Read: Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black blast each other on Twitter

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good old-fashioned comedian Twitter spar– although I feel this one between Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black has far less goodwill than Maron’s back-and-forth with Patton Oswalt last June. If you follow Maron even a little or have heard Maron’s interview with Black on WTF, you know the two have a somewhat sort-of-like/hate relationship– and that came through painfully clear in this interaction. It looks as though Maron and Black have cooled down for now. So, for your enjoyment and convenience, here’s the complete Maron/Black chit-chat.

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  • David

    Maron is just…. Idk, just seems like the type of guy that just fixates on negative things day & night. That sh*t might fly when you’re a young, hyper comic capable of being animated enough to pull it off but as an old dude he just comes off like a miserable loner. What a catty exchange… And you know every single tweet echoed in Maron’s head all day while he imagined himself tweeting better, more witty responses…

  • Christopher C

    Marc Marons stand up was like sitting next to an angry “sensitive” idiot on the subway…..and just as not funny.Thats why he never got a show until his podcast,which I never was bored enough to sit through.His TV show is more of the,I bang 20 year olds,while insulting other more talented comedians STUFF HE’S BEEN DOING FOREVER.

  • Rick McCallister

    MIB and Maron calling anybody a virtually-anonymous hipster douche is an exercise in *shameful* lack of self-awareness.

  • Atch

    Where does it get mean?

  • ministerial

    Maron can be a hell of a douche.

    But Mr. Black often works at being a douche. Listen to his guest spot on Comedy Bang Bang for a shining example.

    This exchange doesn’t do either any sort of credit, but put it this way: Black is a big enough jerk that I would not, for example, loan him $100.. He’s an unusually & willfully jerky person. His jerkyness verges on sociopathy. That or some sort of hipster autism. Maron is more a garden variety insecure dingbat. I’d loan him $100.

  • tomdog

    Maron had a similar exchange with Kumail Nanjiani about 9 months ago that ended up being a lot more light-hearted by the finish. Black and Maron just saw each other at Moontower a few weeks ago and as they are both out touring, they must run into each other. I don’t think you can take these Twitter exchanges too seriously, we are making a bigger deal of them than they do.

  • Guest

    Maron had a similar exchange with Kumail Nanjiani about 9 months ago.

  • Dael

    marc was worried years back, that success (or satisfaction) would make him less funny. it turns out he needn’t have worried, it didn’t. but success, or the anticipation of success has made him an asshole again. and that’s a shame, because it threatens to wipe out the last four years of progress in that regard.

    i say this as a devotee of the podcast and somene who likes him. he was an asshole in this exchange and an unlikeable one, to boot.

  • Michael Brown


  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    Jesus, what a couple of bickering assholes.

  • Garypen

    I was never really a Black fan. He’s little too snarky, sarcastic, hipster for me, usually. But, in this exchange, he is clearly the funnier of the two. Plus, Maron doesn’t seem to get the jokes half the time, taking much of it literally, as it zooms over his head like a drone over a Pakistani village.

  • sheesh

    That went from “kind of amusing” to “childish” pretty quickly. And stayed there, too.

  • r

    That was hilarious though

  • LAeastsider

    ugh that marc maron guy is a just a grumpy mean poser. being an A-hole isn’t funny. people may laugh at A-hole comedians because it is a relief for all these stifled fake people to see their own stuffed issues made light of. but it’s not smart. and its not really comedy.

    • CE

      Wow, another big expert on what comedy really is. I mean, how the fuck would you know whats funny? You obviously are retarded.
      They are both OK. Marc is descent (not great) comedian, his podcast is incredible. MIB is just some guy from TV.

      • Jeff Blake

        Why do people who are trolls, and call other people “retarded” in their replies, always misspell things? I can’t stand it.
        It’s like I’m making a decent into madness.

  • Thom Graney

    Winner by TKO…… Michael Ian Black!!!

  • dave

    i can’t believe someone thought this was any kind of awesome enough to repeat. good for two guys having a slap fight in public. slow news day?

    • dylan

      i think the 20,000+ people who shared this post might disagree.

  • Podd Socks

    i thought it was pretty funny from both sides.

  • b

    i haven’t seen this big a dick-measuring contest since tom jones and that kid from rj berger shared a bottle of scotch and a tape measure

  • chaz

    Very different comedians! Why are they fighting? I mean, I do have an opinion. Maron is a dark energy cynic with nothing original to say, but thinks he has plenty original to say. Michael Ian Black deals in the absurd and playful side of comedy, and always makes interesting work. (I miss Stella so much)

  • wilford brimleys retarded cous

    maron is over rated, yeah i get it, his podcast is nice but have you heard the writing on maron? “man you sound like a woman!”
    “what?! no i don’t!….why do i look fat?!”

    wow….real intelligent shit right there folks

  • Mark Little

    How can Maron go at another comic for always doing the same shtick?

  • DConcepc

    They had a twitter spat recently actually, which led to MIB interviewing Maron.

  • 100 Reasons Not To..

    If you read it carefully, it’s clear Maron is drinking again. Good for him. And yeah of course he’s funnier than MIB, and a much better standup with great credits and respect from everyone and of course the comedy bible of podcasts, but unfortunately Hollywood pays MIB much, much more money. “Life’s not fair and Hollywood…. it’s really fucked.” Charles Bukowski.

    • Christopher C

      His standup sucks first of all.Thats why he never was offered a tv gig in 22 years of stand up.His podcast,which you refer to as the “bible” is just as bad.Maron insulted other comedians who made it big,while bragging about banging 20 year olds and crying about jon stewart.Maron is an effete cat owning PUSS.

  • Chris Oposnow

    We live in a world that no longer feels the need for phone booths.

  • Zoyx

    After this brawl, they had make-up sex.

  • Fernando D. Riascos


  • Denise Flores

    @michaelianblack I was always busy. Did a lot of standup. I remember when you first tried standup. You never really got it. — marc maron (@marcmaron) May 21, 2013


    • Christopher C

      Maron was doing bad stand up in 100 seat clubs for 2 decades.At least Black has had a productive career in TV and some movies.Marons act is 15 to 30 minutes of complaining and talking about cats.

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