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When I first saw a television commercial for the initial season of Small Town Security, I thought, “Cool! AMC has dived into the comedy game by creating a hilarious series about bumbling, wannabe police officers.” Upon further inspection, however, I learned this wasn’t the case. AMC hadn’t “created” anything; this was real life and in real life (in Ringgold, Georgia, anyway) these people really exist.

The show revolves around JJK Security, headed up by Joan Koplan, a firearms instructor and police academy graduate who revels in poop jokes and acting totally inappropriate at the work place. Oh, and she’s got Parkinson’s disease. The thing is, though, she’s great at her job, which endears her to the rest of her team (if not the rest of her town, wherein some of its residents aren’t happy with how she’s representing Ringgold).

Her team includes Irwin, her husband of 44 years; his job as a salesman is to get new clients for JJK. On the second season – it airs Thursdays on AMC at 10 pm ET – Irwin trains Christa — she’s not exactly a fast learner — for a sales job. It’s going to be rough. Then there’s Dennis, who’s head of all the security guards— and who is in the process of undergoing gender reassignment. Brian Taylor is the straight-laced office manager who plays the straight man to his co-workers’ shenanigans. The show is funny, even when it’s not supposed to be. But that’s ok. To get a slightly better taste of Small Town Security, check out the teaser below! — dylan

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    AMC is hellbent on destroying the good reputation they built with Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

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