would not come through if the material was good.

    For comedy fans, you people sure don’t know much about how to interpret it.

    • kodeezy

      well said

    • dylan

      the point of the post wasn’t to interpret the video; it was to allow our readers to do so. we didn’t interpret the video at all. we said, ‘here it is’ and what do you think? the post was meant to start a discussion (which it has)– not to register an opinion on the video.

      • Alec Jace

        Please read the title of the article before you try and act like it was at all objective.

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  • dwinn

    It does not matter whether it is respectful for disrespectful It just matter whether it’s funny, and whether it’s a good impression. And if it is funny, then it can’t be disrespectful.

  • someone

    I’d say it’s less mocking C.K. himself and more the fans who treat him like a demi=god.

  • Mar

    Mennn fuck this guy, mocking a comedy genius/legend

    • Jorge Garrido

      Louis himself has done impressions of Dice, Seinfeld, and Woody Allen before.

  • kodeezy

    This is a parody. Guaranteed this comic has nothing but respect for Louie. This is a great impression and great skit. It is a bit long but that’s the case with most sketches.

  • Chippy Chip

    This is a really great impersonation done by a jealous comedian.

    • DangerManV

      The jokes are actually sort of funny, too

  • liquidassets

    This is great, I think Louie CK himself would like it too..

  • Jonathan?

    I’m going to guess this was supposed to be put-down video based on this picture and caption he tweeted out:

    • Adam Quesnell

      I think he is referring to himself in that tweet…like “Burn him at the stake” is what all the comedy nerds are saying about him. Whether or not it was meant as an insult aside, this video is certainly marginal at best.

  • Sean Cooper

    Not a terrible impression, and I don’t even think Louie would suggest that Louie’s any kind of sacred cow…. but this clip forgets to make a point. Or be funny.

    • Johnnybigsocks

      Disagree completely. Louis CK is funny. His show is good. But the overwhelming praise and sickening gushing about him is befuddling to some people. He is ridiculously overrated. He is not any better than DiPaolo, Burr, etc.. yet he’s placed on a magnificent pedestal. That is the point. The Huffington Post faux-quote was hilarious. Of course they’ll love him before hearing his special.

  • mxyzptlk

    Didn’t Andy Kindler already take a dig at Louis CK? And didn’t you guys cover that? So it’s not really the first evidence of public CK criticism, and they both try to hit on similar points — which makes Cauvin’s criticism a bit derivative. What’s worse, though, is he doesn’t really hit CK’s voice; it sounds like a bluer Seinfeld, the mundane observational stuff but with more swearing and less actual observation. This is going for punch-lines, while CK’s stuff usually lands in the telling.

    There’s probably a way to mock CK in an accurate voice, but this isn’t it — Cauvin’s making it seem too simple.

  • Duke Nolan

    The ravings of a jealous comedian addicted to the bitter aftertaste of sour grapes. This guy can only mock someone else’s success instead of getting off his lazy ass and creating something original and dare I say, humorous. Not worthy of your publication’s time or space.

    • Jorge Garrido

      (citation needed.)

    • Billy Procida

      he DOES get off his lazy ass and performs in the city. he just thinks Louis CK is overrated. I disagree with him, but do a little research before dismissing a hardworking comic.

      • Bralph

        “Hardworking comic” Funny. Like “Military Intelligence”, huh?

    • Josh Homer

      the irony here is you’re saying he needs to get off his ass an create something original in the comment section of an article that’s talking about something original he created.

    • patwa

      Relax Louie….most people still love you!

  • Jorge Garrido


    It’s not a good vocal impression, it doesn’t sound like him, or look like him, but the imitation of his style of material, and his writing, is good, the timing, it’s performed like him. Jay Mohr and James Adomian both would do a better job since they do impressions of CK that sound like him.

    I like the fact it’s more trashing the universally great press Louis gets, and I like the jazz music.

    It’s obvious this guy respects Louis. The closer an impression is, the more affectionate it is. Bob Clampett ran into the same issue when he trashes his hero Walt Disney and Disneyland on Beany & Cecil in the 60s.

  • Tony Malfitano

    Some people seem to feel that Louis CK’s comedy is getting stale after his 5th hour long special, yet this video got stale after the first minute. Good impersonation though.

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