‘Alt Wolf’ trailer lampoons alternative comedy scene, complete with nod to Bill Burr’s viral rant (Video)

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You may remember J-L Cauvin as the comedian who, last month, impersonated Louis C.K. in a spoof trailer, drawing both ire and respect from the comedy community. Well, he just released his latest commentary on the world of stand-up. This time his target is the alternative comedy scene– complete with a reference to Bill Burr’s viral rant on nerds from last March. Take a peek and let us know what you think in the comments section. Enjoy.

And to get a sense of Cauvin’s own material, check him out in this clip from 2011.

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  • steve

    His Louis CK spoof was pretty funny. This was a miss. Lots of people have been making these same jokes about the alt scene for awhile.

  • Jason Wayne

    Thank god someone is attacking the alt scene which is killing comedy.

    • PauLOL

      A-FUCKING-men, I’m so tired of alt. comedy. I used to love to watch Comedy Central Presents, that’s how I found out about a lot of comedians I love (Mitch Hedberg etc.) But now, all of their new half hour specials are unbearable to watch. I swear every single new comedian coming out is some hipster douchebag who has no talent at all.

  • varjak_paul

    Painful. Does he write for this site or something?

  • Jorge Garrido

    Love where’s coming from, love the Bill Burr impression, but the premise isn’t full explored. The execution is half-baked.

    • Jorge Garrido

      Although he looks more like The Jay Mohrs than he does Billy. GFY.

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