Moontower Comedy Festival, day 2: Dana Carvey and Amy Schumer!

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AUSTIN – The second day of the second annual Moontower Comedy Festival brought us only first-stringers, and boy were we glad of it. Top-notch performers like Reggie Watts, Maria Bamford, Greg Fitzsimmons and Todd Barry no doubt left audiences in the appropriate amount of stitches, but our festival experience continued with a Saturday Night Live legend and our favorite foul-mouthed blonde pixie.

The legend in question was none other than Dana Carvey. Yes, Garth from “Wayne’s World” continues to party on, and is doing so with the breathtaking energy of a fresh-faced stand-up. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Carvey killed from start to finish, bringing along with him the anticipated series of characters and impressions made popular by his late ‘80s/early ‘90s tenure on the iconic sketch show. Yes, George Bush, Sr. made an appearance. So did Ross Perot and the Church Lady. Carvey even busted out some surprise takes on George Bush (the younger one) and President Barack Obama – all delivered with his characteristic style of exaggerated affection. To the overwhelming joy of all under the house lights, Carvey closed his exhilarating show with a guitar rendition of the infamous “Chopping Broccoli” number, transitioning smoothly into an original song about Austin, where Carvey sang praises of the “blue dot in the red state.” By the set’s conclusion, the audience leapt up in an immediate and enthusiastic standing ovation: no doubt our version of thrusting our collective hips in the air and yelling “SCHWING!”

Closing out our second night on the town was the lovely Amy Schumer. Riding high on a recent wave of professional success (including the forthcoming premiere of her new Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer), Miss Amy delivered an outstanding dose of nonstop hilarity with tales of shocking sex-capades and jaw-dropping witticisms. Perhaps most surprising was Schumer’s assertion that she’d never had a guy come on her face – surprising because on-again/off-again beau, comedian Anthony Jeselnik — who’s own show was just renewed today for a second season) seemed to contend the opposite the night before. (Or did he? Hard to keep the details straight after that fifth beer.) Unsurprising was Schumer’s solid commitment to sustaining laugh after laugh after laugh. Indeed, we didn’t think it was possible to eagerly await the arrival of Inside Amy Schumer any more than we already were, but here we are counting down the seconds until Tuesday at 10:30/9:30 Central.

You can listen to our new interview with Amy here.

Moontower Comedy Festival, day 1: Bill Hader, Anthony Jeselnik, Michael Che

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