New CBS comedy lineup revealed: Anna Faris, Robin Williams, Will Arnett (Updated + videos)

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We’ve already seen the new fall comedy lineups from NBC, Fox and ABC, and today CBS – the network with the traditionally highest comedy ratings – revealed theirs, including four new sitcom offerings which star the likes of Anna Faris, Will Arnett and Robin Williams. Let’s get to it!

On Mondays at 8 pm this fall, How I Met Your Mother will begin its ninth and final season and will act as the lead-in for newcomer We Are Men, about four single guys (played by Kal Penn, Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell and Chris Smith) living in the same apartment complex who bond over their love lives. The Whitney Cummings-produced 2 Broke Girls returns for its third season, following at 9 pm and Mom – produced by Chuck Lorre and starring Anna Faris) rounds out the two-hour comedy block. Faris stars as a mother and recovering alcoholic who works as a waitress at a restaurant in Napa Valley (there’s LOTS of booze in Napa Valley, you guys). Allison Janney plays her mother, also a recovering alcoholic. Nate Corddry plays Faris’ boss, whom she just happens to be banging. Also, he’s married. That is morally wrong!

On Tuesdays, CBS shifts its focus to two NCIS shows and Person of Interest, which I’ve never seen but I assume is about good-looking people trying to arrest people who cut up and eat humans, or something. Wednesdays are all about Survivor and more gross crime stuff.

Thursday finds ratings behemoths The Big Bang Theory and Two And A Half Men (with much less Angus T. Jones) at 8 pm and 9:30 pm, respectively, sandwiching new offerings The Millers and The Crazy Ones. With the official cancellation of Up All Night on NBC, Will Arnett was free to headline another show and thus he stars in The Millers as Nathan Miller, a recently divorced news reporter who’s eager to get back into the dating scene, especially since he’s got an excellent wingman in best friend Ray, played by JB Smoove. Interesting note: In real life, Arnett is recently divorced from Amy Poehler. Art imitates life, or something.

the-crazy-ones-robin-williams-sarah-michelle-gellarAt 9 pm, The Crazy Ones begins and brings together one of the most unlikely pairs on television— Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Williams plays a talented advertising executive and Gellar plays his daughter and business partner (cue familial stress). Although Simon Roberts (Williams) is good at his job, he is, of course, a bit zany and so Sydney (Gellar) spends much of her time trying to reign dad in.

The Emmy-winning series Mike & Molly (Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell) will return for its fourth season but is expected to premiere midseason, along with newcomer Friends with Better Lives, a romantic comedy starring (among others) James Van Deer Beek (free after the cancellation of Don’t Trust the B— on ABC) Kevin Connolly (Entourage), model-turned-sort-of-actress Brooklyn Decker and Zoe Lister Jones (free after the cancellation of NBC’s Whitney).

Worth noting is that CBS passed on the television adaptation of Beverly Hills Cop, which would’ve been produced by Eddie Murphy (who would’ve made occasional appearances as the movie franchise’s character Axel Foley) and would’ve starred Brandon T Jones, as Foley’s son. The buzz is that the show still has a decent chance landing on another network. Also, noteworthy, especially for our readers, is that it seems that for now, CBS passed on Jim Gaffigan’s pilot, which centered on the comedian’s life as a husband and father to five children. It co-starred Mira Sorvino as Gaffigan’s wife as well as Janeane Garofalo and comedian Marina Franklin. Word is the network still has faith in it and has asked for it to be retooled. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: 11:15 pm ET

Check out previews of the new CBS comedy offerings below!

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  • Momus

    Good info, but you should really check out Person of Interest instead of bad mouthing something you’ve never seen. It’s arguably the best Sci-Fi/Spy show on network television. Not kidding, it is actually really really good.

    • dylan

      i’m sure it’s great. i was just having a little fun, trying to break up a long article with lots numbers and facts.

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